Juan Beltran




Grants Processing, Europe Ops

Matty McDonald
April 4, 2022
End Date
July 4, 2022

Timesheet 2022 - Juan Beltran

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May 26, 2022

Filter grants, answer forum grants messages, filter Forum Spam + Validator ideas/proposals sent to the Core team. Everyday spam and news users are entering the forum. Although the askimet algorithm is flagging the users and/or comments, also theare are people flagging each other and not all the time is fare, or correct. Filtering and agree or disagree flags, helps the protocol to be more transparent and real than a simple Algorithm. Also working in a Validator solution daily it give the core team some new fresh ideas to take into consideration for future upgrades

May 27, 2022

Filter grants, answer forum grants messages, filter Forum Spam

May 29, 2022

Filter grants, answer forum grants messages, filter Forum Spam

May 30, 2022

Filter grants, answer forum grants messages, filter Forum Spam

May 31, 2022

Filter grants, answer forum grants messages, filter Forum Spam + Sonicswap meeting. SonicSwap project gives the opportunity to the community to be part of the collaborative mining, Unique NFT raffle. They are giving

June 1, 2022

Filter grants, answer forum grants messages, filter Forum Spam + Galaxii meeting + Voting plan snapshot & Quadratic

June 2, 2022

Filter grants, answer forum grants messages, filter Forum Spam + Sonicswap test. In this test I’ve been entering the portal for renting an space for mining and checking daily how the rewards keeps coming. I’ve found that comision it’s a bit high and already told the project to check it. The process it works good and it has a dashboard for taking a look at the mining.

June 6, 2022

Filter grants, answer forum grants messages, filter Forum Spam + Openswap meeting. All of the questions were answered. After watching the video from them. The video shows perfectly next steps and well explained. All the answers were well handled. Hope to see this project going forward after we solve liquidity question about their bridging.

June 7, 2022

Filter grants, answer forum grants messages, filter Forum Spam

June 8, 2022

Filter grants, answer forum grants messages, filter Forum Spam + Snapshot + Quadratic vote. Today I’ve found that snapshot voting has an strategy called eth-balance which means the voter can only vote with the one’s in the moment the snapshot was created. I’ve told the team that this strategy could be change at the snapshot github link.Only admins can change it and it looks like some code has to be use or re-use from that link.

June 9, 2022

Filter grants, answer forum grants messages, filter Forum Spam

June 10, 2022

Filter grants, answer forum grants messages, filter Forum Spam - Grants Meeting

June 13, 2022

Filter grants, answer forum grants messages, filter Forum Spam

June 14, 2022

I’ve been reviewing all the grants on my list taking care of every comment and sorting by groups.

June 16, 2022

Grant process Flowchart design. A Flowchart for the grants it’s being design so it can be publish so every grant applicant can have clear which are the steps from the protocol and milestones needed in a visual way. Also I had an internal meeting (30 min) and administrative task for giving more details to my daily tasks. I will continue with flowcharts for the approved process and funding process. By adding a task that makes it necessary to check the payment addresses of the milestones, it makes it possible to find possible fraud or changes in the recipients of the grants. At this time, we have added a field in Airtable that reflects the initial payment address that is entered in the main form and thus serves as a comparison to match the address entered in each milestone of the project (checking that it is multisig and the same as the initial form).

June 17, 2022

Design of flowchart for approved process. Sent to the team. To be approved and published. This flowchart will help to understand how the approval grants process works.

June 21, 2022

Filter all the Grants category, so they are all updated and find the total amount of grants to be funded. This figure helps the core team to know the total “debt” the protocol has with the grants already approved and waiting for being funded. Also updated the address where it has been funded. Also updated the link of the fund. Also had the grants meeting (20’).

June 22, 2022

Continued with the same task did yesterday. Ended today after filtering about 170 projects.

June 23, 2022

As I did with the grants category, I did the same job, during today filtering the Investments category. Also update every field of every project with the transactions made. Updated with explorer links to the fund. updated from Approved to Funded


June Deliverables 100/100/100%

Review and respond to 30 grants

Voting grants methodology implementation

Dappnode (validator one-click) & Validators plan proposal .

