EthRio NFT Workshop Restrospective Write-Up


As a part of Harmony’s ethRio side-events, we partnered with MAD | NFT to create an NFT workshop to teach local artists in Rio how to create, deploy and sell an NFT in MAD’s platform, a NFT marketplace in Harmony network. This is also part of a new initiative within Harmony that aims to recognize artists that bring their art to our protocol, and the City of Rio de Janeiro presented a great opportunity to launch it, since it also gave us the opportunity to start with artists that traditionally do not have access to web3 training and resources.

The event, which took place in the beautiful Fairmont Hotel in Copacabana, was attended by a dozen artists and led by MAD’s @undefined undefined. During the event, all the attendants were able to successfully complete the workshop, an—as part of Harmony’s commitment to the development of local artists—Harmony is buying and donating all the NFTs to Unstable Lab, a Rio-based DAO that wants to empower artists from public universities in Brazil. The DAO will be in charge of distributing the grants to each of the artists.


The success of the event could be quickly assessed by the impact the workshop immediately had on their attendants, since they can use the seed funding to start developing NFT collections and reaching wider audiences with an  immediate impact in their personal situation. For this reason, we in Harmony are looking forward to expanding these workshops with a focus in emerging economies in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

We are extremely grateful to MAD | NFT, Unstable Lab and–most importantly–to all the artists, creators and builders who attended the workshop and all of the events we hosted in Rio de Janeiro, Cidade Maravilhosa!!!

Here below is the list of artists that participate in the workshop and that will be receiving the grant.