Team Performance Review & Bonus – Q2 2022

Team Performance Review & Bonus – Q2 2022

⏮️ Vision – Mission – Strategy – Execution – Milestone – Communication: Does Harmony have a unifying vision that serves as our purpose in the coming decades? Why is our mission of building a fair economy worth sweating for a few years? Are our annual strategies consistent amid changing markets? Do we write quarterly execution plans with measurable impact? How sufficient is our bandwidth for timely milestones? Have we been telling a good story to potential users?

  1. 6/13 Mon: Write ownership percentages, self-assessment on impact, and 3+ peer reviews.
  2. 6/20 Mon: Allocate peer bonus to max 5 people on Coordinape.
  3. 6/30 Thu: Managers calibrate for additional bonus, invite community for comments.

For those missing team ops (/culture on their bio, /10x polls, /q2, /5), they will skip bonus pro-rata of the numbers of day delayed.

1+23 Core Team

🛡 Rongjian Lan 💙: 50% protocol, 30% staking, 20% cryptography

  • 4️⃣ (April): (5 days off): Harmony protocol roadmap, Signature collection (code audit & testnet hard fork), Design cross-shard messaging (router contract). 100/80/100%
    • 🎽 I hope to see Rongjian lead more public communication on our technology and platform. We have always been building core platform and Rongjian can be the one who helps the engineering and communications team to 10x growth on our technical communication and industry leadership.
    • 🎽 We also really need Rongjian to help the engineers to converge on team communication and operations including clearly writing their deliverables so that it can be understood by community and for his engineering sub-team to finish monthly process on time (nurture & mentor). The deliverable should follow the guidelines.

🏃 Leo Chen 💙: 50% technical partners, 25% system, 25% NFT/Metaverse

🎽 Li Jiang 💙: 50% operations, 40% roadmap, 10% DAOs

🌻 Yuriy Menkov ☁️: 70% bridges, 20% staking, 10% support

🛹 Peter Abilla 🎽: 75% gaming/gamefi partnerships, 25% 15-20 new game/gamefi apps

  • 4️⃣: (10 days off): Close 3 deals (XYZZY, Kart Racing, 5x5), Value proposition for key verticals (GameFi, DeFi, NFT), Execute engagements with RG & PQ. 100/80/95%
    • 🎽 Peter did very well to finish and announce 3 gaming partnerships from the gamer developer conference (accomplish important work).

🎸 Jenya Piskunov ☁️: 50% explorer, 30% indexer, 20% multisig

🌲 Sam Harrison 🎽: 70% DAOs, 20% Community Partnerships, 10% Events

  • 4️⃣: (10 days off): Publish 1DAO Council proposal, 3 DAOs (Ambassador, Sustainable, BridgeBuilders) on ONERep, 7 DAO tools (ONERep & DAOlens). 100/100/100%
    • 🎽 I want to recognize Sam for his focus this month and long-time crafts on iterating and learning about the DAO ecosystem. He’s attracted strong contributors to our DAO operations team by prioritizing people over process.
    • 🎽 Sam can do more on obsess over details by facilitating the written communication practices of our team. Specifically, help his sub-team and projects write their April updates with links per our guidelines before I do it. Also I already gave this feedback, but make sure the processes you run and meetings your organize are relevant to our needs - we don’t need 4 core team on a call to get an update that could actually be better as a written update which can be read and consumed by all 25 team + many more contributors/community.

