Team Performance Review & Peer Feedback – Q2 2022

Team Performance Review & Peer Feedback – Q2 2022

🚀 Building a (Rocket)Ship. We are a Day-1 startup. Blockchains are becoming the foundation of the global economy, yet their adoption is at only 1%. That means that you, as a pioneer and developer, are shaping the future with 10X impact. Harmony is a community-driven project with a team wearing crazy ambitions on their sleeves. Because the invincible summer awaits! For creatives, we approve your obsession with user experience. You are a product designer, a brand manager, and an industry analyst all in ONE. Your typical day involves studying what delights and what hurts through hard metrics, writing long-form narratives on the why's and the do's, or scrumming tasks for a product launch to iterate with millions of users. Building a community is like sharing your blue heart while keeping the culture alive for decades – but, if this is your dream of 50 years, start NOW?

  1. 4/30 and 5/31 and 6/30: Manager (optionally peers) write feedback and “areas of improvement”.
  2. 6/27 Mon: Write ownership percentages, self-assessment on impact, and 3+ peer reviews.
  3. 6/30 Thu: 4 strong yes quarterly from core team to retain a fellow and 2 monthly for a contributor.


  • Everyone must self-assess quarterly achievements along with their 3 areas of focus and resource allocation. e.g.
🏃 Leo Chen 💙: 50% technical partners, 25% system, 25% NFT/Metaverse In Q1 I led the Rosetta validation process with our partners...
  • All Contributors require 2 strong YESes from the core team every month. Required to renew employment. Prefix performance reviews with "STRONG YES...".
  • All Fellows require 4 strong YESes from the core team every quarter. Required to renew employment. Prefix performance reviews with "STRONG YES...". e.g.
☁️ STRONG YES: I want to thank Victa for his efforts on Explorer as well as...
  • All Core must write 4+ feedback for others on the team every quarter (encouraged monthly).
  • All Fellows must write 3+ feedback for others on the team every quarter (encouraged monthly).
  • All Contributors must write 2+ feedback for others on the team every quarter. (encouraged monthly).
  • Managers must write monthly feedback for every person they manage and end with areas of improvement for the following month. e.g.
🎽 Peter did a great job on partnerships… Next month I'd like him to improve on…
  • Everyone should include a review of their own manager and ask for help in specific areas. e.g.
🔭 Giv helped me with … Next month I’d like more guidance from him on...

25 Core Team ☁

🛡 Rongjian Lan 💙: 50% protocol, 30% staking, 20% cryptography

  • ☁️ RJ's Twitter update about the state of the protocol was received very well. I'd like to encourage RJ to do this once a month and keep the community informed and excited.
5️⃣: Cross-shard value proposition (execution plan), Transaction pool logic (audit & update), Cross-shard messaging (sender & receiver). 90/100/90%
  • 🎽 I hope to see Rongjian lead more public communication on our technology and platform. We have always been building core platform and Rongjian can be the one who helps the engineering and communications team to 10x growth on our weekly technical communication and industry leadership.
  • 🎽 We also really need Rongjian to help the engineers to converge on team communication and operations including clearly writing their deliverables so that it can be understood by community and for his engineering sub-team to finish monthly process on time (nurture & mentor). The deliverable should follow the guidelines.

6️⃣: Design Cross-Shard HRC20, Cross-chain landscape research, Finish cross-shard protocol change. 20/80/0%
  • 🛰️ I am extremely glad to work with RJ, who has taught me multiple things about building sustainable and fault tolerant systems. His ability to quickly point out things in our codebase (as well as that of other chains) demonstrates his deep understanding of everything that he writes and reviews. Here, I would like to draw some attention to his deep code review process which prevents bugs from reaching the code base, and helps increase my understanding of the language and the code. Next month, I would like to be more communicative with him and discuss updates more often (in an async manner) so that we’re always on the same page about what is going on. 💙
  • 🌲 I am looking forward to RJ’s work on the cross-shard messaging. Cross shard is a very important piece of what Harmony will be going forward and I cannot wait to have it rolled out. RJ’s quiet competence is a boon in these turbulent times. Thank you, RJ, hope you feel better soon.

🏃 Leo Chen 💙: 50% technical partners, 25% system, 25% NFT/Metaverse

4️⃣: (3 days off) Full decentralization roadmap, Launch Elastic RPC on shard 1 (cloud sync & database writer), iTokens (bridge map, application, tweet). 95/95/100%
  • ☁️ Leo's focus on the decentralization roadmap is enormously important. I appreciate Leo's commitment to this area and I would like to see us push for a path to decentralization even faster. I am also impressed and excited by Leo's focus on the game shard and bringing actual usage and utility to our other shards.
  • 🦒 Wanted to thank Leo for helping map out how NFT projects can work together across games in the Blue Metaverse ecosystem, and for putting me in touch with promising projects.
  • 🐯 Thanks Leo referring solid candidates. At a startup, recruitment is a team effort and every one is a recruiter. Even the CEO should be a chief recruiter. I look to Leo to continue support the recruiting effort, e.g. post the job biweekly on LinkedIn/Twitter.
5️⃣: Decentralization roadmap (governance & progress), Game Shard launch (elastic endpoints, cross-shard bridge hrc20), Network agreement with Timeless. 90/80/75%
  • 🎽 On team communication and operations, I would ask Leo to still be the role model for all of our engineers by writing your own deliverables and helping his entire subteam (make everyone shine). The deliverable should follow the guidelines.
  • 🎽 I look to Leo to keep driving network decentralization and our own cloud cost reduction. I would expect Leo to report out publicly on our monthly progress on cloud cost and network decentralization (make tough decisions).
  • 🦒 Wanted to thank Leo for thoughtful review of proposals for offsite and for coming up with ideas for improving Harmony NFT marketplaces.
6️⃣: Reduce all cloud cost to $250k/month, NFT.NYC talk and events (Jun 19-24), Launch Elastic endpoints on Shard 0 (50% traffic).
  • 🌲 Leo’s work could not be more vital to the long term viability of Harmony. His efforts to reduce cloud costs and roll out elastic endpoints will be vital to ensure that - regardless of what happens in the near future - Harmony will be well positioned for continued, active operations. Leo’s passion for NFTs is substantial and his knowledge of the space will be very necessary if we are to succeed in our efforts in Q3. 💙

🎽 Li Jiang 💙: 60% operations, 30% roadmap, 10% DAOs

  • 💃🏻 Li has been a stalwart leader over operations (and events). With intention, Li provides tools for success and resources to grow. As a result, our operations teams have flourished in the last few months, and I want to acknowledge that our leadership is what nourished that success. 🎽
  • 🐇 I would like to commend Li for constantly maintaining a positive attitude and working to encourage others on the team to always be better. Li is always eager to share literature & philosophic concepts with the team to try and help us improve. At the offsite, Li took the time to have a 1-on-1 conversation with me to teach me about Stoicism, he recommended the book “The Obstacle is the Way”, and taught me that “you can’t control what happens to you in life, only how you respond to it.” At the time, this simple talk helped me tremendously. Never underestimate the power of positivity, or taking the time to have a meaningful discussion with someone. The only thing I’d like ask from Li in the future is improved written communication (i.e., elaborating when writing messages to avoid miscommunication). 🎽
  • 🎤 Li continues to inspire me. He always takes the time to help those around him makes those around him feel valued and important. In such short time, his 10x Empathy initiative is already setting the stage for our team to prioritize self-care and care for each other. Li is incredibly wise and manages a never-ending workload, yet remains consistent, positive, and humble. I am always delighted to learn from his leadership. 🎽
  • 🛹 Li continues to be devoted and committed to Harmony and is a clear role model in that respect. In most situations, Li almost always supports, without question, Stephen’s thoughts, opinions, and declarations. I’d encourage Li to have his own point of view more. 🎽
  • 🦒 Wanted to commend Li for tremendous work aligning team's execution with strategy at and after the offsite; for fostering communication through centralized goal and progress sharing; for his thoughts on my marketing proposals; and for being a personal inspiration through times with good and hard news. 🎽
  • 🎥 Li is a great mentor and really helped a ton with this month’s offsite in regards to focus and keeping everyone engaged. His insight from his VC background is super valuable to learn from. Li is a faucet of knowledge that never runs dry. 🎽
  • Q2 ownership percentages: 60% operations, 30% roadmap, 10% DAOs
  • Q2 self-assessment: This quarter I primarily worked on team operations including alignment of deliverables and overall project planning including offsite, onsite (war mode) and budget planning. The aim is to align market-product-team fit for our entire project to focus and deliver value on-chain in Q3 and Q4 this year. For the rest of June, I’ve been working on analyze our resources and needs across the board. In prior months, we have had a distributed way of allocating resources, many teammates gave out grants and financial commitments, and bringing on contributors and fellows. Now we need a much more clear picture and prioritize resources to just a few team wide initiatives. 💙
  • ✅ Li has been an encouragement for me with my first incursion assisting a blockchain project. His acumen on operations as well as challenges to conventional wisdom have proven perceptive. I both appreciate and enjoy working in Ops with Li.
  • 🚜 Li has helped me immensely with ops and is almost always available for one-off questions. I appreciate his presence.

🏏 Ganesha Upadhyaya 🛡: 70% bridges, 20% research, 10% SDK

  • 🛡 Ganesha’s continuous pushing on the btc and eth bridges is critical to the growth of liquidity and new users in the Harmony ecosystem. Even with the newborn baby, he still was able to allocate lots of time on the bridges he own and make good progress. It shows the strong dedication and ownership which is inspiring on the whole engineering team. Ganesha is also the most experienced engineer to understand what developers need and what’s their pain points. Ganesha can really help improve the developer relationship and overall improve our developers experience.
  • 📱 Ganesha has great leadership skills and always provides the correct solutions to solve problems. He has a good eye on the security side and is devoted to btc and eth bridges. His guidance was really helpful to push forward the project and launch the vault incentive feature on time. Looking forward to working with him on more projects.
  • 🐯 Ganesha is very supportive in talent acquisition and always provide interview feedbacks timely. I look to Ganesh to continue support the recruiting effort.
  • 🛡 I am glad that Ganesha finally got a chance to take some days off to take care of the new born baby and his family. Even during days off, he still managed to join meetings regularly and follow company initiatives closely. He still manages the bridge team to push for trustless eth and btc bridges in a orderly manner.
6️⃣: (10 days off) Trustless bridge testnet launch (MMR Hardfork, Migration), Bitcoin bridge staking launch plan (PR review, Frontend specs), Bitcoin Bridge feature release (retire & replace).

🎥: Much respect for Ganesha and the dev team for continuing to grind away even when times are tough. I have so much confidence in you as a developer and believe that we are going to see the other side of this current situation we are in. Looking forward to the day you release the trustless bridge you have worked so hard on. Bridges are essential to blockchain and the work you are doing is essential for Harmony. 💙

🌀: Echoing respect to Ganesha for all the hard work put in so far on the trustless eth and btc bridges. And sending love his way during these hard times.

🚜: Ganesha has responded with grace and grit under an immense amount of stress due to recent events. It’s privilege to work with such resilient people.

🌻 Yuriy Menkov 🏏: 70% bridges, 20% staking, 10% support

  • 🏏 During the months of march and april, two major bridge hacks happened (wormhole, ronin axie) and yuriy was able to assess the security of our horizon bridge and deploy additional monitoring and improve the overall security. These entail migrating the bridge backend and frontend to use 3-out-of-4 bridge validators (instead of 2-of-out-3), working with external validators on security, to name a few. Yuriy is also working closely with our bridge support person (valeria) in terms of resolving the tickets, of which, several issues required deeper analysis and proposed right solution. Further, yuriy manages the btc-bridge-vaults discord channel, answering questions and helping vaults to resolve stuck transactions. This discord is very active and lively with vaults asking questions all the time.
5️⃣: Bitcoin bridge frontend (staking & delegation), Vault management (replace), Vault under-collateral liquidation (monitoring & reporting). 100/95/95%
  • 🏏 In the month of May, yuriy mainly focused on bitcoin bridge feature implementations. Starting with vault staking, which was flawless execution where vaults can stake their ONE collateral and once every 2 weeks collect the ONE reward automatically from their vault management dashboard. Vault’s (total 30+) highly appreciated this feature of the bridge. Further, yuriy also worked on adding additional monitoring for vault under-collateral, liquidation feature for frontend and vault replacement features. Meanwhile, yuriy has also release several improvements to vault client (software run by the vaults), as many as 17 versions are released and helped most vaults to upgrade in the timely manner. I am looking forward to yuriy owning the bitcoin bridge fully (not only frontend and clients, but also the smart contracts) and proposing (of course with my help) a roadmap for rest of this year.
6️⃣: Migrate Horizon bridge to trustless (traffic & frontend), BTC bridge staking update (sdk & frontend), Implement Bitcoin Bridge features to frontend & vaults (retire & replace)

🛹 Peter Abilla 🎽: 70% GameFi, 20% partnership, 10% community

4️⃣: (10 days off): Close 3 deals (XYZZY, Kart Racing, 5x5), Value proposition for key verticals (GameFi, DeFi, NFT), Execute engagements with RG & PQ. 100/80/95%
  • 🎽 Peter did very well to finish and announce 3 gaming partnerships from the gamer developer conference (accomplish important work).
  • 🎽 Peter has strong experience and opinions about the industry. I would ask Peter to also consider the alternate viewpoints as well as the global needs of the whole team (disconfirm own beliefs). 🛹
  • 🎽 Be mindful of your communications to the team. If you forward a message to a group without an explanation, it may seem that you are endorsing the full content and the sentiment in that message (make everyone shine). The team look to you for leadership and support so what you say and how you say it both have enormous impact. 🛹
  • 🦒 Wanted to thank Peter for his great help in conceiving use cases for interoperability the Blue Metaverse, for suggesting most promising projects, and for his thoughts about how bigger games can slot in to our ecosystem.
  • 🐇 Peter has gained my appreciation and respect after hearing him talk at the offsite. He put a lot of work into his game studio proposal, and I felt that lead to one of the most productive conversations that we had at the offsite. I felt a lot more knowledgeable (and excited) about on-chain games as a whole after hearing him talk. One valuable lesson he’s taught us is: know when to say no.
  • 🎤 I respect Peter tremendously. He is pragmatic, direct, and understands where to allocate time/resources in the best way to make our biggest impact. I am often idealistic and have often called Peter my north star, as he offers a perspective that is often very different from my own, which helps me see the pragmatic side of things more clearly. He has taught me the value of saying no, when appropriate, and focusing on the big picture to maximize our impact.
  • 🐉 Peter is a 1-man Special Ops for Harmony, and I’m so glad he’s taking on the game initiatives and culture partnerships. His hyper focused approach is building a huge swell of momentum going into Q3 and Q4 of this year. Best of all, he calls out all-the-things as it is, which is what the team exactly needs: effective and efficient.
5️⃣: Organize game/gamefi pipeline with launch dates, Close 1 game/gamefi project, Reach agreement on P and U. 75/100/95%
  • 🦒 Wanted to thank Peter for his always-welcome and unfettered takes on the viability of Harmony ecosystem projects, and especially for his advocation and roadmap for areas of focus which will have the most genuine impact.
  • 🌲 I am constantly impressed by Peter’s ability to make connections and bring in valued partnerships. He understand both sides of the table better than anyone I know and is a powerhouse when it comes to finding alignment and building consensus. We could not be in a better place going into Q3 and Q4 with Peter at the helm of the gaming initiative.
  • 🎽 Peter’s individual push on gaming has been critical to get our team focused on this particular area. I would like to see Peter bring insights and leadership in times of change for the rest of the team (nurture & mentor).
  • 🎥 Peter is the 10x factor that Harmony needs to succeed. He has been instrumental in closing deals with partners and his laser focus on gaming will pay off big in the end to increase users, adoption, and transactions.
  • 🔭 Peter is a logical and skeptical voice of reason backed by years of experience and wisdom in this space, and I’m happy to know he’s spearheading our push to foster a stronger presence in gaming / GameFi.
6️⃣: Establish game guild with daily stand-ups, Close 1 studio partnership, NFT NYC business development with 3 partners (not disclosed) 100/100/100
  • 🛹self assessment: Q2 can be described as a series of start-stop, start-stop, etc. initiatives. I was very excited about leading our gaming efforts and believed wholeheartedly in our potential to compete against bigger and better capitalized competitors, but it’s an effort that requires time and money, and Harmony has neither. So, what do I focus on next for Q3? Not sure. I want to help rebuild Harmony. I feel like we are an embattled boat trying to get past the whitewater, but keep getting hammered and pushed back by the waves. I’m still reasonably optimistic. Let’s see where this journey takes us next. 💙
  • 🎤: Peter is a mountain of wisdom, experience, and knowledge - yet remains so humble. Peter has a true knack for bringing in valuable partnerships to Harmony. I am thrilled to be working with Peter on gaming.
  • 🌲 Peter continues to be a valuable lodestone in turbulent waters. While at times he can tell truths that are difficult to hear, he has yet to steer anyone wrong in his advice. He is quick to create new strategies and validate them with real conversations with real people in the marketplace. I have yet to hear Peter express a strategy that hasn’t been vetted through several other valuable thought-leaders in the space. I have also seen him “kill his babies” (meaning he will let his own precious idea die if it turns out to be a bad idea) for the betterment of the protocol and the people.
  • 🎥 Peter is laser focused on the goal of developing Harmony’s gaming ecosystem. He has consistently used his years of experience in the protocol to help sell us to potential partners in the space with great success. Peter has a plan and he executes. He is a true leader that cuts through all the noise and keeps his eyes on the ball.
  • 🔭: Details to be added 6/30.
  • 🌳 Peter is an astounding core member to work with that demonstrates deep understanding of Harmony ecosystem. He’s been my point person when I have questions on investable projects for our gaming ecosystem. I value his truth telling approach.
  • ☁️ I truly appreciate Peter's honest insights and opinions. He does not blindly follow or agree with ideas that don't create impact. He brings with him a wealth of experience in this space and I feel his skills and opinions are majorly underutilized as a thought leader. I have a lot of admiration and respect for Peter and as an organization, I would like us to trust his instincts and ideas more.
  • 🦒 Peter is the person I turn to most not to get new brainstorming ideas, or a hot take, or an intuition, but to get what is usually the actual correct answer, justified by data and/or experience, about the worthiness and prospects for a project, Harmony initiative, area of focus, or strategy. He’s been a dream to work with, not just for this reason, but also for his ability to put his direction into actual battle plans, and then to go out and execute them, so that his ideas will have the most impact.

🎸 Jenya Piskunov 🏏: 50% explorer, 30% indexer, 20% multisig

Q2 is noticeable: multisig and explorer indexer do not go out of sync anymore. thanks to protocol team and improvements we made with Artem.

  • 🏏 In the month April, I was partially managing jenya (@Giv Parvaneh would love your feedback too, as previous manager). Jenya worked on building relayer and proof clients for our upcoming trustless eth bridge. Also other components like frontend and statistics dashboard. These are not yet fully functional, but very concrete progress towards the launch. Jenya is also owner of two other most widely used products: the explorer and the multisig. He regularly works on improving them with features.
  • 🏏 It was difficult month for jenya with things happening in his country and the move, yet jenya was always available to address any emergencies. While continuing to add more features and improve the two products (block explorer and multisig), jenya had to dive deep for analyzing multisig service interruption and also a carefully audit of the feature upgrades that were done in the gnosis safe github repo to figure out if any critical features are not forward ported to our multisig (which is a fork of gnosis safe). When the things resolve and become better, I encourage jenya to participate more on cross-team initiatives in terms of collaborating and providing valuable feedbacks.

🌲 Sam Harrison 🎽: 85% Games, 10% DAOs, 5% Operations

Q2 was a difficult quarter for me. I transitioned from running the DAO Operations team - who were able to stand up the 1DAO Alliance, reformat the DAO grants guidelines, launch multiple DAO tools, prepare and launch DAO Relations programing and continue to engage the DAOist community - to setting up the Game Guild and GameFi program. This included aligning team vision on “Why Games?” at the off-site, interviewing and preparing the DFK Case Study, creating and managing the Game Pipeline, and preparing a document full of DAO learnings.
4️⃣: (10 days off): Publish 1DAO Council proposal, 3 DAOs (Ambassador, Sustainable, BridgeBuilders) on ONERep, 7 DAO tools (ONERep & DAOlens). 100/100/100%
  • 🎽 I want to recognize Sam for his focus this month and long-time crafts on iterating and learning about the DAO ecosystem. He’s attracted strong contributors to our DAO operations team by prioritizing people over process.
  • 🎽 Sam can do more on obsess over details by facilitating the written communication practices of our team. Specifically, help his sub-team and projects write their April updates with links per our guidelines before I do it. Also I already gave this feedback, but make sure the processes you run and meetings your organize are relevant to our needs - we don’t need 4 core team on a call to get an update that could actually be better as a written update which can be read and consumed by all 25 team + many more contributors/community.
  • 📖 I want to recognize Sam for always looking out for his team. Even as he took well-deserved personal time off, Sam actively supported the DAO Ops team during a critical time in the ecosystem’s development. He is the best mentor I have ever had.
  • 🐇 I’d like to express my tremendous gratitude and appreciation for Sam. As a mentor, and as a team leader, his skill set is unparalleled. I wouldn’t be where I am today had it not been for his dedication to our DAO Ops team. He’s taught me to work hard, but also to remember to enjoy the work you do, have fun and make light of situations. The sense of humor & good energy he brings to our calls is really awesome (always there to crack Dad jokes and make others laugh when needed, but also knows when to be serious and get work done). He knows his stuff and is an extremely hard working. Sam really cares about Harmony and his team, & I am lucky to have had him as a mentor.
  • 🎤 Sam is an incredible human being and leader. This month was challenging for Sam and the DAO team, but they each handled the DAO pivot and community sentiment with such grace, humility, and positivity. I think they have done an incredible job preparing for the coming years of DAOs. Sam has also been managing some personal things, yet stays focused on leading his team and has never allowed his personal stress to affect his work or his attitude. He stays incredibly positive, focused on serving his team.
  • 🛹 Sam does his best with what he’s given. Q2 was difficult for him and his team given the negative sentiment with our approach to DAO’s, but he and his team executed with heart, care, and did their very very best. I applaud Sam and team for their hard work and execution.
5️⃣: (5 days off) v2 DAO Grant Guidelines (high-bar & adoption focus), Gaming & GameFi strategy, DAO relations stand-up (6 of top 10 represented). 90/100/80%
  • 🎽 I would like to see Sam help the team learn more insights on DAO adoption, in written summaries, across the entire industry and what we can learn and how we can position ourselves for 10x growth.
  • 🏃 Sam can be more responsive in the team communication. I sometimes don’t know how to reach to Sam and get response in Telegram. 🌲
6️⃣: DAO learning (written & video), Game shard case study, Establish studio partner pipeline to close 2 partners (M & C).

🎤: Sam can do it all. Transitioning from DAOs to gaming was no easy task, but he has done both with excellence. In the midst of chaos coming from many directions, Sam never lost his smile and ability to get things done. Sam is a great leader, teacher, and team player - always finding ways to raise the bar. I also love working with Sam, and I know the vision for Gaming will be executed at a very high level.

🔭: In the time I’ve been on the team, I’ve seen Sam take an assignment which was abstract and turn it into something tangible. Sam builds the right team, projects great leadership, shares credit with others, and works hard to ensure his direct reports are engaged and collaborating. Once assigned to the gaming guild, Sam presented at the off-site and presented the initiative with clarity to our teams, constructed the “battle-tested” story for Harmony, and shared our goals on camera in a way that spoke extremely well to the masses. Sam transitioned from DAOs and I can imagine it was not easy or simple. In this quarter, Sam reminded me that he’s a natural leader who a) has a passion for his work and b) is able to pivot between launches and initiatives with professionalism and a strategic approach.

🛹: Sam adds disproportionate value to Harmony. He makes every initiative more likely to succeed when he’s involved.

☁️: Sam continues to earn trust among partners and the community. As well as being a friendly face, Sam is thorough and smart and badly underutilized. I would like to see Sam take over many more internal operational initiatives while also focusing on customer success.

🐇: What can I say about Sam. We could write a book on all of the ways he has contributed to this team. I am continuously inspired and learning from him. I was lucky to have him as my mentor for some time, and the skills he taught me continue to help me in my daily work & life. I admire his charisma, intelligence, and grit. Even through hard times, he continues to go above and beyond to work hard and execute on any initiative he’s working on. He is a natural team leader and able to succeed in any area he owns. I am looking forward to seeing what he will accomplish on the gaming guild! 💙

🚜: Sam is an incredible source of energy and knowledge. If he were a professor, I’d attend every office hours just to soak in his knowledge and critical feedback.

  • 💃🏻: Sam has been an incredible leader this quarter. I want to applaud him especially for being a mentor to me professionally, primarily through events. He has headed initiatives that hold scalability, effectiveness, and efficiency. His knowledge and emotional intelligence make him a great asset as a colleague and leader.

