Team Performance Review & Bonus – Q1 2022

Team Performance Review & Bonus – Q1 2022

Harmony is a community-first, culture-driven project. In our commitment to open development and radical transparency, the team shares peer feedback and performance reviews in public. Beyond a shared mission, we bond over the unique culture of our community. That’s the social change we are spreading to the world.

  1. 3/14 Mon: Write ownership percentages, self-assessment on impact, and 3+ peer reviews.
  2. 3/21 Mon: Allocate peer bonus (among $200k total pool) to max 5 people on Coordinape.
  3. 3/31 Thu: Managers calibrate for additional bonus, invite community for comments.

1+22 Core Team

💙 Stephen Tse*: 20% vision, 50% strategy, 30% roadmap

🛡 Rongjian Lan 💙: 50% protocol, 30% staking, 20% cryptography

  • 🛡 (self assessment) In Q1, I drove the implementation and launch of staking precompile and Metamask integration, including code review with Max, testing with Ganesha/Soph/Max, and Medium article with Daniel.
  • 🛡 I worked closely with the Suited agency for sourcing engineer candidates and with Ganesha/Leo/Jack on interviewing them. So far, we have 3 engineers onboarded (Max, Konstantin, Xiaopeng) and 1 engineer to start in April (Gheis) and 1 pending offer (Marco).
  • 🛡 After months of discussion and iteration, research DAO published the technical report on our protocol analysis. We also published the cross-shard smart contract messaging design in collaboration with the MuKn group. Besides, I dug into the root cause of RPC issues, proposed the indexed getLog rpc solution, and experimented various other solutions (e.g. rate limit, database tuning).
  • 🛡 I also led engineering team to recover the mainnet outage with a 36+ hour war-mode session, and wrote detailed post-mortem with Daniel. In Q2, I will continue pushing to hire more engineers so we can further strengthen our product’s quality and speed up new feature development.
  • 3️⃣ Cross-shard smart contract design, Efficient signature collection, Research DAO eng plan on consensus, sharding & security. 100/80/100%
  • ⚔ RJ is always available to answer technical questions via dm and I really appreciated the time he is taking to answer them. Learning is one of the behaviors everyone should always have.
  • 🐉 RJ’s stoic and detail-oriented nature helped guide us through one of the toughest episodes of recent memory for Harmony’s chain. Under tremendous pressure to resolve a historic chain issue, he ensured that we covered all imaginable use cases and pushed for gas fee increase which contributed to our sustained recovery. He’s also pushing to hire as quickly as possible while keeping the bar high, which is key: think big. 💙
  • 🚗 RJ’s support and input are always on-point and the work he’s doing at the protocol level is fundamental. A heavy lifter and a great teammate.
  • ☁️ RJ is incredibly good at what he does and the community is excited for all the protocol improvements such as cross-shard transactions and 1s finality. With his growing team, I'm hoping to see even more great things released in the coming months. The community loves learning about our plans so I want to encourage RJ to be more open about his progress on these projects. I think AMAs, more blog posts, and tweets would be really appreciated by the community.
  • 🎽 Would like to see RJ write weekly on our forum and twitter on technical topics. (conversation turn taking).
  • 🏃 RJ is keen on protocol improvement with deep thinking. He led the mainnet recovery under huge pressure with limited resources for a continuous 48 hours. Thanks a lot! I would like to see RJ push for other shard’s adoption to demonstrate the horizontal scalability of Harmony protocol. Personally, I think 1s finally is less critical than the scalability of other shards at this moment. Avax’s subnet is gaining popularity, we shouldn’t lag behind on this scaling solution.
  • 🎤  RJ is true war mode. While soft spoken, he is tenacious in his approach to establishing Harmony as a top tier chain (not to mention his basketball skills). Without RJ’s vision and drive, our ops team could not do what we do. I am delighted when RJ speaks, so I can gain a deeper glimpse into his world and look forward to the incredible things RJ and his team have in store for us in 2022.

🏃 Leo Chen 💙: 50% technical partners, 25% system, 25% NFT/Metaverse

  • 🏃 In Q1 I led the Rosetta validation process with our partners, fixed many tech issues and improved the entire process for fast validation. In addition, I launched the iToken standard to integrate BAYC with DFK, worked with RJ on mainnet recovery, proposed a libp2p tuning to recover the mainnet, gave talks to NFT community, talked to many community projects (especially in NFT/metaverse field), and established the roadmap with 1wallet and multiple metaverse partners. I also led the China team with continuous community support, PR/marketing, and partnerships.
  • 🏃 In Q2 I will focus on RPC new architecture and continuous system optimization, and continue to drive our metaverse initiatives.
  • 3️⃣ Coinbase’s Rosetta integration, Design CloudDB setup for Elastic RPC, Blockchain checkpoint and LevelDB optimization. 100/100/75%
  • ⛵I didn’t get to work a lot directly with Leo this quarter but I was impressed by how much he’s willing to spend time to help onboard a fellow I’ve worked with, who is not a dev and just needed some guidance on NFT, tokens, and some slightly technical things. I know Leo jokes that he’s one of the most sociable engineers on the team, but I think he’s just socially supportive to everyone all around, regardless of their rank/beginner status. He also put me in touch with some really useful connections in the Chinese community - zkDAO is now a partner w/ KuCoin thanks to that. 💙
  • ⚔ Leo has been working on a lot of meaningful work with the Rosetta integration and all the NFT initiatives, but also on improving the infra side - kudos to him! An area of improvement would be to communicate more on all the work he is doing and give more frequent updates.
  • 🛡 Leo helped a lot on the NFT, metaverse, and DAO strategy with his in-depth knowledge in these fields, which I think is very important. I also appreciate him leading the Rosetta integration which is a complicated process with many technical issues to resolve. Leo also helps organize the weekly on-call meeting which is a good venue for the eng team to communicate and sync up.
  • 🐉 When Leo touches upon NFTs, it’s all fireworks. Highly optimistic and envisions a hyperconnected world of gazillion use cases for NFTs in the metaverse. Harmony’s going to go places in this new paradigm of human interactions via this new medium.
  • 🚗 Whether NFTs, DeFi, or DevOps, Leo is always a vast source of knowledge and advice. Most of my interactions with him had to do with DevOps, and I can say that we would not be able to keep the show running without him.
  • ☁️ Leo has been doing a stellar job leading the DevOps team. The recent improvements in our uptime and general stability have been substantial and noticeable. Leo is always available to provide support and is extremely professional in all aspects of his role. Leo has been a role model for me on how to think about decentralization and how to plan for short-term and long-term product development to benefit the community. One thing I'd love to see from Leo is improving our monitoring tools and opening them up to the community for better real-time visibility into the health of the ecosystem.
  • ⏳ Shepard the network and preach the gospel of NFTs. Let’s make social NFTs a real thing in Q2.

🎽 Li Jiang 💙: 60% operations, 30% roadmap, 10% DAOs

  • 🎽 In Q1, I pushed forward launches with Aave, Stake DAO, Poolz, and M6. These launches were valuable for the ecosystem but still at the individual campaign level. Helping the team complete Project X with 35 new partners at ETH Denver had more impact on the entire ecosystem.
  • 🎽 With 1wallet, it’s not so much about onboarding 100 people myself but pushing the team to activate 500+ users in San Francisco, South by Southwest, and Game Developer Conference.
  • 🎽 In Q2, I’ll be delegating more team ops and events while focusing on external engagements that can impact the entire platform and team meta-processes to decentralize and scale our decision-making.
  • 3️⃣ Engage 1k users for 1Wallet @ ETHAustin/GDC, 10 investors due diligence on 2026 Plan, Publish Bitcoin Bridge DAO proposal, incentives, nominations. 80/90/100%
  • ⚽️ Li is an absolute superhuman and I am in awe of his discipline. I appreciate the efforts he put in mentoring me and onboarding me. He still manages time for feedback and ideation in spite of the million other things he does. An inspiration to work with.
  • ⛵ I continue to be amazed by how quickly Li can respond to my telegram messages, even while we’re traveling / when we got sick / under any condition - while he must be doing a million other things at the same time. As remote working is becoming part of the norm, we can’t chit-chat and update each other during coffee / lunch breaks like how work used to be. His virtually unlimited bandwidth becomes so important in holding everything together.
  • 🛹 I want to be like Li when I grow up. I mean that. He is positive, energetic, professional, credible, humble, skilled - literally everything I wish I was. He’s a great example to me and I’m very lucky to learn from and work with him. 💙
  • 🐉 Li sets the pace and everyone follows. He’s incredibly genuine. Thinks Harmony blue. Dreams Harmony blue. Selfless, bright, practices healthy living, and always pushes for the next level of impact. No wonder anyone and everyone that knows him has such high respect for him. I’m truly honored to be able to be a part of the team with his leadership.
  • 🔭 It’s impressive to see Li take on and tackle a great number of tasks while displaying incredible multi-tasking skills. Yet despite being pulled in so many directions, he still finds the time to follow-up with the team, ensures nothing sits lingering for long, and spends some 1:1 time with his colleagues. From assisting us on the grants committee to spearheading operations, to events, partnerships, and so many other items on his plate; I’m impressed by his ability to manage everything on his plate and hope to improve my time management skills to match Li’s someday.
  • 🌲 As Thoreau stated “Simplify simplify”. That is Li. The ability to move something from extremely complicated to simplicity itself is the hallmark of thoughtfulness and intelligence. Li is the paragon of operational scaling. Less calls, more writing. Empower the team to make tough decisions. Demand excellence in performance while allowing for the volatility inherent in humanity. Li is constantly available, constantly working, constantly supporting and inspires his team to reach higher, dream bigger and enjoy the journey. It is an absolute pleasure to work with, for and together with Li.
  • 🚗 ”To be calm is the highest achievement of the self,” Li’s leadership is an example of that. I can always find a solution to any problem and help when needed.
  • ☁️ I wouldn't be surprised if one day we discover that Li is actually a cyborg or some sort of superhuman being. I'm constantly surprised by how many things Li can juggle and still remain calm and productive. Li is humble and beyond helpful and truly brings out the best in everyone. He's an incredible role model and his passion for his work is unmatched. It seems to me Li is always helping others but I would love to see him ask for more help also. My goal is to help Li scale by taking on some of the many admin tasks that he owns to allow him to be even more productive at expanding the ecosystem.
  • 🎤 Li is a fantastic example of great leadership. Despite having a wealth of knowledge and experience, Li always strives to amplify the efforts of those around him. His unlimited bandwidth continues to baffle me. Despite these incredible gifts, Li remains one of the most humble people I have ever met. He is a massive gift to our team and ecosystem, and exemplifies our values with every breath he takes. I am honored to have a seat next to him and so thankful for what he has taught me in such a short time.
  • 🏃 Li is always tireless and promptly responds to all requests. I would like to see a clearer process with better planning, especially on internal processes. Sometimes I’ve felt we are a bit too ad-hoc’ish.
  • ⏳ As Harmony grows, the stakes are high. A growing team, bigger treasury, expanding partnerships ... it is easy to lose your north compass. Yet Li maintains the purity of his heart and does not let the noise and chaos dictate his own cadence.
  • 💃🏻 Li has been an incredible leader, and I am so grateful to be learning from him. Li has shown patience, wisdom, and emotional intelligence in every situation I have seen him in, and he has shown a genuine desire to help others around him grow. I have watched Li interact with everyone under the sun, and he always treats them with the same respect and care, something I admire greatly. Along with this, Li can also complete his work more quickly than anyone I've ever known. Because of his example, we can learn what is possible and how to accomplish it. In addition, he provides resources, correction, and feedback to teach and strengthen us.

