May 17 tue - 19 thurs
Jack Chan
Palm Beach, FL

Conference Details

About Harmony

Event Schedule (with Harmony)

Monday, May 16

12:00 - 4:30 PM: Attendee Registration @ Palm Beach Convention Center

Tuesday, May 17

9:00 AM - 4:20 PM: Permissionless Conference

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM: Welcome Happy Hour in Expo Hall

5:30 PM - 8:30 PM: Block Par-Tee by Cronos x Covalent

6:00 PM - 10:00 PM: Warehouse District Takeover @ Grandview (FREE for conference goers)

Wednesday, May 18

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM: Permissionless Conference

3:30 PM : 4:30 PM: Happy Hour in Expo Hall

7:00 PM - 11:00 PM: Clematis Street Bar Crawl

7:00 PM - 11:00 PM: DFX Finance "Permissionless" Bar Bash! @ Canopy by Hilton West Palm Beach Downtown

Thursday, May 19

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM: Permissionless Conference

6:00 PM: Friends of Launch House dinner @ Kapow Noodle Bar (519 Clematis St)

6:00 PM: Permissionless After Party ft 3LAU, PLS&TY, AMICAZ

Friday, May 20


  1. Strengthen Investor Network — To build existing and new investors (hedge funds, institutional, family offices, etc.) to learn their interests with investing in ecosystem projects (like Harmony’s, Solana’s, Polygon’s, etc.) and chart out their sentiment, value add, and categories (draft report )
  2. Ready to be Invested — Curate a list of ecosystem builders that are readily investable (helped by the Harmony Advisors Network if necessary) to attract the attention of investors and to introduce 10 of our ecosystem projects. Connect them to at least 25 discussions
  3. Introduce Harmony to Builders — 1/3 of the attendees and expo hall are occupied by builders. Learn what they are doing and introduce them into Harmony to attract and fund 5 projects under Project-Y program


Harmony Venture Network

Attendee Landscape

Based on Blockworks (organizer) feedback

  • 70% investors, split between high net worth and hedge fund managers and family office
  • 30% builders / founders

Harmony Ecosystems Projects for Investors

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Cosmic Universe — [In Progress] GameFi + NFT 3D Metaverse


Cosmic Universe


Cosmic Universe is a 3D open-world fantasy blockchain metaverse worldbuilder and MMORPG built using Unreal Engine 5 with tradable NFTs on the Harmony blockchain. We are aiming to raise $1.5M for one year of complete funding for all aspects of our project, at a $7M current total project valuation. Cosmic Universe is currently entirely self-funded through the sale of tokenized assets.


Cosmic Universe is an immersive open-world fantasy metaverse world-builder MMORPG where players explore, gather, harvest, develop

increasingly-advanced plots and settlements, trade, go on quests, level-up for magical powers & in-game rewards, and engage in PVP competitions & events. Cosmic Universe gives players full tokenized ownership of their characters & land, and integrates a play-and-earn model into its ecosystem.

Integrating exclusive character & land NFT collections, Cosmic Universe

focuses heavily on buying & developing virtual land, harvesting & mining

resources, acquiring skills & magic, forging alliances, and socializing, all while developing increasingly advanced plots & settlements. Players can earn in-game rewards through skilled gameplay & contributions to the ecosystem.

Our progress so far includes the following:

  • Minted and sold out 2D 10K Character NFT Collection (Cosmic Wizards) in November 2021
  • Minted and sold out 7060 Land Plots (Cosmic Island) NFT Collection in February 2022
  • Launched a Harmony validator node
  • Launched a Harmony RPC
  • Released native NFT marketplace
  • Converted game from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5
  • Released a successful Character NFT Staking Program
  • Completed single player offline playable gameplay demo to be released in May 2022
  • Developed passionate fanbase and community

Key Metrics:

  • 3.7K $MAGIC holders
  • 2.2K $Cosmic holders
  • 300-500 unique monthly users of our native NFT marketplace
  • 3-5K monthly transactions on our native marketplace
  • 13K+ Twitter followers, 6K+ Discord members, and 2K Telegram members


6-12 months:

  • Gameplay demo (released May 2022)
  • 10K 3D Elves character NFT collection (released June 2022)
  • OneFi Exchange DEX (launched June 2022)
  • Pre-Alpha of Cosmic Universe (released August-September 2022)
  • Elf Island 3D land NFTs and in-game interactive land viewer (released September 2022)
  • Alpha of Cosmic Universe (Q4 2022)
  • Beta of Cosmic Universe (Q1 2023)
  • 3D Apes character NFT collection (Q1 2023)
  • Ape Island 2D land NFTs (Q2 2023)
  • Full Release of Cosmic Universe (Q2 2023)

In addition to these, we have smaller releases, like we did with a preliminary Character Staking program we released a few days ago, and we will also release the MAGIC bank where investors lock their MAGIC and receive xMAGIC back, will also have a preliminary Land Staking program as a precursor to our in-game Land Staking, have a cross-game partnership with Arcadian, another game on Harmony that will feature a themed section in their game related to CU that will require fees paid in our utility token COSMIC, a COSMIC single staking option, and a Character and Land rental program.

