Project Y: Spot Grants & Social Tokens for Scholars

Project Y: Spot Grants & Social Tokens for Scholars

Dispense $100K grants to individuals or ideas new to Web3

  • pick 1 person from the core full-time team to form a 2-of-3 multisig + li/giv/peter (silent holder)
  • grant $10K to any person to form a 3-governor DAO, with a “social token 🦋”
    • the project needs to have at least 3 people (governors) holding a multi-sig wallet to receive the funds
    • the social token is a hrc-20/721/1155 on harmony for their fans, community or project
  • grant $50K to any project to launch on mainnet as a 5-governor DAO
  • 2 strong yes from you and your partner with a forum post


  • empower community members to engage with web3 projects globally
  • align with people we enjoy spending time over days
  • close deals in person with multiple touch points


  • must complete fundings by end of event + 7 days
  • must meet the grantees in person at the event
  • setup Gnosis multisig safes to dispense as grants or investments; all custody of funds must use metamask on 3+ devices (phone, ipad, laptop)

🦧Blue Metaverse & 10,000 DAO & ZK Scholars

🌊Your Career: To Yearn for the Vast and Endless Web3