🏏 Ganesha Upadhyaya 🛡: 70% bridges, 20% research, 10% SDK

  • 🏏 In Q1 I was mainly focused on delivering the much-awaited bitcoin bridge. We were able to launch timely just before ETH Denver and since then the bridge accrued over 115 BTC (exceeding my expectation of 100 BTC for Q1). 🏏  For ensuring top security of the BTC Bridge, the smart contracts were revised/optimized several times. Also, the vault clients & relayers were optimized to improve the UX and efficiency. Overall, vault runners (30+) are actively participating and we have proposed (implementation in progress) revision of their incentives which should help further attract more vaults with higher collaterals.
  • 🏏  I also worked on a feature release for BTC Bridge which consists of security patches and optimizations. In Q1, I am also pushing to achieve code completion for the trustless ETH bridge, which has several moving pieces, for April/May launch. Apart from these, I aim to always being available to help partners with their technical questions to provide the best experience for them to build on Harmony.
  • 3️⃣ Full Bitcoin bridge & relay features, BTC vault incentives, Trustless ETH bridge code completion & full unit tests. 75/90/80%
  • ⛵I want to thank Ganesha for coming to chat in one of our ZKU classes (and not making me sound like a fraud for not knowing what I’m talking about!). Talking to Ganesha is always such a joy, because not only does he actually know how to build things, he can also boil down the complex ideas from research papers down to the conceptual essence, so we can talk and think big about them. Without him, we wouldn’t dare go deep into infrastructure work at ZKU, as we attempt to do so now.
  • 🛡 Great to see Ganesha launched the BTC bridge with the team, another time showing his technical capability, leadership, and project planning skills. BTC bridge is a complicated protocol that involves both on-chain and off-chain protocol development with incentive design for the validators. Ensuring this system continues to function smoothly is not an easy task. I am impressed by the quality and timeliness of the BTC bridge launch driven by Ganesha.
  • 🌻 It was great to work with Ganesha on the launch of the BTC bridge. As always, he provided quick support on contract development and help with architecture design. Ganesha also helps a lot to resolve issues with the community. Ganesha is an excellent manager and I admire his ability to take on many projects and participate in many events in parallel. 💙
  • 🐉 Last quarter I was in awe of his DayONE speech, and this quarter my jaw dropped with the launch of the first-ever trustless BTC bridge in blockchain history. He’s humble and thoughtful, quietly resolving issues big and small, which I wish he would brag more about. I’m glad that he’s bringing on more direct help to scale Harmony’s efforts to bridge across all chains.
  • 🛹 I want to thank Ganesha for being a technical leader that is also always available to help on biz dev calls when a technical person is needed. He’s humble, highly professional, and just easy to work with.
  • 🚗 Ganesha’s work with BTC Bridge and Trustless Bridge keeps leading the innovation effort in Harmony. And as I push forward to keep innovating, his mentorship is always very helpful. Finally, I found his approach to ZK rollups for crosschain and scaling to be one of the most powerful ideas in Harmony’s roadmap.
  • ☁️ Ganesha is an amazing builder and researcher. The depth of his knowledge and dedication to his work is truly commendable. Ganesha has provided so much support for our partners and has always been available to jump in and help answer questions and to troubleshoot. Leading a small team of developers, Ganesha is very hands-on and is able to produce sophisticated applications that the community loves to use. My recommendation to Ganesha is to work closely with the product team to ensure timely delivery of projects and to insist on the highest standards by introducing thorough testing/QA into his team's development workflow.
  • 🏃Ganesha had very deep NFT and GameFi experience and knowledge in the industry. I highly recommend he advise our NFT and GameFi strategy. He always pushes to bring more users to Harmony, which should be in everyone’s mind. BTC bridge launch was amazing and very well received in the community. Great work!

🌻 Yuriy Menkov ☁️: 70% bridges, 20% staking, 10% support

  • 🌻 My Q1 main focus was on the BTC bridge launch. Finalizing and launching BTC bridge services in production: vaults, relayer, dashboard, security monitoring. After launch (early February) - user and services support, bug fixing. To improve user support for all bridges: helpdesk set up, support documentation, support specialist were hired. (All this helped to remove the burden of supporting bridges from developers). Optimizations for Horizon bridge: better security validations and supporting operations management.
  • 🌻 In the end of Q1 we have reworked Horizon bridge UI (together with Sergey). Mentored Sergey and working together with him on Staking dashboard: added MetaMask support and finished part of Validator DAO HIP proposals. Q2 main goals: improvement of bridges, development and support of bridges dev tools.
  • 3️⃣ Launch wrong payments refund for BTC bridge, Finish dark UX theme for Horizon bridge, Publish vault-cli for BTC bridge. 100/80/90%
  • ☁️ Yuriy successfully helped launch the much anticipated BTC Bridge. I am extremely impressed by how quickly he was able to ramp up and become a key contributor to this project. Yuriy is also working very well with UI/UX designers to refresh the Horizon bridge. I would like to encourage Yuriy to be more involved on the Product development side of things and think about user experience and utilizing external resources to create great products.
  • 🎸 Efficiently develops and leads Horizon and BTC bridges and staking. Invaluable help on designing components of the new Ethereum trustless bridge. Thanks!
  • 🏏 Great end-to-end efforts in launching BTC Bridge and making it successful. I am super impressed (as always) with Yuriy’s dedication to launching products and making sure all aspects are covered to sustain the successful launch. The launch wouldn’t have been possible without Yuriy’s consistent, high-quality, and timely deliverables. Looking forward to launching more products with Yuriy. 💙
  • 🚗 Yuriy is my DevOps partner and he’s always very helpful! I also know he has been doing great stuff with the BTC bridge.

🛹 Peter Abilla 🎽: 60% partnership, 20% community, 20% DeFi

  • 🛹 In Q1, continued to foster the relationship with Defi Kingdoms, through open communication with the team, meeting for lunch, and starting the bi-weekly call between DFK engineers and RJ and team. Closed the 88 Rising deal and now working with Anders and the team to build out the metaverse. Worked closely with Daniel and Giv to push sunsetting the Harmony chrome extension wallet, including communication and managing expectations of the community. Participated in daily grant funding calls, and taking ownership of Defi and Gaming proposals. I believe I’ve met expectations, but I know I can do more and do much better. In Q2 I intend to do that by primarily bringing on 10+ new games on Harmony and making meaningful progress On 88 project.
  • 3️⃣ Project plan for 88 Rising; Initiate Africa initiatives in Ghana and Sierra Leone; Onboard 10 partners at GDC (Game Developer Conference) in Bay Area. 75/100/100%
  • 🎥 Great job closing 88 Rising. So glad we could get it done before ETHDenver and really looking forward to all the great stuff that will come out of this. The strategy and focus you bring to the table in regards to new partners is really going to continue to help Harmony grow in so many ways.
  • ⚽️ I am always grateful to Peter for bringing me into this amazing team and ecosystem. As my mentor, I like how he encourages and supports us to own responsibilities and carve out a niche for ourselves. He has told me on multiple occasions to take what seems like the ‘right’ decision and he will back me, which is a great sign of a leader. I am a fan of his work ethic and I see how important it is for him to make personable relationships to ensure we grow together. He is, after all, one of my go-to people for all things marketing. 💙
  • 🎽 Peter keeps us grounded and focused on executable projects (make tough decisions). He can do more to help the entire team and community understand our drive for games and metaverses by writing and sharing those initiatives in forum and tweet threads as an industry thought leader (optimistic about flying off a cliff).
  • ⛵ Peter, thank you for your tips about various DeFi products and, above all, how we can evaluate the quality of a community, which ultimately is what matters for the potential future of the various protocols. Too bad we didn’t get to do more chi sau together, but I’m amazed how much I have learned from you through telegram messages alone!
  • 🐉 Peter will challenge himself to think big all the time to ask the hard questions. He reminds me of the wise uncles that have mentored me as I was growing up. This helps us all stay centered to filter Grant proposals approving high-impact initiatives, select higher quality investments, and gain strong alignment with Defi Kingdoms. I’m excited that he’s leading the 88 Rising partnership.
  • ☁️ I love working with Peter because he's upfront and doesn't like to sugarcoat the things he does not approve of. He is extremely experienced and professional and has been a valuable sounding board for assessing the value of grant proposals and partnerships. Peter seems to know everyone in the business. If I need an intro to a project, Peter is my go-to person. Peter is an incredible asset to the community and I'm grateful to be working with him. I would love to encourage Peter to use his experience and instincts to focus (even more) on identifying teams and projects that will thrive on Harmony.
  • 🎤 I don’t work with Peter as often as I would like, but he has already had a massive impact on me. I greatly admire his ability to be a contrarian thinker - something I am pushing myself to improve at. I can sometimes be a bit idealistic, but spending time with Peter has helped me start to look at our ecosystem a bit more critically and pragmatically. Peter also has a huge heart for others, and his dedication to his family and his path is inspiring. I will soak up every chance I get to learn from Peter.
  • 🏃 Peter is really resourceful and very well planned. He drove a good collaboration with DFK, thanks a lot!
  • ⏳ Knowing the personal weight that’s on your shoulders, I thank you for still making time for the collective progress of the team, 88, and DFK. That’s just the start.

🎸 Jenya Piskunov ☁️: 50% explorer, 30% indexer, 20% multisig

  • 🎸 In Q1, slowly but surely delivered new features and bug fixes to explorer and multisig, improving stability. Finally, we got full address history, which was previously limited to the latest 100 records. Improved erc tracking and reduced traffic usage. Managing more than 10TB sql database; trying to keep looking up quickly as possible. Developed the initial version of offchain RPC, so hopefully, in nearest future, we can move some load from blockchain to SQL indexed cloud storage. Onboarded Artem, who is now helping me with tooling, to help reduce bus factor and get better support for maintained products.
  • 🎸 Q2 main goals: develop and smoothly launch trustless bridge components and support DAO explorer projects.
  • 3️⃣ Trustless ETH bridge frontends, Trustless ETH bridge client, Explorer + Multisig. 100/80/100%
  • ☁️ Jenya is always available to help with ad-hoc requests in a timely manner. He has introduced a lot of stability to the Explorer and Multisig apps this quarter. He has also managed to assemble a small team to help himself scale better. I'd like to see Jenya embrace a leadership role to guide and manage his new team to quickly work through the backlog of our products. 💙
  • ⚔ Jenya has been incredibly helpful with all the issues on explorer and multisig, always available with very deep knowledge into our services.
  • 🛡 Jenya is the go-to-person for all explorer and wallet-related issues (basically the majority of the user issues). He is very responsive on discord when I ping him for user issues and can get them resolved in a very timely manner. I would suggest for him to be more proactive and step up to bring up new ideas to improve our services and keep our users happy.
  • 🌻 Jenya quickly and efficiently helped me with all questions related to the harmony explorer and multisig. He also helped with several solutions that improved the stability of the bridge. I want to note that Jenya is an excellent backend developer with a deep understanding of the features of interaction with Harmony RPC.
  • 🏏Jenya is super responsive in debugging and fixing the issue. I heavily rely on Jenya to help with issues related to many products as he has been a great go-to person. Looking forward to working with Jenya more on the trustless eth bridge launch and future products.
  • 🐉 Jenya is highly reliable in resolving issues and diving into root causes. He’s able to perform the necessary tests to gain confidence with the recent getLog implementation. He’d optimized the backend indexer for the explorer as well, and explorer issues are few and far between.
  • 🏃 Jenya is very responsive. He has worked on many projects and services. I would like to see him more often in our weekly meeting.

