Summer NFT Stampede

Summer NFT Stampede

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dj3n PRD

Executive summary: __ budget, _ people, expected sales, _ timeline, _ approvals…

The Need

Harmony needs more users and more assets on chain. The current market conditions have pushed speculators away from crypto; however, creators are still as passionate as ever in their respective fields. This offers an opportunity to approach artists, musicians and songwriters with a utility-first appeal of NFTs, capitalizing on the lack of irrational hype that often taints bull markets.

Creators are aware of NFTs and know they should probably be considering options in the space. The problem is (from anecdotal evidence) that they simply do not know how to turn their creations into NFTs or do not want to spend the money (gas on ETH) to experiment. They need someone to hold their hand through the mint process and help them grasp the opportunities that come with having NFTs, including increased and creative fan engagement along with an additional revenue stream possibility.

The Solution

Get out of the building!

Steve Blank

A white-glove onboarding initiative - boots on the ground. We onboard creators one-by-one or in group sessions to help them put their work on chain. Through intimate education and step-by-step guidance, we’ll create sticky Harmony users who will associate “Web3” and “NFTs” with Harmony. By promoting utility and opportunity over hype and money, we’ll spur a grassroots adoption among creators with realistic expectations who are aware of endless opportunities (social tokens, exclusive fan interactions, etc). When market hype builds or they are struck with creativity, they will know where to reach out and already feel at home on the Harmony chain.

The Plan

Divide available/eligible NFT Products Guild members and conquer multiple cities. Guild members will use Creator Mavens* and the Playbook to onboard creatives systematically between the July and September on-sites (July 22 - Sep. 11th). The guild member who onboards the most creators buys beer.

NFT Onboarding Playbook

*Creator Mavens are connected individuals in the respective cities who can quickly and consistently give warm hand-offs with Creators to Guild members.

When the NFT Mints web app is released in early July, Guild members will stress test the platform and mint “practice collections” to ensure they are ready to give a smooth onboarding experience for new creators. During the Stampede, Guild members will hold weekly meetings to pool experiences and improve the creator discovery and onboarding process in their respective cities.


In order for a city to qualify for the Stampede, Owner must have secured at least one Creator Maven with attached Battleplan prior to July 22nd.

Nashville 🚜 🎤

Nashville Creator Mavens

Executive summary: Demetre and Matty will work with creator mavens Meghan Perea, _$15k_ budget, _2_ people, _$100k_expected NFT sales, _100_ creators onboarded, _50 days_ timeline, __ approvals…

Team: Demetre and Matty

Timeline: 49 days. July 23rd - Sep. 10th

Nashville Stampede Potential Expenses

Local reports say Nashville is not very “walkable” as far as relevant destinations

Denver 📖

Atlanta 🥤

Total Stampede expected expenses:

Success Metrics

  • 100 creators onboarded to NFT Mints with 2/2 multisig.
    • Target: 10 onboards per week
  • 100k in total Support Raise sales for creators by 9/12

Products Used

Out-of-scope products
  • 1Wallet

Matty Notes:

  • iron out logistics for travel
    • identify more mavens each city
    • $$, team, travel, dates
    • itinerary per day - if not at least 6 hours per day of engaging activities, not worth going unless big artist
    • venue to use as office - location, comfort, amenities
  • create a concise pitch deck w/ value prop - showcase retained ownership, expanding fanbase, and immediate $$
    • how fan engagament, fan $$ spent, growth - all increase collectively
  • NFT Mints (our product) demo ready by:
    • mints very simple NFT that is not art, it is 4 words
    • this NFT is like an email list - mailchimp
  • as we onboard, we collect artists and can continue engagement
  • need to solve interaction part of the scope
  • identify perfect day, perfect week = metrics?
  • top 3 value props for manager, artist, fans, and how artist can explain to their fans to increase adoption/follow through
  • when can leverage other artist partnerships to increase new artist buy in