The Copy Room

The Copy Room

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β€œWe are a crypto company. We don’t want business cards with QR codes on them, we want QR codes with business cards on them”

Not Just a POAP

Harmony specific, SEO


The Harmony Team and Community are currently very inefficient in onboarding new users to the chain. This isn’t due to a lack of communication or enthusiasm, its due to a lack of tooling. Currently, if we want to onboard a new user to Harmony, they are mostly restricted to centralized exchanges to obtain ONE to interact with dApps. We need to meet users where they are (they typically have or can obtain an 0x address quickly) and immediately give them assets on chain so they feel invested and curious about our ecosystem.

The Solution

Think campus Copy Centers, FedEx Kinkos, places we’ve traditionally gone to make business cards or flyers before we go out to promote or meet with people. We are creating a synonymous simple tool that we can use to β€œprint” these promotional materials, but as NFTs.


There is a giant missed opportunity to bring people on-chain during our community interactions (TGIs, events, etc) and we can do so instantaneously by airdropping them NFTs instead of giving them biz cards, LinkedIn contacts or website links. The airdropped NFTs can contain all this information and so much more. The Copy Room will allow these people to see these NFTs immediately without connecting their wallet via a built in β€œmini-NFT explorer”.

1-2 punch with 1Wallet. 1Wallet will revolutionize ease of mobile wallet creation. We’ll capitalize immediately by sending new users more info via NFT previously created in the Copy Room.

The Copy Room will help set Harmony apart as the chain with the most on-ground-utility of any blockchain.

Quick examples:

Handing out as promotions - an internal copy room, minter dapp and mint nfts for our basic needs: if we have an event coming up, mint flyers, biz cards, faucet nfts with a couple of ONEs for gas, and give every team member a wallet and load up. if rich goes on a partnership and needs 1k biz cards, fire up an nft, depostits it in address. and when is out, on the fly, with 1wallet, he can send the nft to others, or drop them 3: biz cards, harmony brochure, and flyer for upcoming web event.


  • $20/mo for hosting
  • gas fees

PRD for The Copy Room

Initial UI mockup
Initial UI mockup

UI Mock ups


Need to build:

  • Template Picker Pop-up
    • Biz card
    • Brochure
    • Flyer
  • View (NFT Explorer) page
  • Send page

[Figma prototype]

- NFT TYPE -Biz Cards; Template (Core team, Guild, Community?) QR codes for a Complete LinkTree?(minimize lettering info, clean elegant) -Flyers - -Poap (not really as it is more of POC (poof of contact) - this also feels like it falls on the class of Biz cards but can rather be made in amounts that can be track for specific events - so thematic editions?