☁️ Giv Parvaneh 🎽: 40% operations, 30% communications, 30% products

In Q2 I focused on two specific areas to prepare for my potential role realignment as Head of Product and Communications. I took ownership of our 2022 roadmap and ensured alignment with the broader vision at Harmony. Updated our launch schedule and website and worked with the Trustless ETH Bridge team to project manage and ensure a timely launch. Working closely with Kelly, I have helped kickstart a pipeline for launch announcements and PR campaigns as well as interviewing and evaluating a new PR firm. I helped roll out integrations with The Graph and prominent centralized exchanges. Additionally, I have played a big role in internal operations further optimizing monthly deliverables, All Hands, and performance reviews.
4️⃣: Top launch plans & media (Covalent), Launch 20% Basic Income (web app & ONE deposit), Publish Q2 Products report (decentralization). 100/95/100%
  • 🎽 Giv is formally considered for promotion as the head of products and communication. Rongjian, Leo, Li, Peter, Ganesha, Sam, Jack, Adrian and Matt have set Q2 deliverables for Giv in early April to evaluate his eligibility over three months.
  • 🏏 My expectations for Giv's promotion is that he produce representative examples along:
    1. Product revival: analyze current products and propose improvement strategies to revive them (outcomes: report of shortcomings, improvement proposal, resource allocation, prioritization, revival roadmap).
    2. Product framework: drive the strategy, tactics, and delivery timelines for upcoming products (outcomes: go to market strategies, external communication, roadmap, resource management, metrics of success)
    3. Product opportunities: identify product opportunities (on what we should be building) by market research and propose attainable scope for our settings (outcomes: market research report w/ feasibility analysis).
      1. ☁️ Thank you Ganesha. 1) This is my desired approach - to have a holistic understanding and ownership of all of our products and constantly assess our roadmap and prioritization. 2) GTM strategy is key. We haven’t typically done a great job following through with launches. I’m aiming to work with our comms/marketing team to better understand and maximize our success metrics. 3) There is a lot of innovation happening, especially now during the market downturn. It’s a good opportunity to research and identify new products to bring impact to the ecosystem.
  • 🏃 My expectation is mostly focusing on the product strategy and roadmap. The outcome is the strategy document, plan, or roadmap narrative.
    • Internal products: How to balance the internal product launch with the externalization? What would be the balance to launch internal product vs externalization? For externalization, I would like to see an updated plan.
    • Products launching in the next 6-12 months: What’s the overall launch plan for the upcoming 1wallet and 20% income product? In addition to those, I would like to see a research and plan for the payment gateway product which can fully utilize the potentials of Harmony.
    • Platform as product: Harmony provides the infrastructure and blockchain service as the main product. What would be best platform features to launch such like ZK primitives and what’s the marketing strategy for existing features, such like VRF, and staking precompiles? An executable plan and action items are expected.
      • ☁️ Thanks, Leo. Internal/external balance is something I would like to be very mindful of. I don’t think we want to manage many product internally due to lack of resources and longer decentralization goals. I’m hoping through DAOs, Guilds, and Partnerships we can strike a healthy balance of utility and decentralization. We do need to better manage our roadmap also as well as understanding how to best launch/utilize our valuable native offerings like VRF, staking precompiles.
  • 🎽 My expectations for Giv:
    • Monthly product launch with campaign: prioritizes and choose which product(s) to launch every month. He resolves all the dependencies and bottlenecks with engineers. makes hard trade off on which features to ship and which to cut.
    • Giv coordinates a communication plan with a calendar of dates and time for announcements and follow up campaigns.
    • Monthly launches would be for key initiatives that the core team is working on such as trustless ETH, BTC bridge, fixed income, cross-shard transactions.
    • Weekly partner product launches like Aave, Chainstack. Coordinate with the partners date and time of launch, including details on when rewards would start, and leads the team or his subteam to make the maximum impact on community.
      • ☁️ Thanks, Li. Timing campaigns, launches, partnerships will be key to maximize impact and growth. I’m hoping to work closely with our PR/marketing team to create a comprehensive comms calendar for surgical campaigns to ensure all our internal launches + partnership announcements yield max results.
  • 🛡 I expect Giv to step up as a true leader to help the company win in critical moments in community relationship and product direction.
    • As a head of product, I would like Giv to have a clear product roadmap written out with more insights and reasoning about why certain products are needed or changed. So far his work on product are mostly in maintenance phase such as migration or sunsetting. Head of product should step up on higher level with more visionary thinking and thought leadership.
    • As head of communication, Giv should bridge what happened in Harmony and what the community demands, planning communication efforts such as weekly or monthly summary, writing PR responses to critical community feedback or FUDs, coordinating with the core team to react to and address community’s questions.
      • ☁️ Thank you, RJ. 1) I have already taken ownership of our product roadmap and implemented clearer quarterly launch dates. As I mentioned above, my goal is to go deep on not only our own products but assessing what other projects are doing to better plan for future product initiatives. 2) I am working closely with Daniel, Kelly, and community leaders to keep track of feedback, FUD, and general questions to earn trust.
  • Peter: I’d like Giv to own the product development process end-to-end. That means product inception and working with Peter and others on market research, managing the sprints, product launch and product marketing, adoption, and growth, and maintenance and customer experience.
    • Peter: At the beginning of the quarter, it seemed like Giv would be doing more product-related work, but it appears he’s also doing a lot of team management and overall overhead-type of activities. If that will continue, then I am concerned about his ability to focus on product. I believe Giv is qualified and ready to take on product in a way that will help Harmony lead and will help optimize each product launch for maximum exposure and success. But, if he continues to do team management, that will hinder his ability to be successful on the product side.
      • ☁️ Thanks, Peter. I agree that operations are currently taking up most of my time which would deter me from going deep on products. My aim is to simplify and delegate operations as much as possible so over time I can shift more of my time over to product management.
  • 🎤 My expectations for Giv:
    • Establish himself as the head of products and communication to the community, detailing product roadmap, addressing community sentiments through weekly/biweekly PR reports, ensuring our “why” for all initiatives is always clear to the community, ensuring our team directives are aligned to each other and to the community.
      • ☁️ Thank you, Matty. I will be working closely with Kelly, our PR team, and community leaders to tell a clearer story about the “why” and “how” of Harmony’s value proposition.
  • 🎥  My expectations for Giv:
    • Giv Q2 communication expectations: Gain consensus on a retail facing website SEO. Develop an information flow that protects the integrity of our transparency but also protects the integrity of our brand and partners. Work with PR firms to gate high impact stories with a systematic flow of information for maximum impact.
    • Giv Q2 improvements: Needs to integrate time for the team to actually be creative and come to consensus on product direction…. We must know what we are building before we build it. Always have an answer for the “Why?”
      • ☁️ Thank you, Adrian. My goal is to go deep on product and communications. They are tightly related since we need to be able to follow through on product announcements, education of the community, and timing PR/press releases. As part of all of this, we have to ensure we have a clear product roadmap and unified vision which I have been working on.
5️⃣: Product roadmap refresh (dependencies & campaigns), 2026 vision summary (extract & share), Press agency (identify & communications pipeline). 100/90/95%
  • 🎽 I’d like to ask Giv to help make everyone shine in learning team communications. I suggest he first show his subteam how best to fully finishing the monthly team updates and then spread that to the rest of the core, fellows and contributors.
  • 🎥 Giv has been super valuable in helping steer the conversation into better Comms and Marketing. In addition to that, his insight on helping me understand guilds has helped a bunch.
  • 🔭 How Giv finds the time to work on everything currently on his plate is a mystery to me. I’ve worked closely with Giv for a few months now and I’m still impressed by his ability to a) be everywhere and b) be successful at it. From working on the website, to refreshing our roadmap, to assisting Jeremy, Matt B., and Logan on publishing the ONEWeekly on YouTube and Medium in my absense; Giv is there for the team and Harmony in ways that are invaluable to the project. He’s the right person to lead our products and I’m looking forward to seeing what else Giv delivers in the next month.
  • 🎬 Giv has been instrumental in helping internal communications improve, as well as brand messaging. We have already begun coordinating better since the offsite and will continue to improve.
6️⃣: Trustless Ethereum bridge (guide & partners), The Graph (documentation, announcements & hackathon), Q3 NFT (communicate & execute). 50/100/80%
  • 🌲 Giv continues to be an ideal steward and manager of this project. I have continued to be impressed by his steady hand, by the calming influence he has when emotions run hot and the unknowables outstrip that which is known. His work on bringing the Graph up to the level cannot be understated as it is a vital part of the infrastructure that many projects rely upon.
  • 🎤: Giv manages countless initiatives, team processes, and partnerships at a very high level all while maintaining his calm demeanor and excellent tact in managing relationships with our team and ecosystem partners. Giv’s leadership has been extremely valuable as we align our team going into Q3.
  • 🥤: Giv has provided steady and consistent leadership long before I ever had the opportunity to work directly with him. Whether that is providing prompt responses to feedback (VIA ONEWeekly, the Horizon updates, etc) he has always presented a calm in every storm iv weathered with him. I appreciate his thoughtful insight and professional tact even when faced with seemingly impossible odds. 💙
  • 🎥: Giv is a consistently strong leader, one that commands respect. He brings a sensible charm to the team and stays cool under pressure. He has really helped steer the ship in regards to strengthening our core message and communications. Giv is the glue that binds the team together, keeps us strong.
  • 📗 What can I say about Giv? No matter how busy he is, no matter how crazy things are… Giv will be there for you, providing concrete, actionable support. It would not be the same without him. He also has the necessary seniority when the time comes to approach key corporate clients.
  • 🇪🇺 Giv's image abroad is key to demonstrating seriousness and business continuity.
  • 🔭: Giv has taken on a number of initiatives for June. From managing a high number of team members to managing our initiatives such as our website redesign, launch of The Graph partnership, and more. He is available for providing feedback and guidance when I've needed help, and has been great at helping me take my concerns and convert them into action. Giv is a great mentor and friend, and I'm excited to bring in Q3 with him as my manager.
  • 🐇 Giv continues to impress me time and time again. He has handled adversity and difficult times with grace, understanding, and impeccable communication skills, being a key liaison of communication between our team & the community. This has given our community a great deal of respect & appreciation for Giv. At a time when the community has been looking for answers and guidance, he has been there to do the tough job. He continues to keep a level and head and embodies all the qualities of a strong leader. Giv maintains an excellent balance of positivity, optimism, but also realism and isn’t afraid to say what needs to be said. He takes things at face value, analyzes, and works to find the appropriate solution. Giv is approachable, helpful, and supportive to our whole team, leading our All-Hands calls he always creates a pleasant, professional atmosphere. With his experience and skillset we are incredibly lucky to have him on our team, and I could not picture this team without him.
  • 🚜 Giv is as cool as a cucumber and inspires confidence with his thoughts and opinions.
  • 🦒 Giv has it all: focus, strategy, intensity, and demeanor. This month especially, he provided helpful guidance in navigating all of the project’s changes in focus, and I look forward to continuing working with him.
  • Peter: Giv continues to lead Harmony in meaningful ways by helping the rest of the team to shine.

⚔️ Nita "Soph" Neou 🏃: 25% nodes, 50% services, 25% network releases

In Q2, v4.3.9 was released with a major feature (Proposal 16) to secure the network and improve decentralization, work usually involves working the eng for the initial testing moving to testnet then a safe and secure release to mainnet. Being one of the technical contact with thegraph, I’ve troubleshooted and deployed v4.3.10 containing the last piece of integration required to have thegraph to support Harmony on their hosted environment, it allows us to retire our internally self hosted graph node I also contributed to reduce the cloud cost from $30K to $15K monthly with more plan to reduce the overall cost further in the month to come. We had 3 devops/1 blockchain new engineer joining us and they attended 4 very well received training sessions on Harmony network/tools/services/oncall I conducted. Engineers often reach out to me for advice and helps during their oncall or on on during normal ops with question. One example of help led to the the storJ integration saving us more money in data transfer cost that was higher than 10k USD a month
4️⃣: Shard database on 5 internal nodes w/ epoch sync, Cloudflare Global Load Balancer on shard 0/1, Onboard DevOps (Tahir, Mohamed, Socheat). 100/100/100%
  • 🏃: Soph leads all the conversation and support to important exchange partners and validators. He handled lots of on-call issues. He is a hidden hero of the team.
  • 🏓 : Soph helped me build a local testnet step by step, greatly improving my develop/test efficiency, otherwise HIP16 develop/test efficiency would be very low.
  • 🐉 Soph has begun to delegate more to his new teammates, which allows him to begin looking at the big picture. I’d urge Soph to continue in this direction, focusing of delivering via automation, documentation, cost reductions, re-architecture together with his teammates. Being remote, it would help to proactively propagate high-impact priorities deliverables to be shared across the entire leadership team.
  • 🐯 Soph is easy to work with on interview scheduling and provide feedback quickly. I look to Soph to continue support the recruiting effort, e.g. post the job biweekly on LinkedIn/Twitter.
5️⃣: (5 days off): Release v4.3.9 with Product Launch (Proposal 16), Onboard 5 eng with 4 training sessions, Route 5% mainnet traffic for S0. 100/100/85%
  • 🏃: Glad Soph can take some time off in May to relief stress and accompany the family. We all miss him when he is off. :-) The testnet down issue becomes a problem now, needs closer collaboration with the community.
  • 🛡 I appreciate the dedication and all the extra hours Soph put on our operational tasks and all the handling of issues from partners, validators and developers. I can’t emphasize more on the importance of the work done by Soph. I hope Soph can keep the work life balance better and start transferring him knowledge to the new ops team to share the load.
  • ♏️ Soph is the first one who I worked with at Harmony. I really enjoyed working with him and learned a lot from him. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have a great colleague like him in my timezone. Soph brings a lot of positivity to the work and I was blown away by his contributions during last month. We enjoyed his contribution during the 4 training sessions. Thanks a lot for that.
6️⃣: Improvement proposal 18 (allowlist for external leaders), On-call training for 3 cloud engineers, Cloud endpoint cost reduce ($30K to $15K monthly) 75%/100%/100%
  • 🛰️ Soph is extremely patient and understanding to work with. Whenever I am on call, Soph is able to quickly help me out with places where I get stuck to help resolve them, indicating his in-depth understanding of the devops process. He’s very open to suggestions and he considers any inputs I share with him when time permits. I am glad to work with Soph every time on call; he makes like much easier during those days.
  • 🔭: To be completed 6/30.
🏃 STRONG YES: great work on devop, partner support, and releases. Shall be more aggressive in cost cutting. 💙

🚗 Boris Polania 🏏: 60% fixed-rate, 30% events, 10% ZKU

  • 🏏 Boris managed the end-to-end product launch of the fixed-income product. While the product launch didn’t go through due to changed circumstances, I consider Boris’s contribution very valuable and helped demonstrate his ability to consider all aspects of product launch. In the month of April, boris also helped ZKU students with their projects, mainnet launch, and next steps.
  • ⛵ It was good to have Boris’s help on ZKU.
  • 📖 I want to recognize Boris for his help at ETH Portland. He was able to perfectly balance his work while provide assistance to hackers over the three-day event.
  • ☁️ Boris did a great job getting the fixed income app across the line. Even though we didn’t end up releasing the product, Boris worked hard with front-end and backend teams to make sure the product is shipped on time.
  • 🎤 Boris continually goes above and beyond expectations. For months, he has made himself available to the operations and events teams to provide guidance, assist partners, and participate in speaking engagements. When something is needed, Boris is always among the first to support those around him.
5️⃣: Fixed income on testnet (contracts & app), Trustless ETH bridge tests (Bridged Tokens & Lightclient), ZK lightclient design (Light client & plonk). 100/90/90%
  • 🏏 In the month of May boris was asked to focus on trustless eth bridge, specifically the goal was to understand the bridge end-to-end by writing unit tests for various smart contracts and running the CLI to understand the flow. Boris did a great job there. Further, due to his expertise in ZK, boris worked on the design ZK lightclient for the upcoming trustless bridge. The design is not fully reviewed yet, however he did a great job on picking up the tasks and making considerable progress on them. I encourage boris to find several initiatives that he can fully own and drive the launch going forward to next month and q3/q4.
6️⃣: Trustless ETH bridge bridged tokens, Trustless ETH bridge light client, Trustless ETH bridge test.

🚜: Boris-son. Miss you buddy. Best of wishes in your future endeavors.

🐉 Jack Chan 🎽: 20% grants, 50% partnerships, 30% cloud ops

Q2 goals on Grants (and Venture) are to operationalize a new Grant operations team while figuring out how to start spinning the flywheel for the Accelerator program especially with the Venture team (Rocket Monsters, Jia & DeepWaters). We now have a lean Grant team with specific verticals specified in the Ecosystem Group page. Meanwhile, established and launched partnerships especially in Infrastructure with Ankr, QuickNode while strengthening relationships with Chainstack and POKT Network. Partnerships on DeFi (OpenOcean) and wallets (Bitkeep) but the impact was low. Exchanges (B******* & A****) was held up on Marcom and the recent bridge incident.
4️⃣: 48-hour turn-around for Grant Ops, 2 matched Accelerator (Jia & DeepWaters), Launch Covalent & QuickNode readiness. 100/100/100%
  • 🎽 I want to recognize Jack for his effort to nurture & mentor our ecosystem team. Jack is thoughtful and systematic, organizing processes that help us grow and help make everyone shine.
  • 🎽 Jack is driving many initiatives. I would like to suggest he focus on just a few areas that can bring us 10x growth, potentially that could be on fiat onramps and go deep to push us onto 10 more platforms and gateways. Additionally, I encourage Jack to make tough decisions on our cloud usage and help push decisions and changes even if you feel like you are not the main architect.
  • 💃🏻 Jack has a gift for organizing! Jack leads our grants team with care and dedication, always making it more efficient and scalable. He has been an asset to each of us on the team and continues to find solutions to improve our processes.
  • 🎤 Jack has been an incredible support for me. In just one short talk with Jack during a moment I felt burnout, I felt renewed and focused with an actionable plan to improve my workflow to decrease my burnout. Thank you, Jack. That was a special moment for me. Jack manages many initiatives, and has been a great leader for our grant ops team - always pushing our process forward to maximize the value to our team and ecosystem.
  • Peter: Jack continues to work hard on behalf of Harmony. I’d encourage Jack to focus - at times he appears to be doing everything, everywhere, all the time, for everyone, with everyone, by everyone, all over the place. Thankfully Jack continues to execute despite the lack of focus, and I encourage Jack to focus on the few super important things for which he’s especially good at doing.
  • ☁️ Jack is a swiss army knife and will have a positive impact no matter which area he focuses on. I feel Jack’s valuable skills are tied up managing grants and would instead like to see him be more involved with developer relations and to prepare our ecosystem to welcome new developers.
  • 🐯 Jack helped create the engineering team onboarding process. Very helpful. He also has deep thinking in recruiting process improvement. I look to Jack to continue support the recruiting effort, e.g. post the job biweekly on LinkedIn/Twitter.
5️⃣: Grant v2 guidelines, Report on Permissionless (investors & builders), QuickNode (Hermes & Cosmic) & Ankr RPC aggregator launched. 90/100/100%
  • 🎽 Jack is covering many projects on and doesn’t have the bandwidth to finish. I suggest he can focus on how to make deeper impact while assigning ownership to other teammates for the rest (activity < productivity).
6️⃣: (9 days off) Operationalize Venture Network, Asia developer meetups (Kuala Lumpur & Bali), Cloud RPC node cost reduction ($150K to $75K monthly).
  • 🌲 Jack constantly impresses me by the amount of work he accomplishes… even when he is “off” or “on vacation”. I am proud of the work he has done to pull together the venue network and I look forward to seeing the result of his work on the RPC cost reduction. The items that Jack is responsible for are mission critical and I look forward to seeing his results.
  • 🎤 I can’t speak highly enough about Jack. His work ethic is unparalleled as he manages countless partnerships and initiatives. Jack has done an excellent job of organizing our grants team and raising the bar of our grants program, and his leadership in developer relations will be integral in strengthening our dev community.
  • 🌳 Jack continuously showcases his leadership with diligence. He is a prime example of accountability and directional strategy. His deep-knowledge and guidance with complimentary of his sense of humbleness underpins his capabilities of leadership. I am honored to be working alongside such intellectual influence. 💙
  • 🇪🇺 Jack has proven to be accessible for any conversation and contagious calm. I think that, at the moment, a person like Jack in the team strengthens the continuity of the business.
  • 📗 I was in a very high level meeting with a potential client with Jack. The way he led the discussion was paramount for the client to believe in Harmony and be willing to move fwd to future, more detailed conversations.
  • 🚜 I’m privileged to call Jack my mentor. His patience and soft-spoken analytics is irreplaceable.

🎥 Adrian Robison ☁️: 50% Content, 30% Events, 20% Branding

In Q2, my monthly deliverables in all categories changed week by week due to a constant shift in strategy. While many things got done, the focus in what we were doing kept evolving and so did the content strategy (I would say for the better). I did a ton of planning and scouting for the end of year ONEConference, both big and small in scale (as well as domestic and international). The goal posts kept moving regarding what the show would be and I adapted to keep up with the changing dynamics. In the end we settled on a smaller production, currently awaiting funding. An approval for a 1Wallet commercial concept was my quarterly goal, and collectively I presented many different concepts to the table in a variety of different tones and feels. While I feel like the June concept came the closest to final approval, I am still waiting for the official green light to begin production. I helped negotiate our Coachella strategy before it was scaled back, and I was also able to fulfill our first content initiatives in Ghana, Africa. I would say that my biggest accomplishment this quarter has been to transform my team into a content machine. We embraced a workflow with Trello and got ahead big time on content because of it. We got ahead by one to two months worth of social media content (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) by onboarding the scheduling platform Later that we built out and have gotten to the point of posting about twice a day on all platforms (minus YouTube). We have seen our analytic numbers grow across the board, even more so when we jumped posts to twice a day. In addition, I have created a new channel that should go live in Q3 that effectively moves all non-produced content to an “uncut” channel, hopefully with the effect of fueling the algorithm positively (all content has been uploaded awaiting launch). I have directed my team into rebranding Harmony with fresh graphics, thumbnails, landing pages, etc., including directing the completion of the newest version of the Harmony brand bible. I also directed the content team to better brand and present the ONEWeekly video series, helping assist in all the visual elements involved in producing the series. I was originally in charge of making sure that our Paris ETHCC event was big, but effectivley that event got scaled back to no venues and just 3-4 people attending. With that event was an entire high end merch line that I was directed to produce, only for the event to effectively be cancelled and that merch to be used for consideration for our year end event. We do have samples approved from Paris, so in the event we do want to proceed with production we can with shorter windows, effectively bypassing the 3-4 month design window that overseas manufacturers require. I have been back and forth with suppliers regarding a drop ship merch store, but that launch will have to be a Q3 item due to storefront issues on the supplier’s end (our end of the job is done). In addition, I filmed all the content related to our Q3 launches, and have been slowly releasing them when the time is right in coordination with our communcations team. Filming this content included helping write and edit scripts, which helped hone in our message and got amazing community feedback across all platforms because of it. Essentially our content team hit the reset button with new directives, phasing out older “top down mandates” in favor of a cohesive content strategy in tune with the 10x style of content I started with when I first joined Harmony. Lastly, I helped with the crafting our music strategy with 1Music (currently under consideration for a Q3 launch). 💙
4️⃣: Create “The Live Show” (keynotes & messaging), 1Wallet video pre-production (social, non-custodial), Paris & Ghana Web3 policy panel. 80/30/70%
  • 🎽 For your April deliverables: below expectation on team communications. Per team guidelines, you must add a public deliverable document to each item and scope the deliverables to reach 270% completion by 4/30.
  • ☁️ While events are important, I feel our products, partner launches, and branding are being neglected. It definitely feels your time spent on 30% Event allocation is much higher than that. I’d like to see less on events and more on product marketing initiatives that will bring us 10x growth.
  • ⛵ Wanted to thank Adrian (& Danny) for helping to make our promote video for ZKU.
  • 🦒 Wanted to thank Adrian for sharing his creative ideas in defining use cases for a Blue Metaverse.
  • 🎬 Adrian was a beast this month as always. As the creative lead, Adrian was instrumental in putting our creative team together. I believe he has chosen the right people to put us in the right place to succeed.
  • 🎤 Adrian has assembled a great team of creatives that have already made a huge impact. Adrian continues to be a massive workhorse; his effort and impact remains unparalleled. Adrian is a Swiss army knife, making an impact in every initiative. I admire his passion and ability to think outside of the box on team discussions.
  • ☁️ Adrian’s energy and enthusiasm is unmatched at Harmony. Always learning, always experimenting, and always thinking outside the box to come up with creative ways to increase Harmony’s brand and presence.
  • 🐉 Adrian has taken quite a hit from a number of events but continues to plough forward, capturing the feeling from our boots-on-the-ground efforts in the highest quality and impactful narrative.
5️⃣: ONEConference Proposal (Venues & Metrics), 1Wallet treatments (security & social), Post-onsite interviews (cross-shard & elastic endpoints). 100/100/100%
  • 🔭 Thank you for being driven to deliver top quality content and understanding that details matter. Your continual push to raise the bar in our content, communication, and pretty much everything we do as a team is greatly appreciated. With regards to May, it was a pleasure to work alongside Adrian as he filmed the team for post-onsite interviews and helped coach them along the way. Thank you for looping me into some of your calls this month - it was great to sync up and meet your team.
  • 🎬 Adrian is invaluable asset to the team in many ways. He took initiative to do a proper scout for potential ONEConference venues. Additionally, Adrian always contributes immensely in creative brainstorms, helping lockdown ideas for the 1wallet treatments. Furthermore, he promptly got to work on offsite initiatives for content by filming interviews before the end of the month.
  • ☁️ Adrian and team continue to get better and stronger. The quality of the content is improving dramatically and the community is responding very well to them. For next month, I’d like to see Adrian do even less on other initiatives and go deep on planning for ONEConference. Let’s lock down the venue next month and start planning the rest.
  • 🎞 Adrian’s drive and determination is unmatched, his dedication to the ONEWallet was inspiring. He is truly a shepherd of our video flock. I hope he continues to shoot amazing content next quarter, I’d like to see him freed up to work on more on creative video and less administrative work.
6️⃣: ONEConference venue (book + plan of show), Audience specific social media channels (main & talk), Create video sample for 1Wallet commercial. 100/100/100%
  • 🌲Adrian’s passion for this project is undeniable. The amount of skill and talent he puts into both the creation and polish of our content is next level and he is doing an uncanny job with what he is given. Adrian has always been and continues to be a source of keen insight and helpful at refining strategy and our go to market campaigns.
  • 🎤: Adrian is a Swiss Army Knife - the kind of person you want on your team when things get tough. Adrian is hyper-focused, is always the first to dive in to the deep end to find solutions, and always puts the team before himself. Adrian embodies war mode and ability to thrive in chaos, and will be a huge player in boosting our team’s Q3 initiatives to create our biggest impact.
  • 🔭: Adrian has been faced with challenges this quarter that’s forced him to pivot in order to adjust to changes in company direction, community sentiment, etc. Despite this, Adrian has contributed strongly across a variety of ways for Harmony. Coordination with communications, last minute filming requests, organizing the content team through Trello, putting together content with his team that has high-impact potential across social media — these are just some items that come to mind where Adrian has contributed greatly and I’m sure I can think of many more. He put together a competent and skilled team who not only gets the job done, they work well together and with others which makes collaboration enjoyable. Adrian is the type of colleague I wish I could work with regardless of where my career leads. He has gained a great deal of my trust and confidence, and I feel that we’re only starting to see his full potential despite consistently being significantly impressed by his talent and work ethic.
  • 🌳 Adrian is a key component to Harmony with valuable insight. I respect his honesty on dos & don’ts. His passion for creative work astounds me time and time again. He is sincerely reliable to decisions and able to execute when called on.
  • ♠️: Adrian is a great manager and mentor that I can get inspired and challenged. He helped me to settle in Harmony in terms of cultural and business aspect. Also he clearly know what to do in bigger scale picture and I could rely on him for the clear direction for my work and projects.
  • 👁‍🗨: Adrian has been and still is by far the best teacher and mentor I’ve ever encountered. He is incredibly good at keeping a healthy balance of nurturing support and challenging his team to do better and come up with new improvements every day. He is a go-getter and a doer in every sense of the word, just makes things work, and work well. Aside from being an excellent mentor and teacher, he is single-handedly coordinating a huge chunk of all front-facing and internal content. To be able to do that you need to not be a jack of all trades, but a jack of many, and while he is a jack of many trades, he seems to have deep knowledge and experience in many of those fields, yet keeps an open mind to learn from and listens to others on things he doesn’t know so much about. Adrian is essential for Harmony’s future, hands down. He has the will and the way to improve Harmony’s quality of content and voice 10x. 💙
  • 🐇: Adrian takes his role very seriously at Harmony. It is rare to come by people as hardworking and driven as him. He never ceases to impress me, and continues to travel out to Palo Alto with his recording equipment to record content, always working to refine our messaging and content (he’s always the last one to leave the office when he is here). We worked together on the Opolis partnership video, and I swear he just shows up READY TO GO, positive, creatively brainstorming, critiquing, and improving the process along the way! He embodies all the qualities of a professional.
  • 📗 It has mostly been said above. However, I would like to add that what I probably admire the most about Adrian is how he consistently tries to innovate. As the competition continues to increase and as we face difficulties of all sorts, innovation (beyond tech innovation) will most probably be what sets Adrian apart. Also, while the strategic shift of events must not have been easy for Adrian, I admire how he has made the best of a complicated situation and adapted his role. Kudos.
  • 🚜 Adrian never shuts off the idea firehose. I love being around that energy. We’re born dreamers and Adrian lives that every day with his ambitious ideas for any topic at hand.
  • 🦒 Adrian is an inspiration, as he digs down deep into whatever is needed and requested, and he always seems to hit a home run and do whatever it takes. He’s driven while being balanced, focused without being stubborn, and is an ideas-generating machine the likes of which I have rarely seen on any team and in any company: if I am ever looking to smell-test my initial assumptions or to brainstorm new ideas and directions, he is usually the first place I’d turn.
  • 💃🏻: Adrian says the things nobody wants to say and continues to look for ways for us to grow. He has challenged us and shown us the courage we all are learning to carry. Adrian has worked hard this quarter to deliver the absolute best for our team, and I have watched him do this with patience, an open mind, and integrity.

⚽️ Abhishek Purushotham 🔭: 50% social media, 30% content marketing, 20% newsletters

🔭 Daniel Pagan ☁️: 30% Community, 40% Technical Content, 30% Ambassadors

My time in Q2 was spent primarily on bringing communication and content to the community in an effort to shift sentiment to a more positive light. I also make sure to keep tabs on community sentiment through 1:1 interviews, group conversations, and surveys. In this quarter, I also make sure to encourage my colleagues and direct reports to pivot our external communication to be more focused on technical and ecosystem developments, based on feedback from the community across all social media channels.

