August 18 - 20
Mexico City, Mexico
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This page is for Harmony team members to propose event attendance and planning for and by the Harmony team.

Please refer all external event and sponsorship proposals to:

Event Name: ETH Mexico City

Date: 18 - 20th August Location: Mexico City Website: https://nftevening.com/event/eth-mexico-city-2022-mexico-city/ Proposed by (team lead): PJ

Please describe the event:

This Ethereum conference will be held in the heart of Mexico City, which has the highest population of any North American city. The population of Greater Mexico City is 21,804,515, which makes it the sixth-largest metropolitan area in the world, the second-largest urban agglomeration in the Western Hemisphere (behind São Paulo, Brazil), and the largest Spanish-speaking city in the world.

Team members to attend: tbd, but will include: PJ, José, Boris, etc.

How will this event benefit the ecosystem?

  • Building the LatAm community with native Spanish speakers
  • Creation of Local DAO’s
  • Tapping into the developers/students at Local Universities
  • International community & relationship
  • Close in proximity, so it will be easier to set up meetups and events for weekend trips

How will you onboard builders at this event?


Sponsorship options (and preference):

(Information will be emailed to us by the end of the month of May)

USD (How much) - Diamond

USD (How much) - Gold Sponsor

USD (How much) - Silver

USD (How much) - Bronze

Please fill out this budget proposal:





Direct CostsCostDescription
Vehicle Transportation
TGI Dinners
Team Building
Additional Ticketed Events
Promotional Materials Other
Social Media Paid Promotions
Bar Package
Additional Food Orders
Talk Forum Sponsored
Event Team Sponsored (not active starting 4/15/2022)

In filling out this proposal, you are proposing yourself as team lead. team lead = communication is key

Team lead:

builds contributor and volunteer team
owns notion event page
creates internal telegram channel (include avengers)
obtains sponsorship information
sponsorships must be approved on talk.harmony.one
delegates action items for:
side events
speaking engagements
manages post mortem

The Avengers team will review and respond with a status of the proposal within 7 days. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to our team for questions:

  1. Matty - coordinate with team lead to ensure sponsorships, run of show, team management are executed according to guidelines
  2. Project Manager - point of contact for team lead - run of show, culture plays, building out events, ensuring event day runs smoothly
  3. Adrian - ensures team executes branding (physical and virtual), merch, booth presence, signage according to vision. Provides all materials necessary for team to execute, work with Danny to ensure each event is staffed with content team presence
  4. Danny/Eilam - provides ground team with content direction, ensures team can execute content creation for content team to have something to work with (photos, videos, etc) - with consideration to their staffing/skill sets - liaison between ‘on the ground’ team and marketing team to execute creative storytelling, work with Adrian to ensure each event is staffed with content team presence
  5. Essa - ensures team executes logistics according to guidelines - logistics for hotel, travel, reimbursements, budget, etc.
  6. Noura - work w/team lead to facilitate sponsorship, ensures team can execute speaking engagements/workshops/panels (making sure logistics, materials, etc are organized/provided to each speaker), create content for panels, speaking points, presenter outreach (crafting/creating meaningful conversations)
  7. Devin - ensures workshops, realistic creativity, and metrics elevate the Harmony brand message, ethos, builders
  8. PJ - lead in tier 3 events, ensures team integrates into local and international culture with additional consideration to health and safety protocols (vaccination cards, passports, etc), confirms attendees
  9. *Amy/Novell (only if we are bringing scholars) - scholar program. If scholars are to be sponsored, will be managed by Amy/Novell

Note: it is expected that DAO scholars will be funded by the DAOs themselves.

Harmony has a budget of () for this event. We will be holding side events including TGIs, workshops and meetups to grow the local community in Mexico City.

Progress Updates:

Emailed ETH regarding sponsorship packages:04/14/2022 Emailed ETH for event location to lock in on hotels and venues: 04/14/2022

Message ETH Global:04/19/2022

Messaged on Twitter: 04/23/2022

Messaged Markus Waas: 04/23/2022

Markus Waas responded with no available info: 04/26/2022

Message ETH Global: 04/26/2022

Emailed Jacob Willemsma regarding sponsorship packages 04/26/2022

Jacob Willemsma responded that partnership plan will be aviable in 30 days 04/28/2022

We have a local team of volunteers helping on field for logistic and planning:

and @oyealmond 04/28/2022

📅 Daily Highlights

8/18 thur:

8/19 fri:

8/20 sat:

8/21 sun:

8/22 mon:

keynotes, workshops, & panels (dates tba)




🍏 Project Y

ETH Mexico City guidelines:

What is our objective here?

  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .


  • .
  • .
  • .


  • .
  • .
  • .

💙 Harmony Attendees


People’s Stay Dates (1)
Internal Budget (1)

🏨 Hotel

Hilton Mexico City Reforma

On Alameda Central near Palacio de Bellas Artes

Gran Hotel Ciudad de México

Blocks from the Palacio de Bellas Artes

Safety Precautions

Travel Need-to-Know’s:

Before flying:


While in Mexico:

  1. Have e-copy of your passport scanned and emailed to yourself in case something happens.
  2. Put money in various areas (diversify your risk)
  3. Uber to hotel from airport is approximately USD ()
  4. Bring physical vaccination card; have a digital backup.

Security Need-to-Know’s 1. Avoid walking with smartphones on hand or showing while on the open street. 2. Keep together in at least groups of 3. 3. Carry only things you can discard in last moment if walking on foot. 4. Uber over Taxi 5. Don’t leave bags unchecked

Harmony Elevator Pitch in English

Harmony is a community-driven project, a network with billions of dollars of assets, and a team wearing crazy ambitions on their sleeves. Blockchains are becoming the foundation of the global economy, yet their adoption is at only 1%. So, we are coming to Rio to create connections, open new paths, and build the bridges to the vibrant Latin American community. This is where we start. Welcome to day ONE.


Harmony Elevator Pitch in Spanish

Harmony es un proyecto enfocado en la comunidad, una red con billones de dolares en activos y un equipo con grandes y descabelladas ambiciones. Los Blockchains están sentando las bases de una nueva economia global, sin embargo aun solo un 1% de la población mundial tiene acceso a ellas. Por eso, estamos en Rio, para crear conexiones, abrir nuevos caminos, y construir puentes que nos conecten con la vibrante comunidad Latinoamericana. Aquí es donde empezamos. Welcome to day ONE.

Harmony Elevator Pitch in Portuguese

Harmony é um projeto focado em comunidade, uma rede com bilhões de dolares em ativos, e com um time com grandes ambições. Blockchains estão se tornando a fundação da economia global, e a adoção ainda está em 1% apenas. Então, nós estamos indo ao Rio para criar conexões, abrir novos caminhos, e construir pontes para a enérgica comunidade Latino Americana. E é só o começo. Welcome to day ONE.

ETH Mexico City Socials:

Site: Twitter: IG: TG: Volunteer Form: Sponsorship Form: