EthDenver: Blue to Fly 🦋, Social Wallet 💬, Blue (Apes) Metaverse 🦧, Trustless Bridges 🌉, ZK-Proof Course 🎓

EthDenver: Blue to Fly 🦋, Social Wallet 💬, Blue (Apes) Metaverse 🦧, Trustless Bridges 🌉, ZK-Proof Course 🎓

Feb 11 fri - 24 thurs
Sam Harrison
Impact Report: EthDenver Impact Report

Harmony is a major sponsor at EthDenver. We will be launching “Blue to Fly 🦋” social tokens, Social NFT wallet 💬, Blue Metaverse with Bored Apes 🦧 & GameFi 🎮, Trustless Ethereum/Bitcoin bridges 🌉 – and sponsoring 200 scholars and Zero-Knowledge-Proof Course 🎓.


Harmony Launches

  1. With our partners, we’ll launch “Blue to Fly 🦋” social token, blueDAO & book illustration NFT at Timeless Wallet’s “Live Auction” event.
  2. Our ecosystem will host a special side event on Feb 16, 2022.
  3. With, we are supporting travel scholarships for 200 developers.
  4. To launch our book, we’ll host “Women in Crypto” interviews for on Feb 14th.
  5. We’ll co-host the official ETHDenver After Party on Feb 20th.

Harmony Press Highlights - Wins from ETHDenver

Bored Ape Yacht Club PR Wrap-Up

📆 Daily Highlights

builders & hackers

speakers & parties

skiers & boarders

  • 2/21 mon: team offsite at breckenridge, tgi happy hour
  • 2/22 tue: harmony breakfast, harmony happy hour, harmony at cecilia’s 9pm-2am
  • 2/23 wed: ski sessions, team dinner
  • 2/24 thurs: team 10am breakfast, flying home

keynotes & invited talks

  • ⛵ 2/18 fri 3:35-3:55pm temple stage: Decentralized Basic Income & ZK-Identities (hakwan lau)
  • 🎽 2/18 fri 3:20-3:50pm: A Multi-Chain Future Panel with Zack Seward (li jiang)
  • 💙 2/19 sat 10:40-11:00am laser stage: Harmony in 2026: Scaling Web3 via ZPK and DAO (stephen tse)
  • 💙 2/19 sat 7:00-7:30pm laser stage: Decentralization in New Markets. A panel with Del Titus Bawuah, Kweku Mandela, Princess Sarah Culberson. Moderated by Stephen Tse.

Harmony at ETHDenver (Videos)
External - ETH Denver Schedule

🤯 Project X

  • Recruit and onboard full-time core teams & fellows
  • Dispense $100K grants to individuals or ideas new to Web3
  • Co-invest $1M to teams or projects
  • Purposes: for our team and community
    • to engage with ethereum and web3 projects broadly in denver
    • to align interests and incentives with people we enjoy spending time over days there
    • to close deals in person with multiple touch points before the trip is over
    • 🕑
      Harmony in 2026: Scaling Web3 via ZKP & DAO
  • Terms:
    • must complete fundings by the end of ETH Denver (2/24 thur)
    • must meet the hires, grantees or investees in person in Denver
    • setup Gnosis multisig safes by 2/8 tue to receive $20k initial funds to dispense as grants or investments; all custody of funds must use metamask on 3+ devices (phone, ipad, laptop)

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 Attendees

Harmony Hub at Historic Colorado Center
ONE Blue Heart - Celebrating Women in Web3
Decentralization in New Markets: Africa DAO
The BIG Event: Surprise!
Harmony at Web3 Castle and the Main Event


❤️‍🔥 Past Events

Past Performance