Some of the efforts I put forward involved:

  • Forming a community sentiment group with trusted moderators, DAO members, and others heavily involved in the Harmony community. This group was formed to stay better informed about community sentiment and to ensure I receive it from multiple perspectives. Here it’s important to receive both the positive and the negative while always encouraging a constructive conversation. The formation of this group has been very helpful in staying in tune with sentiment and in soliciting feedback on new initiatives and ideas. 💙
  • Community Start / Stop / Continue — I created and ran a Start / Stop / Continue survey for key members of the Harmony community. This survey was to understand what Harmony should start doing (new efforts), stop doing, and continue doing (existing efforts) from an external communications perspective. Here’s where the idea for ONEWeekly and more push for technical content came from.
  • Created the ONEWeekly video and newsletter series. This idea originally came from the community’s desire for the return of Harmony Garage as mentioned in my Start / Stop / Continue survey (above) and comments from community members on Reddit and Twitter. I recruited Logan for the video series and Matthew B. for the newsletter. Some weeks later, I also began to mentor Jeremy S. and requested he begin working alongside Logan and Matthew B. to help co-market our ecosystem partners and to create the pipeline and process to go along with it.
    • The ONEWeekly has been a huge success with the community, averaging over 1,000 views per video on our 18,000 subscriber channel, and each video earning an average of 99% likes on YouTube.
    • The series and newsletter have both matured over time and we’ve covered a great number of projects and topics since our first episode, again with the great help of Logan, Matthew B., and Jeremy S. Below is just a handful of topics and projects we helped market using ONEWeekly
      • iToken, 1Wallet Web and general wallet security.
      • Cross Shard updates, EvoVerses, Katelyn Ohashi, Mars Colony, DeFira, Cosmic Universe.
      • The Graph, Speed Star, Crypto Arcade, DeFi Kingdoms, Wonder Game
      • The Q2 off-site initiatives.
    • My work on the ONEWeekly, after its conception, involves assisting with script writing, brainstorming topics of the week, video copy (description, title, timeline, links), thumbnail suggestions, and quality control which itself involves review and edit requests for each video and modifications to the newsletter before publication.
    • I also recently began working more closely with Adrian’s team with YouTube shorts. This involves coaching Logan on our shorts (suggestions, script, topics) and posting them with copy to YouTube.
      • Organizing all this led me to creating and sharing the Content Guild share Google drive to help the communications and content guilds upload and share our work. This was before content was relabeled comms and vice versa.
  • On the management level, I’ve helped my colleagues pivot their priorities to be more focused on pushing technical objectives and accomplishments to the forefront of our external communications. I was also very vocal internally about the importance to reduce our push for DAOs, Blue Apes, and the metaverse, and instead to push more technical content externally and remind everyone that we’re a strong and resilient blockchain with leading technology.
    • Once again, the community was thrilled to know that we are technology-focused as seen in our community comments, Twitter, and replies on our ONEWeekly series on YouTube.
  • In this quarter, I also initiated co-marketing efforts with our ecosystem partners. The general sentiment was that Harmony was doing a poor job helping projects promote themselves. Taking this feedback, I helped recruit Jeremy S. and laid out the objective and the avenues we can use to help them co-market. Jeremy ran with this and knocked it out the park. We’ve since helped co-market 15 projects this quarter.
  • The Q2 Off-site report was written to assure the community that we’re not only listening, but also making adjustments to our priorities. The Q2 off-site had us discuss a number of things but, in the end, we must have a comprehensive list of take-away action items. I wrote the Q2 report after providing feedback, during the off-site, that documented action items were urgent. I sat and spoke with initiative leaders on the last day of our off-site, took detailed notes, drafted the report, and posted it to the community who provided positive feedback. The report highlighted the technical and ecosystem take-away action items and wasn’t just published to our talk forum, but make its way into the ONEWeekly as well.

There are a number of other side projects / other tasks that I’ve performed in the quarter, but these stand out as the most impactful. My efforts were primarily geared towards communication and content that speaks to the Harmony community and ensuring that our voice primarily speaks to the technology and ecosystem we’re known for at Harmony.

  • 🦒 Wanted to thank Daniel for continually proactively weighing in to make sure that our messaging around Blue Metaverse aligns with community sentiment.
  • 📖 I want to recognize Daniel for his attention to our community, especially when it comes to crafting our messages to the community and the OneWeekly video series. Bravo!
  • 💃🏻 Daniel is a force we need to reach our community, and I wanted to highlight his success and care for this mission. Daniel has been an immense support and asset to the success of the ambassadors, and he continually seeks solutions to the barriers they face.
  • 🎬 Daniel deserves a lot of praise for helping introducing the ONEWeekly videos. It is great to have someone on the team who understands the community and can give us the feedback we need.
  • 🎥 Amazing job collaborating and executing ONEWeekly. Your script writing has really helped push communication initiatives forward, something we really needed.
  • 🎤 I want to commend Daniel on his ability to engage with the community. It’s no easy job to manage sentiment on community message boards, but Daniel has done a truly excellent job in communicating with the community, being direct and graceful in his approach. The ONEWeekly series is a fantastic initiative.
  • 🛹 Daniel is doing great with external communication and is an accurate steward for community sentiment. I encourage Daniel to continue to do so, and also provide possible solutions in order to change community sentiment. To a degree, the ONEWeekly was a response to the sentiment that Harmony doesn’t communicate enough. I recommend more of these tangible solutions to problems brought up by the community. Great job in Q2.
  • ☁️ Daniel has managed to bring much-needed confidence and trust to the community through his constant engagement and producing high quality/thoughtful content such as ONEWeekly videos. He is a trusted member of the community and needs no hand-holdoing to get the job done. I truly appreciate having Daniel on the team.
  • Daniel has been a phenomenial mentor to me working on the ONEWeekly newsletter and scripts for Logen. He brings a great technical grasp as well as fresh approach to communicating with the community which I believe has been extremely well received through the AMA’s, videos and his constant ability to engage on our socials.
  • ⚽️ Daniel has been great in dealing with the community sentiment and aligning our messaging on external communications. The ONEweekly campaigns has had good impact and we must definitely build more campaigns that are in line with the community sentiment. Daniel has been influential in making the team understand and realise how Blue Metaverse and BAYC was perceived by the community and putting these campaigns on a pause is the best course of action we could have taken at the moment. He is also a great mentor and keeps me in the loop with the strategic decisions taken by team during TGIs and off site where I cannot be present.
  • 🐉 You put your life into your work, and it shows, most recently with the initiatives kicked off from Harmony ONE Weekly. That’s a LOT of sacrifice and the level of diligence and customer obsession is bar none. I hope (and have seen signs) that you scale yourself by coach others to do what you do best, and continue to build towards that, to help keep your momentum while having a better work-life balance.
  • 🐯 Daniel is a good listener and a believer of community first. He really care about community’s voice.
5️⃣: (3 days off): 4 ONEWeekly (tech roadmap & offsite), Q2 2022 Offsite Report, Co-marketing for 8 projects (DeFira & Evoverses). 100/100/100%
  • 🎥 Pagan has been very instrumental in helping craft the right scripts and narratives for our videos. I personally had his assistance in crafting teleprompter scripts for future content. Pagan gets it when it comes to Comms. He is a true leader on everything retail facing.
  • 🎬 It has been great working more with Pagan by collaborating on our video production. His contributions to the video/content team not only makes our lives easier, but it makes for overall better content as well.
  • ☁️ Daniel has taken our community interaction to another level. He goes deep on our roadmap and is able to speak about our products and initiatives with confidence. For next month, I’d like to suggest that Daniel spends less time on initiative with less impact such as office interviews, and instead dedicate more time to scale content for ONEWeekly and ramp up our social media efforts.
6️⃣: Interview 4 community members, Assist script writing with quality assurance on 4 ONEWeekly, Coordinate 2 marketing opportunities (B & G). 75/100/75%
  • 🌲 Daniel has taken the unenviable task of communicating difficult truths to a wide audience and handled it with skill and dexterity. The trust he continues to maintain with the community is a valuable asset that Harmony continues to need. He rolled out some very valuable content during this quarter and he continues to be a good steward of communications.
  • 🎤: Despite unfavorable conditions, Daniel has managed communications with excellence. This is no easy task, and Daniel has carried many stresses on his shoulders as a result. He continues to put himself out there in the most difficult situations, earning the respect and trust from the community. In creating meaningful content through ONEWeekly and managing communications on our social platforms, Daniel has really moved the needle on improving community sentiment and continues to help their voices be heard. Daniel is a massive asset to the team.
  • 🎬 I have worked more with Daniel in the last two months and he has helped tremendously with our content, not only in helping with scripts but also in strategizing what to create. He is an instrumental part of the team and has shown much leadership in his role in communications.
  • 🥤Daniel has provided unbelievable guidance, mentorship, and a steady hand during my onboarding, and absolutely prepared me to do my best work; while providing necessary pushback and stewardship to deliver on our initial quarter together. I believe I speak for more than just me when I say I don't know what I would do without Daniel. Absolutely a godsend. 💙
  • 🎥 MVP… GOAT…. these are a few words that I think of when thinking of Pagan’s contributions this quarter. He is one of my favorite teammates to bounce ideas and concepts off of. He has a knack for speaking up when times are tough in a very respectful and precise tone that commands respect. He is a natural leader, and his ONEWeekly initiative has been a major hit for the community. If I was to hand an award for best quarterly performance, it would go to Pagan no questions asked.
  • 🔫 Daniel has done an amazing job of providing needed external communication to the community. He has taken on the hard task of putting himself out there in front of the public which has paid off concerning community sentiment. It’s not an easy time to fill that role but Daniel and his team have stepped up and crushed it. His analytical skills and ability to forward-think are a great asset as well.
  • 👁‍🗨 Daniel has been doing an incredible job at coordinating communications and coordinating them well. He’s overall a pleasure to work with, he listens to many many voices and opinions every day, yet manages to create a simple and cohesive communications strategy for Harmony, and it shows in his ability to make production processes such as ONEWeekly an overall pleasure to work on. No matter how much clutter there is on the outside, Daniel declutters and remains cool like a pro, ESPECIALLY in the past week.
  • 🚜 Daniel is our shield. His communication with the community is an incredible boon for not only opening a window to Harmony’s hard work, but defusing an often emotional crowd that need a hand hold. Daniel reaches that hand out, for all of us. Daniel’s work boosts everyone else’s productivity by aligning the message and often protecting overall emotional well-being.
  • Peter: Daniel, you continue to excel at external communications and knowing the pulse of the community. Keep doing it, it’s helping Harmony become better.

🔭 Daniel Pagan: I always enjoy working w/ daniel. His communication style and release of updates and info to the community led us to the next level of trust. Just a simple note, maybe the next month we should engage not only active general community members but and regional supporters who can communicate things on the lower level with their local followers (I mean ppl like Ludi, etc)


🎬 Danny Carranza ☁️: 40% Content (video/photos), 30% Community, 30% Events

Q2 was a quarter of many changes for the content team. In April I personally focused on posting more frequently on our social media, helping double our audience reach from 3K to 6K accounts on Instagram. Furthermore, we were able to capture our first content in Africa, including some of our best footage in unreleased video with locals that has yet to be posted due to shifting initiatives. As we strategize in the upcoming weeks, this content may be posted soon. In May, me and Adrian re-strategized our content plan after the offsite, thus I developed a Game Shard video treatment for our gaming initiative, and helped with the production of our latest roadmap video – both videos outperformed anything we did in the previous two months. Additionally, I helped with venue research and scouting for our ONE conference and began developing a run of show, as well as worked with Adrian and Zi on developing several treatments for a 1Wallet video, however we are waiting to get the go ahead to continue on both initiatives. In June, my efforts were largely focused on developing the right systems and workflow for our content team, implementing new tools like content boards on Trello and a scheduling calendar on Later which has helped our team turn into a well oiled content machine.
What I am most proud of in Q2 is the role that I stepped into as a Content Lead. With Adrian leading the helm in creative vision, I have stepped up to direct the editing team that we have assembled by making sure that videos are edited in a timely manner and on schedule with our initiatives to post content with better strategy and rollout. Furthermore, I have been in the thick of strategizing as to what content we should be creating, giving notes and feedback to editors for quality control, and defining what technical specifications (vertical video, horizontal) are needed for respective social media platforms. Additionally, I have been in charge of scheduling and captioning all posts for Instagram and Facebook in a strategic manner (both in message and aesthetic), where we have been seeing steady growth within the last month. Although I haven’t been able to work with as much of the team in other guilds this quarter, I have been instrumental in helping coordinate and operate the content team as a system and by being the point of contact between our editors, our core team, and our strategy. 💙
4️⃣: 1 video & 10 photos for 1Wallet Coachella, Video deliverables for editing team, Post 2 times weekly on Instagram & reach 6K accounts. 95/95/100%
  • ⛵ Wanted to thank Danny (& Adrian) for helping to make our promote video for ZKU.
  • 💃🏻 Danny was a great help to us at Coachella. I'm grateful for the hard work and effort he provides to events (especially on the ground). I am expectant for things to come—having seen Danny show more ownership and initiative to get things done.
  • 🎥 SXSW, Coachella, Ghana…. I mean damn, we had a busy month. Thanks for putting in the work and slugging out the long hours.
  • 🎤 Danny is the most fun person to spend time with; he really brings people together and makes work so much fun, even when things are stressful. Danny works extremely hard and has created content at such a high bar while also helping the team drive other initiatives.
  • ☁️ Danny has been doing a great job with our content. I would like to see him taking on more of an ownership with our social accounts. Experimenting with different content strategies and having a good grasp on all metrics.
  • 🎞 Danny had been doing a phenomenal job with juggling content and creative strategy, he’s a force to be reckoned with. I hope to see him continue what he’s been doing.
5️⃣: Research venues for ONE conference, Develop treatment for Game Shard initiative, Finalize outline for 1wallet campaign. 100/100/100%
  • 🎥 Danny really led the team this month in helping craft our social media strategy launching at the end of the month bleeding into June. In addition, he has been a key component in helping craft the ONEConference initial event document.
  • 🔭 I joined a couple calls with the media team this month and it was very clear to me how instrumental Danny was in crafting a social media strategy. Looking forward to seeing their content hitting the masses through IG and TikTok.
6️⃣: Social media analytics database, Edit Game Shard Video, 30-days of scheduled social content.

🎥: Danny has been essential for this team this quarter. Without fail, Danny has always delivered for me on every initiative. I’ve been slowly handing more and more responsibility to Danny, having him lead much of the content strategy working closely with Wanhi and Andrew on increasing output and quality. He helped me craft our new content strategy, getting rid of all the strategies that were bogging us down and starting fresh after a renewed creative direction was agreed upon during the offsite. I have been looking to step into higher level roles, but many of my content leadership duties needed to be filled. Danny has stepped up big time and filled that role in our team and has allowed me the bandwidth to tackle high level initiatives.

  • Areas of improvement: We have done a great job transforming our social media systems and content, but we have done it at the expense of our quantity YouTube output. We should balance the scales in Q3 and strive to output more YouTube in addition to the great job we are doing via Instagram, FB, and TikTok. Would love to see you double down on managing of the posted content schedule, getting two months ahead by the end of Q3, allowing us the bandwidth to do other creative projects without sacrificing output. 💙
  • 🚜: Danny’s positive energy is contagious. I never leave an interaction with Danny without smiling, which helps everyone’s mood and productivity.
  • 🔭: I’ve been able to work more with Danny in Q2 than past months. Danny’s positive outlook, talent, and desire to get things done is infectious and inspiring. He has been instrumental behind the scenes in helping his team deliver content across social media and I hope to work much more closely with Danny in the future.
  • 💃🏻: Danny has significantly grown this quarter, and I am proud to have him on the team. He continues to be an asset with events and every tiny (or big) task. He is a stalwart, and I hope to see his wisdom and intellectual maturity more utilized this fall.

⛵ Hakwan Lau 🏏: 30% zero-knowledge, 50% university, 20% fixed-income

⛵ In Q2, as planned, we have grown ZKU to the capacity needed for delivering 100s of products and retaining 100s of devs per quarter. Unfortunately, due to market conditions, we needed to scale back down a bit. However, with our current DAO membership approaching 100, we’re ready to repivot to deliver investment-worthy ZK products with meaningful traction. We continue to think that our approach of gathering a sizable group of zk-developers is correct; this will become an asset for our ecosystem for years to come. For this promise to materialize, I have also been in close contact with different VCs, incubators, and investors. We are ready to showcase what we have built so far, as soon as within Q3, not just as student projects but as business products with market potential. 💙
4️⃣: 12 new ZK products (games, authentication) on testnet, Increase ZKU enrollment to 1200 (3x+ from last cohort), Monthly zkDAO newsletter. 100/100/100%
  • 🎥 Hakwan and I started my video journey with Harmony, and I am happy that I could squeeze one more session right before he left to go to Tokyo. His ZKU initiative is one of the most valuable pieces of the puzzle for the future of Harmony, especially when it comes to scaling. His work today will prove to be critical when the scaling wars hit full throttle.
  • 🎬 I really appreciate Hakwan’s efforts with ZKU by spearheading the initiative. It received great feedback in Rio and only continues to improve. I am excited to see future projects built on Harmony develop from this initiative. He also reached out to make a promotional video for ZKU, which I appreciated – it is always welcome and cherished when a team member has a video idea and wants to get involved in the creative process. I love collaborating with him!
  • ☁️ Hakwan continues to make ZKU a success story. He has a great understanding of the path ahead and it able to execute on the roadmap month over month.
  • ⚽️ What Hakwan is doing for the ecosystem (not just Harmony but Blockchain in general) with ZKU is yet to be vastly recognised by the community but he is playing a very important role in building Harmony’s future. Educating and onboarding scholars that shape the future of Web3 through scaling solutions is what’s going to take us to a 10x when the market revives. I get to interact with Hakwan on a regular basis for pushing out ZKU content, he is very collaborative and is always open to sharing his thoughts on new ways of pushing ZKU content out. A pleasure to work with.
5️⃣: New streamlined ZKU syllabus for 1000 concurrent students, 5 new teaching team members, zkDAO investment proposal. 85/100/100%
  • 🏏: It is needless to say how well hakwan is able to run the ZKU. While, I don’t get much time to follow all the progress being made there, i ran into some of the student projects and i was impressed to see how aligned the project topics are to harmony’s goals (e.g, zkKYC related project) and i can see these students getting prepared to contribute significantly to harmony’s zk technology advancements. kudos on that. Further, Hakwan helped immensely to transition Cathie.
6️⃣: 30 new zk-products on testnet, Identify 5 investment-worthy products from zkDAO for Q3 incubation, Update zkDAO constitution & investment plan. 85/100/100%

🎤 Matt McDonald ☁️: 50% biz ops, 50% gaming (50% people ops, 40% events, 10% DAOs prior to June 1).

In Q2, I initially focused on improving our people and event operations. I oversaw the creation of our people ops playbook, which included orientation and HR standards to help our team become more aligned with our operations and culture. Along with a great HR team, I improved and standardized the onboarding process for our contributors and fellows, ensuring that existing employees were brought up to speed on all people ops related items including monthly deliverables, managing notion, timesheets, payroll, benefits, and other team processes. I oversaw the onboarding process for all new contributors and fellows hired in Q2. Additionally, I hosted weekly (sometimes daily for individuals in need) AMA meetings to assist everyone through any pending issues. Prior to our hiring freeze, I authored the BasicDAO proposal and identified 9 signatories that will allow our contributor program to scale and improve how we support our core DAOs on Harmony. For events, I kickstarted the new event operations playbook as we restructured our events team and focus. In addition to my role in operations, I joined the Grants Ops team and managed our inbound hackathon, bounty, and income proposals as well as existing partnerships between Encode (hackathon and accelerator) and DoraHacks (hackathon with quadratic funding). In June, I joined the gaming team and have focused my attention on building a roster of current games on Harmony, a list of top games on other chains to port, and managing our inbound grant proposals and ongoing relations with existing gaming grantees.
4️⃣: People operations playbook (orientation & human resources), All completing April deliverables, 10 BasicDAO contributors (Rob & Amanda). 100/95/95%
  • 💃🏻 Matt was tremendous support in operations in April. Matt executed and led the People Ops team to create a structure that gives us clarity and organization for the entire team. While being a great leader to us, I'd like to emphasize his care and dedication to our Harmony team and his intuitive ability to find efficient solutions.
  • 🎥 Thanks for helping onboard my video team. There were growing pains, but we got through it and I’m glad that you were there to help along the way.
  • 🎬 Although I didn’t work as much with Matt this month, Matt is always a call away when I need assistance on anything. He has really helped improve the onboarding process with new contributors recently, which is important for team culture. He is a dependable teammate who will have your back and support you when you are struggling.
  • ☁️ While I truly appreciate Matty’s level of dedication to his April tasks, I feel his skills are majorly underutilized. He is a great communicator and works hard. I would love to see Matt be more involved with business development efforts and helping our partners succeed.
  • ⚽️ Matt is a hero like many others at Harmony who relentlessly works in the shadows. I remember Matt joining us end of last year and had so much impact with planning and execution of our Denver and Rio events. He did great with events and now with our focus on ecosystem growth, he is going to be an asset in operations and employee onboarding. Most of all, he is easy to work with and always willing to chip in on areas outside his core responsibilities.
  • 🐉 Matty is an inspiration to all those around him. I’m super impressed by how obsessed he is with ensuring that all tasks assigned to him, and things that he thinks will help Harmony, is taken care of, especially onboarding new members into Harmony. I do urge Matty to figure out a way to …
  • 🌲 Matty is a great help - both professionally and personally. He approaches all problems with a can do attitude and is one of the hardest workers I know. Additionally - he believes in people. He helps people grow, he helps them succeed, he helps them become a team that is more than the sum of it’s parts. I look forward to working with Matty more.
  • Matty is an inspiration to me both professionally and personally. He is one of the most hardest working person I have ever met. His positive attitude and can do mentally make him a great manager. Matty is always willing to listen and offer great advice. I look forward to continue to work with Harmony under Matty leadership and mentorship.
5️⃣: (2 days off): 40 DoraHacks projects, Fellow and Contributor training program, All completing May deliverables. 165/90/99%
  • 🎥 Matty finally got my team solid on Notion. It’s been a process, but the content team has finally started hitting all of our targets, all thanks to Matty and his insight on Notion and how to properly input the correct data.
  • 🔭 Matty is always available to lend a hand and answer questions. He helped walk me through a couple processes over Google Meet this month and offered assistance with a smile despite my redundant questions. Thank you Matty.
  • 🐇 Matty is continuously working to make sure our team excels and works together cohesively to succeed. I’ve always admired that Matty is the first to be there to help others, and always wants to make sure we all hit our deliverables. His work ethic is unparalleled, and we are lucky to have someone as driven and caring as Matty on our team.
6️⃣: Gaming grantees & partners inventory (category & mainnet launch), 10 contributors & fellows on Opolis, Inventory of top games to port. 100/100/100%
  • 🌲 In addition to his solid work on the beginning of the BasicDAO, Matty continues to be a valuable asset for the rest of the contributor and fellow programs to help our team bee successful. I was very excited to have him on my team with Games and he has already proved valuable in bringing together some of the historic efforts that we have done in this space. Matty’s can-do attitude, his deft hand in managing people and projects, and his joy to work with have all been vital in ensuring the continued vitality of our work.
  • 🌳 Matt’s work ethics stands out with excellence like no other. He is highly responsive and able to execute even when capacity is stretched. I admire his agility to work collectively to ensure all is cohesive; truly an inclusionary by virtue. I am thankful to work alongside Matt as he has been a sincere support system.
  • ✅ Matty rises to every occasion and is very transparent as well as easy to work with. With all of the changes going on, he never once wavered and continues to provide invaluable leadership to the team through it all. I enjoy working with team members who are so focused and driven like Matty.
  • 🎥 Matty has grit. I’ve watched him pivot and tackle new initiatives without losing his step. It’s clear that he has “startup mentality”, able to do what it takes to solve problems with a positive additude. If Harmony was a schoolyard game, Matty would be one of the first players you would want on your team.
  • 🇪🇺 Matty's quick availability and resolution makes day-to-day tasks easier when it comes to managing tasks.
  • 👁‍🗨 Simply put, Matty makes the Harmony working experience much easier, he’s incredibly helpful when I have any question at all, and keeps it incredibly sweet. He’s an excellent listening and an even better answerer. Super responsive, motivated, cooperative, and overall hard-working. 💙
  • ♠️: Matty was my Google search and 911 for my onboarding process. he is such a big help for me when I get lost in Harmony. He can help me onboarding anytime every time and he responds me fairly quickly.
  • 🐇: Matty continues to be a driving force of support and positivity for every member of the team. He is ALWAYS showing up for the team in a big way, traveling to Palo Alto weekly to spend time in the office and help the team on various initiatives. He is adaptable, and always open to accepting new challenges. He has a huge heart and tons of passion. I am really looking forward to what he accomplishes on the gaming guild, and I’m positive he will continue to make a huge positive impact for our team.
  • 📗 The beauty of working with Matty is that our value align. Matty, despite being amazingly busy, always makes time for his team, and is doing a strong effort to make it more cohesive through a telegram group where he provides leadership and mentorship. I look fwd to having further strategic discussions with him.
  • 🚜 Matty has been incredibly supportive across the board while I’ve been at Harmony. He always asks, “What can I do to make your life easier in your initiatives?” So appreciated and helpful.
  • Peter: Matt is a go-getter and seeks to add value wherever initiative he is involved. So glad he’s at Harmony.
  • 💃🏻: Matty works tirelessly to fill whatever hole is needed within Harmony. His Attitude and grit have carried him through every challenge that comes his way, and he has been an example for the team to navigate the trialing times we've experienced in Q2.

💃🏻 Esther Arey 🐉: 50% Events, 30% Operations, 20% Grants

In Q2, I refocused my efforts primarily on events, began efforts in grants, and continued efforts in operations. Throughout the quarter, we structured the events playbook and the Avengers team. With this initiative, I delegated specific tasks and roles to each team member. In my experience with events, I found several missing pieces in our execution and hoped to prevent jobs from "falling through the cracks." Initially, the disorganization and transition were not easy for the team to coordinate, as our team had several members. However, over time our team began working more closely and found their comfort with each other, proving the steps helpful. There is much to be done when events start again. However, I'm confident that we will succeed in reaching builders through events with the right operational strategy in place. A heavy piece of this initiative is tools and resources for our builders and developers--beyond attending the event itself, we must provide resources to teach them how to build. In my work with grants, I focused on proposals for events. My overall goal is to work closely with Ambassador DAO. I believe that our best approach to scalability needs to move beyond the core team itself and utilize the community. Working together would involve ADAO being present at events sponsored, hosting educational meetups, and attending local events to represent our ecosystem and community. With this approach, the local community, or focus, would not be left behind; but continue to build with one another to grow in knowledge and building. In operations, we focused on HR, accounting, and general operations. In Q2, we created several spreadsheets, guidelines, and templates to assist the team through their jobs and expectations. Though there is still much to be done, I hope the operations team continues to structure an efficient strategy that will provide more security and organization to the entire Harmony team. Our team is our greatest asset, and I want nothing more than to make sure they feel safe, valued, and encouraged during their time with Harmony. 💙
4️⃣: Publish grants playbook & roster, Recruit event contributors Amanda & Kayla, Booking structure for 3 events (ETHPortland & Coachella). 100/100/100%
  • 📖 I want to recognize Essa for her work on events. Not only has she identified an amazing team to ideate and execute Harmony’s event messaging, she has taken the time to create tools and documents to streamline the events process, which saves our team hours of work on each event. Essa has also – on several occasions – helped me to look past my own perspective and understand the greater picture. I thank her for that.
  • 🎥 Great job coordinating Coachella. The experience ran smooth because of you and we made the best with what we had given the circumstances.
  • 🎬 Esther has incredible work ethic and is constantly making sure operations are running smoothly, despite having a million things on her plate. It is a privilege to have someone as hard working and caring as Essa on the team, I always feel that I can come to her for help.
  • 🎤 Essa and I have been strong support systems for each other. I know the recent months have had some ups and downs, but Essa has always remained incredibly positive and works as hard as anyone. She has gone above and beyond to support those around her, and has done a great job in owning and restructuring our event operations.
  • 🐉 Essa is streamlining the event operations activities, though the team’s structure hasn’t been setup to empower her team for this. I wish to have Essa continue to learn more about the culture of web3, lean into NFT communities, learn about their web3 user experience and integrating those learnings into her daily responsibilities.
  • 🐯 Our team is growing. It is challenging to coordinate team event than before. Essa did a great job on Q2 team offsite in a very short notice. She is a dependable team worker.
5️⃣: (2 days off): Q2 off-site logistics (accommodations & meals), ETHCC event proposal, AmbassadorDAO and events collaboration. 100/100/100%
  • 🎥 Essa was the glue keeping everyone together at the offsite. Her planning and attention to detail kept everyone comfortable and able to collaborate stress free. I can trust that when Essa is running something every box will be checked and everything will run smoothly. She is a rockstar.
  • 🐇 In the time that Essa has been my mentor since the offsite, she has taken adequate time to check in with me, and sets aside time on a daily basis to make sure everything is going smoothly. She really cares about her mentees, and her position at Harmony. She is very thorough, and always willing to help & answer questions. You can trust when she is working on something, she gives it 100%, and I am looking forward to continuing to learn from Essa.
6️⃣: NFT.NYC event oversight, Harmony x 1wallet collaboration playbook, Q2 events budgets. 100/90/90%

🕸️During my time with Harmony I have watched as Essa goes above and beyond for every person on the team. Essa is able to balance strategy with empathy and create a foundation that sets the team up for success. Essa takes the extra time to thoroughly research any project she is a part of; subsequently, her broad knowledge ranges from HR strategy to technical explanation. I am grateful that she is my mentor and have learned so much from her already. In the future, I hope to see Essa given more opportunities to lead strategic teams.

