May 6 fri - 27 fri
Boris Polania

HackMoney Summit

May 6 - May 27, 2022

Treasury and Sustainability: A $10 Billion Opportunity | Building the Future of Finance

HackMoney is a white glove developer experience to help you build high quality projects that you can keep working on after the hackathon. We’re creating the developer-experience equivalent of a luxury product. HackMoney attendees will get unparalleled support from our team, our mentors, our sponsors, and our incredible network across the Ethereum ecosystem.

With a 30-day online hackathon, hackers have the opportunity to push their hack towards a fully fleshed-out MVP. More time means if your team hits initial dead-ends, you can reset and still produce something novel. We’re here to provide the support to make that happen.


Available in various prizes



Wed, May 4th
07:30 PDT
Covalent 🛠 Building DeFi Analytics Dashboards with One Unified API
10:30 PDT
LearnWeb3 🛠 Build an NFT Staking GameFi contract
13:30 PDT
Coinbase Wallet 🛠 Dapp, Wallet, Wallet Integration, Defi, NFT, EIP, Smart Contract, Coinbase
15:00 PDT
Application Deadline!
Thu, May 5th
08:00 PDT
Oasis 🛠 Oasis 101 - Building dApps on Oasis Network
09:00 PDT
Team Formation Session
10:30 PDT
Spheron 🛠 UI Decentralisation
11:30 PDT
UMA 🛠 How to get started with DeFi's easiest Oracle
15:00 PDT
Idea Brainstorming Session
Fri, May 6th
07:00 PDT
Idea Brainstorming Session
09:00 PDT
HackMoney Kick-off Event
10:00 PDT
HackMoney Summit
14:00 PDT
Compound 🛠 Building on the Compound Protocol
15:00 PDT
Team Formation Session
Mon, May 9th
07:30 PDT
Babylon 🛠 How to start your DeFi investment DAO with Babylon Finance
09:30 PDT
Tempus 🛠 Introduction to Tempus
12:00 PDT
Superfluid 🛠 Building DeFi Applications on Superfluid
13:00 PDT
Gnosis Safe 🛠 Safe modding 101: Create your own Safe module
Wed, May 11th
06:00 PDT
Project Feedback Session
Tue, May 24th
03:00 PDT
Project Submission Deadline
Wed, May 25th
03:00 PDT
Project Judging
Fri, May 27th
03:00 PDT
HackMoney Finale - Winners Announced!