Cultural Self Assessment

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Self Assessment + Personal Story
conversation turn taking
9 - Since I was a Kid I always wanted to talk. With my business evolution by listening to my interlocutor I have learned in each of my conversations.
disconfirm own beliefs
8 - Respect in any conversation begins by listening to the interlocutor and trying to explain with the best words and experiences, a constructive reasoning.
self-aware & articulate
8 - I do align my behavior with my educational and personal values. Always trying to correct and evolve so others can perceive me as I am from inside to the outside
share a drink
9 - In the last years of my life I have learned to listen to the stories of others and later I am very proactive in asking them about their problems to try to help them through emotional intelligence. As long as they are open to it so as not to force the situation.
spend 10 hours daily together
6 - I can adapt perfectly to living with one or more people, but I trust and believe that the personal and private time of each one is accompanied by hours of solitude so that each one can rest and meditate. In my family life with my children, we all know that we all have to have our "moment" to be able to reflect on our things with ourselves.
nurture & mentor
8 - Because I am quite an outgoing person and like to listen to others, I have empathic power to help others. If I sense that by helping them I can change them so that they have a better day, I do it.
make everyone shine
7 - Without being a clown, I always like to be able to make each person smile and try to brighten their day. Always with a sense of humor.
people over process
6 - I should be better at document all the process that I make, even now, I’m still improving and growing my way of doing it. When everything is documented, the team can follow this documentation so they are very well coordinated.
dare to disagree
9 - Even someone tells me about a fact and depending of course where is coming from, I nod, but if I didn't know the fact, there is a high probability that I will document it in the next minute to reinforce the new learning. I like to base my knowledge on facts, not just words. The experts are good indicators, but not the bearers of full reason.
long-time craftsmanship
5 - I am quite restless and although it was difficult for me to see in the long term, over time I have realized that certain advances are good to wait, but I recognize that I am better at making decisions under pressure in the short term than seeing the long term.
obsess over details
4 - I like details, yes, and I pay close attention to them, yes, but over time I've realized that for certain tasks to go ahead, you can't wait for perfection, because the world and certain business tasks, their beauty goes accompanied by imperfection.
hungry & foolish
8 - I like to get out of my comfort zone on a regular basis, and I don't take anything for granted and I'm always hungry for more.
share the mission
8 - Always as a team.
optimistic about flying off a cliff
5 - I’m optimistic, although if you want to fly, first you ought to know how to, when and where.
your 50-year dream
10 - Dreams are the beginning of a new project. Pick up the ideas and bring them to life.
consistent with own actions
9 - I have already passed the barrier in which I understand that mistakes are Knowledge and that you have to be consistent with your own decisions and acts. Once you understand it, you are more cautious and sometimes I win and sometimes I learn.
make tough decisions
6 - Tough decisions implies big responsibilities. Still learning.
admit mistakes
10 - No worries at all. I’ve learned that trying to find a culprit is a mistake. Admit your mistakes and assume it in case of being a manager on behalf of the team, it is much more worthy.
top 1% superstar
? - Don’t know the grade, honestly. Superstart could be tech or could be person/manager. I’m in between. I like a lot the tech side, although I love to be surrounded by a team.
effective tooling
9 - Choosing a good tool must come from having dedicated a lot of time and knowledge to it, and the team must have good training. Choosing the right tool is important.
relevant to our needs
8 - My strength is knowing how to mix technical knowledge with business + consulting. I am the bridge between the two worlds.
10x growth
6 - I prefer to grow slower but better. Although I like to get out of my comfort zone
voracious learner
10 - The more I study, the more I realize how little I know.
contrarian thinker
4 - Youth is treacherous when it comes to thinking that you know everything. Now, I am more mature and I can say that I don't contradict myself like when I was a teenager.
accomplish important work
7 - I would always like to make an impact with an important job. That's what helps me get out of my comfort zone, but I can't stop staring at the unfinished work.
activity < productivity
8 - putting in more hours each week doesn't necessarily equate to higher productivity
thrive in chaos
9 - Love chaos. I think that the universe without a chaos it wouldn’t be as it is now. So the same with people. Chaos is necessary for the balance.