🌲 Essa continues to impress. I have yet to turn over a project to her and not been impressed by her execution. Essa both drives her team to excellence as well as acts as an advocate for her team to the larger Harmony management. Her collaborations with 1Wallet have been vital and her work so far in helping w/ the Game Guild have been significant. 💙

🎤: Essa is like everyone’s north star. She provides guidance to the team and nurtures everyone’s work experience to create a joyous work environment. I am thankful to have her as my support system. Essa always maintains a smile, even in bleak circumstances with the most uncertainty. Essa can immediately jump into any project and make an impact, and will be a force as we jump into our Q3 initiatives.

✅ I have been energized as well as motivated by working with Essa. Her intuition and observations show a deep maturity in relationship nurturing and a conviction for Harmony’s goals. Being new on the block, I have been able to speed up my integration process from her wisdom.

🎬 Essa is a huge part of operations running smoothly. Despite having so much on her plate Essa is always assisting in whatever she can, helping me out with venue research and ideas for run of show for our ONE Conference initiative. Additionally, she helps lead our events team calls which keeps our team and contributors aligned.

🎥 Essa is extremely detailed driven and has helped Harmony ops grow significantly compared to where we were last quarter. We have new systems in place that help reflect a more mature version of Harmony operationally that has needed to happen. Her ability to lead her team to success is paramount for the future success of the project.

🌳 Essa is core to operations with astounding attention to details. Sh

📗 Simply said, she is one of those key pillars. It is such a pleasure working with her, not only for her personal way, but also for how quickly she resolutive she is.

🇪🇺 Every meeting I have with Essa, I realize how much control she has over the situation and how she is able to get everywhere by multiplying her time. In short: everything under control.

🚜 Essa is a managerial and team powerhouse. She juggles so many responsibilities with grace.

🛰️ Max Mustermann: 40% staking, 35% consensus, 25% sync

In Q2, I focused on solving a bunch of QoL problems for the core protocol, for example, time-based transaction ordering which significantly reduced the network spam, and a fix for the network abuse reports from cloud providers received by our external validators. Both of these features were well received by the community of users and validators respectively. Along the same line, I helped introduce minor improvements to the explorer, the watchdog and an internal devops process during my on-call weeks. 💙
Looking deeper into my work, I introduced the cross-shard native token transfer precompile, which has been merged, to help launch the game shard. This follows on easily from my introduction of the staking precompile which helped launch Metamask staking and paved the way for non-custodial staking derivatives. As a follow-on to that, I have been working with a bounty hunter to introduce a read-only staking precompile (which I plan to close out in June) which will help make possible staking derivatives without any outside information / oracles. Meanwhile, I have been working on block sync by replacing the existing database backend with a faster version which is known to have reduced the time required for Ethereum syncing by ~40%. My benchmarks for syncing Harmony are close (~38%) to this assessment although I continue to test a localnet for long-term stability. Besides these specific tasks, I have worked on bug fixes, reviewed code across all of our repositories and security alerts (privately with RJ).
  • 🛡 Max has done a fantastic job ever since I started working with him on the staking precompile bounty. After he joined full time, he continued the great work and exceeded my expectation greatly. He is able to pick up new task very quickly all by himself without too much guidance (staking, evm, gas estimation, cross-shard transfer etc.). I am looking forward to the continued growth of his technical capability on the protocol design and development and lead bigger initiatives by himself soon.
5️⃣: Block sync (profile on low end machines), Replace level database (compatible API), Crosslink stuck on shards 1/2/3 (correct number tracking). 100/90/80%
  • 🛡 Max took on the hard problems each having many uncertainty and unknown issues. Regardless, he was able to make good progress on the problem analysis and had more insight about how to approach the problems for block sync and db replacement. Max is also always proactive in dealing with community problems and emergent issues which shows his strong dedication to the overall wellbeing of the project.
6️⃣: (1 day off) Replace level database (profile and propose), Launch staking reader and cross-shard precompiles, Review cross-shard code from MuKn.
  • ⚔️ Max has always been patient in explaining me golang code and harmony code logic, keep learning is important and his sharing help the entire team to elevate their skills. I love reviewing Max’s PR as they always come with extended test. What I would like to see in the future is his test to also be integrated with harmony-test repo so test can be re-executed for new PRs. 💙

⛓️ Konstantin Potapov 🛡: _% p2p security, _% node system, _% RPC

  • 🛡 Konstantin worked on many tasks such as block commitment thread update, transaction pool update, beacon chain epoch block sync, crosslink heartbeat signal feature etc. With his previous chain building experience, he was able pick up new tasks quickly and deliver good results. I would encourage Konstantin to ping me more often for any blockers, issues and design questions, so we can be on the same page earlier on the code design and solutions.
5️⃣: Crosslink heartbeat signal (epoch sync required improvement), Update golang to 1.18 (performance & convenience), Launch crosslink signal. 100/100/100%
  • 🛡 The crosslink heartbeat signal feature is a complicated feature to design and develop. Konstantin has showed strong coding and design skill in this month to get the crosslink heartbeat finished. I would suggest to have more granular PR for review so we can get the code reviewed faster.
6️⃣: Visualize block insertion time (predictability & fault tolerance), Launch epoch sync synchronization (cost reduction & performance), Solve consensus concurrency issues (stability x 2).
  • ⚔️ Konstantin worked on the epoch sync that now works very well. Once released the validator community will love the feature as it will reduce the shard 0 disk size by more than 99%. I wished I could see more test from him during his PR but understand the feature he is working with are not easy to be tested without a real network. 💙

🦒 Brian Felsen ☁️ 30% gaming, 30% music products, 40% NFTs

While new market conditions and learnings have led to changes both in my position and my Q2 deliverables, my having to dive deep into metaverse, games, and NFTs/music in a compressed timeframe has proven fruitful as we aim for a better product-market fit. Direct conversations with over 60 of our game developers and proto-metaverse projects have resulted in several of them into launching on mainnet, and I was able to help them clear blockers and confusion, state and improve deliverables for grants, and gain confidence in our chain. After I switched to the gaming guild, I spoke with several prospective new games and metaverse partners and an incubator/investor; my metaverse experience helped me helped me craft an offering to web2 developers to migrate to our chain, and to communicate the real strength of the ecosystem as being not one of conceptual potential, but as a social space where people can participate in the economy. While establishing the NFT guild, I helped the team state what our deliverables would be with onboarding, partnerships, marketplaces, cross-chain opportunities, utility and tooling, and games. For music, I helped reshape the 1Music proposal from a DAO requiring front-end traditional artist development resources to later use web3 to overhaul the music industry, into one interleaving web3 initiatives and where every tranche of funding would come after delivering a direct benefit to the Harmony community. My extensive research in music NFTs came up with some quite promising opportunities for a strategy. Finally, I helped with ops and metrics for Harmony, taking on 7 contributors with whom I've had regular meetings to state, realign, and meet deliverables, interviewing two candidates for possible positions, and working with the entire team to track and gather metrics in a consistent fashion way that one day hopefully could be automated. 💙
4️⃣: “The BLUE: State of Harmony’s Metaverse”, 3 mainnet launches of metaverse grants, Improve deliverables for 10 new metaverse grants. 100/100/100%
  • ☁️ Brian brings with him a wealth of experience creating and growing partner relationships. I would like to see Brian move beyond metaverse initiatives and help more on the bizdev efforts for more growth and impact.
5️⃣: 1MusicDAO grant proposal finalized, Deliver 15-minute talk at Asia Metaverse Conference, Select metaverse project for accelerator. 100/100/100%
  • 🐉 Brian was first brought in for marketing and research; his ability to deep dive into a subject matter quickly and surface up capturing the state of each union help us understand the state of metaverse projects and what metrics to use to measure success.
  • 📖 Brian is one of the most qualified business-oriented people at Harmony. I eagerly await the growth of 1MusicDAO; In the hands of Brain it will quickly disrupt everything.

🎥 : My time working with Brian has been amazing. He really understands the blockchain space and brings that secret weapon of understanding the music industry which is going to be essential for future quarters to come. Brian really brings that “executive level” touch to the team. He does his research and always comes correct with solid data to back up all of his talking points. When you collaborate with Brian you know you are getting the straight dope, no fluff…. essential for identifing opportunies in the market and forming a plan to execute on those same opportunities. 💙

🚜: I’ve started working closely with Brian over the past month and love his analytical thinking and pragmatic approach. He’s very liquid and pivots easily when circumstances change. I look forward to continuing tackling initiatives with Brian.

🛹 Peter: your time at Harmony has been a series of starts and stops and pivots, yet you’ve performed well and with a great attitude. Keep at it - you’re adding value by being here and contributing however you can. ♒: 🦒 Brian Felsen has been doing a great staff managing a huge team of fellows and contributors starting from the mid june. I like working with him but sometimes I feel lack of updates (new info) on initiatives on that we work together. Hope to see more precise conversations the next month.

🐯 Tom Zhang 🎽: (from 3/30): 50% talent acquisition, 30% technical partnership, 20% investor relations

  • 🎽 Really glad that Tom has kept an open mind and learning about building in Web 3 after a long career with traditional tech companies (hungry & foolish).
  • 🎽 Tom has brought in many guests for TGI. I would encourage Tom to focus on meeting even more Web 3 native builders and bringing them to build with us (relevant to our needs).
5️⃣: Build pipeline (25) for senior cryptographer, Target recruit 10 core members before Q3, Plan for Asia-US web3 virtual speaker series. 90/90/95%
  • 🎽 Tom has been helping on building our community in the Bay Area. I would like him to recruit senior engineers and raise the talent bar for us this quarter (accomplish important work).
  • 🏃: good initiative to revamp the TGI events to get more return. Looking forward to a TGI2.0. Always optimistic and passionate about Harmony. Appreciate!

6️⃣: Recruit up to 10 core members before Q3, Plan two 100-person offline events around Stanford Blockchain Week, Asia-US web3 virtual speaker series
  • ✅ I am new working with Tom but find his drive and knowledge impeccable. He never hesitates to stand for what is in the organization and her people’s best interests. I see his hard work and determination bearing fruit with his recruitment efforts as well as his continued guidance as an asset to the team. I look forward to learning more from him.
  • 🚜 Tom is AWESOME. I love his energy and tackling random tasks with him at the office. I love working in the office and knowing Tom is there, just ready to go on miscellaneous adventures. 💙

♏️ Gheis Mohammadi 🛡: 10% consensus, 70% core protocol, 20% virtual machine

I joined harmony in 2022, April. new opportunity, new people, process, work flows and all, I was trying to perform well and trying to learn every process. I was working hard on my tasks. RJ and Soph helped me a lot during this period.
I and Soph fixed the Prometheus metrics issue which for a long time was unsolved there. On May I have done a few more tasks after I finished all my assignments in two weeks. Recently I am dedicated mostly on Syncing module. 💙
I have worked on a few bug fixes and code reviews as well and last week for first time I was on-call for maintenance and security alerts.
  • 🛡 Gheis amazed me during his first month by finishing his tasks earlier with great quality. His coding skill and problem solving skill is just fantastic. He was able to solve the prometheus metrics issue with Soph which has been there for more than a year. He is now looking into block sync codebase and will soon take over it as an owner.
  • ⚔️ Gheis’ first month has been really amazing, with my interaction with him, he is a very skilled person that ask pertinent question in order to get things fixed. I am looking forward to work more with him !

6️⃣: Takeover block sync code, Research Erigon block sync, Implement Erigon block sync.

18 Full Fellows (max 30 hours) 🦒

⏳ Zi Wang 🎽: 50% product, 30% creative, 20% marketing

4️⃣: Prepare 1Wallet on App Store (chat & NFT), Social NFT product design in 1Wallet (dynamic profile & avatar), Launch 1Wallet DAO. 70/100/100%
  • 🎽 Zi is the X factor on our team and community. He can connect with everyone in N^2 communications — meaning he is able to resonate with every person he talks to — and actually make everyone on the team better with his curiosity (spend 10 hours daily together).
  • 🎽 Zi is spread too thin — he’s trying to help so many people, learning so many things across tech and culture (listening to audiobooks on 2X+ speed). Zi is sometimes late (or we always want Zi’s time), which means he’s an optimist trying to do more with his life. Take your own advice: slow down to go faster (activity < productivity).
  • 📖 I want to recognize Zi for his impeccable leadership skills and ability to recognize talent. The 1Wallet team, as a whole, has been extremely helpful for the events team and our NFT ecosystem partner.
  • 🎥 Zi, your insight in all of our deep dives at Coachella and Ghana about your product and the ecosystem as a whole has been invaluable. It was great being in the trenches with you at SXSW. I can tell that 1Wallet will become the MVP of Harmony because of all your great work.
  • 🎬 Out of all the team members that I work with, I have probably learned the most from Zi through our experiences at SXSW, Coachella, and Ghana. His understanding of society & culture at large, combined with his knowledge on technology, makes his expertise invaluable to the team. I am fully confident that 1Wallet will be a success with Zi at the helm.
  • 🐯 Zi always offers good ideas/advice to improve the company operation. He pays attention to details. For example, he noticed our office consumed many bottled waters. The plastic bottled water is not health and cause pollution to the environment. He suggested we use Costco water services.
5️⃣: 1Wallet 10X go-to-market on App Store, Social NFT proposal (dynamic avatar & marketplace), 1wallet open source. 100/100/100%
  • 🎽 STRONG YES: Zi and team pushed forward open source and app store (unlisted) launch this month. I would like to see Zi’s team push to onboard more users sooner even if the trade off is saving more product features for later.
  • 🌲 STRONG YES: In fact - if we can clone Zi a few times, our project would be better for it. The 1Wallet is the core to so many great things going forward. Its simplicity of use and the value proposition that Zi has pitched is perfect and a secret weapon on how Harmony will grow over the next several years. Zi is a strategic asset that we need to keep as close to the project as possible. And… he’s a real good guy. I hope to work with him closer this year.
  • 🎥 STRONG YES: Zi meets and exceeds every expectation of a Harmonaut and is pushing the limits with his social wallets. Congrats to him getting accepted into the app store. Harmony needs more Zi’s on it’s team.
6️⃣: App Store launch, NFT.NYC user activation, Integrate Trustless ETH bridge for cross-chain NFTs (Night House marketplace).
  • 🌲 STRONG YES: Zi and his team at Timeless are a stellar example of a project that is being built for the purpose of bringing blockchain to more people than ever before. His vision, his focus and his ability put him as the cornerstone to our adoption strategy. Zi and his work are vital to the success of the entire project.
  • 🎥 STRONG YES: Zi is the Yin to Harmony’s Yang…. his laser focus on product development and the care and attention to detail for every aspect of 1Wallet is what inspires the team to keep pushing at the highest level. I love how Zi does not accept anything less than the best. It is that kind of additude and passion that Harmony needs more of.
  • 🔭 STRONG YES: Zi brings a unique vision, focus, and rational decision making to the team all while having experience in managing and delivering a top quality product to the masses. I’ve come to know Zi as someone who is articulate, logical, surgical, and able to communicate his ideas and way of thinking in a manner that can be consumed by everyone. He pays attention to the details that matter and brings a level of healthy criticism when it’s needed. In my brief working with Zi this quarter, he has earned my trust and a great amount of my respect, and I believe he brings an incredible amount of leadership and talent to the team. 💙
  • 🚜 I very much look up to Zi. I aspire to captain ships like he does, with honesty and conviction in immense turbulence.

💻 Aaron Li 🏏: 50% Wallet, 30% Security, 20% Smart Contracts

5️⃣: (30 hours): Make Trustless ETH Bridge production-ready and launched on testnet, Modernize web wallet, Release security investigation reports. 85/85/90%
  • 🏏 STRONG YES: Aaron has immensely helped to make substantial progress on the trustless eth bridge. After reviewing the contracts, he identified some of the key issues which lead to several months of further development work. He also helped to review the pull requests and drive the overall launch of the product, especially needed his help when I am partially on my paternity leave. thank you.
  • ☁️ STRONG YES: Aaron is an enormous asset to Harmony. With his full-stack experience, he can utilize his skills in many different areas. I would like to see Aaron dedicate a little less time to wallet and more on security.
  • 🎽 STRONG YES: Aaron has always been helpful and is not only a strong engineer but also a great technical communicator in writing.

🚜: I’ve only worked with Aaron briefly but I admire his pragmatic thinking.

STRONG YES: Continued excellent work on ZKU.

  • 🎽 STRONG YES: Aaron helped tremendously on bridge incident. He’s a strong engineer with knowledge across our entire stack.
🏏 STRONG YES: Aaron has been very hand-on helping push forward the trustless eth bridge development. His contributions towards evaluating the BLS verification approaches (onchain smart contract vs TEE vs ZK) is invaluable. Aaron also helped us with forensics efforts of the recent bridge hack with valuable insights and the overall process. 💙

🧑‍🍳 Victa Phu ☁️ : 50% DApps, 30% Integrations, 20% Dev Support

Q2 was spent enhancing our explorer, contract verification and gnosis safe. I had a lot of challenges setting up the safe since our chain was not fully supported. I spent a lot of time optimising our explorer APIs and contract verification to support requirements from the community. I also spent time supporting the integration efforts for our DAO tools and TheGraph integration. Overall I’m ok with Q2 results, and look forward to challenges in Q3 where we focus on making onboarding non-crytpo users more seamless. My major challenges is being impacted by the headwinds in the crypto-space. I should stop looking at charts and focus more on building out products that our users find a joy to use. 💙

  • 📖: I want to recognize Victa for his work on the DAO tooling integrations that our ecosystem deeply needs, especially his work with Opolis. He has been essential to our tooling success, planting the necessary seeds for decades of DAO success.
  • ☁️ STRONG YES: Victa is an extremely skilled and resourceful person. He is able to switch from coding, to helping partners seamlessly. I want to thank Victa for his efforts on Explorer as well as helping our partners with integrations.
  • ⚔️ STRONG YES: Victa has been an invaluable addition to the team. Being a very skilled coding person he helped on the contract verifier backend and on the explorer v2 backend dealing with user reporting issue promptly. I also really appreciate his help for the offchain getLogs endpoint bounty test and his technical expertise in dealing with our partner like Graph.
  • 🏃 STRONG YES: very responsive. Good job on the testing bounty write-up and management.
  • 🛰️ STRONG YES: Victa’s work on the explorer, particularly contract verification, has helped the community immensely. While I have not worked with Victa in a direct capacity, I am grateful for this efforts in adding these features to the explorer, as well as the associated documentation which I always share with community members who ask for it.

📗 Thank you Victa for making yourself available last minute and at a crazy hours to support local developers in Kenya!!

🚜 I’ve just begun working with Victa and like his problem-solving attitude and subtle humor. I can’t wait to continue supporting and building with him.

🐙 Sergey Karasev 🌻: 70% front-end, 20% UI, 10% Dev Support

4️⃣: Horizon bridge dark theme (transfer page), Horizon bridge mobile (styles & mobile Metamask), Validator proposals (list & decimals). 90/50/100%
  • 🌻 Most of the time, Sergey was developing a new dark theme for horizon bridge - unfortunately he was unable to complete the part for the mobile version this month. This was partly due to the underestimation of the scope of the task and some blockers. We discussed all the problems with Sergey and I formed a list of recommendations for him. I also want to note the task of developing a new theme is really big and rather complicated, and Sergey has almost finished it. Sergey also did a good job introducing new features to the stacking dashboard.
5️⃣: BTC bridge dashboard (staking & delegation), BTC bridge dark theme (dashboard & mobile), Staking dashboard (live bls keys & issues). 100/95/100%
  • 🌻 STRONG YES: This month, Sergey took into account all the recommendations and feedback that I gave him based on the results of the previous month. All plans for the month were completed on time. The main achievement for this month is the creation of a new dark theme for the BTC bridge and new staking features. Currently, Sergey has taken over the active support of the Staking dashboard and the front-end part of the BTC bridge. Sergey helped to fix a lot of bugs in real time and was ready to work on weekends for quality product support.
  • ☁️ STRONG YES: Sergey has been a great addition to the team and helping us implement important updates on the BTC bridge and staking dashboard. He’s a hard worker and great to work with.
6️⃣ (10 days off): Trustless bridge frontend (statistic & relayer list), Staking dashboard (elected slots), Process Bitcoin bridge statistics (assets, daily user stats).

📱 Tejassvi Kaushal 🏏: 70% Bridges, 20% Testing, 10% SDK

In Q2, my primary goal was to build the new btc bridge features such as vault incentive, vault staking and vault retire so that we can get a high volume. The vault incentive feature was deployed on the mainnet. There is no issue found so far and it worked fine. The vault staking feature was finalized and it’s in review. The vault retire feature is in progress now. While working on the btc bridge, I mainly focused on the bridge security as well as the correct implementation. And I really enjoyed the collaboration with the mates. I’d like to bring more value to Harmony by committing my ability. 💙
  • 🏏: While Tej has been working with us for several months before April, he was mostly helping with various bug fixes, testing, etc, however the April and May months have been very crucial for tej, as he was assigned some of the key and hard features to deliver. Tej executed the assigned tasks flawlessly and delivered them on time. I am super impressed with the quality of his code and testing. One of the key feature, vault staking, which allows vaults to stake their collateral and automatically collect ONE rewards once every 2 weeks was very well received by the vault runners and highly appreciated.
5️⃣: BTC bridge staking, Staking testing & bug fix, Vault incentive bug fix (APR miscalculation). 100/100/100%
  • 🏏 STRONG YES: Tej has made significant contributions in the month of May in almost finishing the user staking feature for the bitcoin bridge, which allows ONE holders to stake their ONE and earn both ONE and bitcoin as rewards. IMO, this feature is going to bring huge volumes to the bridge when launched. While, tej is able to prove himself in the role of individual contributor, i encourage tej to participate in reviewing others work (github PRs), collaborating partially in other projects, and slowly own several initiatives and drive them to success.
  • 🗝️: Tej demonstrates deep domain expertise in onebtc bridge, and contract development. He made significant contribution to feature development of onebtc. As a fellow collaborator, I would like to see him incorporate code review feedback more, and ensure main branch in healthy state.

📖 Devin Marty 🌲: 10% Business Development, 70% NFT Partners, 20% NFT Products

In Q2 my primary goal was to enhance the infrastructure for DAOs via tooling solutions, token marketplaces, compliance solutions, and operational frameworks. While I am no longer serving DAOs directly, there is suitable infrastructure in place for future DAOs, such as our 10+ DAO Tooling partners, 1DAO Alliance, and soon MAD NFTS, Kalamint, and Opolis. Further, these tools are now serving dual purposes for the internal team and our new direction with NFTs. I am proud of the work I put in over Q2, not just with the work produced but the way I spent my energy was collaborative, communicative, and time-efficient. I am eager to take my leadership skills and learnings from the past 6 months at Harmony into Q3 for some big wins. 💙
4️⃣: 7 DAO Tools (ONERep & DAOLens), EthPortland Impact Report (4 winners & 1 Project Y), Publish 1DAO Alliance Operational Program. 100/100/100%
  • 🌲 I want to recognize Devin’s contributions during April. While I stepped away from direct, day-to-day management of the DAO Ops team, Devin really stepped up in a strategic way to ensure that everything kept moving forward and learnings were incorporated into how Harmony does our DAO program. Could not have taken the leave I did without Devin backfilling and helping out where ever I needed.
  • 🐇 Devin has been a pleasure to work with these past few months. Anything you need, Devin is always there to help and assist to get the job done. In April, we exceeded our deliverables for DAO tooling, and it just felt like we worked together pretty seamlessly, having excellent communication and mutual dedication to our tasks. I’ve always been impressed at Devin’s ability to help across multiple teams, and his knowledge of a broad range of subjects, backed up by research. Lastly, he has taught me to have a healthy work/life balance, which has helped to increase my productivity.
  • 🎥 Devin, your DAO report was critical for re-evaluating the way we on-board new DAOs…. While we can all agree that DAO will be huge, the current model needed adjustments, and your report provided amazing insight.
  • 🐉 Devin’s a strong fit for his role around DAO operations given his philosophy around decentralized organizations, and authored a book related to DAOs: The Decision Making Employee: How to Succeed in a Decentralized Organization. I haven’t had a chance to work too much with him directly, but I’ve often hear from his peers that he’s been an excellent contributor to moving the the needle within DAO Ops for Harmony
5️⃣: (2 days off) ONE Conference DAO planning, Opolis integration (subgraph & team S corp filing), Launch 1DAO Alliance meetings (15 unique signatories). 100/95/100%
  • 🎤 STRONG YES: Devin is someone you can “set it and forget it” with. He is extremely knowledgeable, a great communicator, and versatile. An excellent team player.
  • 🌲 STRONG YES: Devin has been a key player and asset during the last few months as we retool our DAO program. He is a constant support and brings both insight and conviction to his work. Devin’s dedication to decentralized organizations is quite strong, but he also understands the need to crawl before we walk, walk before we run and run before we fly. He has a keen insight into personal motivations and the power of aligned incentives and I could not be prouder of the way he has worked during this month.
  • 🎥 STRONG YES: Devin’s understanding of DAOs is needed for us to grow and take DAOs to the next level. If DAO really does have the highest growth potential, we are going to need Devin there to help build our foundation. His insight at the offsite was humbling and actionable. It was clear that we needed to rethink our strategy, and Devin brings many actionable solutions to the table.
  • 🔭 Harmony needs someone with Devin’s careful and calculated approach. His experience and knowledge in decentralized work brings insight that greatly benefits our DAO Ops team.
  • 🎬 STRONG YES: Not only is Devin insightful, but he also takes action and gets things done. Through conversations at the offsite, it is obvious that Devin cares about making an impact, and has many ideas on how to do so. Additionally, I am impressed with his work with Chaak on 1DAO Alliance and I think it could be the start of a great initiative for us.
6️⃣: Opolis partnership launch, 80 exhibitors & partners (NFT, games, DAOs, grantees, ecosystem) at 1Conference, 15% increase in DAO users and votes. 90/100/90%
  • 🌲 STRONG YES: I am pulling Devin back into working with me in Games. While we worked together in DAOs, he was my right hand man and executed above and beyond. He constantly came to me with solutions to problems I hadn’t noticed before AND he took the initiative to get solutions running. Devin created the 1DAO Alliance and was instrumental in making sure that communication and ownership shifted between Harmony and our DAO ecosystem. He lead the team responsible for DAO Tools and they exceeded their goals each month they operated.
  • 🎤 STRONG YES: Devin is always ahead - he knows what needs to get done and finds solutions quickly. Devin is a leader. Regardless of what high-impact initiative he is involved in, Devin will become an integral part of our success. Whether it be DAOs, NFTs, gaming, bizdev, partnerships - Devin can thrive in all, which is very much needed as we all are learning to thrive in chaos.
  • Peter: STRONG YES: I had a long conversation with Devin in NYC and was impressed with his response to our current situation as well as strategy for NFTs on Harmony. His professional experience in the NFT, DeFi, and Metaverse spaces over the past two years should be utilized. I am eager to find Devin in more leadership positions going forward. 💙
  • ☁️ STRONG YES: Devin is a versatile and thorough individual. He requires no hand-holding and is able to drive important initiatives through focus and hard work. I’m extremely impressed by Devin’s range of skills and we should be honored to continue having him on the team.
  • 🎬 STRONG YES: Devin was instrumental in our Opolis partnership, which led to a launch video that is currently being edited. Content like this is exactly what we need and it’s amazing to work with team members who make this possible.
  • 🥤: Devin has been an absolute god send in so many capacities since our first introduction in Denver this past fall. He has fully committed to every effort thrown at him and continues to be an inspiration I look to regularly for how to be a more effective worker in both technical and social aspects. Devin is the embodiment of what a Harmonious member of our team should be.
  • 🎥 STRONG YES: Devin just gets it done. If you put a project in Devin’s hands, you know it’s going to get done. And he doesn’t half ass it either…. Full send, always.
  • 🐇 : Devin is a pillar of strength, dedication and intelligence on our team. He is one of the most level headed and driven individuals I’ve ever known. Anything he works on he puts in 110%, maintaining professionalism and optimism in all areas he works on. He is just an overall pleasant person to work with, and a huge value add to our team.
  • 🚜 Devin is an encyclopedia of knowledge and executes with enthusiasm and stamina. He helped me redesign an entire pitch deck while burning the midnight oil just to help out. I appreciate his all-in attitude and willingness to tackle any challenge.

