Monthly Newsletters & Updates

Monthly Newsletters & Updates

$1M Hackathon, Staking on Bancor, Updated Roadmap — August 2021 Update


August has been yet another fantastic month for Harmony! From the $1M Hackathon to a range of developments, this newsletter is going to cover everything that has happened so far in August.

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Key Accomplishments

$1 Million Hackathon and DAO: Harmony has officially started its hackathon with over $1M in prizes ending on September 30th. The Harmony team also plans to add over 1000 bounties on Gitcoin and scale to 100 DAOs, each with an initial fund of $1M to scale development. You can read more about the Hackathon and Harmony’s growth strategy from Stephen Tse’s Tweet thread here.

ONE Single-Sided Staking on Bancor: Bancor has officially whitelisted ONE (ERC-20) with a co-investment of 150,000 BNT, allowing for the token to be traded with liquidity provided. To mitigate impermanent loss, users will start receiving 1% daily (starting at a rate of 30%) thirty days after their deposit, up until 100% protection is reached. Find out more in detail here.

Community Proposal for Curve LaunchThe Harmony Team has reached out to the decentralized governance community of Curve, offering $2 million in ONE tokens to bootstrap initial usage. A community team has already deployed Curve successfully on Harmony’s testnet.

Scalable DeFi Development with ChainlinkPrice feeds for several trading pairs on the Harmony testnet have been integrated. These oracles will help power dApps on the Harmony blockchain and secure these assets.

Community Projects and Milestones

August Ecosystem Map and Newsletter Contest: We wanted the community to get more involved this month with our monthly graphics and newsletters. The results were amazing! Thank you to everyONE who participated, it was a difficult contest to judge. Congratulations to these August contest winners:

  • August Newsletter: @missfreyala is our WINNER and has produced this amazing newsletter for all things Harmony. The original August newsletter can be found here. Thank you so much for all your hard work!
  • August Ecosystem Map: @bigwhle is our ecosystem map WINNER! Thank you for all your hard work! Check out this amazing artwork and design below 👇

Harmony’s August Ecosystem Map by bigwhle

Horizon Reaches Over $100M in TVL: The Horizon Bridge gives users the means to bridge their assets from Harmony to Ethereum and/or Binance Smart Chain. An impressive milestone of over $100M in Total Value Locked on the chain has been attained!

Freyala World App: Freyala ($XYA), an HRC-20 token focusing on gamified NFTs and dApps, has launched their world app. Providing a fantasy-style user interface and map, users can immerse themselves in lore while accessing all the projects in the Freyala ecosystem. Learn more on theirwebsite.

DeFi Kingdoms Launch: DeFi Kingdoms is a gamified platform with a DEX, liquidity pools and a variety of different NFTs. Users can purchase the native token JEWEL for utility with daily quests, games and other features coming in the future.

Harmonauts Force ONE NFTs Supply Reach 2/3 MintedHarmonauts are NFTS with a mint cost of 450 ONE that have unique attributes, including helmets, suits, accessories and more. Holders can earn passively from 10% minting reflections and 2% of perpetual trading fees.

TokenJenny Pool Parties: Putting a creative twist on traditional DeFi pools, pool parties on TokenJenny offer minimum APR and staking information, with a calculator that works out variables such as tax rate and minimum stake amounts.

Openswap V2 UI: Openswap continues to impress with its new v2 UI release, making using a DEX on Harmony an extremely easy-to-use and intuitive process.

Viperswap Community Pools: Viperswap will support pools for projects with a 30, 60 or 90 day duration. There is a calculated block reward emission rate for each pool and 100% of the listing fees (VIPER) are burned. Viperswap also continues expanding with news of its next community initiative ViperPad, which will act as a launchpad for new tokens.

FATExDAO: FATExDEX mainnet launches on Harmony as a traditionalliquidity pool emitter of the FATE governance token. “DLT-tokenization correctly deployed will revamp all financial systems and provide exponential, sustainable wealth.” Check out their green paper.


Crypto Bank Africa: Cross-chain integration with Crypto Bank Africa, allowing for the purchasing of crypto with low gas fees and receiving local fiat with ease.

DefiLlamaHarmony’s TVL of over $111M is now shown on DefiLlama’s ranking and metric dashboard.

Rubic: Trading competition of up to $10,000 in rewards for instant swapping on the Harmony network.

Tin Network: Full support for integrating Harmony and its projects on the DeFi dashboard.

Pledge Finance: Run Pledge Finance natively for crypto-asset lending on the Harmony blockchain with fast confirmation times and low-cost transactions.

Guardarian: Purchase ONE using 50+fiat pairs (EUR, RUB and more) with no account creation needed.

NowPayments: Harmony Community Store now utilizes the NowPayments plugin to accept ONE as a payment method. Anyone can use NowPayments for purchases and donations.

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