Jeremy Straughan

Brian Felsen
April 30, 2022
End Date
October 31, 2022



Jeremy Straughan is the former Digital Marketing Director for multiple national automotive groups, organizing and aiding transition into the digital space (Five Star Automotive, Nalley Automotive Group). Jeremy has aided in establishing the initial Harmony community DAO as well as identify and generating marketing and community segmentations for multiple projects on chain within Harmony. (Ex: TokenJenny, daVinci Gallery, MAD NFT) Jeremy received his Associates in Business Administration from Georgia Military College in 2015, & his Bachelors in Political Science from Southern New Hampshire University in 2019.

May 2022 Deliverables 100/100/100%

1/ Communicate with ecosystem partners & project teams to understand needs, milestones, etc. Document a process for promoting their success stories in the Harmony ecosystem. Create and distribute monthly articles highlighting ecosystem success stories via medium and broadcast via wire. (Process initialization , establishing newswire path)

2/ Engage with the new and existing builders in our ecosystem to answer any questions around the how-to's and navigate our ecosystem, help point them to the right resource and direction. Determine who is investable (Harmony Ventures). Work with Harmony Scouts to accomplish this. (Provide reporting and insight on project progress/invest readiness) (aid in onboard of Scout program)

3/ Work alongside the external comms team in a continuous effort to promote the successes of the Harmony ecosystem, its partners. Collaborate in weekly meetings to brainstorm and continue enhancing our comms strategy. (Establish process for external Comms with @Daniel Pagan)

