Post Mortem - Internal

Accomplishments To Celebrate (open forum):

Retrospective Step 1: Start / Stop / Continue

Start: Actions we should START taking to improve future events.

Stop: Actions we should STOP taking to improve future events.

Continue: Actions we should CONTINUE to do for future events.

Retrospective Step 2: Survey

[create on typeform]

Survey Summary (1-10 scale)

  • Event Ops worked effectively together:
  • Event Ops worked effectively w/venues, sponsors, event managers:
  • Event Ops fulfilled the goals:
  • Event Ops met their deliverables:
  • Event Ops produced high quality work:
  • I would work with the Harmony Event Ops again:

Retrospective Step 3: Qualitative Feedback.

NameBest Thing about EthRioWorst Thing about EthRioWould you want to work w/ Event Ops again?
@Devin P. Marty
@Boris Polania

Retrospective Step 4: Open Forum

Feel free to add in commentary below. This is an opportunity to call out particular โ€œHeroesโ€, identify potential flaws that could have caused bigger problems, and basically add anything that isnโ€™t captured in Step 1 - 3 above.