Andrew Nunes

Andrew Nunes

April 13, 2022

Andrew Nunes

Social Media Editor

Telegram: @theandrewnunes


Andrew currently works as a video editor and producer, creating engaging bite sized social media content for companies and influencers. Andrew has worked as a producer for YouTube star Bart Baker as well as Sonic Gods Media where he produced and edited content for clients such as Hyperloop TT, Exploding Kittens, and the City of Palm Springs. Andrew has also worked as an editor for Renegade 83, where he cut sizzle reels to pitch for Network executives.


Andrew Graduated Cum Laude from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Film Production and minor in Business Administration.

Fun Facts:

Andrew is an avid fitness junkie and film nerd. Played varsity football and ran varsity track at Junipero Serra High School. In his teens and early 20s Andrew worked as an actor, model, waiter, cashier, bartender, movie extra, PA, and real estate agent.

Andrew Nunes Q2 Timesheet
*All links are to remain private until posted on proper social media channels, if mangers outside my immediate mentors want to see the videos, message me privately on telegram @theandrewnunes and I will provide you with the links to view.

July 2022 Deliverables


  • Edit 30 short form videos featuring NFT education; NFT partner showcases.
  • Write, produce and film NFT “man on the street” video series with Wahni.
  • Create research deck for top performing blockchain NFT social media accounts, listing content commonalities.

June 2022 Deliverables


May 2022 Deliverables


  • Create 13 new social media videos.
  • Curate photos for Ghana.
  • Take 10 previous videos, reformat vertically/remove music to be posted on IG as reels.

April 2022 Deliverables


  • Take 12 previous videos, reformat vertically/remove music to be posted on IG as reels.
  • Create 6 new engaging social media videos.
  • Curate photos to be posted on Instagram for the next month.

Q2 Goals:


  • Get one week ahead of social content
  • Create 50 engaging social media videos
  • Meet Harmony team members outside of my department in person

Q2 - 6 Week Plan:


  • Develop social media workflow
  • Create backlog of content of at least 20 videos in reserve

Cultural Self Assessment

Cultural Self Assessment