Timesheet 2022 - Jeremy Straughan

MonthDateTaskHoursPay (Hrs X $75)Notes
May 1, 2022
Fill out co-marketing initiatives for weekly newsletter and content partners
assign and execute pre week pipeline for content
May 2, 2022
Execute messaging for ONEWeekly via ecosystem partners/ script writing, All hands, and sync with Daniel, Scaleswap, MadNFT, Metratone
Meetings with listed parties Construction of content for inclusion in ONEWEEKLY. Deliver content for ONEWEEKLY
May 3, 2022
Execute Ecosystem partners messaging through 4 highlights with Multimedia content for ONEWEEKLY Meet with teams to coordinate AMA and future content deliverables/timelines
EVO/MAD/Metatrone/MARS Content and headers constructed, (4 hours) delivered to @Daniel Pagan Sync with MAD,MARS,EVO,GAMEFI, METATRONE, to coordinate information for inclusion. (1 hour) Meet with USELESS to confirm AMA delivery this week with relevant teams Meet with Cosmic to discuss comarketing and plan inclusion( 1 hour)
May 4, 2022
Coordinate Social Media Campaigns for MAD, Katelyn Ohashi, Instagram
Cross marketing with MAD and Katelyn Ohashi for Twitter/Insta push (1.2m followers)
May 5, 2022
Ready construction of 1.0 Comarketing pipeline prior to all hands/offsite
Step 1. identify market segments for cross promotion and social medias. Wire frame for all content partners and pathways
May 6, 2022
Follow up ecosystem devs for the week and push report outline for review
Pushed first draft of framework for Partners report (DUE EOM) to Daniel Facilitate sharing of Weekly through socials and coordinate content share with KO/MAD. Begin prep for following weeks ecosystem features
May 7, 2022
Set schedules for Monday, finish prep on rough draft of ecosystem pipeline for presentation during AH on Monday.
Set schedules for Monday, finish prep on rough draft of ecosystem pipeline for presentation during AH on Monday.
May 8, 2022
May 9, 2022
Content discovery and reach out to teams. Pipeline work.
Continue construction of partner pipeline and reach out to ecosystem partners to establish marketing goals.
May 10, 2022
Construction of Partner report 1st draft and feedback loop for team
Outline Partner/foundation report for clarity and insight into growth metrics, presentable to existing and future partners and introspect for team milestones/deliverables
May 11, 2022
Deliver weekly content to ONEWeekly team, graphics, project info. Meet with 3 teams
Meet with Cosmic, Ewiya (Tranq) and MAD/Devin for comarketing considerations Deliver weekly content with graphics for ONEWeekly newsletter.
May 12, 2022
EWYA meeting, Finish scripting for ONEWeekly, script for ANKR
EWYA meeting, Finish scripting for ONEWeekly, script for ANKR
May 13, 2022
meeting with Daniel to sync on offsite deliverables, finalize content release and prepare next week content/ecosystem updates
meeting with Daniel to sync on offsite deliverables, finalize content release and prepare next week content/ecosystem updates
May 14, 2022
Co-marketing ecosystem prep for week 3 , VC call with MAD
Pipeline highlights for one can, reverse, EYWA, Endersgate, SCALESWAP. Basis call for Funding raise size for MAD
May 15, 2022
May 16, 2022
Weekly all hands, Daniel, Tokenomics construction for MAD, Sync with Demetres/Devin
Weekly all hands, Daniel, Tokenomics construction for MAD, Sync with Demetres/Devin
May 17, 2022
Sick day 🤢
May 18, 2022
Co-Marketing pipeline rough draft final revisions , scheduling for FISHFIGHT, USELESS, Bequest, ICONX, minor addition to grant v2 guidelines , Collaboration with EVO on Accelerator Application
Scheduling and coordinating co-marketing meetings with projects for later in the week, working final changes into draft for Co-marketing pipeline for future agreements ( Ala Defira)
May 19, 2022
Co-Marketing pipeline rough draft final revisions added to Notion, peer review progress
Co-Marketing pipeline rough draft final revisions added to Notion, peer review progress
May 20, 2022
Creation and testing of form submission for Co-marketing proposals for accuracy
Creation and testing of form submission for Co-marketing proposals for accuracy
May 21, 2022
Sustainable development sync , follow up with EYWA, Coordinate and edit EVO accelerator application , Various project coordination
Sustainable development sync , follow up with EYWA, Coordinate and edit EVO accelerator application , Various project coordination
May 22, 2022
Revise Notion Publication for public release , construct ONEWEEKLY eco highlights for week 4
Revise Notion Publication for public release , construct ONEWEEKLY eco highlights for week 4
May 23, 2022
June 10, 2022
Finish Publication of ONEWeekly Content , meet with NFT partners regarding reorg
June 11, 2022
Construction and collaboration with Kelly on upcoming Website redesign and UI meetings with community members scheduled for next week.
June 12, 2022
June 13, 2022
All-Hands , weekly meeting with mentor, community UX feedback meeting with Kelly and Tim
June 14, 2022
Content prioritization on Website UI - Coinkin/Hank The Crank Interview Content overview meeting for ONEWeekly +ecosystem highlights
June 15, 2022
Final UX interview w Kelly shipped ecosystem highlights for week
collab with selected projects for amplification
June 16, 2022
Review pause on Website design w team and next steps Edit Scripting for ONEWeekly begin work on prep for summer sprint + meeting to organize guild members
See library above for final week 9 video publication Summer Sprint https://open.harmony.one/aafdf57ce3e5498f8437c33421faaaf4#be687a6f98df4b1ca75505ef1e4e0b3f
June 17, 2022
Modify Co-marketing playbook meeting with Daniel, finalize changes based on feedback and modifications made to grant program Publish finalized website redesign findings for Later use
June 18, 2022
June 19, 2022
June 20, 2022
All Hands (1 hour) Meeting with Daniel (1 Hour) Meeting With Sonicswap (2.5 Hours) Meeting with Brian (New Mentor) .5 Hours NFT Guild Meeting (1.25 hours)
June 21, 2022
Weekly Content production meeting - Comms and Content (1 hour) Content production for “week 10”ONEWeekly (2.5 hours) script and newsletter
June 22, 2022
Begin breakdown of Messari Report on 22’ NFT for research basis of NFT Guild (4 hours) Finalize Content for Week (2.5 hours) Horizon Bridge Comms response
June 23, 2022
Horizon All Hands on deck Meetings + Production of home base Medium format and content of article , delivered to team. Production of initial script for Stephens address to community
June 24, 2022
Completion of script and follow up tweets to address day 2 Meetings to review script and modify content as needed. Provide support across all verticals.