🌲 Sam Harrison 🎽: 50% DAOs, 45% Events, 5% Community Partnerships

  • 🌲 In January, I started with ownership over events, community partnerships, and DAOs. 88Rising, Bored Apes, and the African Engagements were community partnerships related. Both 88Rising and the African Engagements have seen significant success and growth this quarter. However, this is only in part due to my work as I handed off 88Rising and Bored Apes to other members of the team in January and the African Engagements in mid-February. Events included ethDenver, ethRio (pre-lim) and GDC (pre-lim) as well as consulting w/ the Ambassador DAO on local meetups. ethDenver is a shining jewel in Q1 of Harmony’s impact in the larger Ethereum ecosystem. We (the Event Ops team and I) did a great job and learned a lot to make future events even better. Events were handed off to other team members at the end of February. While DAOs are doing very well, the lack of attention that I paid them due to focusing on community partnerships and events shows. DAO funding could have been accelerated earlier. DAO conflict resolution could also have been addressed earlier in the year. In general, DAO Operations will meet our deliverables and put up some very good metrics for the quarter, however, I will likely fall short with the aggregate number of new DAOs on Harmony. It looks like we will come in between 60 and 90 rather than 100. This is a miss on my part.
  • 🌲 Q2 will include further expansion of the DAO Operations team including Onboarding Programing, DAO Relations and further refinement to the DAO Funding protocols. In April, I expect the DAO funding turn around time to be down to “Proposal + 7 days”. I expect to see DAO Reporting templates to be in wide use. I also expect to see between 5 to 10 new DAO tools being launched. By the end of Q2, I anticipate having 400 DAOs running on Harmony. I am optimistic that 50 DAOs will be using ONEReputation as a voting mechanism and that - with the DAO formation momentum, ONERep and streamlined on-boarding - Harmony will begin to be referenced as the go-to chain for DAOs.
  • 3️⃣ Launch 5 DAO Tools (Commonwealth, Bulla Network, ONEReputation, Charmverse, Dework), Deploy DAO Dashboard, Launch 100 new DAOs. 100/100/85%
  • 🎥 It was a pleasure knocking out late nights planning ETHDenver. It takes a village and having your problem-solving skills at bay was essential to us getting it done. There were constantly fires that needed to be put out, but to the outside world, there wasn’t even a whiff of smoke. It was the fact that you kept us nimble and were able to pivot to the next solution that kept us in the game. That kind of game-time decision-making was critical in the success of ETHDenver and I’m so happy that we were able to pull off such an amazing event together.
  • 🎽 Sam has nurtured and mentored our new DAO operations team to launch DAO tools (nurture & mentor). I would ask Sam to drive and finish DAO product launches on mainnet and DAOs launching with community metrics; there’s exponential growth in DAOs, so let’s catch the wave (10x growth).
  • 🛡 I am impressed by the communication skill and leadership skill Sam demonstrated so far, especially during ethDenver. He is always very considerate about all the people and situations to make sure everyone is happy during the events. His communication skills have made him a great spokesman for Harmony and his deep involvement in everything DAOs have also made Harmony an outstanding platform for all DAO practitioners.
  • 🔭 Sam is a passionate speaker and leader who learns from his experiences and drives change via his hunger for success. I’m very happy that Sam is now focused on growing our DAOs, giving 100% to an area that requires the talent, intelligence, patience, and rational mind that Sam possesses. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and around and I’m lucky to have a colleague like him. I hope that our team will use Sam’s conversational and public speaking abilities more frequently (Harmony Garage!).
  • 🐉 Sam owned EthDenver (with many more helping for sure) and kicked off the GDC event ops. These two are massive awareness campaigns that Harmony is involved in. He’s now operationalizing DAO operations. I wish he can drive focused meetings as it’s always a pleasure to have him in any conversations. He knows many folks in this space and that’s helping our ecosystem partnership over the long run.
  • 🚗 ethDenver was a very successful event, it could not have happened without Sam. Also, he has done a great job as a speaker to promote the image of the company, not to mention his leadership in DAOs. He also gave me a lot of support for the organization of ethRio; we owe the success of this event also to him.
  • ☁️ Sam claims he's an introvert but he's never shy around people and has an incredible ability to connect with people around him. Sam is a great speaker and he can articulate our vision and trends in the industry better than anyone I know. I can't think of a better person to lead the DAO team because Sam truly understands the space, the tooling, and the DAO community. My advice to Sam is to constantly think about ways to decentralize and scale. I would love to see Sam come up with a streamlined and decentralized process for rapidly accelerating the creation of new DAOs to help us reach 10k DAOs sooner!
  • 🎤 Sam has a very intelligent and philosophical mind, and it is very fun to witness those moments where he shares how he interprets the world. I would greatly enjoy a moment to pick his brain over a glass of whiskey and possibly some chess. What Sam has done with our DAOs in such a short time is incredible - essentially writing the playbook from scratch in an area that is new to so many. He has handled the expected growing pains with grace and has done an incredible job in serving the growth of our ecosystem.
  • 💃🏻 Sam was my dayONE with Harmony. He was the first person that introduced me to the protocol (youtube), and he was the first person I met from the team. Meeting him has changed my life not only because of the opportunities I now have but also because of the mentor he has been to me. I have more than once told others around me, "everything that Sam has told me has come to be." Sam is true to his word and was one of the most impactful mentors I've ever had. Sam had believed in me when I didn't believe in myself, and he has patiently encouraged me to see in myself what he sees in me. Sam has shared his adversities and prosperity so that I might learn from them and feel comfortable in mine. He has reached out in support and given wisdom in my times of need, both professionally and personally. Sam's value to this team in his pursuit for others adds volumes to our work and culture. 💙
  • 🏃 Sam is very communicative and so fun to work with. He had done an amazing work in EthDenver and really taken care of everyone there like a super dad. He has many insight in DAO, structure and governance. Since DAO is our key strategy, I would like to see him become an opinion leader by writing more on the DAO, principles, practices, lessons, and so on.

☁️ Giv Parvaneh 🎽: 60% operations, 30% products, 10% grants

  • ☁️ In Q1 my 3 areas of focus were: Grants - I further streamlined the review process by ensuring applications are seen and responded to in a timely manner. I also kicked off the Launch DAO to further decentralize the grants pipeline.
  • ☁️ Products - I took complete ownership of all internal products and our product roadmap. I migrated our snapshot to, helped sunset Chrome extension wallet, added additional dev resources to Explorer and Multisig, and kicked off Explorer DAO to initiate complete decentralization of our products.
  • ☁️ Operations - I have taken on a manager role for several staff members, helping them focus their efforts on key deliverables and providing support where needed. I worked with Li on fundraising, treasury management, hiring, and onboarding.
  • 3️⃣ Sunset + Chrome Extension wallet, Create proposal for Explorer DAO, Identify 9 governors for Launch DAO. 100/100/80%
  • 🎽 Giv is a role model for ‘share the mission’ in setting the project and ecosystem up for decentralization and growth with explorer dao and externalizing wallets and snapshot voting (share the mission). I would like to see Giv become a top 1% superstar as a leading voice, not only inside Harmony, but in the broader industry on web3 products - such as writing and sharing our strategy on blue metaverse and bored apes (top 1% superstar). specifically, as the product lead, help push for product launches even if we have to make certain feature tradeoffs.
  • ⛵: Giv has everything one can hope for in a mentor and a leader. He knows so much about every aspect of the work we do, from the technical to the operational side of things, and yet he always comes across as the exact opposite of intimidating. Always the calm in the storm in the room, someone we can count on to joke around a little, without forgetting what is common sense and where our priorities are.
  • 🐉 Giv has been a sounding board for everyone on the team. He’s earned our trust to be entrusted with key initiatives: from grant management to hiring philosophies, to conflict management with NFT partners, to time management across DAO operations, and especially on key product/partner launch coordinations. 💙
  • 🛹 Giv is a pleasure to work with, an absolute professional, and just such a gifted and skilled team member. Harmony is very lucky to have Giv on board and we are lucky to work alongside him and his leadership.
  • 🌲 Working with Giv is an absolute joy. He and I come from different background philosophies, different experiences and see the world slightly differently - but his skill in explaining his point of view, listening to others, changing an opinion due to a well argued position or data points is something we should all thrive for. He also has changed my opinion multiple times through patient, respectful dialogue. He cares passionately not only for work well done, but to ensure that time is not wasted on lower-priority tasks. Giv’s work in streamlining all-hands, charting a path towards full decentralization, and constantly doing the hard work of pushing grants forward cannot be underestimated in the impact it has downstream. Every time I get Giv to say “I think that’s right” is an accomplishment in my book.
  • 🎥 While most of my time this quarter was focused on creating unforgettable experiences for our builders attending our events and capturing those same events, all of that work means nothing if the back-end infrastructure isn’t solid. Giv is a powerhouse leader that helps keep our network running, and none of the creative and event ops teams can do what we do without the core tech running smoothly. He has been instrumental in onboarding new team members that are really taking ownership of their respective lanes. Lastly, Giv has always been a great mentor along the way. He gives great insight from both sides of the fence and keeps a non-biased view when advising the team. Again for this quarter, Giv is a clear MVP of the team and deserves recognition for his work.
  • 🔭 Giv has demonstrated leadership that is not often found in the workplace. In addition to his leadership, he offers guidance and will often walk in the trenches. In these past few months, I’ve come to greatly appreciate Giv’s skepticism and critical approach to all things. He offers a level and rational perspective and provides helpful, constructive feedback in conversation. Giv demonstrates the qualities of a great leader and I would personally love to see him officially take on additional management over products and team members.
  • 🌻 Giv is a really great manager and leader - he understands all Harmony products well and gives great advice on areas of improvement and rational problem-solving. Giv helped with testing and improving the interfaces of the BTC and Horizon bridges. It is certainly a pleasure to work and communicate with him - as he is positively calm and at the same time he can push your product and your productivity.
  • 🛡 Giv is always very composed and logical. I appreciate him leading the all-hands meeting every week, making sure everyone has a chance to speak up so our community knows our progress. Giv is crucial for the success of our grant program, especially for process enforcement and review. Giv has a lot of technical experience and program management experience. I would like to see more of Giv leading infra and product development.
  • 🎤 Giv may be soft-spoken, but his words always carry great weight behind them. I greatly respect how he carries himself as a leader and mentor to the team, always willing to take the time to empower those around him. In every interaction with Giv, I feel a sense of peace, comfort, and always take away a nugget of meaningful knowledge that has greatly helped serve my growth at Harmony.
  • ⚔️ Giv has been an outstanding performer and leader, helping to push harmony to new heights. That is done via his presence at events talking to public or internally by driving and pushing internal products and co-workers to outperform themselves!
  • 🏃 Giv is the role model of all internal processes and leadership. He is keen on driving decentralization and collaboration. The all-hands meeting becomes our source of updates to all communities, thanks a lot!
  • ⚽️ I personally feel Giv has multiple clones (jk) because I find him active in all groups and engaging in a range of discussions, from product to community. I have seen him tactfully dowse fires in situations where things could escalate and Giv is the kind of captain any team wishes to have, to steer them to calm waters on a rainy day. His personable character, combined with his work ethic, makes a deadly combination and it is these kinds of people who push us to expand our boundaries (cheerfully).
  • 🎸 Giv is awesome! Great leader. I know anytime there's chaos and uncertainty, he would help me to bring order and prioritize my work. Bounty and grant management – we are already getting good technical impact, and I can't wait to see more fresh teams deliver products to our ecosystem.
  • 🏏 Giv represents leadership, work culture, and effective communication. Many of us are greatly influenced by his work ethic. He is very dedicated to result-oriented tasks and makes everyone think carefully about it, which is helping the team to be more productive. Giv has also streamlined our communication with technical partners and made them succeed with fewer blockers. Further, I really appreciate Giv for leading/streamlining all of our internal processes like all-hands, product meetings, etc.
  • 🎬 Giv is a model employee and a great leader for Harmony. He is always focused on following up with partners/projects and accomplishing our metrics. Despite all the noise at ETHDenver, I specifically remember Giv being the one to continue to maintain appearances in meetings with partners to ensure operations were running smoothly. Aside from this, Giv always makes himself available to chat, answer any questions, and clear up any confusion. He does all this with a calm and friendly demeanor, thus making it a pleasure to work with him.
  • 🚗  Giv's vision and comments on oneAnchor gave me greater clarity about which direction it should take. Additionally, I have received directions on DAOs, partners, and events. There are few (if any) areas where I could not get guidance and feedback from him - a testament of Giv's great leadership and people skills.
  • 💃🏻 All of my experiences with Giv have been such a pleasure. From encouraging words, to graciously helping in any situation, I have always received the care and attention needed to resolve any issue. Giv's ability to address a problem with such tact and consideration, especially in dealings with the community, is something I admire and aspire to work towards in my career. He has been a great leader and an asset to those learning the space.

⚔️ Nita "Soph" Neou 🏃: 25% nodes, 50% services, 25% network releases

  • ⚔️ During Q1, I led a total 4 releases introducing multiple features (MM staking, level DB improvement, deep pruned DB), coordinating with all partners and the external validator community.
  • ⚔️ I’ve also been the point of contact (and working on the backend) with many partners for RPC OPS decentralization (Chainstack, POKT), working with existing and new exchanges for a smooth integration with Harmony while dealing with day to day issues (Binance, Bitrue, Mexc, Kucoin, and more), working with dapp partners like DFK on troubleshooting RPC issues, updated our backend infrastructure (LB, DNS) and additional nodes in DO to minimize, and others (Sushi, AAG, Polynetwork, The Graph, and more). Additionally, I’ve have been helping with internally managed services like multisig, btc bridge, explorer-v2, contract-verifier or working with core dev team/fellows testing new features in testnet/mainnet (deep pruned DB, streamsync, MM staking, trace_optimization, and many others PRs).
  • ⚔️ I’ve also led the implementation of a serverless solution to redirect eth_getLogs RPC requests (1.5b req / 5m ) to a separate endpoint making use of getLogs already indexed via our explorer dashboard backend in the aim of improving our network RPC backend network.
  • ⚔️ Dealing with so many levels and contacts in the Harmony ecosystem has brought me to a stage where I had to frequently switch contexts and had to add more and more work in my to-do list. That led me to experience some stress and anxiety at work that I am dealing almost daily. Hence for Q2, I intend to delegate/share more of my work with the new future leaders within Harmony.
  • 3️⃣ Launch Offchain eth_getLog RPC, Multisig service availability improvement by 25%, Onboard Socheat Khauv on cloud ops. 80/85/75%
  • 🎸 Soph has been keeping the internal ecosystem alive and healthy! Responsive and fixes any issue quickly and wisely. Always happy to work with him. Can't imagine how many tasks he works on in parallel.
  • 🐉 Highly independent and passionate, Soph’s been a rock to our cloud ecosystem, but he goes into engaging communities and our partners whether it’s RPC operators, exchanges, validators, etc. via any communication outlet, keeping everyone posted on distressing issues, hard fork upgrades, or explorer latencies. He absorbs knowledge like a sponge while implementing Cloudflare capabilities routing RPC traffic with the getLog implementation to help with scale and lower our cost footprint. He’s a train that does not stop! 💙
  • 🛹 Soph is such a huge help on all things technical - integrations, rpc stuff, helping to answer partner questions. I want to thank Soph for all his hard work behind the scenes.
  • ☁️ Soph is professional, thorough, and always helpful. He has always made himself available to assist with internal queries as well as help partners and integrations. I feel given Soph's experience and knowledge, he can offer so much to the community so I would love to see Soph be more vocal on social media and share exciting developments on our infrastructure with the broader community.
  • 🏃Many team members may not know that Soph had worked tirelessly, and closely with our tech/infra partners to make them integrate with Harmony smoothly. He is our leader in all the releases and communication to the validator networks. Appreciate that he is always available to help on all on-call issues at our night shift. Appreciate!
  • 🐺 Soph is a hero, always around when you need him and always willing to go above and beyond at any time of the day to help out. An extremely integral part of Harmony and ONE the community at large really appreciates. Soph is constantly hard at work behind the scenes making sure that partners have the correct support to get things up and running again in the event of issues.

