Yu Yi




asia community, zkproof evangelist, chinese content

Leo Chen
April 8, 2019
End Date
June 30, 2022


Yuyi has been writing novels for 10+ years, published 30+ novels in Taiwan, and had written promotional articles for several blockchain projects.

Yuyi graduated with a degree in electrical and information engineering from Wuhan Textile University. He is interested in blockchain application and promotion, and enjoys the challenging work and magic creativity.

Scope of work:

  • manage the Chinese community
    • wechat group
    • telegram group
    • wechat public account
    • Tiktok account
    • bilibili account
  • organize event in China
  • business collaboration
    • wallet(Tokenpocket Wallet, ONTO Wallet)
    • venture(Huobi Incubator, Kucoin Venture)
    • project team

Area of growth:

  • Communication
    • effective communication with other team members
    • reduce duplicated supporting work
  • Content
    • produce/publish more content in social media
    • motivate community member to take participation of harmony events
    • curate community generated content in China
    • April 2022 Goals and Deliverables

    • Complete the integration and promote with IMtoken
    • Help the students of PKU Blockchain Association to carry out the study and common promotion of ZKU
    • Promote Harmony's April events in the US to the Chinese community
    • March 2022 Goals and Deliverables

    • ZKU collaboration with PKU(Successful registration)
    • IMtoken wallet integration(50%)
    • Dateverse for Launch(Submitted proposals)
    • theia for Launch
    • February 2022 Goals and Deliverables

    • Chainlink Meetup(Wuhan)
    • TP wallet integration
    • Huobi Incubator
    • KuCoin ZKDAO investment
    • January 2022 Goals and Deliverables

    • New Year Gathering (BJ, SH, SZ)