Bored Ape Yacht Club PR Wrap-Up

Here is the wrap-up report for the BAYC NFT PFP Passport which was released during ETHDenver, on February 19th, 2022. It was so great to see so many of your faces there, in person!

The announcement was well-received by many noteworthy crypto media outlets. Below are some exciting stats from the campaign.

The full coverage book can be found here.

Key results include:

  • 16 pieces of coverage including a feature in Cointelegraph and Investing.com
  • Announcement shared across the globe in German, Turkish, French and Chinese!
  • Interview requests for Stephen and Li with The Block and BeInCrypto
  • An interview request by BeInCrypto on what the Harmony BAYC Passport integration means in the grand adoption of NFTs as PFPs.
  • Reached an online readership of 239 million people
  • Estimated 566K views and 621 engagements (likes, comments, and shares) on social platforms.

These are very impressive results for a PR announcement, let alone one competing with dozens of other projects looking for coverage at EthDenver. We’re very pleased with the media’s interest in covering Harmony’s role in the utilization of NFTs, Harmony’s passport on DeFi kingdoms was widely read and well-received.

Great job, team!

Excited to see what we can collaborate on together next!


Mia and the YAP Global Team


Key takeaways:

  • Journalists were very interested in the community connection between BAYC holders and DeFi Kingdoms users so in the future let’s keep strategizing ways we can bring community-centric stories to key publications. Any news connecting communities within Harmony may be of interest to journalists.
  • We went back and forth a few times on an embargo date, and had to return to journalists with whom we had already shared the PR. In the future let’s try to not change embargo dates.
  • We went out with this announcement during ETHDenver and while it received top tier coverage, we do think that the excitement around the event clouded some of the press for this announcement. We are pleased with the results, but in the future we will keep in mind how to best place announcements during events for maximum coverage.