🐺 Dan Boyden 🛹: 50% community, 40% moderator, 10% social media

  • 🐺 Having gotten back into the swing of things with the community on telegram (and with ongoing help from the ambassador DAO). In Q2, I aim to branch out more into our other communities and on different platforms as I feel I can have a better impact in different places. I have been growing my twitter presence and increasing followers there, for example.
  • 🐺 I also plan to spend a lot of time working closely with the ambassador DAO and hopefully helping to push them past all their goals.
  • 🐺 I plan to spend time each month of Q2 talking to other team members too, finding out what they are focused on achieving, and seeing if there are any ways that I can help. Hopefully, this will also allow me to start to expand my overall focus and start exploring other areas of Harmony.
  • 🐺 Q1 saw my main focus areas being upgrading the Community Store, train 10 Ambassadors, assist community with sunsetting chrome extension.
  • 🐺 To that end, I have been fully open to assist the members of the community store group we have, with Kelly being the main point of contact. So far, I have helped them gain a real-time sense of what is selling on the store via a geckoboard with the help of Dragon. We have worked out best selling items and we are fully open to a complete redesign but at this time, the formation of the complete team to finish the upgrade of the store remains to be formed. I am sure we are now much closer to where we need to be with it and I will continue to do all I can to make it a smooth transition. This has also allowed me, for the first time, to work alongside Adrian Robison, which is also an exciting prospect for me.
  • 🐺 With regard to training the ambassadors, I plan to continue giving tips and direction while I work closely with the DAO in Q2 to hopefully formalize a training plan and schedule of hours with the various ambassadors that we have. This is currently a work in progress for me, but things are now in place for me to hopefully be able to make a real impact here.
  • 🐺 Assisting the community with sunsetting the chrome extension was easier than anticipated, largely due to the fantastic levels of communication the community are currently receiving from the team. It’s truly refreshing to see and I’m glad that we have each and every member that we do on this team.
  • 3️⃣ Upgrade community store, Train 5 ambassadors, Assist community in sunsetting Chrome Extension wallet. 50/50/90%
  • 🛹 I appreciate Dan’s openness and humility in acknowledging the struggles he’s been having recently that have affected his performance at work. I’d like Dan to think about what the Harmony team needs right now and how he might be able to push Harmony forward - and do it. 💙
  • 🐉 Dan is rejuvenated of late while pulling through a tough phase in his personal life. He’s now engaged with the Harmony community even though the landscape has shifted quickly. He’s aligning with the Ambassador DAO, as he pushes forth to gain trust from new ecosystem partners to help him succeed.
  • ☁️ Dan is a trusted community member and the bridge to our many initiatives. I would love to see Dan more involved outside of the Telegram community and even going outside of his comfort zone to explore other areas of Harmony such as events, grants, and DAOs.

🚗 Boris Polania 🏏: 60% fixed-rate, 30% events, 10% ZKU

  • 🚗 Fixed Income One Wallet Integration. Has gone through many phases and even though the core of the development is complete, it has been hard to define what the final version of it should be. It seems now that integration with One Wallet is the way to go, but I haven’t been able to get enough time with Zi and Giv to reach a final agreement of what fixed income in the Timeless wallet should be. Nevertheless, I have continued to improve the code with a focus on security and refactoring with Timeless 1Wallet in mind, as a set of components that can be called by native (swift, kotlin, react, etc.)
  • 🚗 Regarding ZKU students: even though hitting the 200 student goal will be hard, a new approach will allow us to be quite close to it. By closing partnerships with three big Web3 online platforms in Brazil and Mexico, we will be able to scale enrollment significantly.
  • 🚗 ethRio grantees, so far, have been a great success. We have engaged social projects that, in many cases, work directly with thousands of people and looking to leverage tokens to further their causes. Big things are coming from here.
  • 3️⃣ Fixed Income One Wallet Integration, signup 100 students from Latam for zkU, Approve 50 grantees at ETHRio. 75/60/100%
  • 🎽 I would like Boris to push forward and launch the stable income product even with different constraints (thrive in chaos).
  • ⛵ Boris came to ZKU and shared with our students some useful tips and tricks, especially re: making the UX of our products better (minimizing the number of signatures needed). He’s built a gadget for ZK airdrop which would have been a great launch grant candidate, if only he wasn’t a core team member which precluded him from being a recipient. I look forward to working more together with him about ZK and DBI.
  • 🏏 Boris has shown great commitment to community building and has done an excellent job at various events in terms of educating tech/non-tech people about Harmony, building relationships, and strengthening overall interactions. With respect to technical deliverables, we need to work together to granulize them to show consistent progress.
  • 🌻 It was a pleasure to be on duty with Boris - he is always friendly and ready to provide support.
  • ☁️ Boris likes to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty. I am impressed by his ability and willingness to go outside of his comfort zone to build and/or dive deep and learn new skills. Boris has been incredibly helpful at events and educating people about the value proposition of Harmony. He is friendly and smart and people love to speak to him. The community is extremely excited to see the fixed income product so I would like to ask Boris to put more energy behind this initiative and work with the product team to get it out asap!
  • 🎤 Boris-san! I really cannot say enough about you. From your genuine desire to help those around you grow, to your never-ending smile (even when things get tough), you inspire me. Your dedication to your craft and being a voice for our LatAm communities is a such a gift to the team and ecosystem as a whole. You were an incredible presence at ETHDenver and ETHRio; always willing to go above and beyond to serve our mission. You are also so much fun to do everything with - from playing soccer on the beach, to cracking jokes on the way to the ETHRio main event, and to being multi-sig partners on Project X - we always make our work experience an adventure.
  • 🐉 Very personable as always, strong customer obsession helping with a LatAm long-term initiative, and always at the ready to help bridge our LatAm relations. He’s also pulled in at least 3 (I’m losing count now) passionate contributors that have ramped up significantly on the Harmony ecosystem to help with generating awareness.
  • 🎬 Boris is an incredibly versatile and diverse individual whose talents are displayed in many ways. Not only is he knowledgeable and able to answer any technical question directed at him, he is also incredibly social and great at connecting with others. Boris has helped make strides for the Latin American market, helped find governors for the Latin DAO, and helped make a huge impact at ETHRio through speaking at the conference and connecting with many developers. This resulted in 5 out of 12 hackathon projects deploying on Harmony. Boris is always a thrill to work with and I look forward to continuing expanding Harmony’s presence in Latin America with him. 💙

🐉 Jack Chan 🎽: 20% grants, 50% partnerships, 30% cloud ops

  • 🐉 Grants — helped operationalize our guidelines with response templates; having Sam carve out DAOs as a separate ops team helped us focus on launch grants; I will own: operationalizing inbound proposals to improve response times, reporting to the community and finding quality projects until we find a developer relations candidate. Extending grants to grow our /ecosystem via /ventures, /talent, /advisors and /services networks.
  • 🐉 Partnerships — this is a longer cycle where I’m working on two major partners (a major DEX aggregator, and an Ethereum OG partner). At EthDenver’s Project X, helped close 6 investments totaling $1.4m and referred several more; launching 2 RPC and 1 RPC+Graph partners (Chainstack, QuickNode & Covalent) to help decentralize our chain.
  • 🐉 Cloud Ops — assisted in investigating and coordinating our chain network issue in early Q1; architected launching Harmony’s RPC network to go multi-cloud to help with availability and resiliency in late Jan; stabilized the RPC network in mid-Feb; improved user experience with faster response times via geolocation in mid-Mar; introduced RPC DAO to the community for
    Harmony RPC 2.0 — the DAO
    and assisting with its formation.
  • 3️⃣ 3 grantees & 10 investors for Harmony Venture, Launch Harmony Talent Network and Harmony Advisors Network, Launch Chainstack RPC. 100/70/100%
  • 🎥 When it came to funding new projects for Harmony X in Denver, Jack always had his ear to the pavement and really helped much of the team start conversations with projects that needed funding. This came out of just engaging the crowd, and Jack did that all throughout ETHDenver like no other. To me, Jack gets the MVP in regards to Project X layups. He wanted everyone on the team to score points. That’s just the kind of guy that Jack is.
  • 🎽 I want to recognize Jack for pushing to scale our ecosystem with starting rpc dao, venture network, talent network, advisor network (accomplish important work).
  • ⛵ At EthDenver I was impressed by Jack’s social presence, and how much he can connect with people by being an authentic and kind person. While doing that, he seems to know how everything is going on, both on the ground, as well as on-chain while he’s been regularly putting out fires. The combination of all that was a shocker to me!
  • 🛡 Really impressed by Jack covering all parts of the endeavors including cloud infra improvement, grant review, and especially the recent Harmony Venture formation. Jack is a very experienced veteran, both in the tech industry and the crypto space, and he brought a lot of insightful ideas and advice to the team to help improve the tech infra and also the company process.
  • ☁️ Jack is constantly surprising me with well-thought-out initiatives that we desperately need but have not had the time or the resources to kick off. He is always thinking about ways to grow and optimize every aspect of the business. He is a true professional with an entrepreneurial spirit and is a true asset to Harmony and the entire community.
  • 🛹 Jack is loyal, positive, and just an all-around great person to work with and a person anybody would be lucky to call a friend.
  • 🌲 I am ecstatic that programs as important as the Venture Network, the Talent Network, and the Advisor Networks have found a champion in Jack. While, initially, this was something the Incubator DAO was supposed to focus on, they...well... didn’t. Jack had the vision to realize the vital need these programs fill in the Harmony Ecosystem and I have 100% confidence that Jack will launch them, get them fully operational and shepherd their contributions to the most effective place in Harmony. Love working with this guy. He’s a keeper.
  • 🚗 Jack’s support during Harmony X was fundamental for its success. He is also a guiding voice inside and outside Harmony, and has always been there when I needed some help. Without a doubt one of the nicest people I have ever met.
  • 🏃 Jack worked everywhere from infra to grant, from security to partners. He is very reliable in working with our partners. I can definitely trust him when he is in a conversation with our partners. Jack wrote very detailed FAQs and documentation that covered many areas including technical, ops, grants and ventures. Good job!
  • 🎸 Great management and technical skills. I especially appreciate the decisions Jack made that helped guide the early development stages of some products I work on. Now they are time-proven, and the best options we could pick. Even though he has been handling many and many communications with third parties, he is always eager to open the console and do some cool fine-tuning of infrastructure if there's an emergency.
  • 🏏 Although our day-to-day work does not overlap much, Jack's contributions are immense and noticeable. Excellent job on the grants and helping to bring quality projects to Harmony. I still cannot get over Jack's awesome (super comprehensive) write-up about monolithic vs modular blockchain architecture, which clearly suggests his ability to go beyond to any extent to achieve results and also his ability to work on deep technical topics. The best part is he is always there to help a teammate at any cost. Will be looking forward to working with you more and more. 💙
  • 🎤 When I think about Jack, my heart becomes calm. The impact Jack has on our team and community is quite incredible - he balances a million things with such grace and makes everything he does look so easy. Jack goes above and beyond to support our team, which was very evident at ETHDenver when he curated dozens of opportunities for each one of our Project X teams, and made sure everyone who was sick with COVID was well taken care of. It is an honor to learn from such a great human being.
  • 🐺 Jack is such pure positive energy, someone who has taken some time (and lengths) to mentor and help me through an extremely tough period in my life. I look forward to speaking with him each week because he gives me the focus and drive to really succeed here in Harmony. He has also allowed me to see many things in a different light, and helped to change my mindset into a positive ONE.

