Kayla Cho

April 19, 2022


Kayla Cho is a data analyst/scientist with an academic background in business/programming. She worked with several startups in the past 8 years and is dedicated to helping companies grow. She is passionate about learning, cultivating meaningful relationships, emerging technology, and connecting people with ideas while creating value along the way.

Web3 represents a new philosophy about realizing technology in a more distributed and democratic way. Kayla is optimistic about the underlying principles behind web3, and how it will reshape society for the better, despite its initial challenges.

June 2022 Deliverables 100/100/100%

  • NFT NYC x Harmony Hub Run of Show/ ONEConference venue (research & analysis) / Make sure RoS for W3BTHR33 Lounge is on schedule

May 2022 Deliverables 100/100/100%

  • Update event planning template / Publish sponsorship package for NFT.NYC / Attendee list and accommodation arrangements (NFT.NYC & EthCC)

April 2022 Deliverables 100/100/100%

  • Complete Onboarding Tasks / Organize Events Page / Update event planning templates for past events

Timesheet 2022 - Kayla Cho

MonthDateTaskHoursPay (Hrs X $75)Status
April 19, 2022
-Introduction, First Team meeting(s)
April 22, 2022
-Team meeting(s), Orientation Checkoff, U.S Census Bureau Spreadsheet, Events page update
April 25, 2022
-Team meeting(s), event notion modifications & build-out, U.S Census Bureau update
April 29, 2022
-Meeting(s), Notion update (template for community event proposal with Miguel, updating events via new template format, modifying the flow of notion, update event planning template, draft booking template, BasicDAO onboarding fill-out), Updated ETHcc template with the new proposal template, updated ETHAmserdam & Ghana with the new event planning template)
May 3, 2022
-NFT NYC meeting, Event proposal build-out
May 4, 2022
Updated the following: HackMoney, Financial Cryptography and Data Security, Defi Alliance Cohort, called a few restaurants for TGI (NYC)
May 6, 2022
- (including 5/5) Flights & Accommodation Spreadsheet, NFT NYC Satellite event list & template update(s) (ethCC, NFT NYC) + NFT NYC TGI calls, emails, meeting(s)
May 12, 2022
- ETHcc & NFT NYC events updates find, meetings, & Lists, Templates & accommodations
May 13, 2022
- Harmony Sponsorship deck for NFT NYC & Future events, meeting(s), Venue & TGI scout for ETHcc, worked sporadically throughout the week
May 19, 2022
- Sporadically throughout the week, finalizing sponsorship deck, playbook, guidelines, templates, NFT NYC & ETHcc updates, travel accommodations, sponsorship & collab outreach for Harmony Hub NYC
May 24, 2022
- Monday and Tuesday: OneConference Logistics & Polls, Meeting(s), NFT NYC, Template updates, Attendance outreach/accommodations
May 28, 2022
- Updated strategy for Harmony Hub, coordination with the potential sponsor(s)
June 1, 2022
- Updates on U.S. Census Bureau, updates on sponsorship deck, OneConference Venue Scouting
June 6, 2022
- Meeting(s), Created Run Of Show for Harmony Hub NYC operations
June 7, 2022
- Updated Harmony NFT NYC Satellite events Spreadsheet, Run of show
June 10, 2022
- NYC Ops meeting, Updates on the run of show, NFT NYC page & stay/flights, satellite events spreadsheet
June 23, 2022
- W3BTHR33 Lounge
June 24, 2022
- W3BTHR33 Lounge (10 am - 12 am)

