Team Offsite for Annual Planning

Team Offsite for Annual Planning


Dec 13 mon - 16 thurs


Mill Valley

Team, at our annual offsite, let’s remind ourselves for why we are building. We are here for the radical change and the 10X impact. If you’d like to drive a team discussion during offsite, write up a full-page essay. There are 20 people in attendence and many matters to deep dive. Writing your ideas – IN PROSE – and sharing them in public, similar to Amazon's executive memos, will be critical for alignment and followups.

On the other hand, read the agenda and reference here before joining the team discussion. There will be small group chats and brainstorming, but we shall keep up a high engagement and drive full consensus at the 20-person time slots.


People (20)

$10M Initiatives and 10X Projects

2021 Review


  • 12/13 mon
    • 12pm: team lunch
    • 2pm: team hike
    • 6pm (team cooking dinner): 2021 hard lessons, personal AMA
  • 12/14 tue
    • 10am: team talks on 10x projects, executive AMA
    • 1pm: 3-person shards on $10m initiatives
    • 6pm (dinner by li's parents): vision, mission & culture
  • 12/15 wed:
    • 10am: team talks on ecosystem, peers & industry
    • 1pm: 2-person shards on product testing
    • 6pm (dinner in town): 2022 dreams
  • 12/16 thur
    • 10am: checkout, team frisbee & soccer
    • 12pm (lunch in town): roadmap & strategies
    • 2pm: team hike

2022 Q1 Milestones & Deliverables


  1. 💙 Stephen Tse: vision, strategy, roadmap
  2. 🛡 Rongjian Lan: protocol, staking, crytography
  3. 🏃 Leo Chen: system, technical partners, NFT
  4. 🎽 Li Jiang: operations, roadmap, DAOs
  5. 🏏 Ganesha Upadhyaya: bridges, SDK, research
  6. 🛹 Peter Abilla: partnership, community, DeFi
  7. 🌲 Sam Harrison: DAOs, events, community partners
  8. ☁️ Giv Parvaneh: grants, products, operations
  9. Zi Wang: brands, product design, user experience
  10. 🍠 Aaron Li: security, smart contracts, cryptography
  11. 🐺 Dan Boyden: community, moderator, social media
  12. 🏀 PJ Conley: social media, newsletter, events
  13. 🚗 Boris Polania: cross-chain, fixed-rate, events
  14. 🐍 Jack Chan: validators, product partners, grants
  15. 🎥 Adrian Robison: videos, brands, storytelling
  16. ⚔️ Nita "Soph" Neou: nodes, services, network releases
  17. 🌻 Yuriy Menkov: BTC bridge, staking, Javascript
  18. 🎸 Jenya Piskunov: wallets, explorer, indexer
  19. 🎙 Jacky Wang: state sync, RPC, NFT & DeFi
"When they come to dance, they aren't there to dance with the prettiest girl, the one that will make them look cool, they are there to DANCE - so they find the best dancer and that is who they partner with."

What to Learn from Peer Projects

Solana, Avalance, *Polygon, Terra, Near, Fantom

Action Items

Invincible Summer with Liquidity & Partners” by Li

  1. Olympus DAO on Harmony (Peter Q1)
  2. ETHDenver (LiQ1)
  3. Tooling (Graph, Explorer, etc.) (Giv Q1)
  4. Coordination with Creative/Inventor DAO (Sam Jan. 22)
  5. Work with Launchpads (Sam Q1)
  6. Partner Highlights (Abhi Q1)
  7. Exchange Hitlist (Li Jan. 22)
  8. Grantee Token Swap (Hakwan Jan. 22)
  9. Meme DAO (Adrian Q1)
  10. Website Refresh (Adrian Q1)

Next 3 Years on Infrastructure & NFT by Sahil:

  1. Timeless wallet (Sam 100k users by ETHdenver)
  2. Mobile wallet launch (Hakwan Jan 22)
  3. Ethdenver burner wallet for food And get users (Peter before ETHdenver)
  4. 88 Rising MVP (Sam/Adrian 1/22)
  5. 3 gaming app candidates (peter q1)
  6. 1 flagship NFT marketplace (Jack and Giv 1/22)
  7. Art chains - immutable (Ganesha q1)

Metrics, Progress & Plans for Grants by Giv:

  1. Find a developer that gets 4 strong Yes votes. This person needs to be someone that will be here for the long haul that will be a strong team member, not just someone that we can bring on to solve a current problem.
  2. Send to at least 1 friend before dinner.
  3. Events Data Base (Li Q1)
  4. Spotlight Report for Grants (Giv Jan)

🌊 Yearn for Vast and Endless Sea