ETH Portland

4/7 thu - 4/9 sat
Devin P. Marty
3000 Columbia House Blvd #107 Vancouver, WA

Harmony is a sponsor at 🌲 ETHPortland. We will be presenting on ZK Developments on Harmony, and launching 🍏 ‘Project Y’ to support new web3 projects.



ETH.Portland Hackathon Winners

Albert Ho
Jake Nylund
@@richardryan1129, @byancadlf
Richard Ryan Garcia, Byanca de la Fuente
Oliver Murray

ETH.Portland Retrospective (by Devin P. Marty)

📅 Daily Highlights

Main event: 3000 Columbia House Blvd #107

4/7 thur:

✈️ team arrive 🤠 10:00am Conference Starts 🎙️ 1:00-1:30pm - Boris Speaks on Developing ZK on Harmony 💻 3:00pm Hackathon begins

4/8 fri:

🍻 TGI Dinner (Location Confirmation Pending)

4/9 sat:

🥇 5:00 - 8:00 pm - Hackathon Presentations & Judging

4/10 sun:

✈️ team departs

keynotes, workshops, & panels

speaking: Boris

panel: Developing ZK on Harmony

Harmony Team Full Event Schedule

 ✅  Side Events

 📆 Booth Sign-up

🍏 Project Y

Project Y guidelines:

Dispense $100K grants to 10 unique recipients (individuals or ideas) new to Web3

  • grant $10K to any person to form a “social token 🦋” 3-governor DAO
  • 2 strong yes from you and your partner with a forum post
  • no double or triple teaming
  • form a 2-out-of-4 multisig with your partner, matt (3rd silent), and li (4th silent)


  • empower community members to engage with web3 projects globally
  • align with people we enjoy spending time over days
  • close deals in person with multiple touch points


  • must complete fundings by end of event + 7 days
  • must meet the grantees in person at the event
  • setup Gnosis multisig safes to dispense as grants or investments; all custody of funds must use metamask on 3+ devices (phone, ipad, laptop)

Project Y: Spot Grants & Social Tokens for Scholars
Project Y Teams
Project Y Funding Next Steps

💙 Harmony Attendees


  • 1 team full time: Boris Polania
  • 1 fellow: Devin Marty

People’s Stay Dates
Internal Budget

Creative Vision & Storytelling

Harmony Elevator Pitch in English

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Post Mortem - Internal