ETH Austin

ETH Austin

March 17 thu - March 18 fri
Esther Arey
Austin, TX

Harmony and Timeless will be attending 🎷ETHAustin to onboard 1,000 true fans to Timeless 1Wallet, and launch 🍏 ‘Project Y’ to support new web3 projects.

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QR codes dynamically linked as follows:

ALL YOUNG THUGS: 1Wallet user: app w/ the 2 channels auto-added non-1Wallet user: redirect to

ALL KYGO: 1Wallet user: app w/ the 2 channels auto-added non-1Wallet user: redirect to

ALL SHAWN MENDES: 1Wallet user: app w/ the 2 channels auto-added non-1Wallet user: redirect to ( 1Wallet Gift Enjoy crypto without the cry. Coming to an iOS near you

📅 Daily Highlights

3/16 wed: team arrive

3/17 thurs: 1Wallet activation, tgi dinner

3/18 fri: 1Wallet activation, tgi dinner

3/19 sat: team depart

keynotes, workshops, & panels


Harmony Team Full Schedule
ETHAustin side events

🍏 Project Y

ETHAustin guidelines:

Dispense $100K grants to 10 unique recipients (individuals or ideas) new to Web3

  • grant $10K to any person to form a “social token 🦋” 3-governor DAO
  • 2 strong yes from you and your partner with a forum post
  • no double or triple teaming
  • form a 2 of 4 multisig with your partner, matt (3rd silent), and li (4th silent)


  • empower community members to engage with web3 projects globally
  • align with people we enjoy spending time over days
  • close deals in person with multiple touch points


  • must complete fundings by end of event + 7 days
  • must meet the grantees in person at the event
  • setup Gnosis multisig safes to dispense as grants or investments; all custody of funds must use metamask on 3+ devices (phone, ipad, laptop)

Project Y: Spot Grants & Social Tokens for Scholars
Project Y Teams

💙 Harmony Attendees


  • 4 team full time: li, essa, adrian, danny
  • 4 contributors: george, gabby, noura, flu, sammy, globy (Jeremy)
  • 4 partners: zi, hannah, andy, paola

People’s Stay Dates
Internal Budget


Host treasure hunt in Austin (6th street) to encourage 1Wallet activations.

Awareness (QR code enabled Picket + digital backpack).


  • Digital backpackers: 1wallet ambassadors made up of Harmony/Timeless team, and will serve two main functions:
    • awareness campaign by walking up and down 6th street
    • 1wallet ambassador championing activation
  • Two people to hide tickets each hour
  • One person to share clues via 1wallet broadcast channel
  • One person to share clues in Twitter and Discord

Upon QR code scan, use dynamic linking to:

  1. (existing 1wallet user) prompt info modal to join the treasure hunt
  2. (non-1wallet user) direct the user to a webpage where they’ll be given info about the treasure hunt + 1wallet TestFlight link

Clues are exclusively dropped via the ‘SXSW Treasure Hunt’ broadcast channel in 1wallet app. Treasure hunters follow the clue(s) to locate a QR code/NFC enabled “golden ticket”, take instagrammable selfie, and DM an ambassador as specified in the ticket to receive digital tickets to one of the SXSW concert. See 1Wallet x SXSW Treasure Hunt deck above for additional detail.


Creative Vision & Storytelling

Action Items:

adrian’s notes
to dos
1wallet onboarding for eth austin

ETHAustin Socials: