Harmony Hub at Historic Colorado Center

Located at the Historic Colorado Center - Harmony is hosting events, meals, mentoring and an all around good time throughout EthDenvers #BuidlWeek (Febrary 11th - 16th)

HOUSING: We are hosting 200 Scholars, DAO governors and developers at the Grand Hyatt Denver - a short walk or ride from the Art Hotel and the Harmony hub of #BuidlWeek. Scholars will also receive Lyft-ride vouchers to make trudging through the Denver snow a little easier.


  1. Kick-Off: In the MDC Foundation Room and Terrace of the Historic Colorado Center (HCC), on February 11th, starting at 7:00 PM. Food, drinks and entertainment will be provided. Join us to launch 2022 EthDenver into the stratosphere.
  2. Hack at the Hub: Join Harmony in the Colorado Room of the HCC to Hack at the Hub. Starting on February 13th and lasting until the Web3 Castle opens on the 17th, Harmony is hosting Scholars and any hackers and builders. Starting with breakfast at 9:00 AM and lasting until midnight, we will provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
  3. Are you a builder and need some technical advice? Visit our Mentoring and Tech Support Corner. Do you have good steam on your project and are starting to think about how to scale and get additional funding? Visit our Funding Corner.

    Harmony is here to teach, mentor and empower the next generation of Web3 builders.

  4. Join the Metaverse!: On February 12th, Harmony is hosting a β€œVirtual Kick-off” with our partners at Crypto-Voxels. Watch this space for additional details!
  5. Spend the Day with DFK!: On February 15th, join DeFi Kingdoms at the Harmony Hub. Complete with workshops, Q&A, lessons learned and maybe even a speech or two - DeFi Kingdoms (currently, the largest game in crypto) will be camping out in the Hub to meet the rising generation of hackers and help people build on their platform.