Funding Ask

$1.5M for 1-year funding.

Pre-Money Valuation: $7M

Post-Money Valuation: $8.5M



Enders Gate — [In Progress] GameFi + NFT 3D Board Game


Enders Gate


We are 5HeadGames and we're presenting Enders Gate, our play to earn NFT trading card game built using Unity and Web3 blockchain technology, we're aiming to raise 250,000 (in USD), for 5 percent of the Enders Gate TCG, we've managed to raise over 600,000 USD over the course of 4 days through early access crowd funding allowing us to retain 100% of the ownership of the TCG and thus negotiate freely.


Enders Gate is a Play to Earn NFT trading card game inspired by some of the more popular TCG's in existence. Titles such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic The Gathering, and Hearthstone to name a few. Players can collect, trade, and battle using their own prebuilt decks, each one unique to their playstyle. Enders Gate is the premier gaming project from 5HeadGames and will be the first game of many released by this foundation. The 5HeadGames foundation was founded in Bosnia at the start of 2022 with a goal of developing high quality games that bridge the gap between traditional web2 gaming and the future of web3 gaming. So far, 5HeadGames has secured a network of talented artists tasked with creating the original artwork needed for the digital Assets in the game, 5Headgames has also developed a functional TCG framework including gameplay logic in unity webgl and attached to web3 wallet connect, furthermore, they've developed the necessary solidity smart contracts needed for the 300+ trading cards in the collection as well as a user friendly delivery system for early supporting crowd funders, additionally, they've developed and launched a fully functional TCG marketplace, and finally, they've grown a supportive community with over 6000 members and counting. In late 2021, 5HeadGames ran a sale that lasted 24 hours for a digital asset called "Dracul" it functions as an NFT Avatar card for the TCG, and the sale successfully raised $253,000 USD with 253 participating wallets purchasing 253 units. The next sale 5HeadGames ran was for a digital asset called "Eross" it functions as a NFT Guardian card in the TCG, and the sale successfully raised 318,800 USD with 355 participating wallets purchasing 797 units.  With the crowd raised proceeds, 5HeadGames has been able to meet each item on the following roadmap set forth by the gaming director:


NFT Contract Audits: (Complete)

  • upgrade to the old enders gate NFT smart contract + audit.

Game Demo Relaunch: (On going)

  • Start of the enders gate alpha play test #2.


Market Place Launch: (Complete)

  • players and collectors will be able to list their cards they have obtained from card packs on the marketplace.

NFT Pack Offering: (Coming soon)

  • Start of NFT pack offering (Scheduled for 05/23/2022)


Native Token Launch: (In progress)

  • Fair launch of the Enders Gate token on the Harmony blockchain following a smart contract audit.

Play to Earn Test: (TBA)

  • testing of the enders gate play to earn model.

Start Marketing Push: (TBA)

  • US Marketing Campaign.


Mobile Game Port: (In progress)

  • work on porting the game over to mobile with full Web3 functionality.

2nd NFT Pack Offering: (TBA)

  • Introduce the next generation of Enders Gate TCG 5 Card packs using Chainlink technology to increase randomess.

Enders gate NFT comics books: (In progress)

  • Original story written by the team with help from the community. It tells the story behind the TCG characters and world.

Funding Ask

250K USD for 5% of the Enders Gate TCG



Telegram: @AfricanBeard

Pre-event report

Event Plan


Connect with Bankless team, get into their network
Decide on attendance method — offer a sponsorship level, or just buying tickets
Plan on travels — travel agency (flights + lodging + transportation), merchandise, speaking slots (if sponsoring), TGI setup, post event brunch
TGI-Dreams — confirm location, social media blast, plan out limited merchandise (laptop covers, notebooks, pens, socks, hat, T-shirt, water bottles)
TGI-Brunch — confirm location, invite-only for high potential investors / grantees / DAOs, plan out merchandise (hoodies)

Mon 5/16

Team arrives, Hotel: Holiday Inn Palm Beach-Airport Conf Ctr, (1301 Belvedere Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33405) - Free airport shuttle provided from 7am - 11pm
Confirm day and/or evening side events
TGI: Batch New Southern Kitchen and Tap (223 Clematis St, West Palm Beach, FL 33401) @ 6:00 PM - 40 people max

Tues 5/17

Pre-planning (breakfast?) huddle — Tues AM
Attend daily talks, expo booth trolling, arrange high potential investors / grantees / DAOs to meet on Thurs
After event gatherings (Warehouse District, ??, ??, ??)
Your Top 25% contact — respond with scheduled Telegram message for 9am next day

Wed 5/18

Attend daily talks, expo booth trolling, arrange high potential investors / grantees / DAOs to meet on Thurs
TGI: Bangkok Kitchen (1000 Old Okeechobee Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33401) @ 6pm - 40 people max
Your Top 25% contact — respond with scheduled Telegram message for 9am next day

Thur 5/19

Attend some talks, arranged meetings near conference (we’re done with booth trolling)
Post-conference re-cap: in-person discussion, publish on Notion in 48-hours, team re-cap by Monday All-Hands

Fri 5/20

Welcome all new members by the end of this day


Impact Report - Permissionless