June 2022 Milestones & Deliverables

June 2022 Milestones & Deliverables

Harmony is a community-first, culture-driven project. In our commitment to open development and radical transparency, the team shares peer feedback and performance reviews in public. Beyond a shared mission, we bond over the unique culture of our community. That’s the social change we are spreading to the world.

Top Metrics (30-day active)

26.5 Technical

37 Business

May 2022 Milestones & Deliverables

24 Core Team ☁

18 Full Fellows (max 30 hours) 🦒

  • 📶 Richard Gatchalian 🎽 (from 6/8): Strategy & execution plan for outbound partnerships, 3 NFT launches on mainnet, Training team on outbound partnerships. 40/10/20%
  • 🐈 Semar Martins 🏏 (from 6/_): Trustless Ethereum Bridge signing key verification feasibility study, Smart contract development, Testing and gas estimation. 100/90/80%
  • 🧗‍♂️Leon Do 🏃 (from 6/_): Game development kit.
  • 🤺Liang Wu 🐉 (from 6/16): Venture matching for 3 games.

15 Half-Time Contributors (max 20 hours) 🎤

4 Part-Time Contributors (max 15 hours) 🎤

4 Quarter-Time Contributors (max 10 hours) 🎤

Team Guideline

ℹ️ Guidelines on Writing Monthly Deliverables
  • Absolutely no acronyms, so readable by most of the team (and as many in the community).
    • Avoid generic words like fixes, improvements, prep, follow up, optimize
    • Delete redundant words: complete, deliver, publish.
  • Verifiable on completion % by end of the month.
    • Use absolute numbers (not relative percentages).
    • Add a 30-second video as developer screencast or product demo.
  • Use up exactly two lines: write out specific examples in parenthesis like (?? & ??), list two key features; use formal writing and proper sentence casing.
    • Link to public docs (Notion/GitHub/Forum) for each of the 3 items.
    • Read and learn from the best in the rest of the docs.
📆 Deadlines on Writing Monthly Deliverables
  • 5/31 Tuesday: write deliverables with manager review
  • 6/6 Monday: report deliverables during All Hands
  • 6/_ Monday 5pm: locked for managers only
  • 6/30 Thursday: immutable, email “below expectations” for performance & bonus