Wanhi Lee

Wanhi Lee

70% Video Editing / 30% Visual Effects
Adrian Robison
April 1, 2022
End Date
June 30, 2022

Wanhi Lee

Video Editor

Telegram: @KiNO4X

About Me:

Wanhi Lee is an established Filmmaker, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, and Creative Director passionate about inspiring his viewers through the power of visual storytelling. He strongly utilizes his exceptional editing skills and ardent eye for detail to ensure a film gets the best attention it deserves. Since 2010, he has been involved in many Korean films, television, and commercials. A master of his craft, he constantly researches the inner workings of the entertainment industry and ensures productions run smoothly, meet deadlines, and stay within budgets.

In his career years, he worked for a good number of fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, GQ, and fashion brands like Chanel, Van Cleef & Arpel, and Burberry, amongst others. He has experience with Kpop music video producing for ITZY - It’s Icy. Wanhi earned his Bachelor of Fine Art in Film Directing from the Art Center of Design, Pasadena. Becoming a permanent fixture and mainstay in the world of video and film entertainment is the driving force behind everything he does.


Video Deliverables:

*All links are to remain private until posted on proper social media channels, if mangers outside my immediate mentors want to see the videos, message me privately on telegram @kino4x and I will provide you with the links to view.

Q3 Goals:

  • Case studies for benchmark (ethos of other companies) and build a new BRAND MANIFESTO
  • Sign one Korean production studio partner for NFT Minting using existing connections

Q3 - 6 Week Plan:

  • Contacting potential partners in Korea for signing NFT market

July Deliverables 0/0/0%

  • 5 Kinetic Text videos for #MintOnHarmony campaign
  • 10 After Effects animation for NFT visual assets
  • 5 NFT related partners for #BuiltOnHarmony campaign videos

June Deliverables 100/100/100%

Create Bespoke keynote intro visual

Create Social media call to action visuals

Finish 1Wallet Pre-Visual creative pre-production (visual research and storyboard)

May Deliverables 100/100/100%

1Wallet commercial treatment

Edit event talks for Ghana

Build DoDAO and Open DAO Ops Call YouTube Visuals

April Deliverables 100/100/100%

Visual effects, music & story for ETHRIO talks (Blu3 DAO)