Cultural Self Assessment

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Self Assessment
Personal Story
conversation turn taking
8 - The opportunity to listen with intent to understand is the only way to really understand (and confirm) the need of the other half of any conversation
Engaging with our vast community before there was ever a structure to cohesively channel that feedback. Learning to proactively approach opportunities to share updates with the community and facilitate sharing of those ideas through specific community members.
disconfirm own beliefs
9 - I pride myself in constantly challenging what is “Right” and aim to constantly challenge my set belief
Reaching out to Dr. Tse early on in the rollout of daVinci to express the need to community interaction and marketing to expedite growth of platform, even though there was zero precedence or reason a random user on the internet should have to reach out to the CEO of a multi-billion market cap company
self-aware & articulate
8- I find myself to be self-aware to a fault. Articulating the thought process however is one of my core strengths.
Manifesting the unwritten goal of the DAO process and distributing it among the community prior to detailed rollout from core. Medium writings and meetings formed to cohesively align the initial council and maintain order through chaos
share a drink
8- Personal experiences build bonds unbreakable in comparison to pure collaboration
Developed relationships that are currently aiding our DAO ops team in bringing social engagement opportunities to the likes of @devin marty and MAD NFT. Both of which have brought and will continue to bring tremendous value to the Protocol.
spend 10 hours daily together
6 - The pandemic has altered my perception greatly of this, physical presence is the essence of team building but technology has enabled interesting collaboration.
Organizing and distributing payroll without any system in place for multiple DAOs, while fighting covid, while maintaining meetings following a week promoting Harmony in Denver during MCON.
nurture & mentor
6 - Being able to identify and pass along valuable insights and lessons learned are paramount to leading productivity. I am still a baby in this regard, and intend to focus on this area as the opportunity arises.
While bringing the above mentioned teams on board, I failed in following through with productive steps to manage their relationships as I was unable to determine my own. This is an area I intend to focus on and improve as a leader.
make everyone shine
10 - Personal and career satisfaction comes almost exclusively from this area for me. The ability to assist others reach their goals and greatest potential, is my fuel.
I believe with few exceptions, I have contributed to improving the working process of various members of the community (defining the modern AMA with Wolf and Daniel respectively via TG and Discord) Working to facilitate on time elections with @Sam Harrison @undefined undefined and @bruno Marshall, when there was no clear path to accomplish an on chain election
people over process
8- While process is important, assembling a group of people with different expertise; sharing a common vision? This enables teams to disagree, while understanding their common direction and avoid repetition in solving core issues.
Coordinating a 1am meeting with @Tim (strongmindshold) @Daniel Pagan and @Sam Harrison to understand the challenges faced by DAOs and organizing seperate meetings with interested parties to properly communicate the narrative that was needing to be conveyed, accurately and timely.
dare to disagree
5- My nature is very centered around intaking the most information about a situation before vocalizing opposition. I find it vital to the process, but want to have an informed point of view before immediately dismissing an issue and its surrounding perspectives.
Expressed verbal concern with members of the team surrounding daVinci Gallery. My intro, and only position up to that point, was willingly put in jeopardy to publicly acknowledge those issues for the sake of our community and users. The backlash was immediate, and sudden, but worth it because my ethics and long term success of Harmony come before personal gain at any point.
long-time craftsmanship
7- The ability to look back and see the impact of decisions made long ago that created a path, and being able to replicate those through time is one of the most gratifying feelings.
I have volunteered in various capacities for the Harmony community for approx 18 months, and maintained my previous occupation from the time I was a sophomore in college. Leaving this profession to focus full time on helping Harmony grow, with zero financial backing or security (see jumping off a cliff)
obsess over details
8- The best fight plan is only the best until you are punched in the mouth. Being able to dig into what others may dismiss as surface level, enables a level of polish that overall impacts far greater than a smooth surface.
The nuances of making sure type text matches branding guides, that color gradients are properly managed and the visual language tells the tail. Looking at any of my marketing work for various projects demonstrates the attention to the small details, which add a level of professional polish that all projects can benefit from.
hungry & foolish
10- My nature is to jump into the deep end, push buttons, knock on doors and find the solution to problems others are simply vocalizing.
See above, as it was my hunger for something more internally rewarding that led me to this point. There was and is no guarantee of success in this space, but through sheer determination and foolishness, I have traveled far and wide to make sure the dedication and drive needed to be successful was present and accounted for whenever the phone rang.
share the mission
10- My ideals are centered around understanding what the main goal is for a group, and determining the most optimal path to assist in reaching that point.
I went beyond my core beliefs and feel embodied the “radical transparency” with the disclosure of issues surrounding daVinci and our trouble within the broader community of NFTs. This was further demonstrated by door knocking until I found a demonstrably BETTER alternative in MAD and facilitated the necessary interactions to bring them to Harmony, to solve the issue I vocalized.
optimistic about flying off a cliff
10- My career has been a series of jumping off cliffs with no clear path to the ground. The satisfaction of attempting to fly in uncharted territories is awe inspiring, even if you are twice as likely to crash along the way.
The uncharted path my time within the Harmony ecosystem has been a tail of continuous cliff jumps. Door knocking in the community channels, to sharing a vision of cross chain NFTs with an audience in Denver, if given the opportunity and pointed at the cliff, Jeremy will jump first and let you know how the water feels.
your 50-year dream
