Summary: Below is a plan for an estimated 12-week website redesign for 10X: $250k, Team: Giv, Kelly, Anh, working with 1 UX designer; 1 writer; 1 graphic designer, 1 illustrator/render; 1-2 developers; or one design/dev agency


Team Leads: Giv, Kelly, Anh

Video Content: Adrian & Danny

UX Designer: Thanh

Next Steps for the Website Development:

1.) Validate Harmony’s Roadmap for Growth at May ‘22 Off-site

2.) Create a Communications Plan for Harmony’s Key Announcements & Messages for 2022. Include how Harmony’s core values should be presented in this messaging and content.

3.) Develop a Website Content Map that reflects the priorities above

4.) Create Website Wireframes and identify what content needs to be developed to communicate these messages

5.) Confirm Website Design/Dev Team: Freelancers vs. hired agency vs. hybrid freelance/dev team

6.) Provide Briefs to content producers (video, text, graphics, photography, illustration, etc) to allow the time for them to sketch, propose, produce and edit content.

7.) Finalize Website Design and Content Layout 🎨

8.) Build it. 🔨

9.) Launch it 🥳

To Discuss:

Open Operations:

Is there a better way to allow the community to understand Harmony’s internal operations? How do we save and share information more clearly? The objective of using notion is be transparent, but the current high volume of uncurated written content is difficult to navigate and understand for newcomers. Is there a better platform to use instead of Notion?




The updated Navigation content map below needs to be simplified further. This will be confirmed after the Off-site.


Potential Design & Dev Team Brainstorm (list TBC after Off-site & Confirmed Content Strategy)

SSS: Something Special Studio
Full services: design, content and visual asset development, web development
Full services: web design/dev, marketing, events, PR
Left Field Labs
Full services: Branding, digital design, development
Dev agency