Adrian Robison

Adrian is a drummer, audio engineer and a creative director. He signed a million dollar record contract with his band Strata and was featured in EA’s Madden franchise as well as Marvel’s Punisher and Elektra movie soundtracks.

Adrian produced content for Nike, HyperloopTT, Palm Springs, Toughbuilt, Charlie Rocket, Vero, Bosch, Brat, and Fashion Nova. He went viral with Charlie Rocket’s “My Story Isn’t Over Yet”, a fan made Nike commercial that led to a multi series content deal with Nike, eventually allowing Adrian to contribute to the Emmy award winning 30th anniversary “Just Do It” commercial titled “Dream Crazy” featuring Colin Kaepernick.

Adrian enjoys skateboarding, bicycling, and producing music with his current band Beta State in his free time.


Week ending 1/28/22:

  • Tuesday Film Del / Stephen
  • Film 7 or more product launches with Li Wednesday
  • Film Special Announcement with Vera late Wednesday
  • Book Staff for NYC remote filming of Amy Soon for her Book
  • Collect assets for Amy Soon video
  • Help edit Amy Soon video script
  • Tie up all lose ends regarding banners for ETHDenver
  • Submit any last merch orders (A frames, stock shirts, stickers, business cards, etc)
  • Upload the 5-7 new videos we already have completed from a week ago (backlogged due to bottlenecks that we are currently fixing)
  • Share the launch videos that we currently have done to the team
  • Edit the newer launch videos of Li and the announcement video of Vera
  • Edit the Del/Stephen video
  • Lock down Breckinridge event location
  • Meeting with Sammy regarding talent for ETHDenver
  • Lock down new ETHDenver graveyard shift editor
  • Work out mobile rigs for Cameras, get what we need to be successful and fast

Upcoming Plans

  • Monthly Deliverables: 2022 Jan
    • ETHDenver
  • Quarterly Milestones: 2022
    • . Build out a scaleable content team (almost done)
    • . Sierra Leone Logistics
    • Build out Rio content strategy
    • Build out Ghana initiative.
    • Seal the deal with big partners then build out the content strategy
    • Finalize branding moving forward
  • Yearly Planning: 2022Q1 - Q4
    • . Build out Sierra Leone Project, tell hero's journey via this story arc
    • . Build out a massive content library of assets and clips to pull from to make better videos
    • .

Past 6-Month Achievements

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Deliverables & 6-Week Focus