🎥 Adrian Robison ☁️: 50% Content, 30% Events, 20% Branding

  • 🎥 I think that details matter, and by digging in and really striving to get the details right, we can all build something great. My focus this quarter was to completely takeover ETHDenver. This started with the realization that it was right around the corner and that we needed to start preproduction. Securing venues and talent was my number 1 priority, and looking back I feel we got pretty much everything we asked for. We had the best of everything - from the venues, hotel, merch, signage, brand presence, artists, marketing. You name it, Harmony had it.
  • 3️⃣ Draft Timeless Wallet first promotion video treatments, Onboard 2 new video editors, Finish ETHRio recap video. 80/80/90%
  • ☁️ Adrian and his team went above and beyond in Denver. Harmony was impossible to miss and this is all thanks to Adrian's vision and understanding of branding. With very little guidance, Adrian took complete ownership while preparing for EthDenver and produced beautiful merchandise, branding presence, and, of course, the biggest party of the event. The videos were equally impressive and he managed to capture beautiful moments with his incredible storytelling skills. I would like to encourage Adrian to think deeper about Harmony's value proposition and better understand the technology behind it.
  • 🌲 Harmony could not have achieved the cultural impact at EthDenver without the contributions, sweat, passion and grit that Adrian brought to the table. The production quality for Harmony has gone through the roof since he has joined. During Q1 Adrian released 34 videos (I believe. Just a quick count on YouTube). That is 1 every 3 days. This is ON TOP of the work he does to produce events, travel for scouting purposes, capture the needed raw material, design and produce swag, revise our brand, and still make sure that Harmony keeps its eyes on the cultural ball. EthDenver was a slog, but everywhere I looked, I saw Adrian calmly doing his work, putting out fires, prepping for events that I couldn’t even dream of. By any measure, Adrian has contributed to Harmony’s ecosystem impact in an unparalleled way. He has brought a strategic vision that is lacking in most, if not all, technically dominated projects. My only comment for improvement is to ask Adrian to keep in mind that “impressions” do not equal adoption. We all should keep our eyes firmly focused on “adoption” and “use” as those metrics are the ones that contribute to longevity. Also... he is really fun to work with.
  • 🛹 Adrian is a master storyteller and an excellent marketer. I’m so glad he joined Harmony and has been pivotal in helping to tell a better story about Harmony that is more accessible to a wider audience outside of blockchain. His leadership at ETHDenver took center stage as I looked into a crowd of blue shirts - others were marketing for Harmony. Really great job Adrian. 💙
  • ⛵ Adrian is a warrior. I really admire his work ethic. He just *gets things done* like a force of nature.
  • 🔭 Merchandise, events, videos with pro-level quality production; Adrian is a highly talented person who pays attention to the little details which separate his work from others. His work at EthDenver proves as evidence that Adrian is able to execute with precision while under pressure and still deliver a top-quality product. His contributions to the team are greatly appreciated by the community; Adrian’s talent and the results of his work help answer their question, “when marketing?”
  • 🚗 I got the first chance of working together with Adrian in Rio. Adrian’s work ethic and commitment to quality are paragons. His vision of the company and the space, in general, are definitely reflected in his productions and are shaping how the rest of the world looks at us.
  • 🎤 I have known Adrian for many years, and his creative mind, grit, and ability to consistently push himself to exceed every expectation possible never ceases to amaze me. Adrian brings every ounce of himself to every task he tackles, and holds himself to the highest standards of excellence. His ability to create meaningful, engaging stories that connect with the masses is a truly inspiring gift. A true workhorse that never cares about who gets the credit but instead of a job well done, Adrian is an employer’s dream. Despite having a full load as the creative director, he always finds ways to add value in every aspect of what Harmony does.
  • 🐉 Adrian = passion + action. He’s Harmony’s X-factor. I’m amazed at how much he’s grown since he first started, to now fully immersed in blue. Together with the ops team, he owned merchandising in addition to all the video production. He learned on the fly to meticulously select high impact initiatives for Project X investments
  • 🎬 Adrian is an incredible and invaluable asset to the team. He cares about his work and it shows in his efforts and contributions, not only in videos, but also in Harmony’s brand as a whole. He was instrumental in the planning of ETHDenver events and operations, and ensured it to be a huge success. It is amazing what Adrian is capable of and he continues to improve and defy the odds.
  • ⏳ Workaholic with a talent for storytelling. A bastion of culture and fighting a worthy fight.
  • 💃🏻 Adrian has the grit and hard work we need to encourage us to keep moving forward and get things done. I've often felt at crossroads with how to move forward in my position. But, Adrian has always readily shown up to lead the way. Adrian has shown patience, empathy, and mindfulness in his work on a project and with the team, and I can't say enough how much I appreciate his leadership and direction. Without this, we would not have been able to accomplish what we have at events.
  • 🐺: Adrian is someone who I haven’t had much chance to work with until just recently but who I have been hoping to work with for some time. His creative energy is infectious from the works he produces to just hearing him speak about things he is working on. I am excited to go into the next quarter being able to work with him on merchandise and the store, and hopefully broaden my horizons within Harmony as a whole.

⚽️ Abhishek Purushotham 🛹: 60% social media, 25% content marketing, 15% regional daos

  • ⚽️ Started this year/quarter by capturing and showcasing the highlights from last year to our community through our yearly Newsletter. Worked closely with our content partners like Dappradar and Messari to have reports sourced on Harmony.
  • ⚽️ Continued to push on Regional DAOs, and we now have 9 languages who have almost completed translations of our open.development page. Built and executed a GTM strategy for ETH Denver promotions of Harmony and our partners on our community channels. Owned the promotions and announcements of our flagship launches this quarter: BTC Bridge and Aave v3. Owned and executed January and February Newsletters. Covered all the post ETH Denver promotions: Highlights, Project X announcements, press releases and Stephen’s Keynote on Blue Metaverse (sent this out as a newsletter too).
  • ⚽️ Represented Harmony as a speaker at a Metaverse Summit event in Paris, speaking on Interoperability and our vision for 2026. Going to release highlights from ETH Rio this week. Preparing promotions and campaigns for 1Wallet.
  • ⚽️ My personal goal for the coming quarter is to build Harmony Europe, and I will be attending some of the bigger Europe events/conferences with an aim to engage with brightest people and projects and get them on Harmony ecosystem.
  • 3️⃣ Write ETHDenver highlight, ProjectX announcement campaign, Transcribing video content to optimize across channels. 100/100/50%
  • 🛹 Abhi has been so helpful in owning all the things that need so much attention in regards to content, social, and all things digital marketing. Thank you for your leadership and for taking true ownership of these critical areas for Harmony. You’re doing great. 💙
  • 🔭 I’ve come to know Abhi as someone who is communicative and collaborative. Abhi and I have worked together on a number of communication-related tasks over the past few months and it’s been a pleasure.
  • ☁️ Abhi has been key in managing our launches and announcements. He gathers all the info he needs to write succinct release notes and takes complete ownership over the announcement on Medium and Twitter. Abhi has also been incredibly helpful in assisting our grantees with co-marketing efforts. I would like to see Abhi become more involved with releases earlier in the process to better understand the context and, as a result, create better launch announcements with the added insights and context.

🔭 Daniel Pagan 🛹: 30% Community, 40% Technical Content, 30% Ambassadors

  • 🔭 In Q1 I formed the Ambassador DAO, recruited and organized the governors, and assisted them with the creation of a process & framework for meet-up events, technical support, and online community management. We are holding 10 meetups around the world this month and will scale to 15 next month. We have a flowchart documenting the entire process from planning to execution and payment, allowing us to scale fast.
  • 🔭 This quarter also had me at EthDenver where I spoke with a number of community members and existing and potential ecosystem partners. Working the booth allowed me to represent Harmony and introduce ourselves to hundreds of booth visitors. Through Project-X, we invested into a number of projects with great potential that can introduce new markets to our ecosystem.
  • 🔭 I spent time this quarter on security investigations and organizing our communication with users, helping Jack establish a process that allowed us to keep in touch with users and move the investigation forward. This quarter also found me working on the sunset of the Chrome extension. I worked on the plan, timeline, and wrote and published communication to the community, and helped define what the sunset looks like from a user perspective. I also spent time collecting community feedback and sentiment, adjusted our plan as necessary.
  • 🔭 In addition, I’ve worked on narrating and editing the BTC Bridge walk through video for our YouTube channel, coordinating and co-hosting BTC vault training, approved/denied/managed grantees as part of the grants committee, created our ‘Migrating to Metamask’ walk-through video also on our YouTube channel, and assisted Ganesha by writing and editing a number of pages for our BTC Bridge guide on
  • 🔭 I’ve also acted as a technical liaison between our development/engineering team and the community in multiple ways during major outages. My time was primarily spent writing our postmortems and communicating with the validator and user community on updates.
  • 🔭 Finally, I've started to work with members of the Timeless team and Shawn (WellnessOne) on forming a marketing plan across our online communities. Q1 will allow us to define the framework and high-level timeline, while Q2 will allow us to begin executing on these plans, pivot/learn, and continue.
  • 3️⃣ Chrome extension sunset, 10 meetups via Ambassador DAO, Define the Timeless Wallet social media campaign. 95/80/100%
  • 🎥 I’m really happy that Pagan is on the team… not only did he absolutely snag what was, in my opinion, one of the coolest projects for Project X in ETHDenver, but he took care of the quarantined crew when everyone else was beaten up by Covid. Literally, the smallest things like medicine or soup were taken care of, as well as everyone’s favorite: the acai bowls… We all took that journey together as a team and Pagan just make it feel like family. All the other technical stuff and partnership stuff took a backseat when the team was down and out, and the simple gesture of caring went a long way. Cheers my friend. 💙
  • ⚽️ I am glad Daniel Pagan joined us full time. I get to interact with him the most in my daily work duties. He is always willing to help in areas outside of his responsibilities, and his grasp on technical things is immense. I am positive that there are many areas in the team he could own and excel. Great working with him.
  • 🛹 Daniel is an absolute professional, with so many talents and skills from technical to communication to the community and beyond. And what I love most about him is that he has Harmony’s best interest in mind, always. That, coupled with his professionalism and skill, makes for a team member that’s unstoppable.
  • ☁️ I feel nothing I can say here will do justice to how much value Daniel has brought to Harmony since joining. With his finger on the pulse of the community, Daniel has taken many initiatives into his own hands and has ensured not only that features are shipped in a timely manner, but also how to share knowledge and set expectations with the community. Daniel is truly a Swiss Army knife at Harmony and doesn't shy away from any task. I truly appreciate his professionalism and dedication. I would like to encourage Daniel to always think about ways to further decentralize “all the things”, including finding more contributors to help him scale.
  • 🐉 I feel really fortunate to be working closely with Daniel with prevue to some of the most excruciating scenarios he’s in, where he always finds the best possible and timely outcome. His strong compassion resonates to all beings around him and goes above and beyond, sometimes too much, selflessly. His passion has no comparison - it’s unparalleled. Let’s hope he can pace himself and think big in quarters to come and amplify his impact by growing a team of contributors around him.
  • 🌲 I am a fan of Daniel's work product, but I specifically wanted to mention how he went above and beyond in caring for the team that got sick in Denver. If you didn’t get sick, you may not realize the importance of what he did... but if you know... you know. We don’t have this as a cultural role model yet, but I think he embodies the principle: “Everyone works. No one gets left behind.”
  • 🏃 Daniel is very organized and communicative. I am happy he is leading the weekly product launch meeting to unblock the project update. I am impressed with all the posts he has sent to the community. He helped a lot to build a strong and helpful community of Harmony.
  • 🏏 It is only fair to say that Daniel has played a key role in the BTC bridge successful launch. Daniel helped immensely in revising the BTC bridge vault incentive program, reaching out to vaults and helping them get onboarded (with several q&a), revising the BTC bridge documentation/video, providing feedback to augment the Messari report on BTC bridge, helping with testing the bridge, and many more. The great thing about Daniel is that he did all of these voluntarily without needing to ask, working behind the scenes. Daniel basically demonstrated exceptional team-first culture and his dedication to work is incomparable. Thank you.

