Blu3 DAO

1. Amy Soon (Cofounder) 2. Novell Loh (Cofounder) 3. Cynthia Huang (DAO and Social Token) 4. Cindi Vana (Treasury) 5. Lana Dingwall (Marketing) 6. Kate Goheen (Marketing) 7. Shankar Mata (Tech) 8. Brian Felsen (Business Development) 9. Claire Barthelemy (Marketing)
1. LEARN: Increase education and awareness of the web3 and crypto world 2. EARN: Expand the female crypto labor market and investors 3. PLAY: Create a fun and safe space for females to play and connect
Onboard 1,000 women scholars into web3 (Blu3 DAO members) Launch 1,000 social tokens Launch 1,000 women-led DAOs