🏓 Xiaopeng Li 🏃: 40% Decentralization, 40% System Optimization, 20% EVM

In Q2, I have been working mainly on protocol improvements and trustless ethereum bridges, and also have ported a ZKP protocol. CPAE is a ZKP protocol I have ported, it's a universal privacy token protocol and can be used with existing tokens, but the ease of use and gas costs needs to be improved. I also did a lot of optimization of the trustless ethereum bridge, mainly MMR integration and contract optimization. I think we can finally reduce the proof cost of a cross-chain transaction to less than $5, or even lower. 💙
  • 🏃: Xiaopeng had deep understanding of the evm and harmony code base. He learned fast on the CAPE project. Happy to have him back with us.
  • 🏃: Xiaopeng keep testing and pushing the feature into production. He quickly helped many fixes of our code. He is getting better in the team communication.
  • 🏏 STRONG YES: I was the happiest person when xiaopeng returned to harmony and started helping on various projects. Especially, on the trustless eth bridge, there were several issues that were preventing us from making progress and they were blockers. Xiaopeng was able to immediately start analyzing them and solve in the timely manner. Very happy to have xiaopeng back on the team. Xiaopeng also made several key fixes to harmony repo this month. thanks.
  • ⚔️ STRONG YES: Xiaopeng has been critical into implementing HIP16 and and HIP18, working with him is always a pleasure
  • 🏃 STRONG YES: push hard for feature into production, quickly fixed bugs in the core, no fear to take any new tasks.
  • 🌀: Xiaopeng was very fast and helpful in fixing the EIP-2718 update to our js libraries in Horizon to help get me unblocked and moving. Since I’m a fellow I believe I cant give any yes or whatever, but definitely wanted to give kudos!
6️⃣: Ethereum Improvement Proposal-1898 support, Merkle Mountain Range hardfork, Account abstraction (EIP-2938).
  • 🛰️ STRONG YES: XP is a pleasure to work with. He’s fast, he follows up, and he helps introduce much need Ethereum-compatible features to Harmony.
  • 🏃 STRONG YES: very quick response to bug fixes and features on core protocol, great work! 💙

🌀 Bruce Darcy 🏏: 50% Bridges, 30% Security, 20% DApps

I joined Harmony partway through Q2, and its been a pleasure being able to tackle the challenging and interesting problems I have been working on so far. The main area of my focus since joining has been preparing new features for the trustless ethereum bridge, as well as doing some internal auditing on the existing code. The new features in code I have been responsible for include canonical chain tracking for the eth light client, arbitrary message passing across the bridge, and nft bridging support including both ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens. The codebase has been a pleasure to work with, and I’ve enjoyed learning lots of the interesting mechanisms of the ethereum and harmony protocol level stack. My time in the office at the onsite was also great, a lot of good conversations and people. 💙
  • 🏏 STRONG YES: Bruce started working with us for just over a month and has already contributed to various projects significantly. Starting with the revamp of fixed-income smart contracts, reviewing bitcoin bridge feature pull requests, and now few of the key features of trustless ethereum bridge like building canonical chain in ethereum lightclient to handle the forks and implementing arbitrary message passing over the bridge (beyond token transfers). Bruce’s solidity code is neat and has good amount of test coverage. Bruce is also able to demonstrate not only his coding/testing skills, but also great in designing and architecting solutions. I cannot wait to work with Bruce on upcoming projects.
  • 🚗 STRONG YES: Bruce was instrumental in the development of Income smart contracts, his contributions were plenty and on-time. He also provide input that helped the design of the final version of the contracts. Always available and willing to help and teach, we held many long conversations about solidity best-practices, the general design of our product and the future of Defi in general
  • 🔭: Bruce is both talented and passionate. We worked together for a couple days as he explained arbitrage message passing on camera with a level of excitement I don’t often see. 💙
  • 🐇 : Bruce is hardworking and kind. I enjoyed the time we spent together at the office, and I am looking forward to seeing his future accomplishments on our team.
  • 🚜 Bruce has incredible enthusiasm and technical knowledge. We need more of that combination as many of us non-coders are so eager to learn about the Dev world. Bruce makes it easy to learn about complex subjects and brainstorm new ideas from a technical level. I very-much look forward to continue working with Bruce.

♒ Nick Vasilich 🔭: 40% Eastern Europe and Central Asia, 40% app partnerships, 20% regional dao

The Q2 market change and cutting our grants program have changed growth initiatives in Eastern Europe and Central Asia led by me. Additionally, changes in structure of our sub-teams to guilds made me totally rethink and re-find the new way on how to work and engage with the projects form the area of responsibility when we don’t pay anything but provide our potential partners (NFT, Game Studios) with technical, marketing support and accelerator program. 💙 The main focus for the first half of Q2 was to engage communities are physically distanced form the US, building Regional DAOs and onboard new promising web3 app to our ecosystem: Despite we stopped funding regional DAOs this initiative created a great harmony boom in many countries among people who are eager to explorer new ways of cooperation in web3 and as a result, we have attracted numerous local supporters, who were helping with many things related to organisation events, spreading word of mouth about harmony that created a flow of inbound applicants for grants. Thanks this our tech advantages as PoS sharding blockchain has obtained a strong position in that regions. Migration to guilds (NFT partners guild in my case) smoothly moved me to the new area of abilities brining classical game development to blockchain. Outcome of that is coming in a shape of different negotiations with huge and tiny gaming studios/teams that are looking to a tech for the integration and implementation gaming mechanics on chain. Their expertise and vision on gaming can evolve us to the leading blockchain company launching #p2e, #gamefi strategies for a wide gamers audience which is coming together with a trusted game-developing industry. cc @Peter Abilla
  • Eastern Europe and Central Asia - 40%

The estimation of teams form these regions shows that they’re still way behind of industry evolution, but especially this makes them a great area of opportunities for harmony to become the main chain for apps there. Their interest in catching up and running quality products in NFT and gaming on the blockchain is simply colossal - we only have to give them a push! There’s a bunch of projects are looking to cooperate with harmony to launch their projects related to filmmaking, NFTs, Games and educational programs showcasing main trends (NFT, DeFi, p2e) on harmony's real examples even w/o a direct funding from us. This is what I personally am looking to continue working on w/ our gaming and NFT guilds in the next quarter.

  • App partnerships - 40%

In Q2 I led hundreds of conversations w/ various teams (online and by attending ETH events in area of responsibility) helped me to supply our grants flow with the welcomed launches and ports that had a great success within our community and attracted new regional blood to our ecosystem (one of them is MoonRobots, who really devoted to us and keep building despite the circumstances).

I contributed to make onboarding process easier and seamlessly working on this together with @Giv Parvaneh, @Jack Chan and @Daniel Pagan

NOTE: I think our strategy is to go to select high quality events and attend them in small groups of 1-3 people to speak and do business development works better comparing to try to sponsor most of ETHevents.
  • regional dao - 20%

Regional DAOs set a great basis for evolving regional presence for harmony, in spite of this initiative was paused, but it’s not over and I can assume that we still have a great local presence. The most active regional DAOs governors migrated to our main DAOs which kind of success because we’ve got local voices spreading Harmony.

🦒 Brian Felsen was assigned as my manager in the mid /6; potentially I see him as a great and professional individual who is an amazing add-on for the whole harmony team. What i think is not perfect yet in his performance as the manager is a lack of communication with linked people. let’s find the way on how we can improve management this month together. I don’t think it’s a case when asking the personal manager for some info and receive a redirect or don’t receive answers at all.

  • 🔭 Nick has been instrumental in onboarding quality, dedicated grantees into the Harmony ecosystem. This month was difficult for Nick as we (Harmony) re-prioritized our initiatives for the year. For Nick, this meant his primary tasks needed to be adjusted. That said, he’s pivoted some of his tasks to include deliverables which align better with our new initiatives, such as his engagement with game developers and studios. Nick has continued being a hard working and focused individual despite the turmoil brought on by the war in Ukraine and I look forward to his contributions in June.
  • 🔭 STRONG YES : Despite the war happening around Nick locally, he has still managed to not only perform well on his deliverables, but was able to pivot mid-month and adjust his focus in reaction to our off-site initiatives. Within just a couple weeks, Nick was able to solicit a significant list of game developers and studios looking to bring their skills to blockchain / Harmony.
  • 🐉 STRONG YES : Nick is quite the scout. Despite what’s happening around him with the Russian intrusion into his native home, he was still seeking to help grow the Harmony ecosystem, requesting to organize local hackathons (right before the conflict started), finding strong web3 builders that he meets around his region in-real-life; basically dreams of Harmony day-in day-out.
6️⃣: Eastern Europe developer meetups (ETHPrague, Baltic event, ETHWarsaw), Establish 1 Game Studio partnership (CapsCoin, Studio?, Mad Ape), Partners (NFT, GAMEs) flow internal guide. 100/80/90%

🐇 Rachel Brissenden 💃🏻: 50% DAO Operations, 30% Business Development, 20% Community

For Q2, many things have changed & pivoted, and I have done my best to consistently adjust and follow through on my deliverables. For a majority of this quarter, I worked on the DAO Operations team, specifically focused on improving our DAO tooling infrastructure. I helped to launch multiple DAO Tools, and coordinated 15 events internationally through Ambassador DAO. This was no easy feat, and took extensive hours of working, planning educational material, onboarding ambassadors, and helping to get merch out to ambassadors with the help of @Miguel Velasco (and other ADAO signatories).
For the month of June, a lot of things have changed. I started the month working on educational content for our DAO tools to encourage adoption and usage (see DAO tool guides) writing scripts and scheduling calls to record with our partners to highlight each project with a demo. I assisted our DAO Operations team in conducting weekly 1DAO alliance calls, and working to guide our DAO community to a better place. We worked on a strategy for us to get 15% user growth in the DAO vertical (however we ended up needing to pivot on this once our DAO Operations team dissolved.) This month I heavily focused on our Opolis partnership and being consistent with our partnership relations and getting workers in Harmony set up with benefits. This will carry into my deliverables for next month as I aim to get Harmony fellows & contributors set up to be tax compliant, having benefits, and be able to show proof of work! I also wrote a script to interview the founder of Opolis, and Adrian’s content team really helped to execute on this initiative.
In these past few months, I’ve grown increasingly passionate about business development and nurturing our partnership relations. Finishing out this month, I am now beginning to work on NFT Partnerships initiatives and market research for NFTs & games. I am eager to grow and continue to learn in these new areas of focus. 💙

4️⃣: 15 events for Ambassador DAO, Get 3 DAOs prepared to use ONERep Beta version, Launch 7 DAO Tools (ONERep & DAOLens). 100/100/100%
  • 🌲 Rachel worked her tail off in April. I stepped back during April and a primary reason why DAO Operations continued to function well was Rachel’s hard work and tireless commitment. She was doing everything from shipping swag and hosting Ambassador DAO events, to drafting messaging, surveys and more.
  • 📖 I want to recognize Rachel for stepping up to the plate and improving our DAO tooling portfolio – Drastically. I also want to celebrate Rachel’s growth as she takes on more responsibilities and initiatives at Harmony!
  • 🎤 Rachel has been relentless in her growth, and I am thrilled to see her expand her role at Harmony. She has been on fire with DAO tooling and brings so much value to the DAO team! Rachel works extremely hard and her success is very well deserved.
In the month of May, I wrote and published a DAO reporting Mirror article to help educate our DAO community on reporting & avenues of achieving self-sustainability. In addition to this, I researched and composed as per request of @Stephen Tse (I presented my findings at our Napa offsite). I worked tirelessly to ensure ADAO could follow through on events that we had planned & committed to, helping ADAO to get one final month of operational expenses secured to follow through on those events. I traveled to our offsite in Napa Valley and spent time with the team, refining our vision and messaging by breaking off into groups and having problem solving sessions. I began working on educational content for our DAO tools, such as educational demo videos. I also helped to promote our weekly open DAO Ops calls (which can be seen on YouTube). I worked every week to compile an email list of all of our active DAO community members, and send out a recurring invitation to the community. Our DAO Ops team began working on 1DAO alliance and prioritizing self sustainability of DAOs.
5️⃣: (fulltime from 5/13): Secure Ambassador DAO funding & operations, Write & Publish DAO reporting Mirror article, Create framework for DAO tooling videos. 100/100/100%
  • 🎤 STRONG YES: Rachel breathes Harmony. Each day, she pushes herself to grow and always seeks areas to provide more value to the team. She has done an excellent job with DAO tooling and working with the DAO Ops team to set themselves up for future success.
  • 💃🏻 STRONG YES: Rachel's passion for Harmony shines. Though Rachel works primarily within the DAO team, I have seen her efforts, as her mentor, in the last two weeks. She is driven in her work and seeks results. I hope to see Rachel delegate more from AmbassadorDAO to the DAO and refocus her efforts on the DAO team this quarter.
  • ☁️ STRONG YES: Rachel is one of the hardest working individuals in the community. I love her energy and enthusiasm and would like to commend her drive and dedication to Harmony.
  • 🌲 STRONG YES: Rachel is an undeniable asset to this project and community. She is an exemplar when it comes being prepared, being enthusiastic and going the extra mile. She is the driving force behind the success of the Ambassador DAO and we have discussed, often, how to scale her contributions.
6️⃣: Creating Educational DAO Tooling Resources (videos & guidebooks), Medium article for Opolis press release, DAO users growth strategy 100/100/100%
  • 🌲 STRONG YES: Rachel is one of the most passionate workers I know. She worked tirelessly on DAO tooling, built up a phenomenal DAO Tools pipeline and successfully launched the Opolis integration (no small task). Rachel also was a good touch-stone for making sure that Harmony listened to the “DAOists” in our ecosystem and managed a very tough transition of the Ambassador DAO. She continues to be an asset for Harmony and I am excited to see what she does next.
  • 🎤 STRONG YES: Rachel works extremely hard and wears her passion for Harmony on her sleeve. She is always going above the call of duty to find ways to make an impact that brings value to everyone on the team. In Q3, she will undoubtedly be a force on our NFT guild and deliver well above expectations.
  • 📖: Rachel has utterly crushed it this month with our Opolis integration. She is doing what every person on this team should be doing with every partner — check in every day. Because of Rachel our relationship and planning with Opolis has been expedient and smooth with all issues being addressed immediately. I know Rachel will take her energy and newfound experience with key partners into Q3 as we begin to approach new NFT partners. 💙
  • ☁️ STRONG YES: Rachel works hard. It doesn’t matter what area she is assigned to. She goes deep and gives it 110%. I’m very impressed by how well she managed our DAO tooling partnerships, especially Opolis which was a complex engagement. We are lucky to have Rachel on the team.
  • 💃🏻 STRONG YES: Rachel dedicates herself to her work. She continuously goes above and beyond to ensure that the work she executes is done to its fullest. In every meeting with Rachel, she absorbs feedback, embraces direction, and dives in. I'd like to see Rachel move deeper into partnerships, utilizing the skills she naturally and effortlessly conveys. Rachel has been an asset to our partners and is an asset in nurturing our relationships with other teams.
  • 🎬 STRONG YES: Rachel was responsible for coordinating our video shoot with the Opolis team while they were in LA a couple weeks ago. I’d like to thank her for taking initiative and helping us produce impactful content with a partner.
  • 🎥 STRONG YES: Rachel in one word is “passion”. She is one of the most solid and complete team members we have. You know that if she is handling it that the work is quality.
  • 🚜 Rachel is a hard and happy worker. We recently worked together at Atlas cafe onboarding strangers to NFTs and she was a great teammate in the process.

🥤Jeremy "Globey” Straughan 🔭: 40% Ecosystem, 20% Partnerships, 40% External Communications

Q2 represented my first quarter officially working within the team structure as a fellow, and what a quarter it has been. My distribution of ecosystem, partnerships and external communications are fairly balanced and I believe represent an accurate breakdown of the last 90 days. Beginning in May, I was tasked with taking stock of our co-marketing efforts and designing a process to onboard our native projects in a way that can highlight new developments, promote organic growth, and provide “love” to projects that have felt neglect in some way.
  • (Ecosystem - 40%) Create Co-Marketing pipeline for existing On-chain Projects - Development of Co-Marketing started in earnest in May, running alongside Daniel, Matt, and Logan to promote our existing on chain projects, while collecting feedback about what processes work best for each of our native projects. Development completed in June with a complete and applicable Co-Marketing Playbook that can be used to officially onboard our builders into a relationship between the Protocol and their developers. (The official rollout of this announcement was tabled due to the Horizon Bridge incident and represents a strong piece of ammunition to deploy when we enter into the “rebuilding” portion of our roadmap following the investigation. This represented more than 40% of my time, but as Q2 continued, time optimizations led to a more fluid process and a much more engaged list of partners by the end of June. (see Library for list of highlighted projects) I am most proud of assisting in this effort, as prior to this our personal touch with projects was either limited, or non existent due to bandwidth among other issues. Being able to touch base with projects and their builders and offer assistance, even in non monetary ways, represented a large sentiment shift internally, even if it was not enough to completely mend all relationships in the short time, something I wish I could have done more during the quarter. 💙 Extra proud moment was working alongside @Adrian Robison, @Daniel Pagan, @Kelly Tigera and @Giv Parvaneh in assisting during the last week or so in various capacities.
  • (Partnerships - 20%) Ventures Network, Grants V2, Project communication - Initial onboarding through Jack represented early conversations around ways to improve Ventures relationships and quickly led to working with Daniel where approximately 90% of my time during the quarter was spent. A few highlights that represented less than 20% of my bandwidth, but things proud of nonetheless, were contributions to both Grant V2 (during onsite with Al, Richard, Demetri and others) in consideration of quadratic voting, exclusivity, and other notable changes making in the final versions of both documents. Integrating The Ventures network roadmap into the co-marketing pipeline was also a point of focus, although optimizations can still be put into place for both sides of the ecosystem.
  • (External Communications - 40%) Every-where and Back Again - The Quarter provided opportunities ranging from working with Kelly on Website redesign content (since paused) and leading User experience interviews, to running emergency comms alongside various members of the team. I believe 40% is an accurate representation of the time commitment and feel it was utilized to its fullest capacity. Proud accomplishments from this period include applying feedback from multiple community members in interviews and preparing immediate feedback for website redesign and drafting both our initial Medium article and hub graphic during the past weeks communications, among other minor emergency comms. Things I would have improved were better preparing a buffer of time to handle shifting focus and initiatives while balancing pre-committed goals.
5️⃣: (from 4/30): Publish co-marketing pipeline & 10 Highlights, Deliver Ecosystem Partner report, Match 5 teams with venture investors. 100/80/70%
  • 🔭 STRONG YES: Jeremy has brought invaluable content and solutions to our team in such a short period of time. His contributions have helped amplify the voices of our ecosystem partners, build a strong rapport with them, and brought a high quality draft of our new co-marketing pipeline to the table. Jeremy has proven himself to be a high-impact addition to the team.
  • 📖 I’ll keep it short. Globey is the man for the (any) job. He is so easy to work with and delivers at a high level.
  • ☁️ STRONG YES: Jeremy is a gem and we’re lucky to have him. He is incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and close to our community. I truly appreciate his efforts with the outreach and support of our grantees and partners.
6️⃣: Draft content for website “Learn” branch (Completed,Paused), Finalize co-marketing playbook, Co-market six ecosystem projects. 100/100/200%
  • 🌲 STRONG YES: Jeremy is a dyed in the wool Harmony supporter. He has done great work with wordsmithing and preparing marketing playbooks and actions. He will be very valuable going forward bridging the gap between NFTs (his experience with da Vinci will be valuable), games and other paths towards adoption. I look forward to continuing to profit from his expertise.
  • 🎤 STRONG YES: Jeremy is an absolute pleasure to work with, and has done a great job in managing external comms to highlight successes and craft meaningful messages to the community. His diverse experience will serve the Harmony team very well as we activate our Q3 initiatives. In addition to NFTs and Comms, I can see Jeremy being very helpful in supporting our developer growth guild and our ventures program.
  • 🎬 STRONG YES: Jeremy has been stepping up lately and has been really helping bridge the community and our marketing. He has great expertise and it is a pleasure to work more with him to step up our co-marketing efforts.
  • 🔭: STRONG YES: Jeremy is a high impact contributor with the ability to move seamlessly between assignments and deliverables. His contributions to our ecosystem co-marketing has made an incredible impact in the short time he has been on the team, and I can only imagine what else Jeremy can bring to the team in the months to come. He’s a great colleague who’s a pleasure to work with.
  • 🔫 Jeremy has proven invaluable as a member of the communications team and marketing. His loyalty is without question and work ethic is something to be emulated. He has excelled in crafting responses to a myriad of issues and in the efforts to highlight projects. In addition, no one can argue with his whiteboard skills.
  • 🌳 Jeremy is a deep thinking that can take on core projects in marketing. His war mode attitude is a key trait to Harmony given his loyalty and advocacy to 10x Harmony.
  • 🐇: Jeremy has been a strong addition to our team. He continues to show up and work hard, and has really taken initiative on communications. He is tapped into the pulse of our community, and I am eager to see him continue to grow and flourish on this team.
  • 🚜 Globey has a great outlook on partnerships and current initiatives. I admire how he supports our partners with creative and often tedious solutions (I.e. tokenomics).
  • 🦒 STRONG YES: Particularly communicative and helpful, and excited to work with him as he pivots into a new area of focus.

🛫 Tahir Javed 🐉: _% devops eng, _% compliance, _% cloud migration

5️⃣: (from 4/28): Migrate to Cloudflare DNS, Investigate Explorer API bootstrap RDS disk I/O issue, Dockerfile optimization. 75/100/75%
  • ⚔️ STRONG YES : TJ has been doing quite well this first month by asking many questions in regards of his onboarding tasks and the technology we internally used. Our technology landscape is quite big an it’s important to ask as many questions as possible so to be onboarded as fast as possible.
  • 🐉 STRONG YES: Given TJ’s recent start, I’m happy to have him already began taking on the on-call rotation. He’s been given a tall order to migrate two main Harmony internet domain names, in order to help us consolidate the visibility of users to better our level of service to all wallet users connecting to Harmony’s blockchain via the foundation’s public RPC endpoints, and for developers. He’s progressing well at pace to also now take on another large effort to shift our rclone chain snapshot to use a decentralized Storj approach, which is yet another huge undertaking

6️⃣: S3 to Storj migration for validator backups/restores (8x reduction), second phase DNS migration, ??.
  • ⚔️: STRONG YES : TJ has been in charge of the storJ integration working closely with vendor and the validator community. I would like to see TJ more engaged with the community and partner. 💙

🏔 Diego Nava 🏃: _% Elastic RPC, _% Key Partner Success, _% Backend Scalability

5️⃣: (from 5/9): first phase on-call ready, Architecture document of elastic RPC, Architecture document Shard0/1 stress test automation. 100/100/100%.
  • 🏃: Diego onboarded very fast. He quickly captured the elastic rpc architecture and come up with good design doc.
  • 🏃: Diego shows initiative and has taken on ownership of the elastic rpc testing for shard1 (gamefi), a key component to Harmony’s strategy. I look forward to working with Diego on the bounty for the shard1 testing. He has shown strong knowledge of AWS and cloud infrastructure and a willingness tackle complex problems.
  • 🏃 STRONG YES. good design doc and quick learning
6️⃣: 50% traffic direct to Elastic remote procedure call on S0, Elastic remote procedure call on Devnet, Remote procedure call test infrastructure
  • 🛰️ STRONG YES: Diego is helping us migrate to the elastic RPC and he’s been quick and clear in getting that set up. 💙
  • ⚔️ STRONG YES: Diego has been critical on taking the support of the elastic RPC, very smart person which I love to talk to and bounce idea !
  • 🏃 STRONG YES: quick onboarding of elastic rpc; looking forward to more contribution in devop and other services

🧙🏻Francisco Egloff 🚗: 80% Front End, 20% Trustless ETH Unit Testing

For the Fixed Income Product App I completed all the tasks that were assigned to me by my manager (Boris) also have the opportunity to work with Giv and Darren to help them deploying the app for beta testing before we reached the deadline. Sadly, Luna-Terra crash put on hold this project.

Immediately after that, I was requested to work with Unit Testing for Trustless ETH Bridge project. I was able to implement Unit Tests for some of the smart contracts (BridgedToken, FaucetToken) and identified some possible improvements to existing test cases and to the contracts themselves.

5️⃣: (from 5/15): Fixed income product dApp (app), Trustless ETH bridge test cases, Devcon venue list. 100/90/100%
  • 🚗 STRONG YES: Very hard-working, fast and solid development. Strong react and solidity skills. Francisco is also vert ease to work with, always willing to help and give the extra mile.
  • ☁️ STRONG YES: Francisco did a great job with the basic income product. He is a great communicator, a skilled front-end developer, and works fast and efficiently.
6️⃣: Trustless ETH bridge Bridged Tokens, Trustless ETH bridge Lightclient, Trustless ETH bridge test.