Cultural Self Assessment

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Self Assessment
Personal Story
conversation turn-taking
7- Although I am a firm believer in effective communication, there is always room for improvement in being more mindful.
Moving around frequently throughout my life has taught me to listen more than to talk. People are incredibly similar and different at the same time. The maze of patterns that impact our behavior allows us to see that each individual has their own inner world, a unique emotional history—something that we can learn from if we pay close attention.
disconfirm own beliefs
7- The “beliefs,” I hold are not written in stone. Instead, they act as a placeholder, until something valid comes along to replace that view.
I have made plenty of mistakes in the past—trying and failing, rinse and repeat through painful, humbling moments. I have learned to be open-minded, especially to the idea of being wrong.
self-aware & articulate
8- Daily reflections allow me to assess my behaviors in a mindful way, helping me to control what I can control, and let go of the things I cannot. This is a work in progress.
Most of my childhood has been a blur for me. Having moved schools 8 times growing up, I started living in my head (a very unconscious life)—up until my first near-death experience.
share a drink
8- I do not drink regularly, but I am always able to share a drink or two in a social/networking setting.
Drinking allows people to be more open, which can cultivate a great experience. The only thing we take back with us at the end of the day is the experience lived and the emotions we felt throughout our lives.
spend 10 hours daily together
7- I enjoy spending quality time with people. I value cultivating meaningful relationships/work, and 10 hours a day leaves me with enough time to recharge on my own.
Spending time with friends and family is something that I value more now, especially since we are getting busier by the day. Life is better shared.
nurture & mentor
10- I am inclined to nurture others, and it makes me happy doing so. Helping others help me grow as an individual, and it brings internal joy.
I have always found fulfillment in helping people, even when they have nothing to give back in return. You never know what people are going through and I truly believe in helping in ways that bring out the best in others—individual growth means collective growth.
make everyone shine
8- Treating each other well means giving specific praise and recognizing effort. Doing so will encourage a healthy culture where people will feel valued and appreciated for the efforts that they put in.
Growing up, I learned that there is power in numbers. As corny as this sounds, together is the only way to make lasting change. We influence people, not by the way we speak our words, but by the way we live our lives. Taking on many leadership positions in the past has shown me the importance of collaboration, communication, and synergy.
people over process
10- Stepping on others to get ahead in life is something that goes against my core values.
People are vessels of love. They are the expression of life itself, and not being mindful of that for the sake of “business as usual,” will come back around, one way or another.
dare to disagree
6- Though I aim to be an independent thinker, disagreeing and quarreling with others is not something that I find productive. Instead, I prefer to engage in discussions that are intellectual, respectful, and objective.
Ego and blind-spot barriers can cause a whole host of problems down the road. In regards to work and necessary discussions, I tend to bring up my points in a way that is not combative, so that the operation is optimized.
long-time craftsmanship
8- The quality of my decisions will fundamentally indicate the quality of my life. I aim to hold myself accountable.
One of the most valuable things that I have learned was from the results of mistakes I reflected on, so I would not make the same mistakes again (it takes time and practice). This is why I always tell people that I am open to constructive criticism—so that I can view them objectively, and iterate as necessary.
obsess over details
8- Obsessing over details is something that I am actually trying to better manage, as I tend to hyper-focus. However, I am learning to set boundaries and alarms to better prioritize, for the sake of optimal productivity. There is a lot of room for growth here.
In 2021, I was finally diagnosed with adult ADHD. People have told me that I am too extreme in more ways than one. I am learning to use this as a tool (integrating time management platforms, alarms, daily journaling, accepting help, etc.) to direct my energy toward projects that I am passionate about. When I get hyper-focused, people have told me that I get more work done in a day than others do in a week—but it definitely comes at a cost.
hungry & foolish
9- My circumstances do not define my reality. I have a strong fear of boredom/mediocrity and will continue to move forward in a manner that will allow me to be exceptional so that I can be of service to those less fortunate in a meaningful way.
Contrary to people’s beliefs, I did not grow up with wealth. In fact, my father was a single father of 4 who moved us to the U.S. as an immigrant (when I was 7). I have encountered a series of events that were challenging. It led me to start working as early as I could to help out. In retrospect, I am grateful and privileged to have had a roof over my head and nutrition for my body.
share the mission
9- It is incredibly important to me to work with like-minded individuals from all walks of life. The way to go through the jungle of life is by teaming up with insightful people who see things differently. At Harmony, I see that kindness, hard/smart work, and transparency are a part of the core mission.