🎬 Danny Carranza ☁️: 40% Content (video/photos), 30% Community, 30% Events

  • 🎬 I am proud of what Adrian and I have been able to accomplish in Q1. I was instrumental in creating the treatment of both ad campaigns (Blue metaverse / Blue to Fly) and through sleepless nights, was able to complete both campaigns within 2 weeks to be ready for EthDenver. Conceptualizing and creating content in the video is a collaborative process, though I must give Adrian a ton of credit as well.
  • 🎬 At ETHDenver I funded 2 DAOs, 1 NFT Launch Grant (&potential DAO), & a DeFi project, expanding the ecosystem in a variety of ways. Additionally, Adrian and I funded a metaverse project and an esports metaverse game, helping expand Harmony even more into the metaverse. At ETHRio, I met several projects that will change lives for children/ teens in the favelas to help them learn about blockchain, thus keeping them from selling drugs and joining gangs on the streets. This has been the most impactful project, in my opinion, both socially and personally. I will follow up with them this week and continue to help establish Harmony as the blockchain of choice within Latin America. Through our events, workshops, and genuineness, Boris, myself, and many others on the team were able to make a huge impression and impact within the community of Rio, accomplishing our goal set at the Dec. offsite. Not only did we make the connections we wanted, we will be working with several projects, funding others, and expanding Harmony in Latin America. At the ETHRio hackathon, 5 of 12 projects deployed on Harmony, including the top 2 projects.
  • 🎬 Overall, I see my value within Harmony growing as my involvement within the community is starting to show - I am personally expanding the ecosystem through Project X, and my connections to artists and projects I meet are starting to mint NFTs on MADNFT. Because of my relationships, I am becoming an important member of event ops (not just video), and I will begin to host TGI meetups in LA because of all the relationships I am building. I am excited about how the year has started and have no doubt next quarter will be more successful than Q1.
  • 3️⃣ Edit 1 ETHDenver & 1 ETHRio recap video, Draft Timeless Wallet campaign treatment, 5 creatives grantees at NFTLA / ETHRio. 90/80/80%
  • ☁️ Danny is a lovable guy, both as a friend and a colleague. He is extremely talented and works hard! He goes outside his comfort zone and adapts very quickly. Always approachable and always eager to help out, no matter the task, and I really appreciate that about him. I've mentioned this to a few others, but I would also like to encourage Danny to go deeper into Harmony's technology to truly understand the value proposition. This will help tell even better stories through his medium.
  • 🎥 Danny is a goon - a silverback gorilla in regards to content. 🦍  I’ve noticed him really stepping up and owning posting of all different kinds of media on all the different platforms.  He really helped me big time when we did two commercials in two weeks with a shoestring budget.  I can’t do what I do without Danny, and I am grateful everyday that I get to work with someone as talented as him.
  • ⚽️ Got to meet Danny and Adrian in my first month joining Harmony. Apart from being one of the coolest bunch on the team, this is a power duo and their style of telling stories has already gotten us so much attention and I am sure of getting us to 5-10x from here. Agree with Adrain that Danny is a boss at content and a true hard worker, giving his 100% to the team from video shoots to edits to killing it on the dance floor. 💙
  • ⛵ Watch out: Danny is a dangerous secret weapon on our team! Because he is so unassuming and genuine, he makes powerful connections with all sorts of people within the space. Every exchange with him feels real. And he makes hard work looks so easy. In fact, having him around does make work feel a lot less stressful sometimes.
  • 🚗 This is the first time I’ve had the chance of working directly with Daniel. He was fundamental in the success of ethRio; hard to ask for a better teammate. Your energy can only be met by your high levels of professionalism, and they were critical for the success of ethRio
  • ⏳ Young “Spielberg” in action. Great energy at work & at play. Keep reminding everyone that we work hard to put more colors and textures to our lives.
  • 🎤 Danny is one of the most enjoyable people I have had the pleasure to work with. Not only is he extremely bright when it comes to telling meaningful stories, but his passion shines through every interaction he has with others. He has taken on a larger role with Harmony as he has become a strong presence at conferences, and sharing our vision and culture to expand our ecosystem reach. I want to also point out his connection to the LaTam community and passion to make a deep impact on the world.
  • 💃🏻 Danny is a light to our team. His joy and wholeheartedness bring joy to our team and inspiration to our work. Danny has been such an asset to our events team, and I know I speak for all of us when I say we wouldn't be able to accomplish what we have without his hard work, dedication, and loyalty. Danny has been an asset in his career and friendships, and I am truly grateful to work with such a talented person.

⛵ Hakwan Lau ☁️: 30% zero-knowledge, 50% university, 20% fixed-income

  • ⛵ The idea of ZKU came up at the 2021 Dec retreat, and we managed to launch it right before xmas. Our initial goal/mandate was to graduate enough students with at least 5 different zk-product launches, and we exceeded that target with 8 successful project completions + an additional 1 from a team member, Boris. We managed to convince some of the top researchers (e.g. Joe Bonneau from NYU) and industry experts (e.g. Roman Semenov from TornadoCash) to give master classes to our genesis cohort, from which we have managed to 3x in class size in the current cohort. Although I am an academic by training, my home field is not in computer science. A fair bit of intensive self-studies were involved in preparing the syllabi for the two cohorts, and informing a teaching team with the relevant expertise. In total I have onboarded 10 contributors during Q1, with 7 of them serving currently as teaching staff at ZKU, while 2 others will remain at Harmony for other marketing-related activities. I’m happy to say that at this point I have finally grown comfortable with interacting with some of the top researchers and industry experts within the space, and in the coming weeks will start to ramp up these activities in order to gain more visibility for ZKU.
  • ⛵ One of the major related tasks was to launch zkDAO. At EthDenver I gave a talk on basic income, and from there we have developed the idea that zkDAO members will receive a basic income to be funded by the grant money attracted from product launches. I am excited to have found a coherent narrative in which my previous work on basic income at Harmony is now integrated with ZKU & zkDAO activities. But above all, I’m hopeful that this basic income would mean that more developers will be willing to take the risk of switching careers into web3, and that they will participate in zkDAO more intensively because they will be granted a meaningful and permanent stake in the DAO. Overall, we are on track to onboard 100 zk-developers by the end of Q2.
  • 3️⃣ Launch zkDAO with scholar DBI, Run zkU 2nd cohort with 25 final projects (retain 40 students), Fund 5 ZK products with $100k launch grants. 100/100/100%
  • ☁️ Hakwan is one of those people who just seems to be good at everything. From neuroscience to economics, politics, music, NFTs to ZK, and everything in between. I am beyond impressed by his ZKU initiative and attracting/managing instructors and students. I am excited about what he will do with zkDAO and based on his track record, I'm sure he will nail it. Hakwan has a lot of valuable knowledge locked up inside his head and I'd love to see him be more vocal on social media and share this knowledge more openly with the Harmony community.
  • 🛹 Prior to meeting an actual fullbright scholar, I had imagined in my mind a stuffy, boring, pretentious jerk. Hakwan proves the stereotype I had in mind totally wrong - he’s down-to-earth, super smart, kind, easy to work with, and really fun. Unrelated: Wittgenstein showed us that we sometimes speak of things for which we have no experience (we speak of “nothing”, but we’ve never experienced anything). What’s the neuroscience answer/approach to that phenomenon? 💙 Update: I noticed you gave feedback to 12 team members, each one carefully written and personal. I appreciate what you bring to the Harmony culture.
  • 🚗 With Hakwan, I became a ZK believer and now that I had a chance of working together in it, I feel that the seed that he planted with ZK University will help us move to the next level.
  • 🏃 ZKU and ZKDAO will be the super brand of Harmony. I can’t help but promote it to all the young engineers I met. Great work!
  • 🏏 Thanks for spearheading the ZKU and making it so successful. ZKU has not only helped to educate everyone involved and beyond, but it has also helped us get traction in the world of zero knowledge, as we are not actively building things quite yet. Looking forward to working with you more in the coming months to build zk.
  • ⏳ Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach. Hakwan has broken that rule. In the coming years, there may be three thousand disciples in ZKU, but we only need seventy-two wise ZK experts.
  • 🎤 The first time I met Hakwan, my passion for psychology was reignited. He is brilliant, yet humble, and has achieved incredible things in such a short time with ZKU. I look forward to the day I can pull up a seat next to him in class and learn from such a bright mind.

🎤 Matt McDonald ☁️: 50% operations, 40% events, 10% DAOs

  • 🎤 I began Q1 with little context of how our operations ran; I was brand new to the team and crypto in general. My first priority was to get a solid grasp of this so I could identify solutions to help provide the platform so our team could scale. Throughout this quarter, I increased my ownership of various operations - onboarding & orienting new hires, executing ETHDenver initiatives and managing volunteers, completing our University Hackathon, running our Q1 peer review with Jack and Giv, and even leading our ETHRio team. At ETHRio, I prioritized empowering the latam community, bringing new projects into our ecosystem, and empowering our team on Project Y initiatives.
  • 🎤  I am very thankful at the level of trust my peers have given me, and I hold this very dear to my heart. Despite feeling somewhat lost when I joined Harmony, I now feel very confident in being able to build quick, deep connections with prospective grantees, partners, and even in ushering/mentoring new people in to Web3. I absolutely love sharing Harmony’s vision and culture with others, and being able to utilize our platform to serve others provides meaning in my life. At my first pop-up event a few months ago, I could barely express these things in casual conversation. Now, I have been able to deliver speeches and engage in roundtable discussions with web3 event leaders with confidence.
  • 🎤  Moving forward, a key area of focus for myself is to gain an even deeper understanding of our tech so that I can mentor others, think more critically about the value that new ecosystem projects bring, and even lead an educational workshop. My primary goal will be to focus on scaling our events, people operations, and the operations of our core team and DAOs. I plan to begin tackling this by completing our Events Scaling Playbook, writing a new onboarding document with clear expectations and deliverables, and building the proposal for BasicDAO that will directly allow all of the above to scale more efficiently. Above all, I will continue to be a sponge, hungry to learn from everyone I am next to.
  • 3️⃣ Identify 9 governors and create proposal for BasicDAO, approve 25 grantees at ETHRio, Run Q1 performance review. 80/100/100%
  • ☁️ Matt is a relatively recent addition to Harmony but you wouldn't know it. He has very quickly ramped up and taken ownership of several key areas such as events, HR, grants, and DAOs. Matt is extremely passionate and hungry to learn and grow. He's always eager to help out and go above and beyond what is required of him to get things done. It's been an absolute pleasure to witness Matt's growth and I would love to see him spend more time understanding Harmony's technology and gain even more confidence as a result.
  • 🎥 The amount of growth and responsibility that Matt has taken on in the very short time he has been with Harmony has been unprecedented.  He knew very little about Harmony coming in, but now is taking on leadership roles guiding teams to success.  I did not expect his growth to be this rapid, but he has really stepped up on so many initiatives when it mattered, especially at ETHDenver with all of our scholars and grantees.  But what has stuck out the most to me is Matt’s ability to really connect on a deeper level with all of our potential partners to communicate the vision for Harmony.  So many people have come up to me after speaking with Matt saying he really paints the picture of what Harmony is about and that kind of connection is what helps us really engage so many of these partners because it’s memorable.  A great conversation can last for years if not decades.  That kind of connection is what builds communities.  People want to work with people they connect with.  Matt does exactly that. 💙
  • 🌲 When I hear that Matty is in charge of something, I stop thinking about it. I have 100% confidence that Matt will do what needs to be done to execute above and beyond expectations. I also know that, if he needs help, he will ask for it. What Harmony has accomplished in Q1 of this year could not have been done without Matt’s ability to prioritize, problem-solve, inspire and put his own elbow grease into the mix. Finding the right mix of talent for the BasicDAO will be no small feat. But I am confident that Matty is the right person for the job. My only request for Matt is that, when he goes all out, he remembers that we usually have Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 to follow so don’t leave it all on the field in the first quarter.
  • ⛵ So glad that Matt joined us. He reminds me that compassion and kindness can be such powerful things - if only we also have the authenticity and work ethics to go along with them, to make them convincing. Added on top of of all this his organizational skills + experience with running his own NGO, BasicDAO will be in very good hands.
  • 🛹 Matty is personable and focuses on the relationship. This carries into other areas of Harmony. For example, at events, he focuses on the people that come to booth and makes them feel special. I appreciate Matty’s approach to relationships and what he brings to Harmony.
  • 🚗 ethDenver and ethRio allowed me to work directly with Matt. His hard work and cultural understanding of the web3 world are impressive and I could not have asked for a better partner in organizing ethRio. He has taken a lot of responsibility and has thrived, and even when things didn’t go as expected he kept commanding the ship.
  • 🐉 Matty’s got a huge heart, a strong passion for reaching out to people, and is very hardworking (to a fault). He started off absorbing simply everything about Harmony and I’m glad that he’s starting to lock onto making an impact with events and people ops. My only hope is that he can pace himself and recharge when possible.
  • 🎬 Matt is an incredibly hard worker and passionate individual whose talents keep growing at Harmony. He has done an amazing job leading operations at ETHDenver and ETHRio. However, Matty’s biggest contribution is his ability to connect with others at conferences, thus building great rapport with the community as well as potential projects to collaborate with. He is not only great to work with but is a great representation of our values at Harmony.
  • ⏳ Keeping the train on schedule, while not forgetting to keep the “customers” happy is even more important. Few operators have the mind & heart to do what Matty is doing.
  • 💃🏻 Matty is gracious, kind, a motivator, and one of the hardest workers I've ever met. Matty is incredibly efficient with his time, and he has the grit to execute and complete tasks at high bars. I often ask, "what would Matty do?" (WWMD) when looking for solutions. I see immense intelligence and wisdom in him, yet I also see one of the purest hearts I've ever known. I have seen Matty in adversity and prosperity, and he has never failed to impress me with his professionalism and grace. He continuously considers the best in others. I can't express enough how much I admire him and hope to become more like him every day.

