1Wallet: 1M Active Users & Stories

1Wallet: 1M Active Users & Stories

Three (video) campaigns to attract ONE million daily active users on Timeless 1Wallet: security, social, culture.

  • research about the daily active users of the top 5 crypto wallets
  • set the growth targets of 1Wallet for each week of 2022

Product UX: “Delight & Surprise”
Top Non-Custodial Software Wallets
Events & Media

Tech Lead Bio

Vinh Dang (Tech lead): Math Olympiad Bronze medalist; studied computer science at University of Utah; placements at varying ACM and ICPC; 8+ years of backend experience; Frontend development is led by Nghia Vo.

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12.8 — Web 3 Deck


⏳ Timeless DAO: Social Wallet

According to ARK’s research, if each of the estimated 230 million US digital wallet users were valued at $19,900 in 2025, the US digital wallet opportunity would be worth $4.6 trillion,” adds ARKF’s issuer.
Private repo. Target open source by EOM April

1Wallet 2022 Product Roadmap

Go-to-Market (GTM) Budgeting / Team


Event Activation (SxSW & Coachella)

Creatives & Market Analysis