Retrospective Step 1: Start / Stop / Continue

Start: Actions we should START taking to improve future events.

Stop: Actions we should STOP taking to improve future events.

Continue: Actions we should CONTINUE to do for future events.

li jiang
we should bring at least 1 of the loud speakers at every event to play music and create our vibe
Noura Bou Zeid
Continue A/B testing — have a number of scenarios or plans in place so when one isn’t working, adapt and move forward
Gabby Vorbeck
Leverage our in-person presence with advertising coverage/campaigns. For instance, for 1wallet activations, we should also place posters in strategic public places (where allowed).
Continue having post-mortem reflections from event attendees to capture event-specific feedback/suggestions.

Retrospective Step 2: Survey

Survey Summary

  • Event Ops worked effectively together: 9.3
  • Event Ops worked effectively w/venues, sponsors, event managers: 9.1
  • Event Ops fulfilled goals: 9.1
  • Event Ops met their deliverables: 9.3
  • Event Ops produced high quality work: 9.4

Retrospective Step 3: Qualitative Feedback.

NameBest Thing about EthAustinWorst Thing about EthAustinWould you want to work w/ Event Ops again?
Gabby Vorbeck
Fairmont Location — being walking distance from the hotspots was key in order to minimize travel/traffic time and maximize presence in the street. Walking in the streets, dancing, and talking to strangers to onboard them was also FUN!
Technical issues that slowed down the onboarding.
Noura Bou Zeid
Location — being right at the heart of downtown made it easy to access a large group of people and being able to go back and forth to the hotel was an advantage for us to be able to re-group or reset and keep going
Having an audience who didn’t care about crypto or wasn’t interested in it. While giving out tickets to concerts appealed potential users, often times the conversation became about “how to find the tickets” and not about the wallet itself. Engaging users on the idea of a “social wallet” was more difficult than anticipated.
Of course. Always enjoy working with a team who is not afraid to get roll up their sleeves and get to work — putting yourself out there on the streets asking people to download an app for something they’ve never heard about is not easy — but it can be fun if you do it with the right people!

Retrospective Step 4: Open Forum

Feel free to add in commentary below. This is an opportunity to call out particular “Heroes”, identify potential flaws that could have caused bigger problems, and basically add anything that isn’t captured in Step 1 - 3 above.