Pre-render visual template for Ghana

Cultural Self Assessment

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Self Assessment
Personal Story
conversation turn taking
6 - I am a good listener but not always share my thought unless it is necessary
Through out my life, I realized listening is more important than addressing to make the situation progressed.
disconfirm own beliefs
8 - Other perspectives and opinions are always interesting to hear. And I learn something new out of those.
I balance between what I believe is right and what people think about the situation.
self-aware & articulate
7 - I am always self-aware in terms of how I am doing to other people.
Reflection of my daily life is very important part of my life.
share a drink
10 - Sharing a drink is sharing a life for me. It is very important part of my life and I cherish the time.
Sharing life and thoughts with my friends and colleagues actually help me a lot to think differently about myself and my life.
spend 10 hours daily together
5 - My job is spending most of the time in front of my computer, but when I have time, I try to spend time with my friends and family.
In 16 years of my life in US, without my friends and family I don’t know how I can come this far with my career, and I know it is very important sharing my life with them.
nurture & mentor
8 - My vision is to support and serve with my passion and ability to help next generation to enjoy better life.
I always liked to serve and support younger people, and I enjoy leading and guiding them with my knowledge. I believe It is one way to serve this world.
make everyone shine
8 - Everyone is main character in there movie(life). There is no one wants to be a extra, and take people’s voice seriously and try to support them as much as possible.
I think making everyone better at work is the key to success as a team. And I believe it gives better productivity for each team member too, including myself.
people over process
9 - I always say human spirit is more important than materials. If we fail or lose during the process, we can always get back together and start over, but once we lose people, we can’t revive with our hands.
As an immigrant, I experienced in many situations that people around me helped when I am in hard situations. Losing people is is losing your life asset for me.
dare to disagree
4 - I don’t disagree until I confirm myself it needs to be re-directed or revised, because even if the opinions that I don’t agree might have right answer.
I don’t speak up unless necessary. However if it is absolutely important for greater good, I am not afraid to disagree even if it is majority’s idea.
long-time craftsmanship
10 - patience is power to achieve my goal.
I’ve been holding my career for more than 20 years, and I believe I am still evolving in my field to reach my goal as a filmmaker.
obsess over details
9 - I believe details make the things supreme.
If you look into the difference between good and best works, there is not much of difference. Most of the thing you will see it is how much it is detailed-up. At least that is what I believe.
hungry & foolish
8 - I am often compulsive on the matters that I cannot decide because it is better to move on and fix the problem on the way than staying and agonizing.
If you are passionate an ambitious, you need to be little bit foolish and hungry. I came to US 16 years ago with lack of language ability. And believe I was somewhat fearless to challenge new things.
share the mission
9 - I am humble one. I can only do so much by myself. So sharing mission is important for me to progress.
Generally, it is key thing for me to share my mission and objectives to people because in the field I’ve worked on I had to share my thoughts and goals to accomplish the team project. I got used to it.
optimistic about flying off a cliff
9 - Challenge is the engine of my life. And I need to dream positive to put myself in the new circumstance.
Leaving in US is still challenge for me every day. And the fact that I’m living in a foreign county makes me nervous time to time. To have a hope is to survive for me and it gives me strength.
your 50-year dream
10 - My dream is to make my own film production and direct my own movies to show entire people in the world.
I believe joining Harmony is part of my journey to dream big for my future.
consistent with own actions
9 - I like progress in my life but I constantly concern and look back on myself to see if I am going on the right direction.
I have always enjoyed to hear from my friends that I am always the same person, whether the comments were about my weak point or not. I like to hear that because I am truthful in every time.
make tough decisions
8 - I strongly follow my moral and faith when I have to choose tough decision. And once I believe it is right I push myself on that decision no matter what.
When I left my country and families from Korea, it was tough and sorrowful decision for me and my family. But if I look back now it was better for everyone.
admit mistakes
10 - Mistakes always eventually come up on the surface. It is better to admit immediately to fix when it is smaller problem.
Honesty is very important in my life. And I teach it to my kids for prime matter in life. I know if you truthful to the whatever result you get, you can move on to next level much easier.
top 1% superstar
8 - There is no summit in professional world even if you are a “top-notch”, there is always a room to be challenged.
I don’t satisfy with the result I get. I always think what could be done better. And those thinking process made me who I am now.
effective tooling
7 - Technology is evolving every day. The important matter is how flexibly I can respond during the process.
I always say the real tool is in me. Human brain has so much of possibility and we need to be flexible to the given situation.
relevant to our needs
8 - Comprehension is the key to fulfill the objectives of the team.
I try to understand what people say and need and to adjust myself in the situation to get better result.
10x growth
9 - I believe I learn until the end of my life. Every moment of my life is an opportunity to grow.
Even in 40s, I think I still have many possibilities and opportunities to grow. Important matter for me is to satisfy given circumstance at the moment or to dream bigger for my future.
voracious learner
9 - New knowledge is new delight.
One of my friend told me that if you have been living in a foreign country for one year, and you are socially still one year old. There is many things for me to learn in many ways and I have no fear on that.
contrarian thinker
7 - Although I don’t disagree often, it is important for me to think another possibilities for better results.
As an artist, the word “why” is very important question for every project. It is not for resistance but for revision and improvement.
accomplish important work
7 - It is effective way to reach the goal.
Being a dad and student at the same time in the foreign country is chaotic situation. And I experienced in many time finding important mater and finishing it solved many other situation.
activity < productivity
7 - It is important to reduce necessary actions on the way, but if I believe it is important to do even if it doesn’t show a result in a short period, I sustain my work until I can prove it.
I tend to think about short cut. To make effective and practical can give many other opportunities.
thrive in chaos
9 - I can perform better in chaotic situation.
My survival mechanism is to focus on important mission during complex situation. I got my kids during the college years and had to make living cost in the weekend, and also I had to sustain my GPA to keep my scholarship.