Offering for web2 games to migrate on-chain

Launch your game on Harmony

The best chain for blockchain games is now the easiest!

Harmony's home of web3's #1 game, and has proven itself able to handle hundreds of thousands of users making millions of transactions around the world. Our chain is highly scalable, with incredible speeds and low transaction fees making gaming fun and lucrative.

We make it incredibly easy to build your game on the #1 gaming blockchain!

Tech resources:

1. Game SDK

Build your game in under 5 minutes using SDKs to Unity, Lumberjack, Playfab, and Unreal engines

2. REST API where applications can access users' balances, mint assets, or request that users sign transactions. This API will support all basic NFT, ERC20 and ETH functionality, allowing applications to extend the logic of their particular NFTs, including full smart contract logic.ย  (FROM IMMUTABLE X)

3. API Design

Developers can easily poll our public APIs to sync blockchain state

4. Developer Dashboard

In our dashboard, you will be able to see information about your project performance and registration information, and control elements such as collections, API keys and minting performance.

5. NFT Marketplace that allows users to trade NFTs, allows developers to easily create marketplaces without the need for a backend, and a global protocol-level orderbook where any orders created on any Harmony marketplace are visible on any participating integrated marketplace and can be fulfilled on another. (inspired by Immutable X) Instantly trade NFTs with passionate people in niche verticals, create and share work without the need for a developer or marketing team, and move assets cross-chain with ease. Have an asset on Ethereum? Map your assetโ€™s metadata over to Harmony securely and trustlessly with iToken. (inspired by Devin)


1. Documentation

Explanations, how-to guides, exclusive newsletter, and written and streamable educational materials

2. Advisory board

We provide free advisory service to web2 developers, including:

  • token economy design including in-game tokens
  • smart contract security review (not audit)
  • game mechanics

3. Marketing advice and support

  • Town Halls and fireside chats with Harmony core team, other game developers, and industry experts on topics related to running a web3 startup
  • Promotion of progress of select projects in our social media accounts, as well as our ONEWeekly video series and newsletter
  • Access to materials highlighting best practices of web3 marketing (Discord community engagement, Twitter and Reddit engagement, influencer marketing, PR)

Partner with our developers:

  • Telegram and Discord groups with hundreds of developers building on Harmony - giving you access to a diverse community built around learning and fostering ecosystem development.
  • Partner with zkDAO for resources and coders working on zero-knowledge proofs, increasing gameplay possibilities and making your project more private, succinct, and fair
  • Hackathons and online meetups bringing together web2 and web3 developers for game development, NFTs, and tokenomics.

Accelerator program:

For promising projects, we can be follow-on investor and provide pitch deck review, as well as making introductions and offering opportunities to pitch to VC and CEXes.