🚜 I’ve only worked with Francisco recently, but I very much admire his attitude toward finding solutions. We worked together when forming the Pipe framework and currently tackling NFT Mints products. 💙

☕️ Cathie So 🏏 (since 5/3): _% quantum computing, _% zero knowledge proof, _% circom

Q2 was a quarter of change. My initial focus was at ZKU but slowly switched to building. It was quite difficult to find time to build my zkMachineLearning app while teaching, but I was able to make some really good progress in the second half of June. A prototype app has been built and the project now has a clear roadmap. 💙

5️⃣: (from 5/3) Guide ZKU Cohort 2 to launch 20+ products on mainnet, Lead ZKU mentor team to open Cohort 4 Application, Build circomlib-ml as a ZKP toolbox. 100/100/90%
  • ⛵ STRONG YES: It was amazing to watch how fast Cathie has grown as a ZK dev in just a few months; she was new to crypto just half a year ago. As ZKU scales up to handle hundreds of students concurrently, there is just no way that we could have done it without her. She is also quickly becoming an effective manager and mentor.
  • 🏏 STRONG YES: It is only recently that I started managing Cathie (previously Hakwan). Cathie has significantly contributed to Zero Knowledge University (ZKU) in terms of grading assignments, helping students with projects mainnet launch and grant proposal writing, and many other course related works. I am looking forward to closely working with Cathie in the next months.
6️⃣: Guide ZKU Cohort 3 to launch 50+ products on testnet, Implement ZKP friendly activation function(s) in circomlib-ml, Use circomlib-ml to build a demo application on Harmony testnet.

⛓️ Socheat Khauv ⚔️: 45% nodes, 45% services, 10% network releases

  • ⚔️ STRONG YES: Socheat has been doing well by working out the validator node upgrade in shard 1/2/3 though I mentioned to him took a bit longer than I was expected, I suggested him to talk to me sooner if a task is taking too long to do. He started to help with devops issue which really help me offload the work we have
  • 🎸 STRONG YES: sometimes it felt that Soph carried the whole world of harmony infra on his shoulders alone, so I'm happy Socheat with us now. already done some work together. strong yes
5️⃣: Assist with 5 operations requests (remove disk & Sushi monitor), HIP-18 deployment and test in testnet, Mainnet streamsync feature test. 100/85/100%
  • ⚔️ STRONG YES: Socheat has been the invisible workforce helping in the dark with all the out of space disk issue but now getting more and more involved into Harmony feature/PR/Issue testing. He started to discuss with more with the community. Suggestion for improvement, I would like to see Socheat more involved with the validator community and be more proactive when “planning” the bigger tasks.
  • 🏓 Socheat has been helping to test HIP18, and he has helped to gather the information needed for the test from the community. He can quickly understand how to test it, I would like to complete more tests together.
  • 🐉 STRONG YES: Socheat quietly works behind the scenes, but has been key in keeping our operations clean and smooth. Our pagers on disk-related outages have gone to zero and he’s working on increasing our test coverages. These usually go unnoticed when it works great, but a nightmare if it isn’t handled at all.
  • 🏃 STRONG YES. Finally we have someone can handle additional devop works. Looking forward to taking more responsibilities.
6️⃣: Assist with 5 operations requests (elastic block store conversion GP2 to GP3 & multisig worker improvement), Allow-list testing. 100/100/80%
  • ⚔️ STRONG YES: Socheat has been really helpful in helping with the various ops work we are having every day. I would encourage him to ask more questions so to be expand his knowledge about Harmony. 💙
🏃 STRONG YES: good help on the operational work; can take more on-call duty from Soph in Q3

🗝️ Hash Mesan 🏏: 50% Wallet, 30% Security, 20% DApps

  • 🏏 STRONG YES: In the month April, hashmesan initially worked on reviewing the storage limit issue of the trustless eth bridge. He was able to analyze and propose solutions. Later part of the month, Hashmesan looked into vault liquidation during under-collateral feature. Hashmesan working with tej and complementing each other to make great progress on the btc bridge features is very commendable. Hashmesan not only has a great hold on the smart contract development, he is a critical thinker and able to spot security loop-holes. His expertise has helped us immensely in the bridge projects. On the sideline, hashmesan also contributed to resolving a blocking issue in the ledger nano x harmony app.
  • 🏏 STRONG YES: In the month of May hashmesan has worked on a key feature of the bitcoin bridge the vault replace feature, which allows vault runners to move their btc holdings to a different vault. Hashmesan also helped to co-propose/review the staking design and also review the staking pull request. Hashmesan analyzed the relay bug, which was preventing us from making the relay permissionless and proposed a solution. Overall, very good month of contribution and I am looking forward to working on many more challenging projects with Hashmesan.
  • 📱STRONG YES: Hashmesan is a high-skilled developer and the vault staking mechanism he suggested was very good. He has a good understanding of the btc bridge contract and his feedback was very helpful for us. Looking forward to collaborating on more projects with Hashmesan.
6️⃣: Bitcoin bridge features (vault replace & retire), Elastic load balancer infrastructure stabilization, Developer growth.
  • 🐉 STRONG YES: Quoc is a 10x developer. He starts with the end in mind, thinks things through, with full coverage of wide range of potential issues. Helped with key decisions on the Chrome Wallet Response team, helped build our analytics/forensics system and is now an essential driver for the Horizon bridge incident. He’s going to be a key player in the Dev Growth Guild going forward. 💙
  • 🚜 I’ve watched Quoc absolutely smash the recent initiatives involving the bridge hack. He puts in long hours and is passionate about the project. Before the hack, I’ve spoke with Quoc a few times about his SEF wallet project and been impressed with his expertise.

📶 Richard Gatchalian 🎽: 

6️⃣: (from 6/8) Strategy & execution plan for outbound partnerships, 3 NFT launches on mainnet.

🐈 Semar Martins ⛵ (from 6/_):

I joined at the beginning of June with the task of checking whether we could develop and actually developing a bls signature verification smart-contract. Initially I had difficulties on understanding the requirements for the task but ever since I've been able to move forward on the development quite a bit.

  • Feasibility study: after some tests and some discussion with Ganesha and Aaron we decided that the smart-contract would be the best way to go forward in the trustless verification of the bridge.
  • Implementation/testing of the smart-contract:
  1. Developed a lib to do math on 384 bit field elements (Fp) using two 256 bit numbers.
  2. Developed a lib to do math on the extension field (Fp2) of these numbers
  3. Implementation of point operations on which coordinates are members of Fp2
  4. Implementation of tests to check wheter these functions were implemented correctly

I had very little knowledge of arbitrary bit math operations, elliptical curves and the bls-signature scheme in general, so although I do still have the verification and the map-to-curve implementations to do, I'm very happy with how much I learned this month and look forward to finish this implementation. 💙

6️⃣: Trustless ETH Bridge signing key verification feasibility study, Smart contract development, Testing and gas estimation.

STRONG YES: Continued excellent work on ZKU.

🏏 STRONG YES: Semar has been developing the key component that makes the whole trustless bridge TRUSTLESS, which is the BLS verification smart contract. He is impressed us quite a lot with his ability to quickly come onboard and start delivering on the tasks. Semar holds a deep understanding of the ZK and i see him helping immensely in all our upcoming goals. 💙

18 Half-Time Contributors (max 20 hours) 🎤

🐐 Michael “Mikey” Benson 🦒: 50% DAO Ops, 30% Grants, 20% Comms

Q2 was a whirlwind. I spent the bulk of Q2 in DAO Operations. My focus has had to shift time and time again. I am impressed with the speed and intensity that I was able to adapt. I am fortunate enough to have 3 strong yes for the month of June to retain employment. I’m grateful that Sam, Matty, and Brian were able to see my value during a volatile month. I believe my positive attitude and my resolve for Harmony are major players. For the next quarter I am excited to continue with The Tiger Team led by Stephen. It is my mission to help Harmony build our way out of this unfortunate market and perception we find ourselves in. 💙
  • 🌲 STRONG YES: I want to recognize the way in which Mikey has taken a difficult task (DAO Funding) and led the way with grace and clarity. As it is a vital mechanism for community involvement and engagement, Mikey’s contributions have been vital to navigate the communities souring impression on DAOs. I believe that, as he expands his scope to tasks beyond the DAO Operations Team, other teams will find his contributions as valuable as I have. Working w/ Mikey is full of laughter and support. He is a vital part of the team.
  • 📖: Mikey is fantastic on DAO and grant operations. It is a privilege to work with him on a daily basis. I would like to see him be given more opportunities and responsibilities.
  • 🐇 Mikey is a pleasure to work with on the DAO Ops team. He works hard, and practically lives on the talk forum. He is very thorough when it comes to reviewing proposals, and spends adequate time responding to individuals on the talk forum. He is always there if you need something, and I appreciate that he took the time to help me create the DAO tooling webinar framework. Additionally, I appreciate that Mikey brings comedic relief to our calls at times when it is needed, and I’ve seen him grow as an individual in our time working together.
5️⃣: 1DAO Alliance Final Draft (Accounting & Reporting), DAO Funding Pipeline ‘To Review’=0 (weekly & monthly), DAO Directory (Core & Core Initiative). 100/100/90%
  • 🎤 STRONG YES: Mikey works extremely hard, and has done an excellent job in managing DAO proposals. I am also excited to have Mikey’s presence on our Grant Ops team. Mikey is very knowledgeable and has a strong pulse on DAOs within the community. Additionally, I would like to commend Mikey on his presence within DAO Ops in managing recent sentiment and drafting new guidelines to set the DAO Ops team up for future success.
  • 🌲 STRONG YES: Mikey has developed very strong institutional insight into what works regarding DAO funding. He has been on the front line in formatting and communicating new funding guidelines and communicating with the DAO community. His support has been vital for the success of our DAO program and I highly recommend him continuing (and expanding) his role with Harmony.
  • 🦒 STRONG YES: Although I’ve only worked with him for a couple of weeks, I want to recognize Mikey’s contributions to the offsite, his exceptional availability to answer DAO-related questions, his work ethic and output, his identifying problems and pain points in DAO operations, his proactively suggesting solutions, and his follow-through with checkins.
  • 📖: Mikey is an ESSENTIAL part of the Harmony team and its ecosystem. He has been a rock for the DAO ops team and integral for community-team relations. I was thrilled to see him at the Q2 offsite; his insights were, and remain, attuned and empathetic. As we scale, I could not see a successful Harmony operations team (DAO and otherwise) without Mikey at its core.
  • 🎥 STRONG YES: If DAO has the highest growth potential, we need Mikey there as operational support. He understands the space and takes ownership in the space.
  • 💃🏻 STRONG YES: I have seen Mikey give his all to DAO initiatives. He has been taking more responsibility and taking the initiative to be involved in other team areas. His desire to learn, be an asset, and contribute to this team has been inspiring. I am eager to see Mikey step into other areas of focus and see those areas flourish with his support and helping hand.
  • 🔭 STRONG YES: Mikey takes an optimistic approach to DAO operations but with a healthy dose of skepticism; a realist’s approach. He and Devin produced some valuable arguments at this month’s offsite re: DAO formation and grant structure. He’s dedicated to ensuring DAOs are successful on Harmony and it showed this month as Mikey worked hard at being highly communicative with our DAO community.
6️⃣: DAO Directory (Core & Core Initiative), DAO Funding Pipeline ‘To-Review’=0 (weekly & monthly), New DAO Funding Guidelines.

🎤 STRONG YES: Mikey was excellent on DAO Ops, managing grants and DAO partnerships with diligence and strong communication. Mikey will be an excellent fit for our NFT Products guild.

  • 🌲 STRONG YES: Mikey is a great addition to the Harmony team. He did a terrific job managing DAO funding and managed difficult conversations with aplomb and nuance. He performs well in outreach and on-boarding, is a good teammate to work with and brings insight and ideas to the table in all operations. In addition to his work in the NFT Products guild, I am going to see if he has the bandwidth to assist in the Game Guild as well. I look forward to working with Mikey again. 💙
  • 🥤: Mikey has been and continuous to go above and beyond his call of duty. Working fast and furious during the DAO Ops transition, his commitment to both it and now NFTs show a foundation of hard work and delivering when it counts.
  • 🚜 When Mikey is on, he is ON. He’s can ride with the best workhorses on the team and I’ve personally seen him put long hours in on emotionally taxing initiatives involving DAOs. When we’ve brainstormed new ideas, Mikey is one of the first to jump on getting the ball rolling. I look forward to continue working with Mikey.
  • 🦒 STRONG YES: Continued excellent work, ideas, follow-through, self-starting, and flexibility as he pivots into a new area of focus. I look forward to further communication to working with him and being in the loop on his new initiatives.

🌳 Al Cheung 🎤: 40% Grant Ops, 30% Venture Partners, 30% Ecosystem Events

In Q2 I led Grants and Investments while scouting for investors to Harmony Ecosystem. There has been of many start, stops, and pivots. Very much a full plate tackling Grants Ops, Ventures Network, and Event Ops. I began at Harmony with primary focus on Grant operations for the day-to-day review (inquiries & follow-ups). Which lead to scouting for value-add projects and investors to our ecosystem at events (NFTNYC & Permissionless). While maintaining my goal to operationalize the Grant Ops, creating a CRM for Investor contacts, maintain healthy relations between project owners and investors, and scout value-add partners to Harmony Ecosystem.
4️⃣: Publish Venture Landscape Report, 5 investors for Venture Network, Follow-up on 65 Launch & Bounty Grants (Allbridge & DexSwap). 100/100/100%
  • 🎤 On his first day, Al immediately made an impact on events and bizdev. Al is extremely dependable, a great communicator, and an ideal teammate. He has very strong knowledge that has made him an integral part of the grant ops team.
5️⃣: 10 investors for Venture Network (Arca & Fenbushi), 3 Partnerships from Permissionless (Parallel & Storj), Harmony QR business cards. 100/100/100%
  • 🎤 STRONG YES: Al continues to make a large impact on grant ops, bizdev, and developing new partnerships. Al continues to be highly dependable and a great communicator, always willing to amplify those around him. Al is a wonderful team player.
  • 💃🏻 STRONG YES: Al has the competence, intelligence, and drive needed on our team. As a member of the events and grants teams, he has stepped up and taken leadership, given insight, and (most importantly) asked the right questions. I've learned a lot from Al in the past month, and I've seen him give his all to this project. We are fortunate to have him.
  • 🎬 STRONG YES: I worked with Al both in Denver and Rio. Not only is he hard working, he is also very helpful no matter how small a task may be, something valuable in a teammate. He is knowledgeable and social, therefore his skillset is ideal for events and partnerships.
  • 🐉 STRONG YES: Al continues to outperform plus he’s learning voraciously throughout his ramp up into web3 especially in DeFi. Moving from TradFi could be a natural course of one’s evolution, but Al brings in a lot more enthusiasm because he believes this is going to change the world. Organized and thorough. Communicative. Humble. On the ground IRL at conferences and events, or online context switching in hundreds of channels. Strong qualities that’ll set him up for success.
6️⃣: NFTNYC cosponsorship scout for cost-savings, Grant Ops integration with marketing team, DappRadar instructional. 100/100/100%
  • 🎤 STRONG YES: Al works very hard and always finds ways to make an impact whether it is with grants, partnerships, ventures, or helping those around him. Al understands how to thrive in chaos and continues to deliver to a very high standard. I am very confident that whatever initiative Al is involved with, he will continue to make a great impact.
  • 💃🏻 STRONG YES: Al has continued to be an asset in whatever role he takes. I am more than impressed with his ability to take initiative, learn what is necessary for the team's success, and immerse himself into the group as a true team player. At NFT.NYC Al worked hard to ensure the team had what they needed, with dedication and dependability. I'm expectant to see what he brings to the guilds in the coming months. 💙
  • 🎬: STRONG YES: Although I did not work, I stopped by the Harmony Web3 Lounge and noticed how much of an impact Al was having on the event. Not only was he working hard making operations run smoothly, he also was making many connections.

🇪🇺 I have worked very closely with Al (remote) on this Q2. Al has a lot of potential that makes the protocol grow and I hope to continue learning by his side. The relationship with him is easy and fluid, without forgetting his greatest value, being a professional at work.

🚜 Al is a cool, curious cat. We’ve had many discussions about Defi partnerships and he’s always eager to learn and bounce new Defi ideas around. I like that he has such a strong tradefi background as that is somewhere I’m looking to improve.

Peter: STRONG YES. I like Al. He’s humble, yet very competent and can add value in any capacity in which he finds himself.

🎞 Andrew Nunes 🎥  (from 4/13):  Editing for Instagram + TikTok 80%, Editing for YouTube 20%

In Q2 I was tasked with creating social media specific content and I’m pleased to say that as a result of my content creation, our follower base has grown. I was onboarded at the end of April and spent my first 4 weeks creating a well of content to be posted to YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Since posting my first video, we’ve grown our Instagram by over 300 followers. Additionally, I started a TikTok account from scratch at the end of May and today we have over 100 followers. I also have contributed to other creative initiatives such as the ONEWallet commercial, the Harmony sock giveaway and the Opolis Partnership, where I sat down and interviewed John Paller (as well as edited the videos.). Behind the scenes I built out our video team’s Trello page, to track upcoming videos (as of today I’ve edited over 90 videos for Harmony). My most valuable experience this quarter was meeting the extended team in Palo Alto CA. I wasn’t invited to the on-site meeting, but took the initiative to drive up from LA to meet everyone in person and learn more about our mission. 💙

4️⃣: Take 12 previous videos, reformat vertically/remove music to be posted on IG as reels, Create 6 new engaging social media videos, Curate photos to be posted on Instagram for the next month. 100/100/100%
  • Andrew was mainly onboarded for the second half of April. In that short amount of time he was able to turn around a significant amount of content. Needless to say I am very impressed and looking forward to getting ahead of schedule.
5️⃣: Create 13 new social media videos, Curate photos for Ghana, Reformat 10 previous videos for Instagram reels. 100/100/100%
  • 🎥 STRONG YES: Andrew has built our reserves of social media content up so that we are ahead of schedule. We were in the “set up phase” and now we are in the phase of getting the social content scheduled 1 month in advance. I expect a ton of growth in all of our social media platforms and that will mainly be because of Andrew’s work.
  • 🎤 STRONG YES: Andrew is one of the newer additions to the team but has already made a great impact on content strategy and execution. Andrew delivers quality work very quickly and has been very dependable.
  • 🎬 STRONG YES: Although Andrew is one of the newest members of the team, he is great to work with because he is great at taking direction and understanding our goals. Furthermore, he has a knowledge on creating social media content which is an important skill to have on the team for promotional videos.
6️⃣: Create 14 new social media videos, Publish 20 posts on TikTok, Take 12 previous videos, reformat vertically/remove/add new music for TikTok/Instagram reels.
  • 🎬 STRONG YES: Andrew is a workhorse. He produces content at a great pace and contributes great ideas as far as social media strategy. He is an amazing asset to this team given his ability to create short form content for social media.
  • 🎥 STRONG YES: Andrew has managed to get us around a month in advance worth of social media content. He is incredible at pumping out content that is both high quality as well as resonating with the pulse of each platform. He even stepped up when it came to needing a spokesperson for our newest launch, filming a dual interview with ease. It’s clear that if Harmony is to have a social media strategy, Andrew is instrumental in achieving that goal. He has removed all bottlenecks for getting content out and has exponentially increased our presense on social media. We will definetly have 10x growth across all platforms with Andrew around.
    • Areas of improvement: I would love to see some emphasis on variety of the posts, being creative potentially with After Effects templates and photo collages. Since our social media channels outside of YouTube are relatively young, we need to be trying a variety of different posts to get proper analytics over a period of time. Essentially let’s try new things and see what sticks. The output and quantity of posts have been fantastic but that kind of quality has come at the sacrifice of creativity in some aspects. We shouldn’t be afraid to try new things. 💙
  • 🐇 : I worked with Andrew this month on our Opolis founder interview. I originally planned to go to Trusted x LA & interview the founder, as I had been leading communications with their team. However, with Harmony in war mode and travel not being approved, I was unable to make the trip. Instead, I worked on the script for the interview from SF with the content team… In a crunch, we were trying to find someone to do the interview. And there he was. (Mustache and all). Andrew stepped up happily without hesitation to be the person to ask the interview questions. Without really having the background knowledge of the project, he asked questions, was willing to learn and accepted the challenge! I trusted him, not just for his eagerness to learn, help & be a team player, but also because Adrian recommended him for the job (& I trust Adrian to make the best decisions for creating impactful content). When I found out he has a background in acting, I felt even more at ease knowing he was equipped to take care of one of our major partners throughout the interview. I can’t wait to see the finished video!
  • 🛹 STRONG YES: While I haven’t met Andrew, I do see the value in broadening our social media strategy beyond Twitter if Harmony is going to succeed in growing it’s online community. New social platform growth will attract different and new users to our protocol.

💪 Skyler Abilla 🔭: 80% Podcast, 10% Social Media, 10% Community

5️⃣: 5 Episodes of Harmonize, Conduct 8 interviews, Reach 5,000 downloads. 100/100/80%
  • 🔭 Skyler has put together a handful of Harmonize episodes this month with creativity and dedication. These months have not been the easist for Skyler so I certainly appreciate the hard work and focus that’s required to create his content.

👁️‍🗨️ Eilam Meintser 🎥 (from 1/29): Graphic Design 40%, Marketing Assets 30%, Branding 30%

In Q2, my 2nd quarter with Harmony, I shifted lots of my focus from retouching overall branding and creating a new and improved look for Harmony in Q1 to creating a cohesive branding suite that reflects those said changes. I focused lots on applying the same design language to many Harmony sub-projects such as 1DAO Alliance, ONEWeekly, zku ONE, all social media platforms, all merchandise design, all announcement and update videos on the content side of things. This was to create a visually cohesive experience on the consumer-facing end of Harmony. In Q3 I have a few goals in mind:

  • Working even closer with the communications team than I did in Q2 to develop a cohesive user experience throughout all media, beyond websites, beyond content. Elevate branding in a way that makes sense from a communications point-of-view and feels like a shift in voice that may be needed following the late June hack. 💙
  • Incorporate many more 3D assets to the Harmony branding language. This would open up the branding guidelines to something a whole lot more versatile, open and much less constraining.
  • Aid crisis communications in a visual manner, that can be easily digested by the masses.
  • Shift my focus from Graphic design 40%, Marketing Assets 30%, Branding 30% to Branding 45%, Graphic Design 35%, Marketing Assets 20%. Meaning I plan on slightly shifting my focus more onto high-level branding development and keeping a steady pace with my current graphic design support and marketing design.

I believe I can improve in the following areas in Q3:

  • 3D Design incorporation (start using proper 3D modeling tools to create 3D graphics)
  • Better aiding the communications team, working on cohesive messaging across the board
  • Simplify the color palette to a friendlier, more confident look, specifically when it comes to YouTube thumbnails, social media branding, etc.
4️⃣: Finish EthCC design & send to manufacturing, Develop NFT.NYC merch design & finalize, Develop ONEWeekly Newsletter logo & branding 100/100/100%
  • 🎥 Eilam was instrumental in kicking off the branding for ONEWeekly as well as our event designs for Paris and NYC. I worked with him closely on all of them and he always delivered stellar product no matter the time of day
  • 🎥 STRONG YES: Eilam is one of the most essential contributors on this list, contributing to not only all of the video team’s needs, but also helping many other event and branding driven initiatives. Most all of our team has worked with him at some point and he is a great asset to keep our brand looking clean and high level.
  • 🎬 STRONG YES: Eilam is a great contributor to the creative team, helping bring our vision to life. Aside from working with the video team, Eilam has grown to work with the communications and DAO teams, thus helping contribute to assets needed by many sub teams at Harmony.
  • 🔭 STRONG YES: Another strong yes from me. Eilam, like Wahni, is an expert in his craft, highly communicative, and helped create visuals for the ONEWeekly video series. He’s been a pleasure to work with each week.
6️⃣: Design base Harmony merchandise line for bespoke online store, Finalize 1Wallet Logo, Design “Call to Action” video graphics.

🎬 STRONG YES: Eilam is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is he creative but he is also extremely hardworking. He has helped in designing many aspects of our project, from logos, to thumbnails, to event layout design. It is truly an honor to work with someone as passionate and driven as he is.

🎥 STRONG YES: Eilam is the visual pulse of Harmony. He really is engaging daily, even on “days off” to see how he can best move this project forward. He has been providing immense value to the entire content team regarding branding and visual presence. Simply put, if we don’t have Eilam, our branding suffers big time. We need him, he is what I would consider absolutely essential for Harmony to succeed.

  • Areas of Improvement: I would love to see Eilam start to incorporate 3D elements into our designs. I know that he has been messing around with Blender and other 3D software…. I’d love to see Eilam at the end of Q3 designing some amazing 3D assets for everyone to use using the new skills he has learned.

🔭: STRONG YES: Eilam is an incredibly talented graphic designer. He’s easy to communicate with, a pleasure to work with, and has been a collaborative and pivotal asset to the ONEWeekly video series this quarter. 💙

♠️: Eilam is a great artist/designer. He understands the needs of the design in Harmony intuitively and comes up with fast and prime design when I request his support for the visual work. As time went by the synergy became stronger and better and he figured out the way we can work in effective way.

🎮 Eilam has done a phenomenal job working with the ONEWeekly team to help with graphics and thumbnails. On top of his high-quality work, he responds quickly and always delivers in a timely manner. Thank you Eilam!

🛹 STRONG YES: Eilam is our only graphics designer that we have on the team. This is an essential role that needs to be filled. Brand sentiment is at an all time low and Eilam can help push our team forward in the eyes of the community.

💿 Kelly ☁️: (from 12/18/21) Graphic Design, Content Communications, Media Strategy

The past few months were marked by a number of starts, stop and pivots.  Overall, I think Giv, Daniel and I are on the right track to set up systems and develop to professionalize Harmony’s communications and support growth. It’s been great to work with them both.

Here are the ongoing initiatives I’ve been working on:

  • Website:
    • Core Leadership Interviews and Alignment: I interviewed all Core Leadership team members to align Harmony’s growth and business priorities into a larger communications plan and content structure for the new website. The Core Leadership’s team was positive and they were happy with the direction of the website development.
    • Content Structure: Sketched out 4 options for content structure, reflective of Harmony’s growth priorities and audience. Collected feedback from the leadership. Identified areas needed for content development
    • Concept Design Development: Worked with two designers to align messaging and content strategy with design concepts. We had developed 4 options and were receiving feedback from the Core leadership team when this was put on hold. Anh and Thanh were great to work with.
    • Community UX interviews: We were in the process in interviewing several community members to garner different perspectives when this was put on hold. Globey and Thanh were great to work with on this.
    • Content Development: Created a plan to work with Globey, Daniel and the Developer Growth team to produce content needed for the website. We had developed a plan and had begun writing sections of the website when this was put on hold.
  • Communications Strategy & Planning: I synthesized leadership interviews into a centralized communications plan in order to coordinate content production, messaging and scheduling for upcoming product and partnership launches. Giv, Daniel and I worked closely to review the strategy for key announcements weekly and coordinated with project teams to be sure to get maximum impact. I also built a planning tool in excel (soon to be migrated to Asana/Airtable when time permits). Leadership team members appreciated the visibility into the communications planning and upcoming announcements. I hope we can continue to build this out going forward.
  • PR firm:
    • Gathered referrals, Interviewed 4 potential firms, gathered feedback from Harmony’s internal team and recommended the final selection. I think we found two great consultants that will provide value with Harmony if we can continue those relationships.
    • 1 planned Announcement was in process for early July, working in collaboration with the PR consultant and the DAO team. We placed a story in Bloomberg, but the strategy and outreach has halted due to Harmony’s current situation.
  • Crisis Communications: Since the hack in late June, all other marketing and communications efforts have stopped to triage the most important problems at hand. I’m working closely with Daniel and Giv to be as transparent with the community as possible, while also being sure we’re following legal counsel. 💙
5️⃣: Interview and recommend public relations firm, Update current website & alignment on content and design for new website; Setup Cision/PR Newswire. 100/85/100%
  • 🎥 STRONG YES - Kelly is ESSENTIAL in helping Harmony craft our voice. Her insight regarding anything communications related is invaluable.
  • 🔭 STRONG YES: Kelly is not only highly skilled at crafting clear communication and a strategy to amplify our message, she’s also systematic in her approach and contructively critical. She offers a strong, rational, critical voice that’s greatly needed on the team. This month she lined up a number of specific PR firms for us to interview and performed due dilligence on our behalf. Kelly has also been instrumental in ensuring the new website is carefully designed and crafted.
  • 🌲STRONG YES: Kelly has the brains and experience to bring our comms, marketing and media strategy up to where it needs to be. I have been very impressed by, not only her work product, but also how she goes about crafting her product. She asks the right questions, gets to the heart of matters, and builds a consensus that is so vital to make sure her deliverables are above reproach. Not only am I a “Strong Yes” for her to continue, I would argue for bumping her up to a Full Time Fellow.
  • 🎬 STRONG YES: Kelly is the right person to help us get on the right track when it comes to communication and brand messaging. She has the experience and expertise to help align different sub teams within Harmony and I’m certain she will be key in our growth in communications and marketing.

