George Hughes

media, culture, emerging markets
Peter Abilla
November 1, 2021
End Date
May 1, 2022

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Q1 2022 Deliverables:

  • Tier 1 Media Campaign: Connect cultural / human interest stories regarding Harmony to land three stories on CNBC, CNN, NowThis.
  • Amplify Africa: Consult on Africa-related DAOs. Assist on the creation of three Africa-centric DAOs (Sierra Leone, Ghana, House of Mandela). Consult on the Ghana Panel and Summit.
  • Unite-as-One Enterprise LLC.


Strategic Advisor Role for Harmony

  • Unite-as-One Enterprise LLC | Harmony Introduction. Strategy and development support. Execution to secure contract between Harmony & Unite-as-One Enterprise LLC in time for release at EthDenver.

Africa DAO - Advise on Africa Related DAOs and Africa-centric programs

  • Kweku Mandela | South Africa DAO
  • Del Titus | Ghana DAO
  • Princess Sarah Culberson | DAO
  • Strategic Advisor on Africa DAO Panel and Summit


  • Set up new introductions, strategy planning and development support. Introduction to Monark Entertainment and OG Baby.

Amplify Africa | Introduction

  • Multi-platform company dedicated to promoting African culture in the areas of entertainment and media. Largest African entertainment company on the West Coast, produced over 100 events from festivals to concerts, parties, galas and conferences in LA, New York, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Oakland, Milwaukee, Washington DC and Austin.

Timeless Wallet

  • Strategy planning and developing support. Establishing additional partnerships and introductions.

Tier One Media Public Relations

  • NowThis Stories, CNBC | CNN, Forbes Africa

Contributor Growth

  • Kudz Taziva | ONE Wallet Contributor
  • Sammy Chand | Events and Talent
  • Del Titus Bawuah | Relationship introductions to Ghana Ambassadors and leaders
  • Kweku Mandela | Powered in 54 countries in Africa.

🛹 I just became George’s mentor; in this capacity I would like to have George help me with 88 Rising project.

Timesheet 2022 - George Hughes