March 11 fri - March 17 thurs
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Harmony is a major sponsor at 🇧🇷 ETHRio. We will be sponsoring 40 latam 🌎 and blu3 🦋 scholars, hosting the first ever ⚽ HarmonyONE TGI Cup futebol tournament, and launching 🍏 ‘Project Y’ to support new web3 projects.

EthRio Impact Report (Matt McDonald)
EthRio NFT Workshop Restrospective Write-Up
EthRio Hackathon Writeup


📅 Daily Highlights

3/10 thur: team arrive

3/14 mon: main event

3/15 tues: main event

3/17 thurs: team surf lessons

3/18 fri: hackathon

3/19 sat: tgi dinner

3/20 sun: team depart

keynotes, workshops, & panels (dates tba)

speaking: an introduction to the harmony ecosystem (boris polania)

panel: DAOs and governance (jose couto)

workshop: how to set up a harmony validator node (juan beltram)


Ethereum Rio Launchpad Sponsorship (2).pdf57.2KB

Harmony Team Full Event Schedule

🍏 Project Y

ETHRio guidelines:

Dispense $100K grants to 10 unique recipients (individuals or ideas) new to Web3

  • grant $10K to any person to form a “social token 🦋” 3-governor DAO
  • 2 strong yes from you and your partner with a forum post
  • no double or triple teaming
  • form a 2-out-of-4 multisig with your partner, matt (3rd silent), and li (4th silent)


  • empower community members to engage with web3 projects globally
  • align with people we enjoy spending time over days
  • close deals in person with multiple touch points


  • must complete fundings by end of event + 7 days
  • must meet the grantees in person at the event
  • setup Gnosis multisig safes to dispense as grants or investments; all custody of funds must use metamask on 3+ devices (phone, ipad, laptop)

Project Y: Spot Grants & Social Tokens for Scholars
Project Y Teams

💙 Harmony Attendees


  • 4 team full time: matty, boris, adrian, danny
  • 7 contributors: pj, gabby, noura, cristiano, jose, juan, semar
  • 2 blu3 dao: amy, novell
  • 4 partners: jeff, josh, matias, gonzalo
  • 40 latam and blu3 scholars

People’s Stay Dates

Bootcamp for Scholars:

There will be a bootcamp in portuguese and a hackathon in en/sp/pt - here is an application form for university students. They can be from a blockchain course, just need to identify themselves as being with harmony.

Creative Vision & Storytelling

Web3 Dream in Rio @Danny Carranza

Safety Precautions

Travel Need-to-Know’s:

Before flying:

While in Rio:

  1. Bring your international adapter.
  2. Have e-copy of your passport scanned and emailed to yourself in case something happens.
  3. Put money in various areas (diversify your risk)
  4. Buy the pre-paid card in the airport (suggestion from a local). Apparently better rates.
  5. Uber to hotel from airport is approximately USD 8.
  6. Bring physical vaccination card; have a digital backup.

Security Need-to-Know’s 1. Avoid walking with smartphones on hand or showing while on the open street. 2. Keep together in at least groups of 3. 3. Carry only things you can discard in last moment if walking on foot. 4. Estados do Brasil – mainly Minas Gerais, S. Paulo , Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro e Baía are known to have tropical fevers or disease like Yellow fever and Dengue. To be aware of symptoms. 5. Copacabana, Ipanema ou Leblon are considered safe places to walk. 6. Uber over Taxi 7. Don’t leave bags unchecked

Harmony Elevator Pitch in English

Harmony is a community-driven project, a network with billions of dollars of assets, and a team wearing crazy ambitions on their sleeves. Blockchains are becoming the foundation of the global economy, yet their adoption is at only 1%. So, we are coming to Rio to create connections, open new paths, and build the bridges to the vibrant Latin American community. This is where we start. Welcome to day ONE.


Harmony Elevator Pitch in Spanish

Harmony es un proyecto enfocado en la comunidad, una red con billones de dolares en activos y un equipo con grandes y descabelladas ambiciones. Los Blockchains están sentando las bases de una nueva economia global, sin embargo aun solo un 1% de la población mundial tiene acceso a ellas. Por eso, estamos en Rio, para crear conexiones, abrir nuevos caminos, y construir puentes que nos conecten con la vibrante comunidad Latinoamericana. Aquí es donde empezamos. Welcome to day ONE.

Harmony Elevator Pitch in Portuguese

Harmony é um projeto focado em comunidade, uma rede com bilhões de dolares em ativos, e com um time com grandes ambições. Blockchains estão se tornando a fundação da economia global, e a adoção ainda está em 1% apenas. Então, nós estamos indo ao Rio para criar conexões, abrir novos caminhos, e construir pontes para a enérgica comunidade Latino Americana. E é só o começo. Welcome to day ONE.

ETHRio Socials:

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