What I learned from the leadership positions I have held, is that it is important to partner with people who share the same mission, and to get help from those who are good at what I am not—who are wired to perceive things that I cannot. Being a part of something bigger than myself (in a positive way) is beautiful.
optimistic about flying off a cliff
8- I have to admit, I am very close friends with anxiety. However, what I fear most is living a mundane, safe, boring, repetitive life. For me, taking fewer risks means having a less great life.
Each of us has the unique capability to direct our own evolution. To get the most out of life, I realized that I have to take more risks and know how to appropriately balance risk and reward.
your 50-year dream
8- Without pursuing dreams, life is mundane. Having big dreams with determination while being a hyper-realist is something that I am constantly working on.
My 50-year dream is to start or be a part of projects that will move the needle for those who are categorized under the "deficiency needs" (Maslow's hierarchy of needs). With the help of emerging technologies, this will be possible to scale. Money is not the goal, it is more about re-directing the allocation of resources.
consistent with own actions
8- I try my best everyday to show up as my authentic self, both in the work place, and all place else. It seems exhausting to put a different mask on in different settings.
Authenticity and depth is something that I truly value, especially in this day and age. It has taken a lot of reflection and effort to accept myself both physically and mentally.
make tough decisions
7- Making tough decisions do not come naturally to me but it is something that I am able to execute on.
Advancing spiritually within myself can mean making tough decisions. I am meant to be a responsible force.
admit mistakes
8- Looking at harsh realities caused me a great deal of pain at first, but I have accepted that this was just psychological. I am learning to treat this pain as a cue that there is a great learning opportunity at hand. Transparency and reflection are the way to real progress.
As hard as it is to make mistakes and be accountable for them, meditation has helped me realize that the pain will subside once I deal with/embrace my reality. This is why I am so open to constructive criticism and tough love.
top 1% superstar
7- I regularly look to books and podcasts to grow as an individual, both professionally and personally. This is a practice that I must continue daily.
Generally, I compete with myself, but I try to make sure that I am moving forward in a way that is progressive and productive.
effective tooling
8- Focus, boundaries, and time management is something that I am currently working on through apps such as structured, notion, google calendar, and calendly. Time blocking in particular is something I plan on implementing before my day begins.
Journaling the past 3 years has helped me be more aware of my productivity and time management throughout the week. Now, I want to kick it up a notch.
relevant to our needs
9- I have read through Harmony’s company culture, met with Steven, and a few other Harmony members. Though there is so much to learn, I am dedicated to put in the work because Harmony’s mission directly aligns with mine.
I am extremely grateful to be here and to bring value to the team. I hope to contribute in a meaningful way, utilizing my experience and network in the web3/web2 space. It was an amazing gift to be able to join the team on my birthday (4/20).
10x growth
8- Growth is not something I plan on compromising on.
Growing up with no real role model to guide me, I looked to books, podcasts, and the internet. I wanted to know what made these people thrive under difficult domains. For the past 5 years, I have made it my mission to be a perpetual learner (spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically).
voracious learner
9- Learning and adapting is a way of life for me. I am always on the look out for better strategies and for knowledge that will make me a stronger teammate.
By nature, I am a very curious individual. I am notorious for researching and experimenting for months on a certain topic until it has satisfied my curiosity for the time being.
contrarian thinker
9- The more I learn, the more I realize how much I do not know. I love engaging in conversations that spark curiosity and intimacy. However, dealing with the “not knowing,” will often times lead me to re-phrase my thoughts in a question format, rather than outwardly making statements.
Growing up, I have always felt different from my peers (not that I am any better as a human). It is something that I have learned to accept and use as an asset.
accomplish important work
9- Work is very important to me. It adds to the sense of purpose in my life, and I truly enjoy a job well-done.
Ever since my first near-death experience, I have dedicated myself to helping others in an impactful way.
activity < productivity
7- Productivity and time management is something that I am always trying to optimize.
My ADHD allows me to get a lot done throughout the day. Though I get my work done on time, I know that there is a better way increase the quality of my work. I am learning to manage my time better and reduce my to-do list per day, so that I can increase the quality of my work.
thrive in chaos
9- Though I prefer organization and regular cadence, change is constant. I have been through many challenging circumstances that were out of my control, and it has made me a stronger, more resilient person.
During the first two years of college (full-time), I worked in an office (full-time), as well as working in a local pho shop as a server (part-time, 3 days a week). This period of time was definitely challenging for me but I did what I had to, and I ended up on the president’s list, following a dean’s list. This is only one of many increments of time where I pushed myself amidst the chaos,—to not only survive—but to thrive under pressure.