DeFi personas for Harmony

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DeFi Personas

NameStyleUser StoryGoalsFrusturationsTraits
The Yield Farmer
Sam discovered Bitcoin 4 years ago and was enthusiastic about the digital money aspect. She passively invested at first but then became further intrigued during DeFi summer in 2020. She couldn’t believe it she could get paid to borrow in protocols like Compound due to the rewards in COMP. She then discovered liquidity mining in DEXes like SushiSwap and became hooked on actively earning high APYs by simply moving money around. Sam is an APY hunter. She actively looks for new projects with high APY and sells the rewards frequently to realize the APY. She uses the Borrower/Lender and Passive Investor styles to park realized gains. When Sam is liquidity mining pools where the reward token is the also a token in the pool, she withdraws her liquidity and dumps the native token when rewards are no longer attractive.
- Grow her portfolio as quickly as possible
-High gas fees really eat her profits on certain chains. -Impermanent loss during volatile market conditions when farming with LP -Smart contract hacks and lending mechanic exploits -tax headaches due to complicated transaction history
The Passive Investor
Taylor started DCA buying Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2020 on Coinbase. As she learned more about crypto, she wanted to exposure to coins not listed on centralized exchanges. She YouTubed how to get these other coins and downloaded Metamask and ordered a Ledger wallet. Her favorite DEX is now SushiSwap. She purchases small amounts of coins of projects she reads about and keeps them on her Ledger as a long term hold.
-Slowly grow her investments and support projects she believes in
-high gas fees that make her small investments even smaller -small cap volatility that sometimes shakes her confidence with the team she supports -having to bridge assets to buy certain coins
The Active Trader
Jordan has a tradefi background and got into Bitcoin back in the 2017 bull run. She loved the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies as she could deploy her trading strategies much more frequently. She started on KuKoin and Binance but since has moved to Matcha and dYdX for aggregations and perpetuals. Jordan has 3 monitors rolling at all times at her desk. She has Discord and Twitter open looking to trade narratives as well as her RSI and MACD indicators on DexScreener. Jordan has % targets she likes to hit daily. She runs a GunBot on Binance and KuCoin programmed to trade Bollinger bands. She looks for arbitrage opportunities where she can.
-Earn a targeted yield % on her portfolio on a daily and weekly basis
-gas fees eating her profits of frequent trades -the amount of time and attention required to execute her strategies -fractured liquidity sometimes leading to high slippage
The Gamer
Alex has been a Web2 gamer since high school. She loves minecraft and found CryptoVoxels in 2018. She had limited experience in swapping tokens but knew who to navigate simple swaps on the BSC chain. A friend told her about DefiKingdoms in 2021 and she latched on to the heroes and farming her LP tokens for more Jewel. Alex now has favorite games on multiple chains but still loves DFK and is learning Defira.
-Make money while doing something she loves already
-getting priced out of in-game items after whales start playing a game she likes -the lack of options of games compared to Web2 games
The Borrower/Lender
Blake got into Bitcoin in 2013 and is a hardcore hodler. She became quite wealthy over the years and loves the set it and forget it strategy. After DeFi summer, she learned she could stop selling her crypto and simply borrow against it. She also realized she could earn a small yield on her Bitcoin by wrapping and lending it. Blake now lends on AAVE and simply borrows stables for larger fiat purchases. She loves her set it and forget it strategy and is a big advocate for DeFi and the flexibility it provides.
-Conservatively grow her portfolio and sell as little crypto as possible -Pass on generational wealth
-gas fees attached to complicated smart contracts, especially when she wants to borrow small amounts -worry of smart contract hacks as she has a lot of her net-worth as collateral

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