June 10 fri - 12 sun
Prague, CZ

This page is for Harmony team members to propose event attendance and planning for and by the Harmony team. @Garrick Hyde-White @Kayla C

Please refer all external event and sponsorship proposals to:

Event Name: Harmony Hack Hub Date: 6/10/22-6/12/22 Location: Dělnická 43, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice Website: https://ethprague.com/ Proposed by (team lead): Esther Arey

Please describe the event: Providing an engaging and supportive space for the developers attending the main ETH Prague Hackathon. Themes to focus on building the bridge between inoperability in the web 3 space. cross chain dao’s, cross chain multi sig. Curating some of the top developers and though leaders in web3 to come support and provide mentorship to the builders that attend.

Team members to attend:

How will this event benefit the ecosystem? 15000$ grant to entice top tier developers and builders to compete

How will you onboard builders at this event?

Sponsorship options (and preference):

Please fill out this budget proposal:

Please fill out this budget proposal:





Direct CostsCostDescription
Vehicle Transportation
TGI Dinners
Team Building
Additional Ticketed Events
Promotional Materials Other
Social Media Paid Promotions
Bar Package
Additional Food Orders
Talk Forum Sponsored
Event Team Sponsored (not active starting 4/15/2022)

In filling out this proposal, you are proposing yourself as team lead. team lead = communication is key

Team lead:

builds contributor and volunteer team
owns notion event page
creates internal telegram channel (include avengers)
obtains sponsorship information
sponsorships must be approved on talk.harmony.one
delegates action items for:
side events
speaking engagements
manages post mortem

The Avengers team will review and respond with a status of the proposal within 7 days. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to our team for questions:

  1. Matty - coordinate with team lead to ensure sponsorships, run of show, team management are executed according to guidelines
  2. Project Manager - point of contact for team lead - run of show, culture plays, building out events, ensuring event day runs smoothly
  3. Adrian - ensures team executes branding (physical and virtual), merch, booth presence, signage according to vision. Provides all materials necessary for team to execute, work with Danny to ensure each event is staffed with content team presence
  4. Danny/Eilam - provides ground team with content direction, ensures team can execute content creation for content team to have something to work with (photos, videos, etc) - with consideration to their staffing/skill sets - liaison between ‘on the ground’ team and marketing team to execute creative storytelling, work with Adrian to ensure each event is staffed with content team presence
  5. Essa - ensures team executes logistics according to guidelines - logistics for hotel, travel, reimbursements, budget, etc.
  6. Noura - work w/team lead to facilitate sponsorship, ensures team can execute speaking engagements/workshops/panels (making sure logistics, materials, etc are organized/provided to each speaker), create content for panels, speaking points, presenter outreach (crafting/creating meaningful conversations)
  7. Devin - ensures workshops, realistic creativity, and metrics elevate the Harmony brand message, ethos, builders
  8. PJ - lead in tier 3 events, ensures team integrates into local and international culture with additional consideration to health and safety protocols (vaccination cards, passports, etc), confirms attendees
  9. *Amy/Novell (only if we are bringing scholars) - scholar program. If scholars are to be sponsored, will be managed by Amy/Novell