Harmony Press Highlights - Wins from ETHDenver

Harmony Press Highlights - Wins from ETHDenver

Sharing here other top wins of this quarter that we think would be great to showcase. Congrats on all the great coverage during and around ETHDenver.

  • Princess Sarah Culberson on CNBC - how Harmony is helping with their mission of training blockchain developers in Sierra Leone.
  • Harmony COO Li Jiang sits down with Jeff John Roberts of Decrypt during ETHDenver to discuss Harmony's presence at the event, the history of Harmony, and future plans.
  • H.E.R DAO quote and mention in this CoinDesk piece.
  • Adrian Robinson quoted in this CryptoNews piece on the Top Trends at ETHDenver.
  • Cointelegraph feature story on the news that Harmony has launched a BAYC NFT Passport.

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