Harmony ONE World

πŸŽ‰ A celebration of the Harmony community, and inspiration for what's to come.

πŸ’™Β Harmony One World is bringing together builders, leaders, and dreamers from around the globe at Lisbon πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Ή

⏳ Join our event for Timeless.Space NFT drops:

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  • Step 3: Check your email to see if you’ve won Tickets! The Winners will be announced on October 18th.


1-1:30pm: registration

1:30-2pm: welcome coffee

2-3pm: Harmony talk and AMA

3-6pm: conversations on multi-chain DAOs, NFTs, and DeFi

6-10pm: buffet / drink / party

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸš€ About Harmony

Harmony is an open and fast blockchain. Our mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees.

Harmony is your open platform for assets, collectibles, identity, governance. Our secure bridges offer cross-chain asset transfers with Ethereum, Binance, and 3 other chains.


10/17-10/28: stephen, li adrian, danny, abhi abraham, boris, john, wolf