💃🏻 Esther Arey ☁️: 50% Events, 30% Operations, 20% Grants

  • 💃🏻 In Q1, my areas of focus included: standardizing event planning and publish standards. During my time in events, I have begun to learn how to coordinate events for Harmony. I have also learned the logistics and details involved in producing a high ROI with events. Currently, I am putting together standards for all events moving forward to be published on our Notion.
  • 💃🏻 10 grantees at ETHAustin and GDC - I met with 6 projects in Austin to discuss potential funding and goals. I am hopeful to fund 5 of those projects. At GDC, I have met with 1 project, and will pursue at least 4 more to fund. My partner and I discuss projects daily, and are confident we can achieve this.
  • 💃🏻 Publish Coachella operations strategy - Coachella’s activation is still in the beginning planning stages, but the foundation is beginning to form. With meetings in the next week, I will be working with our events team to lay out our operations strategy to most efficiently utilize our resources to maximize our ROI.
  • 3️⃣ Standardize event planning and publish standards, 10 grantees at ETHAustin and GDC, Draft Coachella operations strategy. 60/50/80%
  • ☁️ Essa gets things done! She is incredibly resourceful and professional. Without much guidance, she takes tasks and delivers by going above and beyond what is asked of her. She is extremely hard-working, emotionally intelligent, and just a kind and wonderful human being. I would love to see Essa go deeper into Harmony's technology to gain more confidence and be even more involved in other areas of the organization.
  • ⛵ Essa is always so on top of things, and so kind and polite when helping us with all these logistical challenges. That story Li shared about the nightclub incident on the last night of EthDenver at once made me think “wow - unbelievable”, but at the same time, also: “yeah ok, I can see that’s Essa”. :-)
  • 🌲 I have seen Essa take no-nonsense from volunteers that were not doing their jobs. I have seen her support and cheerlead for her co-workers, highlighting them and making sure the spotlight is shown to work that is being done. Essa creates a work environment where her co-workers feel like friends and her friends feel like family. Nothing that has happened in Q1 for Harmony could have been done without Essa’s competence. She managed 300 scholars in ethDenver, with travel plans and requirements ever-changing. She handled transport, food, the plague, AND a personal situation that would have had most of us in the fetal position. If there is any way that Essa misses her “deliverables” in Q1, it won’t be at her feet, it will be because we didn’t select those deliverables in the right way ourselves. I cannot say enough good things about Essa.
  • 🛹 Essa is an absolute star - she is on top of everything and has exactly the superpowers that I just happen to completely lack.
  • 🐉 Essa’s an organizational force. She’s very mature and gentle in her approach and yet bold when the situation gets tough. Even at a scale of EthDenver, it was a “piece of cake” for her. Post-event, she ensured the entire team is taken care of, both mentally and physically, even though she faced a critical family emergency of her own. Bless her soul.
  • 🎥 Essa really shines from operational and backend endeavors. She is a Notion rockstar and really helps keep us all on the same page. She is always available to help, answer questions, collaborate on ideas, etc. She was instrumental in helping book and solidify ETHDenver. That event would not have been the success it was without her presence and commitment to the project. There were plenty of sleepless nights, tons of fires to put out along the way, but Essa maintained a cool and positive vibe about her even when the house was burning down. She absolutely deserves a ton of praise for her work this quarter.
  • 🎤 Essa deserves an endless amount of praise for how she handles very tough logistical endeavors - and does so with a vibrant smile. She is always available to support the functions of the team, and in moments when I thought she had no energy left in the tank, she finds that extra ounce of energy to call me just to check in to see how I am doing. I am honored to work alongside her. She always finds ways to ensure those around her are happy and well taken care of - something often overlooked but incredibly needed. Her growth at Harmony is just getting started - she is a rocket ship! 💙
  • ⏳ Babysitting every event participant as if we’re all her “first-born” is a remarkable achievement. More, herding so many cats with all her quirkiness is what makes Essa and her twin sister Esther such an amazing teammate.

8 Full Fellows

⏳ Zi Wang 🎽: 50% product, 30% creative, 20% marketing

  • ⏳ Launch 1Wallet — Done. Public beta on March 16. Timeless ProdEng team graduated fishfood to Dogfood in 87 days.
  • ⏳ Coachella Activation Plan for 50K — Executing 70% of WESPA - waitlist, events, social media, paid advertising, and ambassadorsOur core go-to-market team is rolling out all 5 growth drivers of 1). Waitlist conversion - 1600+ 2). Events - ~2 IRL events / week 3). Social Media - IG/TW/Discord  4). Paid advertising tests - $0.50/CPA 5). Ambassadors program - TBD
  • ⏳ Timeless DAO — 40% drafting $1M grant proposal for 1Wallet. ETA March 23 publishing on
  • 3️⃣ Timeless 1Wallet launch in SF/ETHAustin/GDC, Coachella activation plan for 50,000 users, Draft Timeless DAO proposal. 100/70/80%
  • 🎥 Zi is currently building / launching what I feel is the most important product in Harmony: the Timeless 1Wallet. His vision of using principles learned from Google: the toothbrush test (useful) and the glasses test (invisible) are the foundation for a wallet experience that is so different and forward-thinking than what is currently out there. Most of all, Harmony is getting into version 1.0 of social networking within a wallet. This is huge. During this process, Zi has been hitting deadlines and the team he has surrounded himself with is rock solid. He not only builds, but he listens to feedback. I appreciate all the creative calls we have regarding this product and really share the values and vision he has laid out for it.
  • 🌲 The Timeless 1Wallet will be one of (if not the single) the most valuable products released on Harmony this year. Zi has the passion, he has presence, organizational skill, political acumen, technical competence, and the flair that is needed to bring the 1Wallet into being. He has been executing across the board and he has been keeping the team informed and involved during the entire process. It’s a joy to have Zi as part of the team. 💙
  • 🛹 I want to thank Zi for bringing a level of professionalism and advocacy for the user at Harmony. It makes a big difference. Plus, you’re fun to work with. And your work on 1wallet - from product to activation campaigns - is awesome. I’m learning new things from watching you work.
  • ☁️ Zi is a true entrepreneur, he understands user pain points, and has a deep understanding of aesthetics. This makes Zi a valuable product lead and mentor. I was fortunate enough to see the evolution of the Timeless wallet and Zi's holistic approach to product development. I also feel fortunate to have Zi's support on Harmony's product roadmap.
  • 🏃 Looking forward to 1wallet launch! As I said last year after NYC, we shall double-down on 1wallet and I am happy that’s happening! 1wallet will be THE best wallet in crypto.
  • 🐉 Zi leads a power-play team partnering with Harmony. He possesses a very strong empathy and third eye on products from a customer perspective. This is key to any successful customer-facing product, which is what Timeless 1Wallet is bound to be.
  • 💃🏻 I started to work with Z in the last two months, and I am nothing but inspired by his character and leadership. While in Austin, I observed and spent time with the team that Z has built and got to know each of them more personally. Their hearts, passion, and skills were on fire; I could see why during our private team conversations and the feedback (Z had given his team). Z's ability to capture individual dispositions nourished a group eager and hungry to learn and achieve.

💻 Aaron Li ☁️: 50% Wallet, 30% Security, 20% Smart Contracts

  • 💻 in Q1, we completed the investigation of theft incidents related to the Chrome Extension Wallet and patched multiple high severity vulnerabilities, saving potential loss of 50M+ tokens.
  • 💻 in Q1, 1wallet became production-ready, introducing 4 new ways for recovery, spend limit becomes adjustable, ability to get new wallet address before creating the wallet, new improvements made in the relayer.
  • 💻 in Q1, we also invested in 4 businesses through Project X (Deepwaters, C14, HOPR, Protego), all of which will provide essential infrastructure services on Harmony (in DeFi, fiat-payment, data transport privacy, and NFT risk assessment), and show promising potential financial-returns (sound business model, high scalability, strong market alignment, and secured high-profile, credible lead investors and/or incubation programs).
  • 3️⃣ 1wallet core and web edition: Two security enhancements, Staking and cross-device features, Reliable relayer and documentation for developers. 40/60/80%
  • ☁️ Aaron has been deeply involved with the 1wallet project as well as helping the Timeless team with the integration - which is why I was pleasantly surprised to see Aaron lead the security team to investigate and troubleshoot potential vulnerabilities on Harmony's applications. Working with contributors, product users, and the core team, Aaron demonstrated incredible attention to detail and leadership to sure up products. I would like to encourage Aaron to share his breadth of knowledge with the Harmony community such as publishing best practices and how to create secure web3 applications. 💙
  • 🎥 While I don’t work with Aaron directly, his impact is very much felt. His contributions to the 1Wallet cannot be ignored, and he is absolutely a critical piece to the Harmony puzzle. I would love for Aaron to come out to one of our wallet activations to really see user feedback in real-time from crypto-natives and also civilians with limited knowledge on crypto.
  • 🔭 I’ve worked closely with Aaron on a security investigation effort over the past few months, and have come to know him as an intelligent and logical thinker who is detail-oriented with the ability to empathize with others. His contributions to our security investigation have been immeasurable, and I greatly appreciate his analytical approach.
  • 🏃 Aaron is the expert in every area he dives into. Super amazed on all his in-depth knowledge and quick turnover. Definitely a superstar.
  • 🎸 Aaron is very professional, and has deep knowledge in his fields of work with strong attention to detail. Happy to have him on our side. 1wallet is bound to become really big and loud.
  • ⏳ 10 relayers in 72 hours, thanks for keeping 1Wallet activation alive while in SxSW.

🌹 Rosa Cano 🛹 : 50% Community, 30% Media, 20% Spanish

  • 3️⃣ Launch Latam DAO, Plan Q2 media coverage with Yap, Onboard 1 Spanish contributor. 100/70/100%
  • 🛹 I want to thank Rosa for being the main point of contact with Yap Global. Her long experience in media is such an asset to Harmony. I really appreciate her wisdom and feedback when it comes to marketing campaigns and PR. Thank you, Rosa. 💙

🧑‍🍳 Victa Phu ☁️ : 50% DApps, 30% Integrations, 20% Dev Support

  • 🧑‍🍳 My goal for the first 100 days in Harmony as a fellow is to focus on making the lives of developers and users easier by providing high impact, high value changes to the toolset available.
  • 🧑‍🍳 My first month focused on critical changes to the explorer tools by introducing much needed support for contract verification, adding multi-file, proxy (transparent, uups and beacon pattern) verification; something the development community has been requesting as a high-value issue. To make lives even easier for the development community, I worked with the Hardhat folks to integrate Harmony blockchain into the Hardhat product suite, allowing users to use the hardhat-etherscan plugin to automatically verify their contracts with a single command (hardhat verify).
  • 🧑‍🍳 Beyond developer tools, I worked with Jenya and Artem to provide token permission tools in light of the recent community concerns around grant of token permissions to smart contracts. We created a sub-section in the explorer for tools that make lives of users easier and plan to expand this.
  • 🧑‍🍳 I remain connected with the community through discord, telegram, and reddit, and aim to provide the community with a means to connect with and impact the priorities of the team as we work together as ONE to make the Harmony ecosystem a wonderful experience for everyone. My work in the ambassador DAO aims to give a level of support to the community for high-impact and important issues surfaced from discussions in the various comms platforms (discord, telegram, reddit, etc).
  • 🧑‍🍳 I prefer to work closely with different team members, and shy away from the spotlight to focus on doing the work. Moving forward, as a Harmony fellow, I'll endeavor to be one of the points of contact for the various developer and community ecosystems, acknowledging that reputation and support are key pillars in providing our users with better experience.
  • 3️⃣ Finish Sifchain Integration, Close 8 high impact explorer issues, Finish Gnosis research document. 100/100/50%
  • ☁️ Victa has been an amazing partner over the last few months. He has jumped in and helped with several partner integrations such as Aragon, DAOHaus, and AAVE. He has also joined Jenya's team to bring much-needed attention to the Explorer and to roll out several critical features and fixes. I would like to see Victa be more prominent publicly and represent Harmony engineering on Twitter. 💙
  • 🔭 Victa contributes in a number of ways and doesn’t shy from taking on new tasks. We’ve worked closely together on the Ambassador DAO, and I’ve observed his work via Discord chats. He leaps in to address requests and issues and is very communicative.
  • 🎸 Victa has been helping with block explorer and provided great progress on developing the verification part and other coming issues. Invaluable work on collecting community feedback and sorting out demands. I'm looking forward to seeing Victa deliver some cool new features to the multisig app.