6️⃣: Hire website team for design, content and development, Website design concept decided, Review and hire PR firm(s). On hold / On hold / 100%
  • 🌲 STRONG YES: Kelly has already shown her skills through her dedication to revamping the website and the professional way she managed gathering insight and inspiration from the team. Add to that her ability to help us in crisis communications and you can see that she is a strong tool for Harmony in our marketing and communications vertical. I very much enjoy working with Kelly and I learn new things when working with her constantly.
  • 🎬 STRONG YES: Kelly has shown true expertise and leadership during these last couple weeks. It is evident that we need her assistance in crafting the correct messaging during this complicated situation.
  • 🎥 STRONG YES: Kelly is such a valuable player in the Harmony ecosystem. She just “gets it” when it comes to figuring out the brand’s VOICE. She asks the tough questions and is never afraid to take a hard line stance when she believes in an initiative. Harmony needs that, especially in a communications role. She brings so much insight and value to the comms team and she is also an absolute joy to work with. This strong yes is an absolute no-brainer. 💙
  • 🥤: Kelly has been instrumental in multiple efforts I have worked on during the quarter, and has made a profound impact anywhere she has been found. Her ability to cut through the noise and deliver a focused, cohesive message, that can often be what is NEEDED; is something I deeply admire. Her mentorship in both the past two weeks and during various engagements has taught me so much, and I look forward to continue to learn from her wisdom.
  • 🔭 STRONG YES: Kelly is an extremely valuable contributor who possesses an incredibly high level of critical thinking and a realist mindset. I’m reminded of her ability to ask the important questions and raise important concerns in nearly all my interactions with her. In Q2, Kelly and I have worked together a number of times (PR interviews, website redesign brainstorming, crisis management, etc.), and I’ve come to have great respect for her talent, intelligence, and rational approach to problem solving.
  • Peter: STRONG YES. Kelly is the voice of reason we need but don’t deserve; she represents the customer voice and is a stickler for detail that makes a difference.

♠️ Wanhi Lee 🎥 (from 4/1): 70% Video Editing, 30% Visual Effects

Last three months was a quite interesting beginning of the journey for me. Initially my main job was to edit event videos for social media contents so that all the video release can be processed in better and smoother way. The first month of Q2 for me was to adjust myself in Harmony’s echosystem and the visual/audial vibe of the company. I could adapt myself to the guideline of the contents fairly easily and I tried my best to bring out some different creative look without violating the style that had been set up on Harmony. As the direction and strategy changed, I shifted a little bit into visual graphic design for ONEWeekly and 1DAO contents for YouTube. It was interesting and worthwhile process with other members in Harmony other than the video content team. Towards the end of Q2 I could gradually participate more on contents development for 1Wallet commercial project. Bringing creative input on the bigger scale project paid me off with much satisfaction and hope working in Harmony. It is why I am expecting more adventures and challenges in Q3 even in the cloudy and dark situation at the moment. 💙
4️⃣: Visual effects, music & story for ETHRIO talks (Blu3 DAO), ETHDenver talks (Amy Soon), Pre-render visual template for Ghana 100/100/100%
  • 🎥 Wanhi has shown that he has the grit to take our content to the next level. He has given a unique and high end voice to our videos that take “standard content” to the next level. He is hungry and wants to add value anywhere he can.
5️⃣: 1Wallet Commercial Treatment, Edit Event Talks for Ghana, DoDAO and Open DAO Ops Call YouTube Visuals. 100/100/100%
  • 🎥 STRONG YES: Wanhi went above and beyond this month, adding his talents to work on transitions and intro outro sweeps for not just the content team, but for ONEWeekly, DAO Ops, and even working on stuff directly for 1Wallet. He helps elevate the Harmony brand to a higher level and continues to also make amazing edits for the video team. He even got to help on a shoot, proving that he has what it takes to be well rounded in this space.
  • 🔭 STRONG YES: Wanhi has been instrumental in getting high quality animated graphics on the ONEWeekly. On top of being creative and producing high quality content, Wanhi was also communicative and quick to respond to requests. He was a pleasure to work with this month and I fully look forward to continuing that work with him.
  • 🎬 STRONG YES: It is a pleasure to work with Wanhi, as he is equally creative as he is hardworking. He thinks outside the box and creates appealing content regardless of the subject matter. This month he has really grown to helping more sub teams with video assets so it is great to see his role growing.
6️⃣: Create Bespoke keynote intro visual, Create Social media call to action visuals, Finish 1Wallet Commercial creative pre-production (visual research and storyboard).
  • 🎬 STRONG YES: Wanhi has really been showing his value to the entire project lately, helping create graphics and animations for many purposes. He has also helped with strategizing content which is a delight, because creativity strategizing can be a long and frustrating process.
  • 🎥 STRONG YES: Wanhi is incredible. He has filled a very specific gap that our team has needed: Visual effects and amazing ability to edit content tastefully. His quality has elevated Harmony to another level, and he is constantly looking to the core of the story to elevate the personality and tone of the brand. When told to branch out and help others on the team, he stepped up to the plate without hessitation. He now works directly with so many different team members in crafting high level graphical animation as well as his normal duties in editing and story-telling in the content team. Wanhi is hands down the secret sauce in the content team.
    • Areas of Improvement: I would love to see Wanhi’s full potential in Q3…. There are so many concepts that we can create, it all really revolves around proper messaging and planning. I know that Wanhi has been itching to do some really creative stuff… why wait?! Let’s just do it!
  • 🔭: STRONG YES: Wanhi, like Eilam, is another pleasure to work with - he and I worked together this quarter on putting together material for ONEWeekly and he consistently delivers with high quality motion graphics. Easy to reach, easy to communicate with, high quality work, and a professional work ethic on top of all that. 💙
  • 🛹 STRONG YES: Wanhi’s visual effects work has really upgraded the look and feel of Harmony and the community is responding positively towards it. He works very close with both Adrian and Pagan in making sure that the Harmony brand has the professional look it deserves.

🎮 Matthew Barrett 🔭: (from 4/1) 70% ONEWeekly, 30% Community Engagement

My time at Harmony started at the beginning of Q2 and has centered around community communications. Beginning as a Harmony investor and loving the technology behind our product, I have always believed that educating the community on Harmony’s technology, ecosystem growth and the general knowledge of our user base are critical factors in developing the Web3 space. This began with our ONEWeekly newsletter series and has expanded into our weekly Video series in a collaborative effort with community member Logendetty. Throughout this quarter, I believe we have seen incredible feedback from our community members as well as partners that we have highlighted in bringing awareness to their platforms.

  • Throughout the launch of our ONEWeekly news series, we have been able to successfully highlight numerous ecosystem partners, tout our technology updates as well as bring more team members individual work to the forefront. 💙

I have been pleased with the work we have done throughout Q2 and look forward to continuing that drive as we begin Q3. Improving relationships with project managers, teams and community members are how we create a sustainable ecosystem and I look forward to being an active member in accomplishing this goal in the months ahead.

Personal Q3 goals: I aim to improve my writing skills with a focus on technical writing in addition to being a little more timely with publishing my Notion documentation

4️⃣: Publish 4 ONEWeekly articles (scout & wallets), 2 team interviews for content (Max & Aaron), Scripts for new ONEWeekly video series. 100/100/100%
5️⃣: 3 ONEWeekly (Ep3 & Ep4), 8 partner highlights (Wk1 & Wk2), 1 core team interview (Week 4 ONEWeekly). 100/100/100%
  • 🔭 STRONG YES: Matthew has helped us create this month’s episodes of the ONEWeekly video series while publishing our weekly newsletter through Medium. Matthew also helped promote a number of ecosystem projects and created our Q&A for this month’s interview with RJ. Thank you to Matthew for being hard working and communicative throughout.
  • 💃🏻 STRONG YES: Matt has been a great help with our weekly transcriptions. In addition, he is eager to respond to requests and helpful in providing feedback on our efforts.
  • 🐇 STRONG YES: Matt is an excellent addition to our team. His efforts on the ONEWeekly video series have been incredibly helpful during times when we really needed to put out better content & messaging. I admire how he is ready to work in crisis mode and be responsive, such as helping to create Medium articles to communicate with the community during these times. I admire Matt’s positive attitude and kindness, and reaching out with level-headed reassuring words, and looking out for the team.
6️⃣: Creation and daily maintenance of Crisis Medium documentation for community awareness, 3 ONEWeekly newsletters (Wk1, Wk2, Wk3), Review and Update 4 Official Harmony documents 100%, 100%, 80%

🔭: STRONG YES: Matthew is behind-the-scenes and doing a great job this month and quarter. His newsletter and script framework, collaboration with Jeremy and Logan, and his open communication with the comms team and the community have been a huge help and vaulable addition. Matthew has also started to help update our internal documentation which is going to provide our community up-to-date information and resources. I’m looking forward to working with Matthew more.

💃🏻: STRONG YES: Matthew has helped us with office transcriptions, and this is not an easy task. He has been a positive teammate and is always ready to execute. I commend him for his prompt assistance, responses, and accuracy in these tasks.

🕸️ Amanda Bancroft 💃🏻: 100% Ops

🕸️I joined Harmony at the beginning of Q2, and I have learned from many fantastic individuals on the team. My area of focus began in accounting and events. I developed the bookkeeping structure for event finances, designed the proposal for event budgets and planning, and produced an educational presentation about women in web3. I was invited to join the HR team, where I published the travel expense policy, event conduct guidance, and wrote scripts for HR onboarding videos. Since restructuring the guilds, my area of focus has been business operations. My time working in operations has led me to interact with the entire team, encourage productivity and unity, and assist in necessary daily functions. This past month, I have supported the team in maintaining deliverable updates and communicating review deadlines and guidelines. I have taken on projects beyond my monthly deliverables including logistics for weekly TGI Wednesdays, coordinating the May offsite reservations, paying vendors for event needs, and developing a structure for internal monthly expense reports. I enjoy my time with Harmony and look forward to learning, growing, and thriving with the team. 💙
4️⃣: Event bookkeeping guidelines (travel & sponsorship), Budget proposal guidelines, Harmony + women in web 3 presentation. 100/100/100%
  • 💃🏻 Amanda has done an incredible job and shown dedication Harmony values in her work. Her guidelines and presentations for our team to utilize have given us more scalability and efficiency in our events, accounting, operations, and human resources. Amanda takes the initiative and delivers work well done.
5️⃣: Publish event spending guidelines, Publish slideshow for event conduct guidance, Develop Scripts for HR Onboarding Videos. 100/100/100%
  • 🎤 STRONG YES: Amanda continues to make an impact on several key areas that impact every person on the team. She holds herself to a very high standard and is very proactive in finding new ways to support team process and growth.
  • 💃🏻 STRONG YES: In May, Amanda has continued to flourish in her deliverables. Amanda has been assisting more with operational needs and has done a great job helping our team find organization and structure. In May, I would like to work more closely with Amanda to structure a bookkeeping system that allows more efficiency for the team's transparency. Amanda fulfilled all of her tasks with little hand-holding, and I am happy to have her as an asset to this team.
6️⃣: May deliverables, Team finishing June deliverables, Q2 team performance review. 90/90/90%

🎤 STRONG YES: Amanda works very hard and manages many logistical and accounting tasks with excellence. She is very organized, an excellent communicator, and is very helpful in ensuring team operations function smoothly.

✅ Amanda excels at follow up, follow through, and deep diving into everything she takes on. When time is of the essence, Amanda comes through. I have been impressed by both her work ethic as well as her attention to detail even in last minute clinches - can we go through that list one more time :) Such professionalism is inspirational and joyful to be around.

💃🏻 STRONG YES: Amanda has worked very hard this quarter. Though there is much to learn, Amanda always seeks answers and solutions in her work. I am always impressed with her ability to move with change and pursue the best path of direction. During the quarter, Amanda has created and managed multiple spreadsheets and guidelines that our team deeply needed. I hope to continue giving her the right tools as she continues to be an asset to this team. 💙

🎥 STRONG YES: Amanda is an absolute pro. She is no-nonsense with a get it done attitude and is extremely pleasant to deal with. I can tell that she really cares about overhauling the ops workflow and she is absolutely elevating the ops team with her hard work. You can just sense that everything runs smoother and better when she is involved. I don’t have to worry with her if tasks will get done, she just handles it.

📗 Thank you Amanda for being there when I needed you, despite how late it was on your side! Along with Rob, you have really helped me get up to speed with bureaucratic procedures.

🚜 Amanda is a superstar Ops operative. I’ve been working with Amanda more often recently with ops crossover tasks and super appreciative of her rapid responses. Also, whenever I’ve traveled, Amanda has made the process painless and accommodating. I look forward to continue working with Amanda.

🐯 STRONG YES: Amanda has been very helpful in admin, hr & Ops. Responsive and get work done quickly. she helps on order food for tgi.

✅ Rob Rasor 🐯: 50% HR, 50% People Ops

I joined the HR and People Ops team at the start of Q2. The production of the right HR content, security, and compliance were immediate needs. As a result, I also focused on devising optimal structures for operational flow. I began with a more structured routine for onboarding new hires at all levels. This process kept in mind the aim of being as “human” as possible. Invitations for involvement included people that would invest in each hire’s success. Furthermore, I made myself available for common as well as nuanced questions. The issues required regular interaction to gain team member consensus and complete answers. The consequence was the creation of a full HR Playbook for guidance on the essentials. Widespread duplication existed around the Harmony ecosystem. Content that ran parallel or replicated information was streamlined and pulled together. The conclusion was an enhanced Welcome page. This revitalized page captured the core of the “people journey” when joining Harmony. To keep the momentum on removing confusion, I created two new Telegram Groups. These Contributor and Fellow groups improved communications. Going forward, the changing environment will require proven stable solutions. These solutions will need to encompass security, confidentiality, compliance, and automation. I look forward to continuing work with the Harmony team.
4️⃣: New fellows/contributors completing notion pages, Onboarding documentation (intake & timesheets), Human resources standards. 100/100/100%
  • 🎤: Rob onboarded during a transitional period, yet managed to establish order for his workflow and the HR operations. Rob is highly dependable and an excellent communicator.
  • 💃🏻 Rob has been a strong foundation in our HR and People Ops teams. Rob has given our team knowledge and feedback to protect and lift our employees and better assist our team in payroll, benefits, and support. In addition, Rob selflessly takes on responsibilities to ease the weight of core members and fellows/contributors alike to ensure their needs don't fall through the cracks. I want to highlight Rob's care and dedication to this team. He has been the strong point that is easy for many of us to overlook.
5️⃣: Create new onboarding intake form, All existing fellows completing Notion pages, 4 onboarding tutorial videos. 100/95/100%
  • 🎤 STRONG YES: Rob has continued to optimize our HR operations. While only here for 2 months, his presence has directly supported each person and brought a level of cohesiveness to our team. Rob is an excellent team player and is hungry for growth.
  • 💃🏻 STRONG YES: Rob continues to empower our team with knowledge, resources, and production. I'd like to see Rob scale his efforts in June to ease the workload and ensure efficiency in our Human Resource processes.
  • 🐇 In the time that I’ve worked with Rob, I can clearly see that he is doing a great service for Harmony in an area that is much needed: HR. Since Rob has been working with us, I notice a significant improvement in our hiring processes (especially when it comes to communication). I’ve been impressed by Rob and Matty’s efforts to improve this process, and I now feel (as someone working for Harmony) more at ease that they are there to support me if I have any questions or need help, which has been a huge relief. Addtionally, I’m looking forward to us getting our team using Opolis & continuing to improve our hiring procedures as we scale. 10/10 needed on our team.
6️⃣: Implement CRM for secure record keeping in HR/People Ops, All active contributors completing profile page, Add 4 new explanation videos to welcome page.

🕸️Rob is always there to support any person on the team. He has extensive knowledge in HR and uses his knowledge to ensure that everyone has the necessary and readily accessible tools to be set up for success. Rob will respond to any message requesting assistance in a timely manner and ensure that all requests for help are seen through and all ambiguities are resolved. 💙

🎤 STRONG YES: Rob continues to do an excellent job of supporting the entire team. Rob is highly dependable and knowledgable, taking over many of the HR functions needed to support the team and provide operational structure that is very much needed as we all thrive in chaos.

💃🏻 STRONG YES: Rob is eager to learn and patient in finding solutions. Rob has worked closely with the team to understand the ways of "web3", while giving feedback and direction in areas others are not as familiar with. I want to acknowledge how much of an asset his knowledge in accounting, business, and HR has been to the operations team. I am happy to see how he's integrated with more team members and hope to see him take more ownership in Q3.

🐇 : Meeting Rob at the office recently was a very pleasant experience, and I’m happy I got to connect with him in person. When I think of Rob, I think professionalism, mixed with intelligence, experience, and a kind heart. He is always willing to help others on the team, and is always responsive whenever I have questions about hours & payment procedures. Not to mention, he’s been very proactive with the Opolis partnership and has been eager to help get workers in Harmony set up with benefits, which is admirable. We need a strong HR person, and with Rob’s background & work ethic, he’s IT!

📗 Frankly, I would have drowned without Rob. The way he supported me (and above all the patience he had with me) going through the online paperwork was crucial. I am very thankful for his dedication and time.

🐯 STRONG YES: Rob is very helpful in new hire onboarding and contributor invoice processing.

🎮 Rob’s work for onboarding contributors and guiding us through the process deserves the upmost recognition and appreciation. He seems to always have the answer, responds extremely quick and appears to do so quite happily. I cannot thank you enough for your assistance Rob throughout this process.

✅ Rob Rasor sorted out a lot of things in hr and newcomers ops. Keep doing that, thanks!

🚎 Artem Kolodko 🎸: Block explorer 50% Multisig 35% Trustless Bridge 15%

  • 🎸 STRONG YES: Artem does heavy lifting on developing block explorer features, reducing db costs and helps with Ethereum trustless bridge. he is irreplaceable help of mine
  • ⚔️ STRONG YES: Artem has been doing a lot of work in regards of the explorer dashboard and our other services like multisig. Many of the new feature would be been in the backlog still. Additionally, he worked as well on the DB reduction cost showing me high DB analytics skill to figure out issue.
6️⃣: Trustless Ethereum Bridge Client (UI components, styles), Multisig Staking support, Block Explorer features.

🎸 STRONG YES: Artem completed all major goals for May-June, including: Gnosis safe staking feature, multiple Explorer UI updates; he also started development of trustless bridge backend app. Artem regularly did code reviews for other contributors, keeping track the code quality.

🛰️ STRONG YES: Artem is extremely quick to respond and writes good quality code.

🌻 STRONG YES - a quick dive into the architecture of the trustless bridge, great work on the SDK and frontend mvp version 💙

📗 Eduard Peris 🎤 (from 5/1): Business Development 70%, Grants in EMEA 20%, Events 10%

5️⃣: Lead Davos representation, Discussions with key potential sponsor Barcelona, Prepare training for new contributors. 75/100/85%
  • ☁️ STRONG YES: Eduard is a resourceful contributor with great connections in Europe. He can bring much-needed coverage to the EMEA region. I’d like to encourage Ed to shift most of his focus to business development.
  • 🎤 STRONG YES: Eduard is a strong presence at events and can amplify Harmony’s growth in EMEA regions.

6️⃣: Develop builder program in emerging markets, Review online sustainability strategies of key chains, Identify top 2 African games/guilds: 100/85/90%

🎤 STRONG YES: Eduard has very strong experience in bringing in EMEA partnerships, and has been a great team player as we transition to our Q3 initiatives. I am confident that Eduard will be able to make a strong impact, through EMEA partnerships, to support the execution of our Q3 initiatives. 💙

💃🏻 STRONG YES: Eduard has been the team member to show up and give us whatever help we need in any situation I've worked with him. I admire his dedication, loyalty, wisdom, and knowledge of economic impacts within the space and scalable solutions. We are fortunate to have him on this team, and I hope we utilize his skills to their fullest in Q3.

🇪🇺 In all the meetings we have had, in each and every one of them, Eduard always shows that he has the energy to grow the protocol in unusual areas, where business knowledge is required, which few have. I hope that this potential is used internally.

This was my first quarter with Harmony. My main tasks have included supporting Harmony during the EthAmsterdam event (onboarding projects and representing the organisation) and the Davos event (working closely with Jose Couto). I presented a report from Davos to the core team, which should serve as a building block for a future corporate strategy (I strongly believe that Harmony should have a bizdev team that focuses on corporates, as these will most probably become a key ecosystem player in the near future). I also organised and planned EthBarcelona, having found quality venues and partners. Unfortunately the event was cancelled due to exogenous reasons. I also prepared Harmony’s introductory training for new staff and contributors, as I detected during various events and discussions that different team members presented Harmony and its support mechanisms in very different ways, potentially creating confusion among potential ecosystem partners. The objective is now to develop the different modules of this training program (vision, DAOs, grants program, etc.). 💙

During June I have focused more on research. Discussions with core members led to the conclusion that sustainability (a chain’s green strategy) may play an important role when deciding where to build as eco-consciousness grows. The conclusion is that some chains are aggressively marketing the fact that they are going green and carbon neutral. When properly marketed, this presents a strong opportunity for Harmony, in view of its technological strengths. On top of this, thanks to my access to emerging markets, I have detected various tech universities in Kenya and South Africa who would be interested in reaching agreements with Harmony. I believe that universities across the world present local ecosystems with very high percentages of potential builders (other chains are currently closing deals with schools across key emerging markets). I would welcome a strategic discussion with the core team on how to best move fwd with this important component. I will be spending a few hours next month completing the report.

On another note, I believe that I need to improve my “operational tasks”, updating notion documents faster.

Finally, I welcome all team members to reach out to me to discuss how we could increase our presence in emerging markets. Other protocols are quickly quickly disembarking in what is a growing market.

🦠 James “Flu” Griffin 🌲: Ecosystem Advocacy 25%, Games 40%, NFTs 35%

Q2 has been an interesting time. I have focused heavily on getting a good set of resources together for ongoing communications with developers on chain, and another set of resources for dealing directly with retail investors. I have continued to grow my Harmony specific audience, and have shown, through the time of extreme stress during the recent negative events, to have developed a massive amount of resistance to negative sentiment. Such sentiment is limited on my own socials. I credit my mixed approach (providing criticism publicly as well as praise) for this level of community trust and favor. 💙 I have helped many Core members to gain a communication channel with specific projects, and have prevented several issues from blowing up with quick and early warnings to people like @Daniel Pagan, @Peter Abilla, @Devin Patrick Marty, @Giv Parvaneh, and @Sam Harrison.
4️⃣: Strategize Permissionless conference, identify 10 grantees, 4 Project Y grantees, Establish communication channel with 50 ecosystem projects. 80/80/100%

5️⃣: Recruit one gaming focused team from Permissionless hackathon to deploy on Harmony, Publish insight/follow-up for Team V & Team C, Publish GameFi Project Plan. 100/100/100%
  • 🌲: STRONG YES: James insight into the inner workings of the Harmony community is invaluable. I believe we should make all efforts to continue to engage and support him in his work. We should also strategically move to include his insights into more areas and move additional support into place to assist him in his work. He would be very advantageous to have as part of our Grants program, our Developer Relations program our our Game program.
  • 🔭: STRONG YES: The insight that James (Flu) can provide is valuable and we’ve only partially tapped into what I feel he can offer. We should ensure that James is working more closely with our ecosystem and grants team which is his area of focus. I think James can do a great job while surrounded by team members with similar tasks, and reporting to a team member who is also grant and ecosystem focused.

6️⃣: Identify 10 projects/investors at Consesnsus Austin, Establish communication distribution method from the Private Server with Harmony Leads - Feeding into the main projects Discords.

🎤 STRONG YES: Flu’s connections in the ecosystem are unparalleled. Flu is a wealth of knowledge and will make a big impact on our Q3 initiatives with NFTs and gaming through developing valuable partnerships. I would also like to see Flu utilized in developer relations.

🌲 STRONG YES: Flu has been invaluable to Harmony. His grassroots efforts help us understand community sentiment weeks before it comes to the surface. Additionally, he is a strong advocate for the project and members of the team. His honesty is valued. I invited him to join the team specifically because he has a deep understanding of the blockchain space, why developers and defi degens pick certain projects and - importantly - why they stay around. Those insights are more valuable now than ever before. My only small ask is for him to polish his communications just a little. While I do not want him to loose his passion and have his message be occluded by pc jargon - I also want to make sure that his teammates do not get offended by his messages and he is able to get the “signal” through any “noise” his communication style may create.

🔭: STRONG YES: Flu brings a unique perspective and insight that is rare and very valuable to this space. He uses his ability to network with developers/project teams along with his ability to connect with the community to bring valuable information, suggestions, and feedback that allows the team to make more informed decisions. I think Flu is capable of doing much more for this team and I look forward to seeing what and where else he can contribute. He’s a high impact contributor with a unique sense of the landscape we’re all trying to navigate together.

  • Peter: STRONG YES: Flu has been an excellent ambassador to the developer community and retail investor community at large. He takes a good cop/bad cop approach that makes him appeal to our supporters and detractors both. He has built out a large portion of our GameFi pipeline as well, and continues to be a useful asset on the frontlines. 💙
  • 🚜 Flu has been super helpful when I’ve needed to ecosystem knowledge. He’s direct and to the point, and I appreciate his raw perspective and knowledge.

🚜 Demetre Gostas 🐉 (from 5/13): _%

I joined Harmony in Q2 and immediately jumped into the DeFi ecosystem on Harmony, reviewing current needs and analyzing cross-chain ecosystems. I worked with existing partners helping test their products and advise them on tokenomics. I joined communications with CEXs for listings and expanded capabilities, like stablecoin on/off support, marketing strategies, fiat card support and staking delgation neogtiations. I chipped in wherever needed, from website, to DAOs, to bridge value props, to treasury management. I helped architect a tailormade liqudity protocol for Harmony called Pipe, which combined the most effective defi pieces from bluechip products on Ethereum to help kickstart TVL. As market conditions changed I pivoted with the team to tackle NFT initiatives. I’ve set up a creator pipeline through Nashville and actively working on NFT product. 💙
  • 🎥 STRONG YES: Demetre brings invaluable enthusiasm and energy to Harmony and backs it with strong knowledge of our products and what holes exist in our ecosystem. He is a hard-core user of the Harmony ecosystem and to have someone like that actually building and contributing on the team is just what we need at this point in time.
  • 📖: Demetre is incredible in his work ethic and attitude. We need his DeFi expertise at Harmony.
  • 🔭 STRONG YES: Demetre brings great skill in DeFi and ecosystem growth to Harmony. This month, I’ve seen Demetre work on exchange listings and related incentives, propose the “PIPE” project for Harmony, and brainstorm with me and Ganesha on how to increase transactions on our trustless BTC bridge. Demetre has a lot to offer in his field of focus and I can’t wait to see his “PIPE” project come to fruition.

6️⃣: Develop treasury management strategy, q3 NFT user acquisition battleplan and NFT minter dApp, 5 user personas for DeFi. 100/95/100%.

🎥 STRONG YES: Demetre is a power Harmony user that brings his passion to the table to help make sure our foundation is solid. I very much appreciate his perspective on so many issues during team meetings. He says the things that need to be said and is very much in tune with the holes that Harmony needs to plug.

🎤 STRONG YES: Demetre works exceptionally hard. Regardless of the circumstance, Demetre is focused on executing ideas that move Harmony forward. He has only recently started with Harmony, but he has already brought greta knowledge to the table and will be a force on our NFT/DeFi teams. I very much look forward to working on music NFTs with Demetre. 💙

🌀 : Demetre has great knowledge of DEFI systems and I believe he has proved himself a valuable resource to Harmony.

