June 22 wed
New York City, NY
Strong Yes
@Sam Harrison — this will be a prime event to “double-dip” with NFT.NYC. We will have team members in NYC during this time and it is only one day. Devin and myself have been offered speaking slots which will help get further news about Harmony DAOs out to the DAO centric community. Additionally, the DAO tools that are currently being targeted by Harmony (RabbitHole, etc) will be in attendance which will assist Rachel in accomplishing her task and furthering the DAO ecosystem. While we can be sure to focus our attention on MCON - we should still have a presence and make an impact here to tee up further conversations in the fall in Denver.
Soft Yes
Li - changed to 3 people, but skip all sponsorships. getting logos put up isn’t critical now. looks like most of the speakers we already know.
Soft No
Strong No

Event Name: DAO NYC Gathering

Date: June 22nd, 2022

Location: Spring Studios. 6 St. Johns Lane, New York, NY 10013

Website: https://www.dao-nyc.xyz/

Proposed by (team lead): @Sam Harrison

Please describe the event:

  • NYC is one of the centers of the DAO movement. Forged from the Ethereum ecosystem - many builders, contributors, tools, controllers, interfaces and projects can be summoned from Manhattan or nearby Brooklyn. The goal of DAO NYC is to create opportunities for onboarding, ideation, debate, positive sum discussion, and spreading the DAO vibes.
  • This is a One Day DAO-focused conference during the week of June 20th alongside NFT.NYC. With a jam-packed ecosystem, and not much room for discussions around DAOs, DAO NYC is designed to insert the DAO ethos into the conversation. DAO NYC will bring influential DAO minds, collaborators and projects from the DAO ecosystem to Spring Studios.

Team members to attend:

  1. @Sam Harrison - Speaking 2x
  2. @Devin P. Marty - Speaking
  3. @Rachel Brissenden - Networking / Recruiting / Expertise

How will this event benefit the ecosystem?

  • Aave, Polygon DAO, Orca, RabbitHole, Boardroom, Guild.xyz, FireEyes, Bankless DAO, Consensys, Syndicate, MetaCartel, Celo, BoysClub, DreamDAO, Web3Inclusion, SerifDAO, PizzaDAO, SheFi will all be at this event.
  • Sam will be giving a 20 minute talk (potentially about the future of work and the role of automation) and participating in a debate around the value of a DAO. Devin will be giving a 20 minute talk on “[working title] Knowledge, Tools and Engagement in DAO”.
  • Aave, Orca, RabbitHole, Boardroom, Guild, Bankless are all targets for the DAO Ops team to talk to about best practices in DAOs. We also want to develop a relationship with those - and other - DAOs to deploy on Harmony and tools that we want to incorporate into our DAO ecosystem.

How will you onboard builders at this event?

  • Three ways: Thought-leadership. Unique tool offerings. Ease of use.
  • Sam and Devin will be participating the the subject matter of the event - showcasing that Harmony has both the organizational and interoperable vision (Sam) and the on-the-ground DAOist vision (Devin) that are required to make DAOs work. Also, we will be able to leverage the learnings that we have gained from the last 9 months of DAO operations to be clear leaders in the space regarding how DAOs work, how they don’t work and how Harmony is poised to be the home for the best of the best DAOs.
  • The ONEReputation tool will be live and have active users during DAO NYC. Rachel will be able to go from attendee to attendee showing the power of ONERep, how it incentivizes participation inside of a DAO and leads to better decision making FROM that DAO.
  • We will be able to show that Harmony - through 1Wallet, ONEReputation, speed, tx cost and bridges - is the most user-friendly of any chain and will drive adoption through representing these facts to the attendees.

Sponsorship options (and preference):

  1. GMI: $35K.
    1. 1 of 2 NFT Series dedicated to sponsorship. 1st Tier logo. Priority feature in marketing. Subject control over 1 DAO track and 2x 20-min talks. 20 tickets. On-site branding. Gift bag inclusion. Logo on t-shirt.
  2. [Preferred] Summoner: $25K
    1. 1 of 5 NFT Series dedicated to sponsorship. 1st Tier logo. Standard feature in marketing. 2x 20-min talks. 10 tickets. On-site branding. Gift bag inclusion. Logo on t-shirt.
  3. Contributor: $17K
    1. 1 of 12 NFT Series dedicated to sponsorship. 3rd Tier logo. 1x 20-min talks. 5 tickets. On-site branding. Gift bag inclusion. Logo on t-shirt.
  4. Minion: $10K
    1. 1 of 10 NFT Series dedicated to sponsorship. 4th Tier logo. Mentioned in marketing. 3 tickets. Logo on t-shirt.

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