Gheis Mohammadi

Gheis Mohammadi

Gheis Mohammadi
Rongjian Lan
April 22, 2022


Gheis is a blockchain Engineer experienced in C/C++, C#, Go and JavaScript. He excels at developing DApps and blockchain services. Gheis is highly skilled in blockchain core development with a good knowledge of blockchain technologies. Additionally, he is familiar with DevOps and automation. Gheis has a Bachelor’s in Electronics and a Master's in Mechatronics, so, he is quite familiar with microcontrollers and concepts of the electronic circuits, and has been involved in a couple of high-tech projects. Gheis published a couple of papers on AI and image processing. He is familiar with auto-trading bots and has implemented tens of forex and crypto-trading and analyzing tools. He loves designing and implementing games in his free time and has implemented his first 2D game on 1996.


Aug 2022 Deliverables ♏️ Gheis Mohammadi 🛡: Erigon’s staged sync (block execute & download); Stream sync on testnet(testing and integrate with stage sync); leader rotation. 100/20/0%

July 2022 Deliverables

♏️ Gheis Mohammadi 🛡: Erigon code review, Staged sync with erigon’s database (10X potential on sync speed from 20TB archival, block catchup among 5% out of sync 160 validators) upgrade from DNS sync and later streaming sync. 100/100/100%

June 2022 Deliverables

♏️ Gheis Mohammadi 🛡: Takeover block sync code; Research Erigon block sync; Implement Erigon block sync 100/90/80% May 2022 Deliverables

Cultural Self Assessment

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Self Assessment + Personal Story
3- I am always trying to be a good listener. But normally I ask very deep questions afterward to enhance my understandings.
5- I don’t follow zero and one logic for my life. Everything could be partially true or false based on testimony and situations.
9- I learned to be honest with myself and ask myself thoughtful questions. I pay attention to my inner voice. Because I think my inner voice expresses what I feel and believe.
5- It depends on the situation, but normally it could be a good starting point.
5- If we enjoy, then why not? I like the strong energy of people and I believe it’s a combination of their past, their mindset, their dominant thoughts, and their perception of the world.
10- Most people who know me say you are very good at making complicated things so easy to understand. That’s very cool to help people move forward.
8- I believe everyone has his own talents. It needs to show them what they are good at. That’s how we can make a strong team.
5- It depends on the people and the process and the situation. Sometimes people and sometimes the goal we are looking for. The people’s talent makes the process and the process by itself could be dependent on the team, not each individual.
7- Sometimes I do it directly and sometimes I start to ask questions to clear the details that I do not agree with. I try to find a good end to unhealthy conversations.
8- That’s ideal but sometimes not possible. I believe having focused on the big picture makes you be patient and make better long-term decisions.
5- It depends. I think being flexible helps with not breaking hard. Too much focusing on details pushes you away of your goals.
5- I am hungry and trying not to be foolish. But sometimes it happens.
8- That’s a part of my everyday life and work. I like to improve my team work skills. Being on the same mission and sharing it, is an inevitable part of that.
5- I am optimistic about it but, if we know what we are doing and we believe in that. Nothing is guaranteed.
5- Trying to be. But sometimes I like to take care of other people’s dreams rather than mine.
10- Thinking deeply before taking actions makes me be very consistent with my own actions.
4- I would like to make small decisions correctly. It’s very hard to make tough decisions if I don’t know the consequences or they are based on luck. But sometimes we have to and to be honest, having the first step does matter either right or not.
7- I made lots of mistakes in my life which I couldn’t do better than that!
7- Not sure but I believe everyone can be a superstar in its own way.
8- That helps to make me more productive. As an engineer, it is crucial to learn how to use proper tools and instruments.
9- Being over two decades in this field and being involved in a couple of teams, taught me how to implement what is appropriate.
8- I do like breaking things down into small steps and taking each single step correctly and consistently. It could take you to any level of growth.
8- I enjoy learning new things, especially those I am passionate about.
7- I do like to get enough reasons and think about them.
9- If the word important means something worth doing, I will try it out and try to set up the steps to achieve it.
8- Too much activity and no productivity means something is wrong. No activity and too much productivity means cheating. I believe there should be a proper ratio between activity and productivity and anything out of this range is not normal and should be investigated.
8- based on the timeframe and window, there are some sort of orders in any chaos. Sometimes being in chaos is more healthy than calm and it makes you stronger.