☁️ Giv Parvaneh 🎽: 40% operations, 30% communications, 30% products

  • 4️⃣: Top launch plans & media (Covalent), Launch 20% Basic Income (web app & ONE deposit), Publish Q2 Products report (decentralization). 100/95/100%
  • 🎽 Giv is formally considered for promotion as the head of products and communication. Rongjian, Leo, Li, Peter, Ganesha, Sam, Jack, Adrian and Matt have set Q2 deliverables for Giv in early April to evaluate his eligibility over three months.
    • 🏏 My expectations for Giv's promotion is that he produce representative examples along:
      • Product revival: analyze current products and propose improvement strategies to revive them (outcomes: report of shortcomings, improvement proposal, resource allocation, prioritization, revival roadmap).
      • Product framework: drive the strategy, tactics, and delivery timelines for upcoming products (outcomes: go to market strategies, external communication, roadmap, resource management, metrics of success)
      • Product opportunities: identify product opportunities (on what we should be building) by market research and propose attainable scope for our settings (outcomes: market research report w/ feasibility analysis).
    • 🏃 My expectation is mostly focusing on the product strategy and roadmap. The outcome is the strategy document, plan, or roadmap narrative.
      • Internal products: How to balance the internal product launch with the externalization? What would be the balance to launch internal product vs externalization? For externalization, I would like to see an updated plan.
      • Products launching in the next 6-12 months: What’s the overall launch plan for the upcoming 1wallet and 20% income product? In addition to those, I would like to see a research and plan for the payment gateway product which can fully utilize the potentials of Harmony.
      • Platform as product: Harmony provides the infrastructure and blockchain service as the main product. What would be best platform features to launch such like ZK primitives and what’s the marketing strategy for existing features, such like VRF, and staking precompiles? An executable plan and action items are expected.
    • 🎽 My expectations for Giv:
      • Monthly product launch with campaign: prioritizes and choose which product(s) to launch every month. He resolves all the dependencies and bottlenecks with engineers. makes hard trade off on which features to ship and which to cut.
      • Giv coordinates a communication plan with a calendar of dates and time for announcements and follow up campaigns.
      • Monthly launches would be for key initiatives that the core team is working on such as trustless ETH, BTC bridge, fixed income, cross-shard transactions.
      • Weekly partner product launches like Aave, Chainstack. Coordinate with the partners date and time of launch, including details on when rewards would start, and leads the team or his subteam to make the maximum impact on community.
    • 🛡 I expect Giv to step up as a true leader to help the company win in critical moments in community relationship and product direction.
      • As a head of product, I would like Giv to have a clear product roadmap written out with more insights and reasoning about why certain products are needed or changed. So far his work on product are mostly in maintenance phase such as migration or sunsetting. Head of product should step up on higher level with more visionary thinking and thought leadership.
      • As head of communication, Giv should bridge what happened in Harmony and what the community demands, planning communication efforts such as weekly or monthly summary, writing PR responses to critical community feedback or FUDs, coordinating with the core team to react to and address community’s questions.
    • 🛹 I’d like Giv to own the product development process end-to-end. That means product inception and working with Peter and others on market research, managing the sprints, product launch and product marketing, adoption, and growth, and maintenance and customer experience.
    • 🎤 My expectations for Giv:
      • Establish himself as the head of products and communication to the community, detailing product roadmap, addressing community sentiments through weekly/biweekly PR reports, ensuring our “why” for all initiatives is always clear to the community, ensuring our team directives are aligned to each other and to the community.

⚔️ Nita "Soph" Neou 🏃: 25% nodes, 50% services, 25% network releases

  • 4️⃣:

🚗 Boris Polania 🏏: 60% fixed-rate, 30% events, 10% ZKU

  • 4️⃣:

🐉 Jack Chan 🎽: 20% grants, 50% partnerships, 30% cloud ops

🎥 Adrian Robison ☁️: 50% Content, 30% Events, 20% Branding

  • 4️⃣:
    • 🎽 For your April deliverables: below expectation on team communications. Per team guidelines, you must add a public deliverable document to each item and scope the deliverables to reach 270% completion by 4/30.
    • ☁️ While events are important, I feel our products, partner launches, and branding are being neglected. It definitely feels your time spent on 30% Event allocation is much higher than that. I’d like to see less on events and more on product marketing initiatives that will bring us 10x growth.

⚽️ Abhishek Purushotham 🔭: 60% social media, 25% content marketing, 15% regional daos

  • 4️⃣:

🔭 Daniel Pagan 🛹: 30% Community, 40% Technical Content, 30% Ambassadors

  • 4️⃣:


🎬 Danny Carranza ☁️: 40% Content (video/photos), 30% Community, 30% Events

  • 4️⃣:

⛵ Hakwan Lau ☁️: 30% zero-knowledge, 50% university, 20% fixed-income

  • 4️⃣:

🎤 Matt McDonald ☁️: 60% biz ops, 30% people ops, 10% events

💃🏻 Esther Arey ☁️: 50% Events, 30% Operations, 20% Grants

  • 4️⃣:

🦒 Brian Felsen ☁️: 30% metaverse products, 30% music partnership, 40% marketing

  • 4️⃣:

🦒 Brian Felsen ☁️: 30% metaverse products, 30% music partnership, 40% marketing

🐯 Tom Zhang 🎽: 50% talent acquisition, 30% technical partnership, 20% investor relations

