adrian’s notes

Blind Pig Pub is the center of 6th Street... thats the "epicenter" or "middle" of all things SXSW

Augustine is the center of Rainey Street...  Rainey Street is like 6th Street, but classier...  instead of a bunch of bars that look like bars, Rainey Street has a bunch of bars that look like houses (its like a college house party street).

Food should be booked off-6th, on 7th or 5th street.

One of the most famous places to eat is Stubb's Bar-B-Q on 8th street, but the restaurant might be closed because SXSW might have bought out the whole thing (double check).  Stubbs is essentially the flagship restaurant and is "very texas" if you know what i mean.

Hotel lobby game is key.  Ideally you are staying at the Courtyard by Marriot, the Hilton Austin, the Omni Austin, or the Fairmont Austin.

Avoid activations around ETHAustin, or limit the time there because its wayyyyy on the east side away from all the action

But the positive side of activating in that area is that the crowd is very curated to web3 and more receptive, even if in smaller quantities

The most successful campaigns will be won on the ground. Ground game is imperative. You have to “make noise” on 6th street to be effective.

For example: If Andrew Yang is going to speak, don’t hide him in a curated crowd of 30 people in a restaurant, put him with a megaphone on the street and let 500 people watch.

📣 The ground game is scrappy. It’s competitive. It’s the hardest ground game I’ve ever experienced in all my touring years. The more ridiculous you can be to “make noise” the better.