Noura Bou Zeid

Noura Bou Zeid

Events, Community Engagement, Women in Web3
Esther Arey
October 25, 2021
End Date
June 20, 2022

Noura has a background in ed-tech, non-profit, and women’s empowerment work. Noura is passionate about providing access and information to Web3 for individuals who otherwise wouldn’t be able to enter the space. Noura graduated from Notre Dame de Namur University with a double-major in Political Science and English, with a concentration in International Relations having studied abroad in Geneva, Switzerland.

Harmony co-sponsored event hosted by CryptoBabes in Miami (April 8, 2022).
Harmony co-sponsored event hosted by CryptoBabes in Miami (April 8, 2022).


June 2022 0/100/0%

  1. Start 1Conference sponsor short list
  2. Venue scouting for 1Conference (Miami)
  3. Report & boost women initiatives (Meta, H.E.R., Blu3).

May 2022 100/100/100%

  1. Execute Permissionless and Post-Mortem Report.
  2. NFT NYC strategy.
  3. Report & boost women initiatives (Meta, H.E.R., Blu3).

Matty: Noura is an excellent team player. I would love to see Noura continue to grow in her role of becoming a leader for women in web3. Additionally, I would like to see Noura become more active with various sub teams to make a larger impact on core initiatives as we temporarily scale down events.

April 2022 100/100/80%

  1. Miami event impact report (panel & 1Wallet).
  2. Permissionless & NFT NYC plans.
  3. Report & boost all women initiatives (Meta, H.E.R., Blu3).

Matty: Amazing work from Noura. She consistently delivers high quality work with conviction, passion, and great attention to detail. I am especially excited to see her strong presence in supporting women in web3 initiatives. Noura is becoming a leader in the space and has very bright days ahead.

March 2022

  1. Give out 10 Project Y Grants @ ETHRio (90/100)
  2. Onboard new 100 users on 1Wallet @ Austin (70/100)
  3. Own GDC Operations (90/100)

February 2022

  1. Execute ETHDenver strategy and operations, including co-managing volunteers (100/100)
  2. Begin GDC Operations (80/100)
  3. Help facilitate Project X grants and other projects for funding (AuraDogs DAO) (60/100)

January 2022

  1. Plan ETHDenver Strategy (90/100)
  2. Coordinate ETHDenver co-sponsorshops (100/100)
  3. Co-own Programming for Women in Web3 event @ ETHDenver (100/100)

  • 🧿 Noura Bou Zeid 💃🏽: Report, boost women initiatives (Meta, H.E.R., Blu3), OneConference sponsor short list, venue scout for OneConference (Miami). 0/0/100%