NFT Products Guild

NFT Products Guild


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The ‘Summer Sprint’ is 🔥🔥🔥! The NFT Product Guild will be aligning missions and values with the NFT Partnerships Guild.

Harmony Q3/Q4 Thesis on NFT:

  • Market: We know from extensive research (essential reading) that the NFT market has traction with billions in value and potential for mass consumer appeal with hundreds of millions of fans and users. “Finding product market fit = focusing on the market first” – meaning, 15% monthly growth rate.
  • Product: We have a product (platform) that offers fast and affordable minting, trading, and mass distribution of NFTs to millions of users. “The only thing that matters is getting to product/market fit.”
  • Team: Can we align our team efforts to build out a thriving ecosystem of NFT minting projects, social token launch platforms, trading marketplaces, collector DAOs, derivatives and avatars with high liquidity, volume, and users?

Read Messari’s NFT Q1'22 Market Rundown for more.

Guild Deliverables

Guild Ownerships

This is not final. The Ownerships are fluid. 🥤can delve into Harmony Ecosystem. 🐐 can delve into iToken. There needs to be an amount of focus from each emoji, though. Please add Ownership Specializations as needed.

Consider this page a whiteboard or a collection-center of initiatives to be hashed out publicly. Direct communications should be through the Harmony Internal Discord Server in the NFT Products Guild Channel. For access to the discord please contact 🐐 or 🚜.

Promo Materials 🐐

1 pager - value prop to launch an nft on harmony

Use metrics

Ask George?

Any advantage to publicize this BAYC blue ape community license to NFT creators who are permitted to use Harmony blue apes for NFT 2D/3D derivatives when launching on Harmony chain?

Utility and tooling 🚜

The Copy Room

Harmony Ecosystem 🔫 👩‍🚀

iToken 🥤

outreach, adoption, and marketing of the iToken

The Stampede 🚜🐐🥤

Summer NFT Stampede

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