Eilam Meintser

Eilam Meintser

Graphic Design, Marketing Assets, Branding
Adrian Robison
January 29, 2022
End Date
June 30, 2022
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Eilam Meintser

Graphic Designer

Telegram: @meintser

About Me:

Eilam is a graphic designer, fashion designer, and visual artist from New York City.

Eilam found his love for design through video game communities as a teenager, developed a hobby in graphic design early on, and taught himself to use programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema4D, and XD through experience, trial & error, and word of mouth.

Eilam graduated from the fashion design program at the Fashion Institute of Technology with honors and plans on returning for his continuation in knitwear.

Eilam loves classical museums, arcades, urban exploration, and biking among many things.

Timesheet (Q1 ‘22)
Timesheet (Q2 ‘22)
Timesheet (Q3 ‘22)

July Deliverables 0/0/0%

  • Design 10 NFT visual assets for AE animation
  • Identify + design UI assets for NFT Mints + Music
  • Iterate bible brand, colors, concepts to upgrade brand sentiment and confidence to v3.2 (current is v3.1)

Q3 Goals:

  • Rebrand Harmony into a more confident, friendly, accessible, impactful brand.
  • Fine-tune Harmony’s color use cases
  • Incorporate 3D + Isometric design elements to all branding media
  • Simplify post-crisis information for accessible digestion by Harmony community

June Deliverables 100/100/100%

May Deliverables 100/100/100%

April Deliverables 100/100/100%

  • Finish EthCC design & send to manufacturing
  • Develop NFT.NYC merch design & finalize
  • Develop ONEWeekly Newsletter logo & branding

Q2 Goals:

  • EthCC Paris collection development & design
  • NFT.NYC collateral & event Design
  • 1Wallet branding development & logo
  • Expand + perfect Harmony brand guidelines

Q2 - 6 Week Plan:

Collaborate with 1DAO on branding development
  • IMPACT: Create a visual space that is unique to 1DAO while staying true to Harmony, to create a fresh dynamic that still feels familiar to the Harmony community
Integrate 3D design formats into Harmony’s design language.
  • IMPACT: Expand and allow many more ways for Harmony to express itself as a brand without compromising heritage design language.
Roll out consistent thumbnail + announcement design onto social media platforms

IMPACT: Have a front-facing design language that is familiar to and expected by the community, and have clickable design that the community can count on.

Cultural Self Assessment
Time(less) Sheet