ONE Book: Create Wealth in Harmony

ONE Book: Create Wealth in Harmony

The Power of Money and Crypto on Families. Through my stories of scarcity vs abundance mindsets, decentralized basic income, and Web3โ€™s creator economy. (By ๐Ÿฆ‹ย Amy Soon)

Preface: The Happy Family I Never Had

I had the perfect life. At least thatโ€™s what my friends thought. I was a national ice-skater, a high school athlete and the best math student. I dated the cutest guy in school and won inter-school dance competitions. I had a mansion with a full-time live-in maid that cooks. I also had siblings with achievements just as incredible as mine. We got the latest toys, the best teachers and pursued any hobbies to our heartsโ€™ desires. My dad was a successful businessman that took on every leadership role growing up and my mom was beautiful and fun who traveled the world.

We had money, we had beauty, we had talents and we had intelligence. We went on two family vacations every year and drove two Mercedes Benz. In Malaysia, if you had a Mercedes, you made it. So yes, from the outside, we looked like the perfect family who had everything.

What they donโ€™t know is how much my parents were arguing about money. For as long as I could remember, my parents fought about money more than the times we went out for groceries. Yes we went to two family vacations every year but they fought on every trip and the whole tour bus would know. Yes we had two Mercedes Benz but they fought on every other car ride to our countryโ€™s premier social clubs. One time, they fought so badly that the entire restaurant was emptied out because all the other patrons left and the lady boss had to kick us out of her restaurant. But I thought that was normal because it was all I knew. Until I saw my best friendโ€™s parents hold hands in a car ride, I teared up because that felt so foreign to me.

So whatโ€™s the back story? How did a family achieve the epitome of success yet be so broken inside? Just like everything else, itโ€™s important to start from the beginning.

My dad has two families. Simultaneously. If youโ€™ve watched Cantonese dramas or Telenovelas, you might think that those shows were overdramatic and unreal. Well, that was my family. According to the first son from my dadโ€™s first family, my dad could have easily been one of the wealthiest men in Malaysia. But I would never know that because I was too young when he was wealthy, and today, he is 80 years old and in debt. My mom on the other hand, had to live most of her life as the second wife. Some relatives would call her the โ€œmistressโ€ , especially the judgmental religious ones. The thing is, my dad lied to her about being single when they met. He fell in love at first sight and had intentions to divorce his first wife. He became the knight in shining armor when my mom was going through her own divorce and had to fight for the custody of her first daughter. It wasnโ€™t until she was pregnant with me, that she found out he was already married with three kids. But this book isnโ€™t about me or my family drama. This book is about the lessons and wisdom I got for the privilege of being the first daughter of the second family.

To bring things to another level, my dadโ€™s father had three families. Simultaneously. And they ALL lived under one roof. CRAZY. My dad was also from the second family. See, just like every other kid, he wanted his dadโ€™s attention. And he got it. He was the most promising, intelligent and business savvy son in the entire kingdom. Apparently my grandfather had plantation estates and multiple business empires. And my dad was being groomed to take over one day. My dad had an abundant mindset. He was aโ€ฆ the word we use these days, an entrepreneur, a connector; a Hustler.

My mom on the other hand, grew up in a poor family in a quaint town of Malaysia, Ipoh โ€” the locals would commonly say โ€œwhere all the pretty girls are madeโ€. She grew up in a poor family where she and her 12 siblings didnโ€™t have beds and had to sleep on the shelves behind the little shoe store they had. She was the first to leave town and pursued her ambition as an air-stewardess abroad. Back in the day, only the wealthy could fly. The average salary today in Malaysia for a fresh grad is RM 2k per month and she was making $8k per month, 50 years ago. Pretty much an alpha female making her own money without a college degree when feminism wasnโ€™t even a thing. My mom had a scarcity mindset. She was a big saver, an investor; a Tiger Mom.

The sad part was that they spent their entire lives pursuing wealth, not realizing that the program that was running their lives was just a little boy who wanted to earn his daddyโ€™s love through his successes, and a little girl who was afraid to live in the back of a store with shoe boxes again. And because I was the little girl who saw my parents fight about money for as long as I could remember, I have made it my lifeโ€™s work to learn about money. How money works โ€” I call them Money IQ and Money EQ.

Because I saw what money did to my family, I am writing this book so that money doesnโ€™t do that to your family either. And now that I am an adult, I have the tools and knowledge and the wisdom to recreate an alternate dimension where my father had taken the right steps, and my mother had realized the right things. In this alternate dimension, my father would have had a higher Money IQ and my mother would have had a higher Money EQ. In this alternate dimension, we would have created wealth in harmony where money would have no power over my family and I would have had the happy family I never had.

โ€” Amy ๐Ÿฆ‹