Elias Bou Zeid

Elias Bou Zeid

January 19, 2022


In his own words

I am in pursuit of my Cybersecurity Bachelor's degree with SANS Technology Institute. Cybersecurity is a field that has always fascinated me, naturally, because of the unknown inherent flaws in programs and protocols, which can be exploited at anytime, from anywhere, by anyone(kind of). And the fact that I love solving elusive problems like a detective and catching the perpetrators. Prior to embarking on this learning journey, I was a Project Manager with Webcor Builders in San Francisco. My main role focused on Electrical, low voltage (networks), and access controls project management. I was involved with a Facebook high-rise and the Salesforce Transbay Transit Center. Before Webcor, I was an electrical estimator/PM in SF, and, before that I was a Project manager/builder of high-end residential projects in Belmont, CA. Before my stint in construction, I was in the U.S. Marine Corps for four years (2010-2014) as a team leader, and have been twice deployed to Afghanistan. https://www.linkedin.com/in/elias-bouzeid/

Apr 30 Evaluation Notes


Aaron Li ๐Ÿ


Jack Chan ๐Ÿ


Daniel Pagan

May 2022 deliverables


April 2022 deliverables

  • Develop and run a wallet security campaign as a public service announcement (PSA)
  • Coordinate all victims to help schedule to help unblock to recover funds (12 sessions)
  • Continue tracking investigation into wallet thefts and provide closure to vetted victims

March 2022 deliverables

  • Help organize and coordinate letter of acknowledgements for victims prior to announcement
  • Continue processing the theft report intakes and sorting them to highlight during meetings
  • Help confirm and KYC alleged victims of wallet thefts (20+ cases)

Feb 2022 deliverables

  • Track meeting notes from wallet security team & follow up @mandatoryprogrammerโ€™s report
  • Create dedicated Telegram channels with all alleged victims to streamline communications
  • Follow up with victims on their usage, streamlining theft report intake flow, assist blog report

Jan 2022 deliverables

3-Month Milestone

  • Help review social media channels (Discord, Telegram, security@ email) and cross-reference โ€” with Harmony Explorer, Staking Dashboard, Etherscan, Bridge โ€” to onboard victims through a funnel to gather info. โœ…
  • Perform follow ups with reports of wallet compromises, as an attachรฉ to forensics team for follow-ups with victims, act as an interface for Harmony with security auditors. โœ…
  • Project manage the vulnerability fixes and assemble a report based on findings from sources such as forensics experts, auditors and self reviews. โœ…