📗 I was in a discussion with Demetre, and was very impressed by his openness and receptivity to new ideas. We are both new to the ecosystem, and I look fwd to working with him to bring outside the box ideas :)

⚖️ Garrick Hyde-White 💃🏻: 100% Events

5️⃣: Publish matrix NYC, Event sponsorship deck, Publish event scouting guidelines. 100/100/90%
  • 🎤 STRONG YES: Garrick executes at a high standard, and is a great communicator. He will do an excellent job at leading our event teams to increase the value we get from events.
  • 💃🏻 STRONG YES: Garrick has gone above and beyond expectations in event strategies this month. Garrick has been quick to utilize external and internal resources and dedicate his time to finding cost efficient solutions directly impacting builders in the NYC build out. I would like to see Garrick take more responsibility within events and continue to lead and guide our team in initiatives to carry out our mission to capture builders. I am expectant to see our efforts shown in June and am proud of how quickly Garrick has learned and utilized this team.
  • 🎥: I really want to work with Garrick more, especially on ONEConference. I had a great couple of conversations with him and his insight and ideas are really constructive. I want to collab with him more when it makes sense.
  • 📖: Garrick has been awesome to work with for NFTNYC planning. He brings a brilliant perspective and unparalleled network to our events team. Excited to see him grow at Harmony!
6️⃣: Restructure event matrix, NFT.NYC project manager, brand sponsorship deck (cover costs for our event division). 100/100/100%
  • 🎬 STRONG YES: Garrick did a great job helping organize our event at NFT.NYC despite shifting circumstances. He was a big part in getting great speakers, the setup had a great look, and the venue was consistently packed with people. Would love to have his help on future events.
  • 📗 I greatly enjoyed a detailed discussion on event planning with Garrick, who is highly resourceful and know how to think out of the box.
  • 💃🏻 Garrick carried us through NFT.NYC during ambiguous circumstances. Though the events were not what we expected, he pushed forward and did what he could to get the job done. However, I would have liked to see more collaboration, communication, and synergy with the Harmony team during the events, giving more organization and transparency to executing what is needed. Nevertheless, the event could not have been without him, and I applaud him for bringing awareness to our chain through his partners. 💙

📢 Jose Couto:

In this Q2 I joined the team to attend ETH Amsterdam. I scouted, coordinate and manage the access to side events for our team. Also, I reached out several projects from Europe and Latam. During this quarter I worked with the Spanish and Latam community. I had several meetings, both IRL and online with new projects, grantees and DAOs. 💙 I presented a plan for WEF at Davos with others Core Team members, Fellows and Contributors. Found a local event planner with experience in this summit. Finally, our event was suspended, but the plan advancemany considerations for next opportunities. PR and comms experienced several changes in Q2. During this time, I worked in the transition with former colleagues. Preparing for the relaunch I started a translation playbook, did a research on Latam and Brazilian PR agencies and prepare a document with guidelines for comms and PR for Spain and Latam. During this month I assembled local teams in México City and Buenos Aires and prepare a plan for ETH Latam and ETH Mexico. Currently this is a standby plan.

6️⃣: Press release guidelines in Spanish, Onboard 3 projects from Europe, organize local team for ethMexico and ethLatam hackathons.

📗 I worked as a tandem with Jose during EthAmsterdam. Jose was very active looking for new ecosystem partners and clearly explaining how Harmony operated (and its strong points). His personal background (fluent in Spanish) will surely be very useful for Harmony’s Latam expansion.

🇪🇺 Thanks to Jose I’ve been attending to Blockchain meetings that helped the protocol to have more visibility. Jose also has power to grow a really good communication internal & external. Hope to see him again pushing in Q3.

🎬: STRONG YES: Jose has been instrumental at community relations during events and he is an amazing contributor to have overseas. Jose has also helped significantly with LatAm communications, something that I look forward to working more with him on. Someone as knowledgeable in the space and as social a Jose is, absolutely deserves a spot as a contributor for our team. 💙

6 Part-Time Contributors (max 15 hours) 🎤

🪖 Eli Bou Zeid 🐉: 80% wallet security, 20% security bounties

4️⃣: Wallet security announcement, Coordinate scheduling theft victims for fund recovery, Revising incoming wallet theft reports. 100/100/100%
5️⃣: Close out trailing issues from wallet victims, bounty programs alignment (ImmuneFi & Gitcoin), Plan threat vectors testing for Timeless 1Wallet. 80/0/0%
  • 🐉 : Eli has been a fantastic contributor to the wallet security initiative being on top every single security issue that was flagged as a viable case. He is highly disciplined, responsive and thorough. We were able to improve our workflow and ultimately reduce Harmony wallet owner dissatisfactions to zero for reported cases. In the future, given the opportunity, I’d would work with him gladly work with him again.
  • June 1: On call / on personal leave to complete his cybersecurity courseworks

⌛ Haodi Jiang 🏃: 20% identity token, 30% elastic rpc cluster, 50% game shard bridge

In Q2, as planned, i finished building the identity token mapping system, which can map users' NFT on Ethereum to Harmony, advancing the metaverse ecology. DFK has completed integration as the first batch of partners. At the same time, I worked with Lutty to build Elastic RPC cluster, which realized the automatic scaling and performance improvement of explorer node, reduced the storage space and the number of servers of the original RPC cluster, and greatly saved the investment cost on AWS. Finally, Lutty and I cooperated to finish the integration of Game Shard in Horizon bridge, which is convenient for dApp developers and users to move the token of HRC20 and HRC721 between shard0 and shard1, laying a good foundation for the ecological construction of Game Shard. 💙
4️⃣: iToken application automation and monitor, Endpoint regression test on cloud database, Shard1 endpoint launch with cloud database. 100/90/95%
  • 🏃: STRONG YES: Haodi helped a lot in watchdog, cross-shard bridge. His deliverables was important for the game shard launch.
  • ⚔️: STRONG YES: Hoadi has been really helpful going through feature request in watchdog / go-sdk. He has been working closely with Lutty on multiple initiative like the elastic RPC and recently helping the team with level DB sharding operation
6️⃣: HRC721 support in cross-shard bridge, Cross-shard bridge on mainnet (smart contract, backend), Watchdog frontend/backend redesign. 100/90/90%
  • 🛰️ STRONG YES: Haodi’s changes to watchdog have helped those of us on-call to track and respond to a recurring issue much faster and I appreciate his quick work in creating those alerts.
  • 🏔️ STRONG YES: Haodi has been instrumental in the implementation of the elastic RPC, and a reliable point of contact, keen to help and answer questions. A guy with an awesome personality and team spirit willing to walk the extra mile. 💙
🏃 STRONG YES: cross-shard NFT & watchdog; iToken is very welcome by the community

⌨️ Lutty Yang 🏃: 70% elastic rpc cluster, 30% game shard bridge

Q2, Haodi and I worked together to implement an Elastic RPC cluster from architecture to design to coding, allowing explorer nodes to automatically scale and bring a lot of performance improvements, reducing the storage space and number of servers of the original RPC cluster, saving a lot of money. The cost of AWS, and then, Haodi and I cooperated to complete the deployment of Game Shard on Horizon bridge, which is convenient for dApp developers and users to transfer HRC20 and HRC721 tokens between shard0 and shard1, laying a good foundation for the ecological construction of Game Shard . 💙
4️⃣: Cloud database and Redis setup (storage on ExplorerNode), Auto-scaling endpoint nodes, Database reader process. 100/95/95%

  • 🏃: STRONG YES: Lutty keep pushing forward with elastic rpc implementation. Thanks for the successful launch on shard 1.
  • ⚔️: STRONG YES: Lutty is the code genius for multiple important feature like the elastic RPC. Issue highlighted as part of the s1 launch test were fixed in less than a day
6️⃣: Dynamo database investigation, Go development kit support of new snapshot, Endpoint server enhancement. 100/70/100%
  • 🏔️ STRONG YES: Lutty has done a magnificent job coding the elastic RPC and addressing feedback, giving great insight, answering lots of questions and fixing issues quickly. 💙
  • 🛰️ STRONG YES: Lutty knows the codebase very deeply and is able to answer questions about the internal workings of Harmony very easily.

🏃 STRONG YES: good job on the elastic rpc. shall improve on the coding style and commit messages.

🧩 Yu Yi 🏃: 40% Promotion, 40% Community, 20% business development

In Q2, I started to sync a lot of Harmony's official content to the Chinese community, including the ONEWeekly series of videos and articles on Medium and DappRadar translated into Chinese to promote to CN community, interviewed by Chinese blockchain medias and invited Giv to accept ChainCatcher's interview.
Meanwhile, I guided Chinese dapps to launch Harmony ecosystem, including the cooperation with Go+, a domestic start-up in the field of decentralized security, etc., and promoted Huobi Staking, bybit, and ONTO Wallet to participate in our staking nodes. 💙
Finally, I continued to promote ZKU plan, invited Peking and Tsinghua students to participate in ZKU, communicated and cooperated with metajam and KuCoin, and plan to hold a university hackathon in China in Q3.
4️⃣: 10 new ZKU enrollment from China (0xAA & Will), 4 Chinese medium posts (iToken & wallet), Prepare imToken campaign. 100/100/95%

5️⃣: ZKU partnership with two universities (Peking and Tsinghua), 5 medium posts (1/2/3/4/5), Invest in GoPlus. 100/100/100%
  • 🏃: STRONG YES: YuYi did a fantastic job in managing China community, business development leads to a good investment to GO+.
  • ⛵: STRONG YES: I wanted to say that for ZKU, one of the most important introductions / partnerships is the one with KuCoin, and that was all thanks to Yu Yi’s help. Also, in the current cohort we have been seeing more highly qualified students from mainland China joining our course as well.
6️⃣: 8 Chinese medium posts (1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8), 5 one weekly videos (1/2/3/4/5), China hackathon plan and zku promotion, Footprint's interview, ChainCatcher's interview with Giv. 100/100/90%

STRONG YES: Continued excellent work on ZKU. 💙
🏃 STRONG YES: keep up on managing the Chinese community, feedback from the community is important

🎩 Gabby Vorbeck 🌲: _%

5️⃣: 1Wallet Referral System & Campus Outreach, Join and report findings (7) - DAO Target List, Permissionless event in Palm Beach (Investor & DAO Prospecting) 90/100/100%
  • 🐉 : Gabby understands the strengths of Harmony and is able to pitch during events. His deep analytical mind has been really helpful to analyze the investor and grantee landscapes

👩🏻‍🚀 Kayla Cho 💃🏻: 50% Events, 30% Operations, 20% Community

I joined Harmony’s events team in Q2 where I had the unique opportunity of working with Essa and Amanda. Throughout my web3 journey, Essa is the best mentor I have had and am grateful that she has taken me under her wing to showed me the ropes. My job consisted of up-keeping events on the notion page(s) and making sure that previous events had consistent layouts. I also updated Harmony’s U.S census bureau survey, created spreadsheets, analytics for the ONEConference, made iterations to operations and was involved in partnerships. Through these tasks, I was able to learn the day-to-day intricacies of how Harmony operates. One of my highlights of being part of Harmony is virtually meeting and interacting with genuine, insightful, and hilarious team members. It was no different when I had the opportunity to meet them in person while working at the NFT NYC Harmony x W3BTHR33 Lounge. The past two months have been a net positive experience and I am looking forward to learning and growing to be an asset to Harmony. 💙
5️⃣:  Event planning template, sponsorship package for NFT.NYC, Attendee list and accommodation arrangements (NFT.NYC). 100/100/80%
  • 🎤 STRONG YES: Kayla is very knowledgeable and has start up experience - she understands the effort it takes to succeed at a high level in web3. Kayla is a great team player and responds very well to feedback as she is hungry to grow.
  • 💃🏻 STRONG YES: Kayla has been an asset to our events, operations, and community. She has taken the initiative in our community outreach and has been courageous to address our structure and strategies flaws. In addition, Kayla has shown that she is not just a team player but will go above and beyond to ensure every tiny detail is in order. I have seen Kayla grow this month as she yearns for growth and feedback, and I am looking forward to seeing her confidence and responsibilities grow in June.
  • 🐇 Kayla is incredibly hard working, and a bright individual. She is extremely passionate about Harmony, and I’ve grown to admire her positive attitude, and ability to host successful events with such ease! She is a natural organizer & event host- She’s excelled at hosting Ambassador DAO events in LA, always bringing in a large number of attendees. She is always eager to reach out, learn, and is always available for a call or message. We are lucky to have Kayla on the team.
  • 🎬 STRONG YES: Kayla is a self starter who takes initiative and gets tasks done. She has great experience with events therefore contributes valuable opinions and facts during event ops meetings. She is great at organizing events and I can see her role growing in the future. Furthermore, she has been very helpful with my ONEConference research, helping collect data through polling on various channels.
6️⃣: NFT NYC x Harmony Hub sponsorship outreach, ONEConference venue research, analysis, contact, RoS for W3BTHR33 Lounge is on schedule. 100/100/100%

💃🏻 STRONG YES: Kayla has worked very hard this quarter to assist the events team. She has been diligent in what needs to be done, with close attention to detail. Kayla has helped us immensely to ensure we have the necessary resources and tasks completed for success. I am very grateful for her presence on the events team and am expectant to see what she brings forth in her initiatives. 💙

🎬: STRONG YES: I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kayla on multiple occasions. She assisted with consumer research for ONE Conference, and aided tremendously in the planning of events, specifically NFT.NYC. In my opinion, our WebThr33 Lounge at NFT.NYC was a success in large part to her efforts. Kayla also is very knowledgeable in the space and always brings up important questions during meetings. I am certain that in Q3 she will help significantly in our NFT initiatives due to her expertise and connections in the industry.

6 Quarter-Time Contributors (max 10 hours) 🎤

🧿 Noura Bou Zeid 💃🏽: 40% Events, 30% Community Engagement, 30% Women in Web3

4️⃣: Miami event impact report (panel & 1wallet), NFT NYC & Permissionless plans, Report & boost women initiatives (Meta, H.E.R., Blu3). 100/100/100%
  • 🎤: Amazing work from Noura. She consistently delivers high quality work with conviction, passion, and great attention to detail. I am especially excited to see her grow in her presence in supporting women in web3 initiatives. Noura is becoming a leader in the space and has very bright days ahead.
  • 🐉: Noura is able to work on events with very little context nowadays. Understandably her daytime commitments are very demanding, otherwise she would be able to help strategize with larger initiatives.
  • 📖: Noura is the brains behind many of our events. Not only does she expertly level-set expectations during ideation, she is a brilliant executor and a much needed part of the Harmony team.
5️⃣: Execute Permissionless and Post-Mortem Report, NFT NYC strategy, Report & boost women initiatives (Meta, H.E.R., Blu3). 100/90/75%
  • 🎤: STRONG YES: Noura is an excellent team player. I would love to see Noura continue to grow in her role of becoming a leader for women in web3. Additionally, I would like to see Noura become more active with various sub teams to make a larger impact on core initiatives as we temporarily scale down events.
  • 🎥: STRONG YES: Having a female voice and perspective from Noura is oftentimes super valuable when she contributes to big initiatives. She was extremely helpful in helping plan potential Miami venues for my ONEConference proposal (in case we wanted to do it outside of SF)
  • 🎬 STRONG YES: Noura brings very valuable perspective to our events team. She never fails to bring up great points when discussing anything from logistics to attendee experience. Furthermore, Noura is great at working events and she is a big reason as to why our events run smoothly.

🥑 Miguel Velasco 🎤: 50% Events, 20% Operations, 30% Community Engagement

For Q2, I did my best to develop and pivot to the ever changing blockchain space. Most important I continue to learn the technology and develop lasting relationships. As a signatory for the ADAO we were are to increase Harmony's presence in the community. We successfully implemented processes to scale in-person events. ADAO successfully had 10 events in April and 15 in May. I joined the events team in May and began to learn the planning of Harmony events. I also joined the Permissionless team and assisted with Harmony venture program. The team successfully attended the Permissionless conference and mad networking connections with investors. 💙

4️⃣: Playbook for community events, Finalize logistics and metrics for Permissionless, Partnerships at AmbassadorDAO events (Berkeley & SF). 100/100/100%
  • 🎤: Miguel onboarded mid-month during a hectic time, yet managed to find immediate ways to make an impact. His passion shines in every task/initiative he is involved with. Miguel holds himself to the highest standards and is a great presence at our community events. I look forward to his exponential growth in the months to come.
  • 🎤 STRONG YES: Miguel is always hungry to learn. He wears his passion on his sleeve and hustles at events. Miguel collaborated on improving the regional events playbook, which has been very helpful in supporting our event team’s restructuring. I would encourage Miguel to continue to look for ways to make an impact on other core initiatives while we temporarily scale down events.
  • 🐉 STRONG YES: Miguel has been proactively bringing in projects that are complex, with fully written summaries, such as Spatial Motors. He is always scouting for new initiatives, thinks web3 by day, and dreams of web3 by night. While we scale down events, it will limit his scope in scouting capabilities to possibly be our existing grantee managers, likely can help follow up to measure the success of the 100+ Project Y recipients.
  • 🐇 I could write a book on all the times Miguel has gone out of his way to help others, and has gone above and beyond to help me with Ambassador DAO. I’ve worked with Miguel closely for months on ADAO: And I’ve learned that his passion for Harmony is undeniable. I have not met many individuals in this life as dedicated as Miguel. He showed up at EthDenver simply READY to go, and ready to work! Upon first meeting him, he had his laptop & notes on how we can improve/organize Ambassador DAO (without even being asked or prompted). He is a do-er and a self-starter. Exactly the type of dedication and passion we need on this team. He is the definition of a team player; a friend and colleague that we are lucky to have on our team.
6️⃣: (on personal leave)

🎤 STRONG YES: Miguel needed to take personal leave in June, and his presence was greatly missed. Miguel is ready and willing to adapt to our Q3 initiatives, and will make a strong impact as part of our NFT guild in managing partnerships/biz ops and community engagement. 💙

🧭 Jarvis Qian 🏃: China, events, business development

5️⃣: 3 venture capitalists on ventures, Permissionless execution, 2 bay area meet up events. 100/100/100%
5️⃣: (15 days off): Launch AEX listing with Ask Me Anything campaign. 50%
  • 🏃: Jarvis follow up very well with exchange partners. He will be on leave from June 1, 2022 for family reasons.

🤠 Chak Raam 🌲: _%

  • 📖 Chak is a brilliant creative and executor. I do think he should be doing more that just DAOs, since it feels unfair to hog so much talent. I am excited to see Chak discover his full potential at Harmony; he has the skills to 10x many of our new and existing initiatives.

🇪🇺 Juan Beltran 🎤 (from 4/4): 75% Grants Processing, 25% Europe Ops

In this Q2 I have been extremely careful with the forum, answering all the questions that the Harmonauts required, as well as filtering flagged comments. I have also taken care of sorting/filtering all the projects (Grants & Investments) in Airtable, in order to have an overview of the ones that remain to be financed. I have also presented several proposals to the Core Team: on the one hand, a proposal for the growth of Validators, on the other hand, a proposal for a controlled communication plan. I have also had the opportunity to define the flowcharts for the Grants filter processes. At the end of this Q2 I am also defining the new strategy and ideas that I think I could bring to the team regarding NFT's. As a final comment, I can say that I encountered a delicate situation regarding the deletion of a comment on the forum that involved direct comments to the Core team, but I was able to redirect the problem with the user in question and that it did not give more complications. Something that kept me busy for a couple of days. Grateful and eager to continue to the next Quarter. 💙

  • 🐉 : STRONG YES for helping diligently following up with nearly all Q4 2021 grantees and some in Q1, while maintaining the momentum to review new inbound grant proposals. He’s starting to think big into new ways of expanding the ecosystem including this recent one on the validator side with Flux. In time, Juan can become a strong contributor in both grants management and validator operations.
  • 🎤: STRONG YES: Juan has been a very strong presence in grant ops and following up with Q4 & Q1 grantees to improve relations and amplify their success. I look forward to Juan continuing to grow on the grant ops team.

🎤 STRONG YES: Juan has done an excellent job in managing our grants and following up with partners to maintain business relationships. Juan will be a great help as part of our NFT Partners guild.

💃🏻 STRONG YES: Juan has been such an asset on the grants team. He works tirelessly, seeks advice, and truly cares about how we treat our community. I have yet to be in a meeting with Juan that he isn't seeking feedback on a solution he's thought of or a strategy he thinks would benefit the ecosystem. Juan has been a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to seeing him flourish in Q3. 💙

📗 Juan has been someone I have closely leaned on when I needed to deepen my technological knowledge. He has always been available and helpful, taking the time to answer even the most basic questions.

🔫 Timothy Posvar 🌲: 100% DAOs

Q2 was my first quarter with Harmony and I was immediately assigned to DAO Ops in the DAO relations position. Having served on multiple DAOs since Harmony implemented them, I knew we had to create a centralized location/method to facilitate communication between DAO Ops and the DAOs. I created the 1DAO Alliance Discord server and built it up to ensure all DAOs on Harmony had their own specialized channel. In addition, I built subchannels for each relevant area needed for DAO communications, tooling, reporting, meetings, etc. I then began to research and locate each DAO and applicable governor/signatories to educate them on the Discord and future requirements of the server. This was very labor intensive to say the least and identified the absolute necessity of capturing data from the moment of inception of a program; regardless of type/topic. 💙

I researched viable bots to utilize in the Discord server to automate much of the actions required to maintain it, as well as streamline the process. The intention of this was to lower the amount of personnel hours dedicated to the new process and free me up to focus on new tasks. I spent a very considerable amount of time researching each DAO to ascertain their specific data, i.e. their initial DAO proposal post, mandates, funding received/promised, current governors, reporting metrics, etc. I compiled this data for the DAOs into the Notion Database for DAO Ops.

DAO Ops may be dissolved but I am 100% dedicated to the protocol and ready to jump into wherever I can make the biggest impact for Harmony.

5️⃣: Organize 1DAO Alliance Discord including comms flow, Identify ALL DAOs on Harmony, Onboard 20 DAOs into 1DAO Alliance Discord. 100/100/100%
  • 🌲: STRONG YES: Tim joined at the beginning of May and has set up and is running the 1DAO Alliance Discord (the primary channel of communication with the DAOs on Harmony). He has organized several DAO 1:1s with the DAO Ops team that have facilitated inter-DAO communication and, in doing so, has helped us find and resolve pain points that the DAOs have encountered. Tim is our “man on the street” for DAOs having worked in both the Validator and Community DAO. He is a highly valued member of the team.
  • 🔭: STRONG YES: Tim brings a unique perspective to the DAO operations team as someone from a DAO, the community, a validator, and a Reddit moderator. He provides honest feedback and opinion and knocked out all his May deliverables despite joining a bit late in May.
  • 📖: Tim is essential for DAO relations and has gone above and beyond in setting up the official DAO discord. I am impressed with his professionalism and work ethic. I’m eager to see Tim progress at Harmony.
  • 🐇 Tim has been an essential addition to the DAO Ops team. We really need someone who tapped in to the pulse of our community, and that is Tim. He knows his stuff about Harmony, and he is one of the most heavily involved in our online communities (such as Reddit, Twitter, and Discord). He responds to situations with grace, and backs it up with the facts. From what I’ve observed, he excels at putting out fires, and is very in touch with the community sentiment. He takes a logical approach in his responses, and always responds with a level head. Having him on as our DAO Relations lead is essential, especially considering the sentiment surrounding DAOs. I see Tim as a team player, and someone that will be there to help when needed.
  • 🐉 STRONG YES: Tim has been a key player in our community engagements, being level headed and timely in reporting issues related to our real time chain dynamics, exchange issues and community sentiment across the main social media outelets. Very mindful of the big picture.
6️⃣: (9 days off) Automate onboarding process for 1DAO Alliance discord, DAO Directory, Research DAO Launchpad.
  • 🌲 STRONG YES: Tim is a very good resource to have for continuing the vital feedback loop between the Harmony core team and the general community. As a validator, Tim understands the pain that they go through and his incentives are aligned with theirs. As a member of several DAOs, Tim can bring that experience directly to us and allow us to respond to the most pressing issues. Also - as a supportive member of the community for quite some time now, Tim is a very powerful ally to help rally the community and funnel feedback to us to make sure we are not going on this journey alone.
  • Peter: STRONG YES: Tim has proven his loyalty to Harmony for a long time and has been an asset to the team from day 1. His connection with the community is a valuable asset; very needed now more than ever. His validator skills, community presence, candidness and devotion to Harmony should be utilized by the team in areas where Tim can make the biggest impact. I'd like to see him given the opportunity to shine, I know he is hungry for it.
  • ☁️ STRONG YES: Tim is a valuable member of the community and now a critical contributor who has proven his dedication and work ethic immediately. I feel Tim's skills are severely underutilized and I would like to see him even more involved in Harmony's important initiatives and community management. I'm honored to have him on the team and look forward to working with him more closely. 💙
  • 🎥 STRONG YES: Tim representing the validator community has valuable insight in how the community views Harmony and how we should pivot and focus our initiatives. He is a power user that knows the Harmony ecosystem well and we need more of that representation on the team. I feel that even though our DAO initiatives have been put on hold, Tim can add value to any position we throw him in, if not for his valuable insight alone. Now more than ever we need to have guys like Tim to help us navigate the future of Harmony.
  • 🐉 STRONG YES: Tim is not only a Harmony OG, as a validator also, but a very proactive contributor. He’s also well versed with the community and has sound communication skillset that’s crucial when it comes to crisis situations. I look forward to working even closer with him in the near future and having him be more involved.
  • 🎤 STRONG YES: Tim works very hard and brings so much value to the table. He is widely respected and has a strong pulse on the community, and offers a unique perspective that is very valuable for us right now. I would like to see Tim take on a larger role on the team to amplify our Q3 initiatives.
  • 🚜 Tim is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in general, but especially from a validator community perspective. I’ve had a few conversations with Tim about validator initiatives and he’s been beyond patient and helpful. I also really like being around his, “Let’s get shit done” attitude. Those are my favorite people to be around.
  • 🐇 STRONG YES: Tim is very tapped into the pulse of our community, which is very much needed on our team at this time. I was impressed at his performance this quarter on our DAO operations team doing DAO relations. He tirelessly worked to put together the 1DAO Alliance Discord and consistently showed up to help the team, while also voicing concerns from the community. His passion & determination is admirable, and I would love to see him step into a more advanced role at Harmony.

🕵️‍♂️ Cristiano Boas 🚗:

On Q2 i was dedicated more dedicated to into onboard and research DeFi projects, recently changed to Guild NFTs create partnerships and prosper a good relation and vison with Harmony. 💙

I have atend some of the related events in Lisbon in order to connect, bring value and talent projects related to DeFi and NFTs. Reaserch and contacted cross-chain related ecosystems. I worked with existing partners helping test their products and or advise them on improvments that could take place.I helped in the Forum solving community issues and have passed several amounts of contacts of partnerships to our dedicated team members - this inclusdes the likes of Moonbeam, Footbalnet, Moonfarm, in between others. Recenty i started a draft with several tools that are highly valuable for Harmony and Guilds, how we could integrate NFT’s with DeFi together and how this could bring value internally and externally.

6️⃣: Engage with 3 DeFi partnerships, Lisbon partnership weekly meetups and workshops, Guild DeFi/NFT/Wallet - Europe - DeFi, NFT and Wallet integrations for guild, tooling and possible partnerships

💫 George Hughes 🛹:

5️⃣: Kickoff top music partnership, Engaging producer of approved media campaign for team execution.
  • 🛹 Strong Yes: George continues to add value to the 88 rising relationship.
  • 🎥 Strong Yes: George has many plays in motion in media and partnerships that need him to fully realize.
  • 📖: George has been a godsend for the MADNFT team, and will help them become a premier, Harmony-centric NFT platform. His work with other partners – from what I have observed – has positioned Harmony incredibly well for the future.

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