NFT Mints (Fiat Fundraising) via Events & Merchandises

NFT Mints (Fiat Fundraising) via Events & Merchandises

Primary sales of tokens are the most disruptive use case of blockchains. These sales as fundraising are also the most critical driving force of a new market. For examples, network tokens for funding protocols in 2017 and 2018, governance tokens for decentralized finance in 2020, non-fungible tokens for community engagements in 2021, and land tokens for Metaverse games in early 2022. We claim that NFT mints for artists, musicians, writers, athletes and performers will soon dominate the Web3 market as the creator economy. These mints are mostly intended for true fans to be funding creators with social collectibles rather than for secondary sales or speculative investments.

Fans’ Actions

  • Phone numbers and short messages (SMS) as authentication (multiple browsers): $0.001 per message, no email, no password.
  • $10-$100 Fiat buys: prompt and save credit info via Simplex or Sendwyre
  • Fast onboarding and engagement: 30 seconds in person
  • Notification: biweekly news and offers via SMS

Creators’ Actions

  • Check Balance: 90% stablecoin (fiat) + 10% in 1-year locked ONE tokens – like limited liquidity or safety deposits as take-rate
  • Convert USDT and transfer USD to bank
  • $100 per 100 true fans for $10k NFT sales
  • Digital collectible (NFT) + $10 merchandise at event (or 4 month shipping)

Industry Partners

  • As a showcase for UX, usable to embed in other partner apps
  • Event-driven engagement at venue: use QRCode to have drop NFT with 100s fans
  • Remove dependencies from Timeless 1Wallet & MadNFT or other marketplaces

Venues’ Actions

  • Much later: Login for Gated-access, Playing music on web, Event ticketing, Proof-of-Attendencce
  • Rate limiting: location, time, quota and referral


  • SMS → URL → Mobile web local generation and verification
  • Homepage only display a list of NFT, no stored token or fiat values
  • Use direct Harmony Network API, no proxy or relay or hosted server
  • Support Mobile Web (Safari storage 7-day expiry), desktop browser
  • Open source, clonable, will be fully developed via Timeless 1Wallet


  • Trustless generation and storage of keys via local mobile web clients
  • Gas fees all included for fans and creators for later actions
  • QRcode with graphics
  • No IPFS/arweave dependencies, vector graphics
  • Not beore 9/1, Optional: 2-out-of-3 multisig with Hashmash’s wallet or Gnosis API

📅 Schedule

  • Minimal Demo on Mainnet launch by 7/12 Tue?
  • $100K mints of 10K NFT by Q3?

AVOID dependencies

  • marketplaces: only mobile minting, no support for resales
  • full wallets (1wallet or metamask): avoid integration, pass-phrases or passwords
  • NFT designs: avatars, dynamic generation, 3d models

Technical Team

June Deliverables

July Deliverables

  • 🌀 Bruce Darcy 🏏:



  • 6/26 Sun: Atlas Cafe onboarding event for 25 people (contact Atlas owner Felipe)
  • 6/26 Sun: onboard 10 strangers in a bar to mint NFT (POAP, qrcode)


  • Cryptovoxel
  • Partner LA event
  • Nashville onboarding: 7/22 – 9/10


  • Nashville NFT Music industry conference

✅ Reference

👟 Music Merchandises

PledgeMusic considered itself a direct-to-fan platform as opposed to a crowdfunding website:
  • Sole focus on raising funds for musicians
  • Not retaining any ownership or rights to any music created through the platform
  • Absorbs all transaction processing costs involved in pledging on a project
  • No processing of any fund transactions until the fund target reached
  • Encourages artists to include contributions to charity
  • Encourages artists to offer a wide range of incentives and exclusive content to fans
  • International, accepting artists, projects and pledges from all over the world
The majority (75%) of revenue generated by Topspin artists can be attributed to sales of physical merchandise.
  • Topspin Store (or "Spinshop") – a customizable, hosted, embeddable store available to all users.
  • Digital Ticketing – tickets can be scanned with Topspin's accompanying iPhone app.
  • Membership – allows users to limit access to store offers to fan club members only.
  • Automated Digital Preorders – users can specify future digital delivery dates and instant gratification products for specific offers.
  • Redemption codes – randomized or vanity-style codes for secure free download campaigns.
  • Product bundling – the ability to package multiple products together for sale as bundles.
  • Topspin Fulfillment – an integrated worldwide fulfillment solution available to all Topspin users.
  • Email for Media widget – an embeddable tool that collects fan email addresses in exchange for free downloads.

⏳ Music NFT

Allan also sells songs individually on the NFT music platform Catalog—which doesn’t require him to surrender the rights to his work. Combined, he says he now makes 85% of his living off NFTs. Hundreds of musicians are following Allan into this world. On Catalog, 140 artists have sold over 350 records for more than $1 million combined.
Virgil Abloh, a longtime collaborator with West, planning an NFT-centric DAOAudiusModaDAO, and Metaplex are attempting to bring crypto incentives to music streaming, licensing, and merchandising… Friends With Benefits (FWB) has proven to be a powerful artist community. The popular DAO started a fellowship and benefactor program to support creatives, and grants are run by Pat Lok, an electronic musician whose work has sold on Catalog and Sound.

Social Moment NFT & Autographs

Who’s combining social-location-mobile with NFT-DAO? Web3 versions of Foursquare-Instagram-Twitter? As proofs of presence-clout-human. Join #ONEmomentDAO to capture the happiness and meanings of your moments on – like Pokémon but with on-chain autographs.

For example, user A takes photo of B. makes #1moment nft qrcode with its photo, a venue to check in, a message to remember. B scans QRcode & approves "together for the moment" as autograph – without installing any app or wallet. A & B share the NFT's multisig & sale.

Instead of checking in landmarks w/ Foursquare or catching monsters with Pokemon Go, celebrities with Create value out of your social encounters, or be the mayor of your favorite places. Merge physical geo world with shared ephemeral experience.

Instead of the ad-laden and the like-driven web2 of Instagram or Twitter, experiment with the self-assessed tax and quadratic power of radical markets. How would you monetize the love and memories of people you meet in life? Can geospatial NFT serve as the basic income to its community?

Also a great primitive for tying fans, tastemakers, patrons... together for events & classes in DAO. Web3 service marketplaces will build on scalable protocols, mechanism designs, cryptographic privacy, but also as a beautiful product with intimate touch.

Join the product discussion & NFT launch for our #ONEmomentDAO? We allocate $50K initial budget for governors, builders, curators – disrupting #SoLoMo. More, integrate with our 1wallet and daVinci gallery! Burner Wallet with BuffiDAOs at ETHDenver 2020 had great success in executing such a minimal viral product.