8 Full Fellows

⏳ Zi Wang 🎽: 50% product, 30% creative, 20% marketing

  • 4️⃣: Prepare 1Wallet on App Store (chat & NFT), Social NFT product design in 1Wallet (dynamic profile & avatar), Launch 1Wallet DAO. 70/100/100%

💻 Aaron Li ☁️: 50% Wallet, 30% Security, 20% Smart Contracts

  • 4️⃣:

🧑‍🍳 Victa Phu ☁️ : 50% DApps, 30% Integrations, 20% Dev Support

  • 4️⃣:

🐙 Sergey Karasev 🌻: 70% front-end, 20% UI, 10% Dev Support

  • 4️⃣:

📱 Tejassvi Kaushal 🏏: 70% Bridges, 20% Testing, 10% SDK

  • 4️⃣:

📖 Devin Marty 🌲: 10% Business Development, 70% DAO Tooling, 20% Events

  • 4️⃣: 🌲 I want to recognize Devin’s contributions during April. While I stepped away from direct, day-to-day management of the DAO Ops team, Devin really stepped up in a strategic way to ensure that everything kept moving forward and learnings were incorporated into how Harmony does our DAO program. Could not have taken the leave I did without Devin backfilling and helping out where ever I needed.

🏓 Xiaopeng Li 🏃: 40% Decentralization, 40% System Optimization, 20% EVM

  • 4️⃣:

7 Part-Time Fellows

🐇 Rachel Brissenden 🌲: 50% DAO Operations, 30% Business Development, 20%??

  • 4️⃣: 🌲 Rachel worked her tail off in April. I stepped back during April and a primary reason why DAO Operations continued to function well was Rachel’s hard work and tireless commitment. She was doing everything from shipping swag and hosting Ambassador DAO events, to drafting messaging, surveys,

🗝️ Hash Mesan ☁️: 50% Wallet, 30% Security, 20% DApps

  • 4️⃣:

⛓️ Socheat Khauv ⚔️: 45% nodes, 45% services, 10% network releases

  • 4️⃣:

🏃‍♀️ Erin McMahon ⏳: 70% GTM Ads, 20% Social, 10% Social NFT

  • 4️⃣:

Top Launches & Media

Harmony’s Culture & Values

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 Empathy

🔥 Passion

💪 Excellence

  1. 💙 Stephen Tse: vision, strategy, roadmap
  2. 🛡 Rongjian Lan 💙: protocol, staking, crytography
  3. 🏃 Leo Chen 💙: system, technical partners, NFT
  4. 🎽 Li Jiang 💙: operations, roadmap, DAOs
  5. 🏏 Ganesha Upadhyaya 🛡: bridges, SDK, research ——
  6. 🌻 Yuriy Menkov ☁️: BTC bridge, staking, Javascript
  7. 🛹 Peter Abilla 🎽: partnership, community, DeFi
  8. 🎸 Jenya Piskunov ☁️: wallets, explorer, indexer
  9. 🌲 Sam Harrison 🎽: DAOs, events, community partners
  10. ☁️ Giv Parvaneh 🎽: products, communication, operations ——
  11. ⚔️ Nita "Soph" Neou 🏃: nodes, services, network releases
  12. 🚗 Boris Polania 🏏: cross-chain, fixed-rate, events
  13. 🐍 Jack Chan 🎽: validators, product partners, grants
  14. 🎥 Adrian Robison ☁️: videos, brands, storytelling
  15. ⚽️ Abhishek Purushotham 🛹: content marketing, social media, newsletters

  1. 🔭 Daniel Pagan ☁️: community, technical content, communications
  2. 🎬 Danny Carranza ☁️: video production, content distribution, events
  3. ⛵ Hakwan Lau 🏏: ZKProofs, fixed-rate income, university engagement
  4. 🎤 Matt McDonald ☁️: people ops, events, DAOs
  5. 🛰️ Max Mustermann 🛡: staking, consensus, SDK

  1. ⛓️ Konstanin Potapov 🛡: p2p security, node system, RPC
  2. 💃 Esther Arey ☁️: team ops, event partners, community
  3. 🦒 Brian Felsen ☁️: metaverse products, music partnership, marketing
  4. 🐯 Tom Zhang 🎽: talent acquisition, technical partnership, investor relations

May 2022 Milestones & Deliverables