Bitcoin Miami 2022

April 6 wed - 9 sat
Miami, FL


Crypto Babes is a women led community started in 2020 with the purpose to grow, learn and earn in Crypto. We offer free crypto education to women entering the space and those that want to further their journey in the space. To this day we have grown to over 24k members in all social media, and have collaborated with projects like PolkaDot, Tezos, CryptoEQ and more.

What did we do?

Crypto Babes **was awarded a 3,500 grant by Harmony** to help host their first IRL event during Bitcoin Miami 2022. The event claimed to be one of the largest women in crypto meetups in Miami (expecting 150-200 people in attendance) with the purpose to onboard women minorities from tech and finance into Web 3.


The event took place on Friday, April 8th from 4-7pm and hosted the following agenda:

4:00-4:30 Networking and Introductions

4:30-5:00 Intro to Crypto and Blockchain: We would also touch base on 2022 crypto trends such as DAOs, NFTs and their utility in the Harmony One network.

5:00-5:30 Break/ Networking

5:30- 6:30 Career Panel: All roads lead to Web 3: In this panel we will highlight women in web 3 in all types of technical and non technical roles. They will share career insight, advice and challenges entering the space.

6:30-7:00pm Questions and Discussions. We can also use this time to show people how to download the Harmony wallet and add the Harmony network in their Metamask.



Noura and Gabriel arrived at the event at 2:30 pm to help set-up for the event. The Crypto Babes (CB) team and volunteers were already in full gear setting up. It was clear that the CB team had spent quiet some thought and intention behind this event, from their curated gift bags, to the decor, and overall partner support, it was obvious that there had been substantial planning and collaboration done to put on this event.

Alejandra, a Bay Area native, and a frequent TGI attendee, had brought Harmony swag and table cloth with her from California, which elevated Harmony’s presence as a co-sponsor. Harmony had a dedicated booth at the event, which was hosted by Noura & Gabriel. At the booth, we focused on onboarding users to 1wallet, by walking them through the TestFlight download, and subsequently downloading the Beta App. There was a good range of attendees, close to 100 people, mostly women, and many who were new to Web3. The attendees were curious and willing to learn about the space and Harmony’s role.

While it was not initially planned as part of the sponsorship, mainly due late-timing, a spot opened up on the panel, where Noura was asked to step in to represent Harmony. The panel was very well attended and received an overwhelmingly positive response from the audience. The panel portion served as a great way to share with audience what Harmony is doing “on-the ground” and with the community.

Retrospective Start / Stop / Continue

Start: Actions we should START taking to improve future events

For any event that we grant $$ to, start requiring some sort of Harmony marketing assets to be displayed at event, whether we provide them with swag, or Brand Book for them to print marketing materials in order to highlight Harmony’s role within the event.

Stop: Actions we should STOP taking to improve future events.

Granting event grants to large asks that don’t highlight Harmony and/or support our mission.

Continue: Actions we should CONTINUE to do for future events.

Granting small grants to community built projects and teams who have SKIN-IN-THE-GAME and whose missions align with Harmony.