Our Empathy, Passion & Excellence

Our Empathy, Passion & Excellence

Harmony’s Culture and Values

Here are our Questions of Threes (of threes) for interviewing on culture and values. We resonate with the culture at Netflix (people over process), Amazon (disconfirm your own beliefs), Google (social safety net). We also regard Y-Combinator's Employee #1 series as a good model for hiring.

Candidates self-score from 1 to 10 on the 3x3x3 questions below; they add a few words to explain with specific examples or personal stories. We also practice singing our song “Teach the World to Sing In Perfect Harmony.” 💙🤝🎶💃 🕺🫂🦋🧚🌳🌟

Why is the project called “Harmony”?

Harmony is the beautiful music when we sing in different notes but resonate. It’s analogous to our high-performance protocol of multiple shards but reaching consensus.

Listen to our theme song “Teach the World to Sing In Perfect Harmony!

Why is the token called “ONE”?

Harmony’s vision is “For One and For All,” creating open consensus for 10 billion people.

Watch our favorite clip “Visiting the Oracle” in the film Matrix (1999).

Why is the logo designed as such?

Harmony’s community is built on “Handshake & Embrace.” All Is Fair in Love and War. (Euphues [Euphuism]: The Anatomy of Wit, 1579).

Well, also, in vino veritas! Read the “Xoogler Interview” on our founding story.

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 Empathy

🔂 Communicative: conversation turn takingdisconfirm own beliefsself-aware & articulate?

🍻 Personal: share a drinkspend 10 hours daily togethernurture & mentor?

🤝 Collaborative: make everyone shinepeople over processdare to disagree?

🔥 Passion

💡 Devoted: long-time craftsmanshipobsess over detailshungry & foolish?

🚀 Aligned: share the missionoptimistic about flying off a cliffyour 50-year dream?

💎 Authentic: consistent with own actionsmake tough decisionsadmit mistakes?

💪 Excellence

⚡ Technical: top 1% superstareffective toolingrelevant to our needs?

🤯 Potential10x growthvoracious learnercontrarian thinker?

🔨 Impactaccomplish important workactivity < productivitythrive in chaos?

We shall foster our key 3x3x3 culture “Collaborative: dare to disagree” as empathy with teammates and community. From my favorite TED talk: “Most people instinctively avoid conflict, but good disagreement is central to progress. Sometimes counterintuitively, how the best partners aren’t echo chambers and how great businesses allow people to deeply disagree.” Or, 和而不同 – Harmony in Diversity.

For contrast, our two related culture values are “Communicative: disconfirm own beliefs” and “Potential: contrarian thinker”, aligning with Amazon’s Leadership Principle (strong judgment, good instincts – but seek diverse perspectives) and with the Atlantic article “Google X and the Science of Radical Creativity”.

君子心和然其所见各异,故曰不同 — 君子在人际交往中能够与他人保持一种和谐友善的关系,但在对具体问题的看法上却不必苟同于对方。 和:于事物来说是“多样性的统一”。而对于人来说,“和”是和于观点与意见,是观点与意见的多样性统一。 若以水济水,谁能食之?若琴瑟专一,谁能听之?—— 比如音乐,必须将宫、商、角、徵、羽配合在一起,达到一种五音共鸣、声在宫商之外的境界,才能算是上等美乐。 君子论是非 —— 真正的朋友应该通过交换意见、沟通思想而求得共识;即使暂时统一不了思想也不会伤了和气,可以经过时间的检验来证明谁的意见更为正确;因此,真正的君子之交并不寻求时时处处保持一致;相反,容忍对方有其独立的见解,并不去隐瞒自己的不同观点,才算得上赤诚相见、肝胆相照。 君子与君子以同道为朋 —— 真正的君子并不十分注重人际往来中的利益纠葛,但在大是大非面前却勇于坚持立场;真正的君子并不十分计较人际往来中的是非恩怨,但却能在正视不同意见的基础上求同存异。因此,这样的人或许即使也还会有些这样或那样的缺点,但他至少能保持思想的自由和人格的独立。) 和而不同 (Harmony in Diversity)《论语·子路》

Harmony Culture NFT

  1. 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 EMPATHY
    1. 🔂 Communicative
    2. 🍻 Personal
    3. 🤝 Collaborative
  2. 🔥 PASSION
    1. 💡 Devoted
    2. 🚀 Aligned
    3. 💎 Authentic
    1. Technical
    2. 🤯 Potential
    3. 🔨 Impact
👩‍🚀"ONE to Earn" for Builders & Creatives