The DAOist Mexico

The DAOist Mexico

March 4 fri - 5 sat
Mikey Benson
Mexico City

page owner: @Mikey Benson

Team Arrive: March 3rd

Main Event: March 4th/5th

Team Depart: March 6th

Project Y: Spot Grants & Social Tokens for Scholars

project y @Mikey Benson and @José Ramón Couto Albarado, $100k to 10 unique recipients:

  • grant $10K to any person to form a “social token 🦋” 3-governor DAO
  • grant $50K to any project to launch on mainnet as a 5-governor DAO

Run of Show/Daily Highlights:

DAY 1: Presentations

  • An eventful day of listening and learning from DAO-centric minds. @José Ramón Couto Albarado gave a well received keynote that was all about DAO’s in Harmony.
  • Live music outside of the venue and only one speaker at a time in the auditorium made it harder to discuss, at length, with others there for DAO information.
  • Spoke with folks from Giveth, Bankless DAO, Espacio Cripto, and dozens of enquiring minds.

DAY 2: Workshops

  • The workshops were incredibly informative, with room to ask questions about particular projects that were presenting. This format didn’t leave a lot of room for genuine discussion.
  • Jose, Hector, and Mikey took it upon ourselves during our allotted time to announce that we want to LISTEN. And it was a truly collaborative workshop on what DAO’s can do for Harmony and what Harmony can do for DAO’s.
  • The TGI that Harmony hosted at Gin Gin was a masterpiece of influence. ONE highlight was Mikey gathering the 30+ people around at the time to go through ONE-by-ONE and discuss what our dreams are. The other highlight was Jose (in his Harmony Luchador mask) wrapping up the circle. Passion is an understatement.

Sponsorship Details: Patron Sponsorship

  • Logo as the main sponsor
  • booth in workshop for DAY 2
  • 3 Luchador masks that are tailored to our DAO
  • Interview with Espacio Cripto, the #1 tech podcast in Mexico
  • Dedicating the terrace food and drinks on Day 2 to Harmony.
  • 6 RSVP’s

Booth Details:

  • There was no real “booth”. It was more or less like the first day, where one person/team spoke and everyone listened. It wasn’t very interactive. When Jose and I went up we told the audience, “We talked a lot yesterday, now we want to LISTEN”. And invited everyone out into the courtyard to have discussions with Jose, Hector and Mikey. There was Harmony signage (Thank you Hector!) and tacos courtesy of Harmony Protocol via our sponsorship tier.


Gin Gin
Córdoba 107, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Side Event Details:

Sponsored by Harmony
In the courtyard at the venue where Jose, Hector, and Mikey conducted our P2P workshop

1 Panels / 1 Workshops

DAO’s in Harmony
Build With Us/Talk with Us

Harmony Attendees (6 total tickets)

NameRoleDates AttendingFlight StatusGoal
March 4-7th
Host TGI, Project Y
March 4-7th
Keynote, Project Y
March 5-6th
Local (no transportation)
Assist in event ops


NameRole at ETHRio


Patron Sponsorship
Harmony was top-bill. Stole the show.
@Mikey Benson and @José Ramón Couto Albarado
Gin Gin. A successful event. 50+ people with questions and connections.
Hector paid $1,270.23 and Mikey paid $998.26. Both need reimbursement.
Hector, Mikey, and Jose
Only Hector is requesting reimbursement for Ubers.
Mexico City Marriot Reforma -3 nights
Paid for by Hector. Will need to reimburse. See files.
Hector worked 21:35 hrs over 3 days.
2 team dinners, Jose individual travel meals
Reimburse Mikey and Jose
Signage went back to PA
Reimburse Jose


Under Construction. Expecting the proposal on talk forum in April.

Harmony Presentation in Spanish

@José Ramón Couto Albarado

DAOist Mexico City Socials:


Form a Regional Mexico DAO

Hector, Chuy (DAOist), others very interested and working on proposal

Project Y - Social Token (1)

spoke with interested band members that have a significant following in CDMX about exploring social token (token-gated access)

Project Y - Launch Grant (1)

speaking with 2 projects (a Hostel type of DAO, and an Agriculture type of DAO)