9 - The vision I see when I look 50 years into the future is one where my grandchildren are enabled to pursue true passions, empowered with the work we are contributing today
An example of this would be working in this capacity now, an opportunity I am eternally grateful for, and being able to see the impact of decentralized finance for 10 billion come true. To see my children understand from a young age the importance of financial literacy and their peers demonstrating the same awareness of the tools available for them to craft their own unique path.
consistent with own actions
10- I have been brutally transparent through all levels of Harmony, from community managers to the top levels of core team. Honest feedback to the community and our peers
I speak for the and from the perspective of our target market, because I do genuinely feel I am. My perspective is and has always been to understand how our technology and protocol benefit the every day user (both existing and users who aren’t yet familiar with blockchain)
make tough decisions
10- The ability to understand where success is no longer tenable and make those calls are something that I have endeavored to focus on since introduction into the community.
Choosing to solely focus on our vision of 10 billion users and a prosperous ecosystem of builders. Choosing to search for better alternatives rather than coasting on established pedigree, demonstrate the ability to make decisions that are in the best interest of the larger group over my own personal financial or career goals.
admit mistakes
10- I am my greatest critique, to a fault at times. I constantly strive to receive feedback that identifies areas of improvement and can be overbearingly needy in that regard. Chasing perfection while acknowledging it is impossible to achieve in one lifetime.
Owning my failures. I spoke to both @undefined undefined and @Sam Harrison during the onboarding process and very up front acknowledged I am a baby, and I let people down by not further fostering the relationship required for the projects onboarded. Even with the understanding there wasn't a role for that at the time, I could and will always admit to where I have failed, and work diligently to improve upon areas where I fall short.
top 1% superstar
7 - The ability to interact with the community, partners, and have a level of existing understanding of your contributions is essential to providing a great introduction and relationship. I constantly strive to improve in this area, but take pride in understanding there are peers in the space who (through their own efforts) have established a record of excellence, and a clear path to chase in my personal path.
The essential creation of marketing where there was none, consistently applying new techniques and interacting with various members of our external partnerships (with little to no familiarity with all parties) demonstrates the drive to accomplish more than anyone sets as a deliverable for me. This can be seen in the monstrous amount of content produced for various projects and our DAOs.
effective tooling
6- The tools to be effective in the space are constantly evolving, and I pride myself in being as up to date on the best use cases and implementations of them as possible. However I could definitely be more proactive in this area and identify/create tools that aren't readily used in the current space
Working with @Li Jiang to organize initial payouts of our daos and communicate those payments in a transparent manner. Tying the use of Discord to problem solve user errors for daVinci. creation of bug report system that was used to track and more importantly FOLLOW UP with users errors along the way.
relevant to our needs
9- Identifying the culture fit of a particular position and the abilities to communicate it to a broader audience are vital in the need
In my life the relevancy comes from finding the most effective route of delivering messaging to the target users. Without this we are effectively taking a shotgun approach to reaching our target demographic, which is the every day person; empowered through the use of our technology and ecosystem
10x growth
8- Growth at that scale requires hitting your goals and going far beyond them even after you know you have succeeded. To never settle for what is currently the best available answer.
Growth from $10k annual online sales to $29m by the time of my departure (FSAG)(less than 1% to 48%) (47x) Consistent user growth from $1000 NFTs purchased to $750k prior to departing daVinci and onboarding MAD
voracious learner
9- I strive to always learn, to never think I have all the information together. Learning everyday through contrasting opinions and sources is a personal as well as professional goal I strive for daily
Learning basic as well as Java to fine tune front end issues (with no prior experience) Learning to Program discord bots for community use Learning Pro Res to streamline marketing production
contrarian thinker
7 - I tend to think of myself as a “out of the box” thinker, which enables unconventional solutions that may require a more nuanced approach.
I was challenged by senior members of the core team to see if there was a solution to better our NFT ecosystem, I genuinely don’t think anyone expected me to bring a team to them that was focused on delivering rockstar quality performance with the resume to match. I wanted to see our community benefit from the BEST experience they could possibly have, as that creates the magical experiences that entrenched my belief in Harmony.
accomplish important work
9 - To be fulfilled, the work being done must have purpose in my opinion. Without the knowledge the work has a profound impact along the way, the effort of reaching for the stars becomes much more difficult to maintain.
The benefit of my positions is always having a top of the roof view of the ground level success of builders. They are our rockstars, and the importance of making sure they are prominently featured is the importance of the work to be done.
activity < productivity
8 - Pointing to the accomplishments and deliverables are most important. The thought that simply being active can be effective is a half baked approach. We must both be engaging and productive, otherwise the hard work is never brought to the surface.
Many times I have been asked how I could be everywhere all at once and we have many members of the community to accomplish this same feat, but the importance to me is always being able to receive feedback that the time was spent focused on their need, doing the work necessary to find a solution, or creating one through collaboration.
thrive in chaos
11 - Chaos birthed me
From my internal DAY ONE I have walked what I consider a wooded path to this point, where there was no guide markers telling me this was the right direction. There is no rulebook for web3, or success in the space. From the first day, and through my last outside of the team, I stuck to my gut emotion of helping people, and being genuine at all times. Those hallmarks are things I pride myself on, and I believe are paramount to thrive in chaos