Treasury Management Strategy Summer 22

dj3n PRD


  • How much stablecoin exposure %?
  • How much naked ONE exposure %?
  • How much deployed ONE in low-risk (validators)?
  • How much deployed ONE in higher risk (Hummingbot, on-chain LPs, etc.)
  • How to hedge a cyclical market with stables vs risk-on assets?
  • What percentage of diversification for risk-on assets?
  • Which stablecoin exposure should Harmony partake (fiat, crypto, or algo)?

Potential Strategies to Explore

  • OTC deal for 1USDT and create ONE/USDT LP pool on SushiSwap while deploying liquidity on CEX with Hummingbot to protect position from IL
    1. https://nomics.com/assets/harmony-harmony/markets
    2. Benefits
      • Adds exposure to stables
      • Generates revenue from fees
    3. Risks
      • Smart contract risks
      • USDT peg risk
  • Launch a Validator Expansion Program
  • 📋
    Validator Education and Bootstrap Program


    Contact CoinAlpha
    Emailed Mike about meeting
    Draft validator election documents
    Contact Tim about Validator strategy and set up meeting
    Message sent for joint meeting
    Contact yield aggregator teams to investigate tech, roadmap, their needs, etc.