Game Shard Initiative Video Treatment

IDEA 1: Interview style

Act 1: Introduce the problem, or the “false narrative.”

This false narrative is the notion that Harmony gets spammed a lot and its network can’t handle transaction. The reality is that Harmony has only been using 1 shard, the entire ecosystem is using that shard, and it is capable of many more transactions if other shards are used. It is the only blockchain that has been battle tested with these amount of transactions, with other chains not being able to meet the same standard.

Act 2: Reality

To get a better sense of how capable the Harmony network is in supporting games, we will interview devs both at Harmony, at DFK, and potentially other projects.

Their responses should hit key points

  • The capabilities of Harmony’s technology, and why it is ideal for on chain gaming
  • What Harmony is doing to respond to future potential spamming

Act 3: Game Shard Initiative

After explaining that Harmony is already well battle tested for gaming on blockchain, we explain how our latest initiative, introducing a dedicated game shard, will enhance gaming even further.

We should have Harmony devs and/or Peter speak about how the game shard initiative will make Harmony the best blockchain to build games on.

Call to action at the end should direct developers on how to find out more to start building.


  • Space to interview developers at Harmony, etc.


  • Developers at Harmony
  • Developers at DFK

IDEA 2 : Live RPG explaining initiative through comedy