🐙 Sergey Karasev 🌻: 70% front-end, 20% UI, 10% Dev Support

  • 🐙 BTC bridge UI launch and improvements. Horizon Bridge redеsign (dark version). Staking dashboard improvements and bug fixing. The most significant tasks: BTC bridge: improved vault calculation logic, improved UX for issue/redeem/dashboard pages, published vaults admin panel, published and supported onebtc js SDK, sentry tracking, and research user bugs. Horizon bridge: added full operations history, started working on dark ux theme. Staking Dashboard: added MetaMask support, fixed Ledger ONE App bugs.
  • 3️⃣ BTC Bridge UX, Staking Dashboard Ledger integration, Finish dark UX for Horizon bridge Desktop. 70/70/40%
  • 🌻 Sergey did an excellent job of developing the UX for the BTC bridge. Sergey also quickly got into work with the UI Staking Dashboard and took over support and development. Sergey is ready to work outside of working hours to bring the task to its end - this was especially important when launching the BTC bridge and Sergey was great support there. It is also obvious that Sergey learns new things very quickly and is ready to expand his competence. 💙

📱 Tejassvi Kaushal 🏏: 70% Bridges, 20% Testing, 10% SDK

  • 📱 Updated BTC bridge contracts and code optimization. Wrote the unit test for BTC bridge and improved the test coverage. Found some security issues and fixed them. Updated the RLPEncode and RLPReader libraries in Horizon Bridge.
  • 3️⃣ Bitcoin bridge features, Trustless ETH bridge code completion, Unit and integration test for Bitcoin bridge. 50/50/100%
  • 🏏 Tej made significant contributions towards launching the BTC bridge. He was able to improve the code coverage with extensive unit testing of the bridge contracts. Tej did great in terms of identifying some of the security issues and code optimization opportunities that were invaluable, thank you. He is currently expanding to apply his expertise to other bridges and products that involve smart contracts. 💙

📖 Devin Marty 🌲: 10% Business Development, 70% DAO Tooling, 20% Events

  • 📖 The expectations I had coming to Harmony in Q1 were beyond exceeded. I came in expecting to work on documenting the DeFi ecosystem and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of mobility and consideration to my expertise. As a result, I have spent my last three months working on the DAO ops team, the Events team, and as a liaison to some special partnerships, like MAD NFTs.
  • 📖 DAO Ops: I identified a number of DAO tools and exceeded by March goal by mid-march. I still know I have a lot of growth opportunity and happy to see that progress already being made in March.
  • 📖 Events team: The team and I conducted a graceful execution of our events plan at ETH Denver and pivoted successfully when issue arose, both in Denver and Breckenridge. I am proud of how well we all worked together and how we had each other’s back. Now, running lead on NFTLA, I have already made some budget-saving calls and have coordinated events that will match our mission and meet our metrics.
  • 📖 MAD NFT Liaison: I successfully aided in mainnet launch in accordance with set timeline. PR and AMAs are scheduled and on track. I could have done a better job at identifying artists to transition to MAD, but the five that I did will be a great start (according to community members).
  • 📖 Going forward I will work on 1) better documentation of the task I do, leaving a paper trail for the team and community to follow, should they need to replicate my actions, 2) balancing my time to act as a support/mentor to new and existing team members, and 3) crafting a comprehensive events template to alleviate unnecessary stress and work for the core team, since events, while very important, are the most disruptive area of operations. Overall, my transition to Harmony has been great and the team has made it very easy for me.
  • 3️⃣ Onboarding five DAO tools, Host 100 creatives @ NFTLA, setup three Timeless Wallet talks at NFTLA. 100/85/66%
  • 🎥 Devin has proven in a very short amount of time that he is the kind of guy that can own and deliver on a project without any sort of hand-holding. Many times I caught myself saying “Make sure you remember to do XYZ” and Devin would reply, “Already done”. That’s the kind of guy he is. He gets s#!t done and he does it very well. With Devin on board, we can scale up and maintain quality through the process. I’m really happy that he has come on board this quarter and I’m looking forward to all the great work he will do in the future.
  • 🌲 I knew that Devin would be an ideal member of our team when he solved a problem (that wasn’t his to solve) in an hour. He wasn’t a team member at the time. He wasn’t being paid by Harmony. He simply believed in the mission and wanted to see this particular project come to fruition. Devin has been incredibly deft in pulling together the DAO Tooling department of DAO Ops. Not only will he meet his deliverable there, but I am also pretty sure he will surpass it by 20% to 40%. He is an invaluable partner in DAO Operations and I look forward to further sharpening his operational saw and seeing him evolve into more than an individual contributor. 💙
  • 🛹 I just met Devin at Denver and I was immediately impressed by his professionalism and sound expertise when it comes to event management. He made it all look so easy, and always did it with a smile.
  • ☁️ Devin is bringing a lot of knowledge and experience to the DAO Ops team. Working closely with DAO tooling projects and education of new DAOs in the ecosystem will be key to scaling to 10k DAOS.
  • 🎤 Devin is incredible. He is extremely professional and has such a bright mind in growing our DAO ecosystem. Not only this, but he is a great friend. He cares deeply about building meaningful relationships with our partners and has a great eye for the type of people we want in our ecosystem family. He has an extremely bright future at Harmony.
  • 💃🏻 I don't know that I can adequately praise Devin for his work on our team. From our first meeting to our phone call this afternoon, Devin shows that he is a stalwart that we have yet to utilize fully. Yet, I have seen Devin efficiently and productively use every resource around him to produce the desired outcome, and do this with professionalism and ease. I have leaned on Devin multiple times during events, operations, and straightforward advice. The wisdom he holds and the skills he shares are an asset to me and the success of our projects, and I am so grateful to be able to learn from him.

🏓 Xiaopeng Li 🏃: 40% Decentralization, 40% System Optimization, 20% EVM

  • 🏓 I spent the most time implementing blockchain checkpoint, one reason is the DB was too large and time-consuming for each test, and finally extracted the minimum data of 20G from 16T that could make the node work properly.
  • 🏓 I also did the trace_block optimization, which made the Multisig node catch up with the latest block. Since rosetta's tests rely on the trace module, I also provided technical support for this until the tests passed.
  • 🏓 The last thing is to implement HIP-16 which ensures that a single validator does not have more than 6% of voting power on a shard, the code development has been completed, but still needs to be reviewed, tested in testnet.
  • 3️⃣ Rollout blockchain checkpoint, Trace_event optimization, 6% max key per shard. 80/100/80%
  • 🏃 Without Xiaopeng’s work on the blockchain checkpoint, we can’t finish the rosetta validation process on time. He is very technical and thoughtful with deep knowledge on EVM. 💙

Part-Time Fellows

⚛️ Jackie Lee 🏃: 50% Metaverse infra, 30% Metaverse DAO, 20% Game

  • 🏃 Jackie is passionate about the metaverse. He took initiatives building a metaverse with Harmony’s apes. We can’t stop discussing the future and technology of the metaverse. Looking forward to working together on the product launch on Harmony. 💙

🦒 Brian Felsen ☁️: 40% Product marketing, 30% Business development, 30% Metaverse

  • ⛵ I thought Brian would take some time to adjust to web3 as a beginner, but his hustling and learning speed blew my wildest expectations. Behind the group of amazing leaders and scholars of the Blu3 project, Brian worked tirelessly to make the launch open, while many of us involved in the project didn’t even know what the launch was about, and why and how social tokens can be relevant or good for the project. Everything was new to pretty much all of us, executed last minute and down to the wire, but Brian turned that chaos into controlled chaos... and then eventually success - like it was easy all along. And I’m saying this not as if I had supervised or mentored him in any meaningful sense through the process; cause I didn’t really understand much of it, I was more watching it from the sideline, telling him what I’ve been told should be the deadline, while he just took on the whole thing and brought it to the finishing line. He’s someone we can certainly count on. Now he’s anything but a beginner, with the launch of Blu3 dao under his belt, we can expect a lot more to come from him: with his experience in running large companies (CDBaby) + his connections with the art world & publishing industry, digital marketing, etc. 💙

🎙️ Jacky Wang 🛡️: 60% State sync, 30% RPC, 10% Staking

  • 🛡 Jacky is a talented engineer with great attention to detail and code/design quality. I appreciate him helping on the mainnet downtime resolution by working with us overnight on p2p and rate-limiting changes. He is also pushing hard on the stream-sync launch which is getting close to finishing. I would like to see Jacky allocate more time on Harmony-related development. 💙
  • ⚔️ I love working with Jacky. He’s a really experienced engineer who will really get to the bottom of things, always providing new ideas and solutions for any problem!

🗝️ Hash Mesan ☁️: 50% Wallet, 30% Security, 20% DApps

  • ☁️ Hash Mesan is the creator of the Sef Wallet and an amazing full-stack developer. I was impressed by his ability to design, build, and launch the product all by himself. Additionally, Hash Mesan has helped Aaron's team perform critical security audits of our applications and release updates. I would like to see Hash Mesan more involved in the community and utilize his skills and insights across other Harmony applications as well as review grantee applications for potential security vulnerabilities. 💙

⛓️ Socheat Khauv ⚔️: 45% nodes, 45% services, 10% network releases

  • ⚔️ Socheat has been slowly coming onboard (part timer) and has been learning progressively about Harmony backend system and ops. I wish he could be more involved so he can learn and contribute more into the harmony backend infrastructure demand we currently have. 💙
  • 🐉 Socheat is beginning to gain traction in bridging the gap in our integration tests. Operational-wise, our architecture is massive while he’s picking this up in his 6th week with Harmony with a goal to tune up our operational alerting, synthetics, and test plans.

🏃‍♀️ Erin McMahon ⏳: 70% GTM Ads, 20% Social, 10% Social NFT

  • ⏳Baby steps in Web3 (literally, with a 6 month-old newborn). Erin is co-piloting 1Wallet's go-to-market with Paola. With many GenZers on the team, Erin brings her deep marketing experience from Google/Facebook/Twitter. More importantly, as a social wallet, we know culture is what binds the human spirit together and Erin has been contributing growth ideas with the core product team. 💙

🏔️ Bryant Hayward 🎽: 60% family offices, 30% liquidity providers, 10% partnerships

  • 🎽 Bryant has brought in new institutional investors (hungry & foolish). His energy was infectious at ethdenver and beyond. I’m looking forward to him becoming a (voracious learner) on Harmony and web3 projects. 💙

💫 George Hughes 🌲: 50% Strategic Partnerships, 30% Top Tier Media Relations, 20% Africa

  • 🌲 It is rare that I work with someone who plays business development the way chess masters play their game. Not only is George enjoyable to work with, once you understand him, once you learn how to hear what he is saying, you see that he is usually working 3, 4, 5 steps ahead. We saw this clearly at EthDenver. (a) George set up the Sierra Leone work w/ Princess Sarah, (b) George set up the Ghana work with Del, (c) George contacted Kweku Mandela and got him to agree to fly out to Denver for the event, (d) George introduced us to Melody Yu (14-year-old, high school freshman who trains homeless on how to code solidity in her downtime), (e) George lined up Melody to be one of the first teachers for the Sierra Leone project, (f) George gets CNBC and CNN to cover our Amplify Africa work in Denver, (g) George positions Stephen, Princess Sarah and the intersection to be interviewed for NowThis. This systemic success is no accident. When things have looked like they may be going sideways, George has constantly stepped in to figure out why and how to solve it. My only, very small request, is that we figure out how to measure the impact George has in a quantitive way as I am sure we would all be impressed by it. 💙
  • ⛵ George continues to make extremely valuable connections for us. Only got to see him briefly at EthDenver, but always a joy.
  • 🐉  George is attentive to the big picture and a hyper-connector. He’s not only bringing access to high-impact individuals but ensures that he does his due diligence before navigating them towards the next steps in the partnerships. Thoughtful, intelligent, and empathetic 🙏.
  • 🎥 George is Harmony’s secret weapon. Everything we do in technology means nothing if we cannot connect it to the people using it… to culture… and that is exactly where George specializes. He provides the most valuable insight on how to move when connecting two different types of people. Oftentimes developers move differently than the people that create culture, and by having George build bridges between both communities, we are stronger because of that.
  • ⏳Living by the creed of “Philippians 2:4”; I truly admire the largess of George for lending his 20+ years of relationship for the benefits of realizing our dreams.

Top Launches & Media

Harmony’s Culture & Values

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 Empathy

🔥 Passion

💪 Excellence

  1. 💙 Stephen Tse: vision, strategy, roadmap
  2. 🛡 Rongjian Lan 💙: protocol, staking, crytography
  3. 🏃 Leo Chen 💙: system, technical partners, NFT
  4. 🎽 Li Jiang 💙: operations, roadmap, DAOs
  5. 🏏 Ganesha Upadhyaya 🛡: bridges, SDK, research ——
  6. 🌻 Yuriy Menkov ☁️: BTC bridge, staking, Javascript
  7. 🛹 Peter Abilla 🎽: partnership, community, DeFi
  8. 🎸 Jenya Piskunov ☁️: wallets, explorer, indexer
  9. 🌲 Sam Harrison 🎽: DAOs, events, community partners
  10. ☁️ Giv Parvaneh 🎽: grants, products, operations ——
  11. ⚔️ Nita "Soph" Neou 🏃: nodes, services, network releases
  12. 🐺 Dan Boyden 🛹: community, moderator, social media
  13. 🚗 Boris Polania 🏏: cross-chain, fixed-rate, events
  14. 🐍 Jack Chan 🎽: validators, product partners, grants
  15. 🎥 Adrian Robison ☁️: videos, brands, storytelling —
  16. ⚽️ Abhishek Purushotham 🛹: content marketing, social media, regional daos
  17. 🔭 Daniel Pagan 🛹: community, technical content, ambassadors
  18. 🎥 Danny Carranza ☁️: video production, content distribution, events
  19. ⛵ Hakwan Lau ☁️: ZKProofs, fixed-rate income, university engagement
  20. 🎤 Matt McDonald ☁️: DAO onboarding, people ops, events —
  21. 🛰️ Max Mustermann 🛡: staking, consensus, SDK
  22. ⛓️ Konstanin Potapov 🛡: p2p security, node system, RPC
  23. 💃 Esther Arey ☁️: team ops, event partners, community

April 2022 Milestones & Deliverables